Sidor som bilder

For Virro does, as many do of late,
Gems from bis Fingers to his Cups translate,
Which the bold 8 Youth to Dido's Love preferr'd,
Wore on the Scabbard of his shining Sword.
Thou may'st at distance gaze, and ligh in vain,
A crack'd black Pot's reserv'd for thee to drain..

If bis Blood boil, and th' adventitious Fire
Rais'd by high Meats, and higher Wines, require
To temper and allay the burning tleat,
Waters are brought, which by Decoction get
New coolness, such plain Nature does not know,
Not Ice fo cool, nor Hyperboean Snow.
Did I complain but now, and justly too,
That the same Wine is not allow'd to you?
Another Water's reach'd you, when you call,
From Hands of Moorish Footmen, lean and call;
The grim Attendance he assigns t'affright
Rather than wait; Rogues who wou'd scare by Night,
If met among the Tombs; the ghastly Slaves
Look as if newly started from their Graves,
Before himself the Flower of Asia Atands,
To watch his Looks, and to receive Commands.
A 9 Boy of such a Price as had undone
Old Roman Kings, and draind the Treasure of a Crowe.
If thou or any of thy Tribe' want Wine,
Look back, and give thy Ganymedes the fign.
The lovely Boy, and bought at such a rate,
Is much too handsom, and too proud to wait.
On the defpis’d and poor : Will he descend
To give a Glass to a declining Friend?

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B An Allusion to that of Viro | fe&ted to be servd by beautio gril deferibing eteneas Stellatus, ful Boys,whom they bought at Jafpide fulva Enfis erat. vast rares. Martiel, &c.

The Romans mightily af


No: his good Mien, his Youth, and blooming Face
Tempt him to think, that with a better Grace
Eimself might fit, and thou fupply his Place.
Behold there yet remains, which must be born,
Proud Servants' niore insufferable Scorn.
With what Disdain another


thee Bread!
The meanest Wretches are with better fed:
Th' impenetrable Crust thy Teeth defies,
And petrify'd with Age securely lies,
Fard, moudy, black: If thou presume t'invade,

With facrilegious Hands, thy Patron's Bread, :: There stands a Servant ready to chastise

Your Insolence, and teach you to be wise.
Will you, a bold Intruder, never learn
To know your Basket, and your Bread discern?
`ris just, ye Gods! and what I well deserve;
Why did not I more honourably starve?
Did I for this abandon Wife ard Bed?
For this, alas! by vain Ambition led,
Thro' cold 10 Esquiliæ run so oft, and tear
The Storms and Fury of the Vernal Air,
And then with Cloak wet thro'attend, and dropping Hair?.

See! by ihe tallest Servant born on high,
A " Sturgeon fills the largest Difh and Eye!
With how much Pomp he's plac'd upon the Board !
With what a Tail and Breast salutes his Lord !
With what Expence and Art, how richly dreft!
Garnish'd with 'Sparagus, himelf a Feat!
Thou art to one small difmal Dini confin'd,
A Crab ill dreft, and of the vilest kind,

To One of the seven Hills on

is meant by Squilla; I have which Rome was built. translated it Sturgeon, 1 con

1 The Authors whom I fess at random, but it may have the Opportunity to con- serve as well. Sult, are not agreed what Fish


} १

He on his own Fish pours the noblest Oil,
The product of 12 Venatrum's happy Soil.
That to your marcid dying Herbs affign'd,
By the rank Smell and Talte betrays its Kind,
By Moors imported, and for Lamps alone design’d.
Well rubb’d with this, when 13 Boccar comes to Town,
He makes the Theatres and Baths his own,
All round from him, as from th' infected, run;
The pois’nous Stink even their own Serpents fhun.

Behold a Mullet ev’n from Corfu brought!
Or near the Rocks of 14 Taurominium caught.
Since our own Seas no longer can supply,
Exhausted by our boundless Luxury:
The secret Deep can no Protection give,
No Tyrrhene Fish is suffer'd now to live
To bis just growth. The Provinces from far
Furnish our Kitchins, and revenge our War.
Baits for the Rich and Childless they supply;
Aurelia thence must sell, and 15 Lcras buy.

The largest Lamprey which their Seas afford,
Is made a Sacrifice to Virro's Board.
When Aufter to tl' Æolian Caves retires
With dropping Wings, and murm'ring there respires,
Rafh daring Nets, in hope of such a Prize,
Caribdis, and the treacherous Deep despise.
An Eel for you remains, in 15 Tyber bred,
With foulest Mud, and the rank Ordure fed, .

12 A Town in Campania, fa. | Romans callid Heredipete, who mous for the best Oil. courted and presented the

13 The Name of a King of Rich and Childless, in hopeco Mauritania; but here must be become their Heirs. understood as the Name of 16 The Fish of Tyber were any noble Moor.

for his Reason thought che: !4 A Towa of Sicily.'

worft in Italy, is one of those whom the

Discharg'd by Common-Shoars from all the Town;
No secret Passage was to him unknown;
In every noisom Sink the Serpent flept,
And thro’ dark Vaults oft to Suburra crept.

One word to Virro now, if he can bear,
And 'tis a Truth, which he's not us'd to hear;
No Man expects, (tor who so much a Sot,
Who has the Times he lives in fo forgos?)
What Seneca, what Piso us’d to fend,
To raise, or to support a finking Friend.
Those Godlike Men, to wanting Virtue kind,
Bounty well plac'd preferr’d, and well design'd,
To all their Titles, all that height of Pow'r,
Which turns the Brains of Fools, and Fools alone adore.
When your poor Client is condemn'd t'attend,
'Tis all we ask, receive him like a Friend,
At least, let bim be easie if you can,
Let him be treated like a Free-born Man,
Descend to this, and then we ask no more,
Rich to your self, to all beside be poor.

Near him is plac'd the Liver of a Goose,
That part alone which Luxury wou'd chusę,
A Boor entire, and worthy of the Sword
Of 17 Meleager, smoaks upon the Board
Next Mushrooms, larger when the Clouds descend
In fruitful Show'rs, and delir'd 18 Thunders rend
The Vernal Air. No more plough up

Of 10 Lybia, where such Muslirooms can be found,
Aledius 20 cries, but furnish us with store
Of Mushrooms, and import thy Corn no more!

17 The Story of the Cale 19 Rome was fupply'd with donian Boar, Nain by Meleager, great Quantities of Corn from is to be found, Metamor. Lib. 8. Africa, and of Mushrooms too

18 Rainy and thundring it seems. Springs produce abundance of 29 The Name of a Glutton Mushrooms, and were there or Parasite, fore desired. Pliny, Lib, 19.



Mean while thy Indignation yet to raise,
The Carver dancing round each Dish, surveys,
With Aying Knife; and as his Art directs,
With proper Gestures ev'ry Fowl diffects,
A thing of so great moment to their Tafe,
That one false flip had surely mari'd the Feast.
If thou dare murmur, if thou dare complain
With Freedom, like a Roman Gentleman,
Thou’rt seiz'd immediately by his Commands,
And dragg'd like 21 Cacus by Herculean Hands
Qut from his Presence. When does haughty he is 'n
Descend to take a Glass once touch'd by thee?
That Wretch were lost, who shou'd presume to think
He might be free, who durft say, Come, Sir, drink :
Will any Freedom here from yog be born
Whose Cloachs are threadbare, and whose Cloaks are torn?

Wou'd any God, or Godlike Man below,,
Four hundred thousand 22 Sesterces bestow!
How mightily wou'd Trebius be improy'd,
How much a Friend to Virro, how belov'd!
Will Trebius eat of this? What Sot attends
My Brother? Who carves to my best of Friends?
O Sesterces, this Honour's done to you!
You are his Friends, and you his Brethren too.
Would it thou become his Patron and his Lord;
Wouldst thou be in thy turn by him adord ?
No young 13 Æreas in thy Hall must play,
Nor sweeter Daughter lead thy Heart astray.

ar The Name of a famous as before Roman Gentlemen Thief, who ftole the Oxen of and Commens fat promiscu. Hirules and drew them into ously in the Theatres, there his Den backwards; but was fou'd be fourteen Seats of Hain by Hercules, and dragg'd Benches apart, for those who out by the Heels. Æneid. 8. were worth that Sum. 22 The Census Equestris,

23 Ag Allulion co that of about 3125 l. English. Roscius Dide, Siguis mihi parvulus aula Otho made a Law. that where. ' Luderet ansas, The mšaning

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