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Of Crown Lands, Timber, Mines and Minerals.

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69.-Deposit as security to person whose lands are affected.

70.-Inspection of works by person whose lands are effected.

71.-Acquisition of rights necessary for the détermination of water powers. 72.--Exchange of licenses under previous acts 73.-Inspection of minerals.

74.--Inspection of books of account, of mines. 75.- Grants of foreshore for wharves, etc. 76.-- Mining leases not to prevent grants of surface land.

77.- Expenditure on boring for oil. 8.- Correction of false surveys. Correction or inconsistent grants. 80.-Correction of clerical eriors or omis

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sions. Delivery up of grant after forfeiture. Interest of Crown grantee in trespass, etc.

case of

83- Stamp fees on grants.

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86.- Application to be by petition to Governorin-Council.

87.Annual returns to be made by Minister. 88. - Powers of Surveyors.

89.- Penalty for interference with surveys. 90. Certain mineral leases declared valid.

1. The following terms and expressions herein shall be held to have. the meaning assigned to them in this section, namely:

"Surveyor" means a surveyor authorized by the Minister of Agri

culture and Mines to survey Crown lands, and "Crown Lands" means all lands within the Colony, the title to which is in the Crown.

"Minerals" shall be construed to include petroleum and other mineral oils, and a mineral license, lease or grant shall confer the same rights with respect to such oils as to other minerals.

“Timber” means trees standing or cut, or cut into lengths but not sawn into board or otherwise manufactured, and shall include bark.

"Board measure" for trees cut down shall be calculated according to the Schedule hereto.

2. Copies of any records, plans, books or papers belonging to or deposited in the Department of Agriculture and Mines, attested under the signature of the Minister of Agriculture and Mines, shall be competent evidence in all cases in which the original records, plans, books or papers would be evidence.

3. No person employed in the Department of Agriculture and Mines or holding an office created by or continued under this Chapter, shall acquire or hold, either alone or with another, any grant, lease or license, under this Chapter.


4. Crown lands shall, except as hereinafter provided, be open for purchase in lots, at an upset price to be fixed by the Governor in Council, according to the location and value of such lands, the upset price in no case to be less than thirty cents per acre. Every grant of more than twenty acres shall be upon the condition that the grantee shall, within five years from the date of the grant, bona fide clear and cultivate ten acres for every one hundred acres comprised in the grant, and in the same proportion for any less quantity: Provided that, except in special cases where otherwise ordered by the Governor in Council, no grant of more than six hundred and forty acres shall be made to one person; and provided also, that such lands as from time to time may be deemed advisable by the Governor in Council, may be withdrawn from ordinary sale and settle

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