Ancient and Mediaeval India, Volym 1


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Sida 44 - If I go along trembling, like a cloud driven by the wind; have mercy, Almighty, have mercy.
Sida 298 - Let him slide backwards and forwards on the ground ; or let him stand a whole day on tiptoe ; or let him continue in motion rising and sitting alternately : but at sunrise, at noon, and at sunset, let him go to the waters and bathe. In the hot season, let him sit exposed to five fires ; four blazing around him, with the sun above : in the rains, let him stand uncovered, without even a mantle, and where the clouds pour the heaviest showers ; in the cold season, let him wear humid vesture ; and let...
Sida 292 - Their fathers protect them in childhood ; their husbands protect them in youth ; their sons protect them in age : a woman is never fit for independence.
Sida 301 - A mansion infested by age and by sorrow, the seat of malady, harassed with pains, haunted with the quality of darkness,* and incapable of standing long ; such a mansion of the vital soul let its occupier always cheerfully quit : 78.
Sida 122 - From the unreal lead me to the real; from darkness lead me to light; from death lead me to immortality
Sida 300 - A mansion with bones for its rafters and beams ; with nerves and tendons for cords ; with muscles and blood for mortar ; with skin for its outward covering; filled with no sweet perfume, but loaded with...
Sida 122 - What should I do with that by which I do not become immortal ? What my Lord knoweth (of immortality) , tell that to me.
Sida 42 - Desire first arose in it, which was the primal germ of Mind ; (and which) Sages searching with their intellect have discovered in their heart to be the bond which connects entity with non-entity.
Sida 293 - Let her emaciate her body by living voluntarily on pure flowers, roots, and fruit ; but let her not, when her lord is deceased, even pronounce the name of another man. "Let her continue till death forgiving all injuries, performing harsh duties, avoiding every sensual pleasure, and cheerfully practising the incomparable rules of virtue, which have been followed by such women as were devoted to one only husband.
Sida 3 - Such the majesty and power, Such the glory of the Sun, When he sets at evening hour, The worker leaves his task undone : His steeds are loosed, and over all Spreadetb.

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