Hermes; oder kritisches Jahrbuch der Literatur


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Sida 217 - Go where glory waits thee, But while fame elates thee, Oh ! still remember me. When the praise thou meetest To thine ear is sweetest, Oh ! then remember me. Other arms may press thee, Dearer friends caress thee, All the joys that bless thee Sweeter far may be; But when friends are nearest, And when joys are dearest, Oh ! then remember me.
Sida 217 - But though glory be gone, and though hope fade away, Thy name, loved Erin ! shall live in his songs, Not even in the hour when his heart is most gay Will he lose the remembrance of thee and thy wrongs ! The stranger shall hear thy lament on his plains ; The sigh of thy harp shall be sent o'er the deep, Till thy masters themselves, as they rivet thy chains, Shall pause at the song of their captive and weep ! WHILE GAZING ON THE MOON'S LIGHT.
Sida 204 - Dear Harp of my Country ! in darkness I found thee, The cold chain of silence had hung o'er thee long, When proudly, my own Island Harp, I unbound thee, And gave all thy chords to light, freedom, and song ! The warm lay of love and the light note of gladness Have waken'd thy fondest, thy liveliest thrill ; But, so oft hast thou echoed the deep sigh of sadness, That ev'n in thy mirth it will steal from thee still.
Sida 209 - TWAS when the world was in its prime, When the fresh stars had just begun Their race of glory, and young Time Told his first birth-days by the sun ; When, in the light of Nature's dawn Rejoicing, men and angels met On the high hill...
Sida 148 - Esprit, Origine et Progrčs des Institutions judiciaires des principaux pays de l'Europe, 5 vols.
Sida 41 - Althorpianae ; or an Account of the mansion, books and pictures at Althorp, the residence of George John, Earl Spencer.
Sida 81 - Napoleon in Exile ; or, a Voice from St. Helena. The Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon on the most important Events of his Life and Government, in his own Words.
Sida 250 - Pertanto dico , che nessuno accidente , benché grave e violento , potrebbe ridurre mai Milano o Napoli libere , per essere quelle membra tutte corrotte . Il che si vide dopo la morte di Filippo Visconti , che volendosi ridurre Milano alla libertā , non potette e non seppe mantenerla...
Sida 197 - A Candid Appeal to Public Confidence, or Considerations on the Dangers of the Present Crisis, 1603 Corruption and Intolerance, two poems.
Sida 69 - Rapport van de Commissie benoemd door den raad der stad Haarlem tot het onderzoek naar het jaar van de uitvinding der boekdrukkunst, en ter ontwerping van een plan voor de viering van het aanstaande eeuwfeest; betreffende het eerste gedeelte van den haar opgedragen last, Haarlem 1822.

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