Winterton Blue: A Novel

Grove Press, 2007 - 273 sidor
At once a powerful love story and an intricately plotted mystery, Winterton Blue is the breathtaking new novel from the Booker Prize finalist and national best-selling author of The Hiding Place and Remember Me. Trezza Azzopardi's third book is a moving and often amusing testament to the tenacious staying power of family and memory, and the pull toward unlikely but destined romance. For the last twenty years, Lewis has been baunted by his brother's death. He's tried hiding from it, running from it, erasing it from his memory, but the ghost of Wayne confronts him at every turn. Then he meets Anna, who is haunted by her mother, Rita--who happens to be very much alive. Rita is the exact opposite of her daughter: loud, carefree, and a daredevil. At seventy-six, she still runs a guesthouse on the coast and has a boyfriend, Vernon, a retired actor and bon vivant. Together they make a formidable pair, living life as if every day might be their last. Anna would be happy for them, if not for the memory of her late father, a reserved and careful man. Into this environment of carousing, music hall turns, and cocktails, stumbles Lewis, on a quest to find the person he believes responsible for the death of his brother. He recognizes a kindred spirit in Anna, and she in him, but at first both are too headstrong to admit that they are susceptible to love. Against the backdrop of the Norfolk coast, with its massive skies and relentless seas, they finally learn to trust each other, and accept that an uncertain future can be as wild and alluring as the landscape they have grown to love.

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Användarrecension  - porte01 - LibraryThing

I did not particularly enjoy this book and it took a bit if effort to finish it. The idea behind the plot, (the struggles of the two main characters and their finding each other, the backdrop of the ... Läs hela recensionen

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Användarrecension  - jeanned - LibraryThing

Highly recommended! The themes are as old as any story we have shared with each other: boy meets girl, the quest. The writing is beautiful. Here's a taste: "It was a most particular cruelty that he ... Läs hela recensionen

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