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On vessels from one hundred and sixty to two hundred tons, eight dollars and seventy cents.

On vessels from two hundred to two hundred and forty tons, nine dollars and thirty-five cents.

On vessels from two hundred and forty to two hundred and eighty tons, ten dollars.

On vessels from two hundred and eighty to three hundred tons, ten dollars and seventy cents.

On vessels from three hundred to three hundred and fifty tons, thirteen dollars and thirty-five cents.

On vessels from three hundred and fifty to four hundred tons, sixteen dollars.

On vessels from four hundred to five hundred tons, eighteen dollars and seventy cents.

On vessels from five hundred to six hundred tons, twenty-one dollars and thirty-five cents.

On vessels from six hundred to seven hundred tons, twenty-four dollars.

On vessels from seven hundred to eight hundred tons, twenty-six dollars and seventy cents.

Over that size, for every one hundred tons additional, one dollar and thirty-five cents; and on no sailing vessel is the pilotage to exceed thirtytwo dollars.

Steamers shall pay pilotage on their net tonnage at the same rate per ton as sailing vessels.

Steamers employed in the fisheries of the Colony shall be exempt, except on foreign voyages.

Coastal steamers shall also be exempt.

Subsidized mail steamers in connection with the Colony shall pay on the horse power, at the rate of eight cents for each horse power.

No steamer shall pay more than forty-eight dollars at one time.
All coasting vessels, which may take pilots, to pay one-half of the

above rates of pilotage, in proportion to their tonnage. The above scale of pilotage shall be payable on the registered tonnage of all such vessels, as ascertained before going out of the harbor.

9. Every vessel and steamer obliged to take or pay a pilot shall show either her house flag, Board of Trade signal or national flag before entering the Narrows, and in case any vessel or steamer shall enter the Narrows without a pilot, and without having shown such house flag, Board of Trade signal or national flag, such vessel or steamer shall be subject to the usual pilotage rates.

10. No sailing vessel owned or registered in this Colony shall be compelled to pay pilotage more than once within a period of thirty days.

11. No licensed pilot shall be taken to sea against his will, under a penalty of two hundred dollars on the master of the vessel, except when through stress of weather the same is unavoidable, in which case he shall be entitled to receive from the master or owner of the vessel payment at the rate of twenty-five dollars a month for all the time lost, besides the usual meat, drink, and a passage home from the first port the ship shall enter where the same can be obtained.

12. Any person taking charge of any vessel as pilot and not holding a valid certificate, shall give up the guidance of the said vessel to the first pilot being the holder of such certificate who shall board such vessel to the eastward of Small Point, under a penalty of fifty dollars.

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13. All ships and vessels shall be obliged to take or pay a pilot, except His Majesty's ships, vessels belonging to a Royal Yacht Club, coasting vessels and vessels which have not been boarded, hailed or spoken until after they have entered the Narrows; and no vessel shall be deemed to be a coasting vessel and exempt from the liability of taking a pilot unless such vessel shall have been usually employed as a bona fide coaster.

14. Nothing herein contained shall deprive any person who may act as a pilot in the absence of licensed pilots, from receiving payment for his services, according to the said table of rates, or to relieve any licensed or other pilot from his responsibility to answer for the amount of any loss sustained through his improper conduct in a civil action at the suit of the party injured.

15. Any questions or disputes arising between pilots, masters of vessels and others, respecting pilotage or for any extra remuneration in

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cases of an extraordinary nature, and all other questions and disputes between them, respecting salvage or otherwise, shall be submitted to the Commissioners to be adjusted and decided by them, and the judgment of the Commissioners or a majority of them respecting all such questions and disputes in which the subject matter does not exceed the sum of forty dollars, shall be final and binding on all parties; and every licensed pilot who shall act contrary to this regulation, or shall refuse or neglect to appear before the Commissioners, after twenty-four hours' notice, when his attendance shall be required by them on any occasion, or shall give any unnecessary trouble, annoyance or detention to masters of vessels, shall for every offence be liable to a penalty not exceeding forty dollars, and also to suspension or dismissal at the discretion of the Commissioners.

16. All penalties imposed by the foregoing sections of this Chapter, or hereafter to be imposed by any bye-law made by virtue hereof, may be sued for and recovered before a Stipendiary Magistrate, and shall be levied, with costs, by warrant of distress of such Stipendiary Magistrate on the goods of the offender; and for want of goods, such Magistrate shall order such offender to be imprisoned for a term not exceeding one day for erery dollar in the said penalties, or until such penalties shall be paid, and one-third of such penalties shall go to the use of the person suing for the


17. Whenever the amount of any judgment given by the said Commissioners, or of any penalty imposed by the said magistrate, shall exceed forty dollars, any party feeling himself aggrieved may appeal from the judgment of such Commissioners or from the conviction of such Magistrate to the Supreme Court, upon giving sufficient security to prosecute such appeal within a reasonable time and to abide by and to perform such judgment or order as may be made thereon.

18. The Pilots' Fund, so called, now accrued or hereafter aceruing, shall be invested or deposited in the names of the Commissioners, subject to the approval of the Governor in Council, and no portion of such fund shall be appropriated except by resolution of the Commissioners, approved by the Governor in Council.

(1) Every licensed pilot shall annually pay to the Commissioners the

sum of fifty dollars by way of contribution to the Pilots'
Fund, and in default of payment of such contribution, or
any part thereof, the same may be recovered in a summary
manner before a Stipendiary Magistrate, in an action in
the name of the Commissioners.

19. The Commissioners of Pilots shall, before the thirty-first day of January in each year, make a return to the Governor in Council, for the information of the Legislature, of the amount and conditions of the Pilots' Fund for the preceding year, and of any special matters which they may consider necessary, or which the Governor in Council may require.

20. Subject to the approval of the Governor in Council, the Commissioners may make regulations for the relief of superannuated or infirm licensed pilots, out of the Pilots' Fund or otherwise, or of their wives, widows or children, and may determine what persons from among the licensed pilots, their wives, widows or children are and are not respectively entitled to participate in the benefits of existing or future funds, and the terms and conditions upon which, if entitled, they are to be so entitled. No superannuated or infirm licensed pilot, so relieved, shall receive more than two hundred dollars per annum out of the Pilots' Fund.

21. Every bye-law made by the Commissioners in the exercise of their powers, if and when confirmed by order of the Governor in Council and published as hereafter mentioned, shall be valid and effectual; and every breach thereof shall be deemed an offence against this Chapter.

22. Every bye-law made by the Commissioners and confirmed by the Governor in Council shall be published in the Royal Gazette, and a copy thereof printed in the Royal Gazette shall be prima facie evidence of the original and of the contents thereof and of its having been confirmed by order of the Governor in Council.

23. In addition to the amounts payalıle under the preceding sections of this Chapter for pilotage, the Commissioners shall collect a sum equal to ten per cent. of the present rate on all vessels entering or leaving the port of St. John's, which said amount, together with all moneys received as fees for licenses and certificates and the amount of any penalties imposed and recovered under the provisions of this Chapter, shall be held by the Commissioners in such manner as they shall consider desirable for the maintenance of the pilot boat and the general expenses of the pilot service.

24. All pilotage dues shall be paid to the Secretary of the Commissioners, who shall pay the same to the pilots entitled thereto, after first deducting the amount provided in section 23 hereof, for the upkeep of the pilot boat and the maintenance of the service, and any sum in which such pilots may respectively be indebted for contributions to the Pilots' Fund under Section 18 (1) hereof.

25. It shall be lawful for the Commissioners to appoint a Secretary and a Clerk, and to pay such persons out of any funds in their hands such salaries as to them shall seem reasonable.

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