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1. History of Literature and Criticism.

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B10... 30...1
B2... 43...1

M1... 22...2

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Letters, 23.)
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Boston, etc...
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A. Stahr.

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millan's Colonial Libr.)
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with an appendix of English metres.

6. ed.,

rev. Lond. &
N.Y., 1888...
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(Sammlung Göschen, 167-8.) ....
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A History of English Romanticism in the 19th Century.
N.Y., 1901...
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München, 1909..

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B13... 32... 1

B13... 36...1

M4... 1...1 B13... 16...1



B8...136... 1


1-4. Aufl.

B6 .. 69...2

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B10... 1...1
Henrik Ibsen and Björnstjerne Björnson: critical studies.
Lond., 1899.

B... 8...1
Impressions of Russia. Tr. from the Danish, by S. C. East-
Lond. ....

B10... 39...1
Poland, a study of the land, people and literature...

B12... 8...1
Brink, B. T.-Five Lectures on Shakespeare, tr. by J. Franklin.
N.Y., 1895.

History of English Literature. Tr. from the German by
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B10... 55...3
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Lond. & N.Y., 1898. (Literature Primers)...

The History of Early English Literature, being the history
of English poetry from its beginnings to the accession of King
Aelfred. Lond. & N.Y., 1892.

B6... 34..2
Tennyson, his art and relation to modern life. N.Y. &
Lond., 1903

B4... 69...1 Brunetière, F.--Essais sur la littérature contemporaine. Paris....... B2.. 89...1

L'évolution de la poésie lyrique en France, au dix-neuvième siècle, lecons professées a la Sorbonne. 4. éd.

4. éd. Paris, 1905-06. B2 .. 93 ..2 Manual de l'histoire de la littérature Française. Paris, 1899.


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2. éd.

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Vol. 1.
Vol. 2.
Vol. 3.

Brunetière, F.-Manual of the History of French Literature,
authorized tr. by R. Derechef. N.Y. & Boston.......
Le roman naturaliste,

naturaliste, ouvrage couronné l'académie
Française. Nouvelle éd. Paris, 1893..
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Tokyo, 1908..
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burg 11. Lpzg., 1907-09.
I. Bd. Lessing, Goethe, Schiller, Kleist.

12. Aufl.
II. Bd. Shakespeare. 9. neu bearb. Aufl.
III. Bi. Grillparzer, Hebbel, Ludwig, Gutzkow, Laube. Mit einem Anhang:

der Entwicklungsgang der deutschen Dramatik bis zur Gegenwart.

S. Auf.
IV. Bd. Ibsen, Wildenbruch, Sudermann, Hauptmann, 6. Aufl.
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ture, ed. by A, W. Ward, & A. R. Waller. Vol. I, II, III,
Camb., 1908-09.

From the Beginning to tlie Cycles of Romance.
The End of the Middle Ages.

Renascence and Reformation.
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Carlyle, T.--The Life of Friedlich Schiller : comprehending an exa-

mination of his works. Lond., 1888. (Thomas Carlyle's

Complete Works, 7.)
Carpenter, E.-Days with Walt Whitman, with some notes on his

life and work. Lond., 1906.
Carriere, M.- Die Kunst im Zusammenhang der Culturentwickelung
und die Ideale der Menschheit. Lpzg., 1877-86.....
Bd. 1.

Die Anfäng der Cultur und das orientalische Alterthum in Religion,

Dichtung und Kunst.
Bd. 2.

Hellas und Rom in Religion und Weisheit, Dichtung und Kunst.
Bd. 3. Das christliche Alterthum und der Islam in Dichtung, Kunst und

Bd. 4. Renaissance und Reformation in Bildung, Kunst und Literatur.

Bd. 5. Das Weltalter des Geistes im Aufzange.
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34.) ..
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method. N.Y., 1908.

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Cleaveland, C. D.-A. Compedium of English Literature, chronologi

cally arranged from Sir J. Mandeville to W. Cowper. N.Y. &

Coleridge, S.-Memoir and Letters of Sara Coleridge, ed. by her

daughter. N.Y.: 1874.
Coleridge, S. T.-Biographica literaria, or biographical sketches of

my literary life ond opinions ; & two lay sermons. Lond., 1891. (Bohn's Standard Libr.)

Lectures and Notes on Shakespeare and Other English Poets, first collected by T. Ashe. Lond., 1890. (Bohn's Standard

Collier, W. F.-A History of English Literature, in a series of bio-

graphical sketches. New ed., rev. Lond, etc., 1888...
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22.) ....

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Courthope, W, J.-Addison. Lond. & N.Y., 1889. (English Men of
Letters, 1.)..........

A History of English Poetry. Lond. & N.Y., 1903-06.......
Vol. I.

The Middle Ages. Influence of the Roman Empire.
The Encyclopædic Education of the Church.
The Feudal System.
The Renaissance and the Reformation. Influence of the Court and

the Universities.
Vol. 3. The Intellectual Conflict of the 17th Century.

Decadent Influence of the Feudal Monarchy,

Growth of the National Genius,
Vol. 4. Development and Decline of the Poetic Drama. Influence of the

Court and the People.
Vol. 5. The Constitutional Compromise of the 18th Century. Effects of the

Classical Renaissance. Its Zenith and Decline. The Early

Romantic Renaissance.
Craik, G. L.-A Manual of English Literature and of the History of

the English Language, with numerious specimens. 10., ed.,

with additional chapter on recent literature by H. Cloak. Lond. Crockette, W. S.--The Scott Country. 3. ed. Lond., 1905. (Pil.

grimage Ser.)...... Cruttwell, C. T.-A History of Roman Literature, from the earliest

period to the death of Marcus Aurelius, with chronological

tables, etc., for the use of students. 6. ed. Lond., 1898. Day, H. N.-An Introduction to the Study of English Literature.


Vol. 2.


B6... 48...1

B2... 31...1


Cl. No. Vol. De Mille, A. B.-Literature in the Century. Lond. & Edinb., 1902. (The 19th Century Ser.)

B7.. 39... 1 De Quincey, T.-The 18th Century in Scholarship and Literature, 12. cd. Boston. (The Works of T. De Quinsey, 5.)

M2... 62...1 Literary Criticism. Boston. (The Works of T. De Quincey, 4.)

M2... 62...1 Literary Reminiscences; from the autobiography of an English Opium-Eater, Boston. (The Works of T. De Quincey, 3.)

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B8...150...1 Amenities of Literature, consisting of sketches and characters of English literature. Lond. (The Chandos Classics)...... B8...152...2

Curiosities of Literature, ed. with memoir and notes, by his son, the Earl of Beaconsheld. Lond.

(The Chandos Classics). B8...149...3 Disraeli, I.--Literary Character of Men of Genius, drawn from

their own feelings and confessions, ed. by his son, the Earl of Beaconsfield. Lond. (The Chandos Classics) ...

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6 Doumic, R.---Histoire de la littérature Française. 23. éd. Paris, 1906.

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B8...138...1 Shakespere. Lond. & N.Y., 1907.


(Macmillan's Literature Primers)...

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B10... 6.1 Durning-Lawrence, E.-Bacon is Shakespeare, together with a reprint of Bacon's Promus of Formularies and Elegancies.

Lond., 1910.

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B3... 1...2 Geschichte der deutschen Literatur des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts und der Gegenwart. 2., unveränderte Aufl. Wien u. Lpzg., 1908.

B3... 3...1

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