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While Troy yet stood: When He&or with the Race
Of Royal Bastards might his Fun'ral grace:
Amidst the Tears of Trojan Dames inurn'd,
And by his Loyal Daughters truly mourn'd!
Had Heav'n fo blest him, he had dy'd before
The fatal Fleet to Sparta Paris bore.
But mark what Age produc'd; he liv'd to see
His Town in Flames, his falling Monarchy:
In fine, the feeble Sire, reduc'd by Fate,
To change his Scepter for a Sword, too late,
His 15 last Effort before Jove's Altar tries;
A Soldier half, and half a Sacrifice :
Falls like an Ox, that waits the coming Blow;
Old and unprofitable to the Plough.

At 16 least, be dy'd a Mao, his Queen surviv'd,
To how], and in a Barking Body liv d.

I halten to our own; nor will relate
Great 17 Mithridates, and Rich 18 Croesus' Fate;. .
Whom Solon wisely Counselld to attend
The Name of Happy, till he knew his End.

is Whilft Troy was Sacking 17 Mithridates, after he had ! by the Greeks, Old King Pri- disputed the Empire of the am is said to have Buckled on World for 45 Years together his Armour, to oppose 'em with the Romans, was at last Which he had no sooner donc, depriv'd of Life and Empire but he was met by Pyrrhus, by Pompey the Great, and flain before the Temple 18 Crefus, in the midst of of Jupiter, in his own Palace, his Prosperity, making his as we have the Story finely Boaft to Solon, how happy told, in Virgil's 2d Æneid. he was, receiy'd this Answer.

16 Hecuba, his Queen, er from the Wise Man, that caped the Swords of the Gre no One could

pronounce cians, and out-liv'd him. It himself Happy, 'till he saw feems, she behaved her self so what his End should be. The fiercely and une lily to her Truth of this Cræfus found, Husband's Murderers while when he was put in Chains the lived, that the Poets by Cyrus, and condemned to thought fit to turn her into a dice Birch, when the dy'de


That Marius was an Exile, that he Aed,
Was ta’en, in Ruin'd Carthage begg’d his Bread,
All these were owing to a Life too long:
For whom had Rome beheld fo Happy, young!
High in His Chariot, and with Lawrel Crown'd,
When he had led the Cimbrian Captives round

The Roman Streets; descending from bis State,
In that blest Hour he should have begg'd his Fate;
Then, then, he might have dy'd of all admir'd,
And his triumphant Soul with Shouts expir'd.

Campania, 19 Fortune's Malice to prevent,
To Pompey an indulgent Favour sent :
But publick Pray'rs impos'd on Heav'ni, to give
Their much-lov'd Leader an unkind Repricve.
The City's Fate and his conspir'd to save
The Head, reservod for an Egyprian Slave.

Cethegus, 20 though a Traytor to the State,
And tortur'd, 'scap'd this Ignominious Fate:
And Sergius, 21 who a bad Cause bravely try'd,
All of a Piece, and undiminish d, dy'd.'

To Venus, the fond Mother makes a Pray'r, That all her Sons and Daughters may be Fair: True, for the Boys a mumbling Vow the sends; But for the Girls, the vaulted Temple rends: They must be finish'd Pieces: 'Tis allow'd. Diana's Beauty made Latona Proud:

19 Pompey, in the midst of at his Court, had his Head his Glory, fell into a dan- ftruck off by his Order, to gerous Få of Sickness, at Na- please Cafar. ples. A great many Cities then

23 Cethegus was one that made publiek Supplications for confpir'd with Catiline, and him. He recovered, was bea- was pat to Death by the sebeaten at Pharfalia, Aed to Prolomy King of Ægpt; and in 21 Catiline dy'd Fighting. ftead of receiving Protection



And pleas'd, to see the wondring People pray
To the New-rising Sister of the Day.

And yet Lucretia's Fate wou'd bar that Vow:
And Fair 22 Virginia wou'd ber Fate bestow
On Rutila ; and change her Faultless Make
For the foul Rumple of her Camel-back.

But, for his Mother's Boy, the Beau, what Frights
His Parents have by Day, what anxious Nights!
Form join'd with Virtue is a Sight too rare :
Ckaste is no Epithet to suit with Fair.
Suppose the fame Traditionary Strain
Of Rigid Maoners, in the House remain ;
Inveterate Truth, an old plain Sabine's Heart';
Suppose that Nature, too, bas done her partí
Infus'd into his Soul a fober Grace,
And blusht a modeft Blood into his Face
(For Nature is a better Guardian far,
Than fawcy Pedants, or dull Tutors arc:)
Yet Atill the Youth mult ne'er arrive at Man;
( So much Almighty Bribes, and Presents, can :)
Ev'n with a Parent, where Preswasions fail,
Money is impudent, and will prevail.

We never read of such a Tyrant King
Who gelt a Boy deform'd, to hear him Sing-
Nor Nero, in his more luxurious Rage,
E'er made a Mistress of an ugly Page:

Sporus, bis Spoufe, nor crooked was, nor lame,
* With mountain Back, and Belly, from the Game

Cross-barr’d: But both his Sexes well became.

22 Virginia was kill'd by Book ; and 'ris a remarkable her own Father, to prevent one, as it gave occasion to ber being exposed to the Luft the purring down the Power of Appius Claudius, who had of the Decemviri ; of whom ill Deligns apon her. The Story Appius was onc, a large is in Livy's Third


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Go, boast your Springal, by his Beauty.curft
To Ills; nor think I have declar'd the worst;
His Form procures him Journey-work; -a Strife
Betwixt Town Madams, and the Merchant's Wife:.
Guess, when he undertakes this publick War,
Whar furious Beafts offended Cuckolds are.

Adult'rers are with Dangers round beset;
Born under Mars, they cannot 'Scape the Net;
And from revengeful Husbands oft have try'd,
Worse handling, than severelt Laws provide :
One Itabs; one Nashes ; one, with cruel Art,
Makes Colon suffer for the peccant Part.

But your Endymion, your smooth, smock-fac'd Boy,
Unrivallid, Tall a beauteous Dame cnjoy:
Not so: One more Salacious, Rich, and Old,
Out-bids, and buys her Pleasure for her Gold:
Now he must moil, and drudge, for one he loaths.:
She keeps him high, in Equipage and Clothes:
She pawns her Jewels, and her rich Attire,
And thinks the Workman worthy of his Hire:
In all things elle immoral, ftingy, mean;
But, in her Lusts, a conscionable Quean.

She may be handsom, yet be chaste, you fay:
Good Observator, not fo taft away:
Did it not cost the 23 modeft Youth his Life,
Who Thunn'd th’Embraces of his Father's Wife ?
And was not t'other 24 Strippliog forc'd to fly,
Who, coldly, did his Patron's Queen deny:
And pleaded Laws of Hospitaliry?.

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23 Hippolitus, the Son of time at the Court of Patas Theseus, was lov'd by his Mo. King of the Argives, the ther-in-Law Phadra. But he Queen, Sthenobaa, fell in Love not complying with her, me with him. But he refusing her, procured his Death.

the turned the Acculation up24 Bellerophon, the Son of on him ; and he narrowly King Glancus, seliding fome escap'd Patui's Vengeance.



The Ladies charg'd 'em home, and turn'd the Tale:
With Shame they redden'd, and with Spight grew pale.
'Tis dang'rous to deny the longing Damc;
She loses Pity, who has lost her Shame.

Now 2s Silies wants thy Counsel, give Advice;
Wed Cafar's Wife, or dic; the Choice is nice.
Her Comet-Eyes she darts on ev'ry Grace ;
And takes a fatal Liking to his face.
Adorn'd with. Bridal Pomp she fits in State;.
The Publick Notaries and Arufpex wait:
The Genial Bed is in the Garden dreft :
The Portion paid, and ev'ry Rite express’d;
Which in a Roman Marriage is profeft.
'Tis no stol'n Wedding, this , rejecting Awe
She scorns to marry, but in Form of Law:
Io this Moot-case, your Judgment: To refufe
Is present Death, besides the Night you lose:
If you consent, 'tis hardly worth your pain;
A Day or two of anxious Life you gain :
Till loud Reports through all the Town have past,
And reach the Prince: For Cuckolds hear tbe laft.
Indulge thy Pleasure, Youth, and take thy swing:
For not to take, is but the felt-fame thing:
Inevitable Death before thee lies;
But looks more kindly through a Lady's Eyes,

What then remains ? Are we depriv'd of Will
Must we not wish, for fear of wishing Ill?
Receive my Coupsel, and securely move ;
Intrust thy Fortune to the Pow'rs above,

25 Mefalina, Wife to the, with all the Formalities of a Emperor Claudius, Infamous Wedding, whilft Clandius Cafar for her Lewdness. She set her was Sacrificing at Hoftia. Upon Eyes upon C. Silius, a fine his return, he put both SiYouth ; forc'd him to quit his lixs and her to Death, AWQ Wife, and Marry her

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