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substance of Faith. All affirmations and denials made by man from this plane of consciousness control the realm of free ideas or "heavens." ("Heaven" is a mistranslation - should be heavens"').

It is not possible to communicate understandingly this Christ estate to the mortal consciousness, hence Jesus charged his disciples that they tell no man that he was the Christ.”

After discerning this great truth that man's true estate is fixed in the Divine Idea -the Christof God - the I. AM sees that mortal states of consciousness must be met and overcome, and in the process much mental suffering ensues.

This is that “going up to Jerusalem” where trials are in store.

Peter, (Faith), not yet tried by experience, would have none of this mortal overcoming through suffering. this easy way Jesus says, “Thou art a stumbling block unto me for thou mindest not the things of God, but the things of men.'

It is neccessary to sacrifice the sense consciousness of life in order to obtain the spiritual conscious

" Whosoever would save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it.''


Lesson 5. July 29.

The Transfiguration. Luke 9:28-36. GÖLDEN TEXT- This is my beloved Son: hear him.

Luke 9:35

The perception of the truth of man's spiritual nature is followed by inner experiences of the soul that prefigure as prophecy what will take place under the law and manifest outwardly in due season.

The I Am is elevated in times of silent meditation, (.“ went up into a mountain to pray”), and with Faith (Peter), Love (John), and Judgment (James),

are brought about exalted thoughts that illuminate the conscious intellignce (“'countenance"), sending its radiance to even the most external realms of thought (“raiment").

Moses and Elias talking with him about his approaching decease (Exodus, Greek) which he was. about to accomplish at Jerusalem, represent the Natural Law and the Prophecy of its fulfillment through the demonstration over the belief in death at Jerusalem (City of Peace ---Soul Centre in the body known as the Solar-Plexus).

“Peter and they that were with him were heavy with sleep: but when they were awake they saw his glory and the two men that stood with him.'' This indicates that the experience is subjective in character. The faculties are outwardly inactive but fully awake to the experiences going on within.

Peter wanted to make three tabernacles, not understanding that what he saw was a prophecy of what was to be attained through demonstration.

Thus when we behold these inner visions Faith is very apt to count them as real and now accomplished in the three planes of demonstration -- spirit, soul, body. But a cloud of unattainment follows and the shadows of materiality gather about us again. Fear and doubt are in that cloud because we do not understand the import of what the Lord has prefigured in the vision. But when we listen for the “ still small voice" it will be heard even in that cloud of materiality saying, “This is my beloved Son: hear him."

Then we are led step by step through various changes of thought that “make straight the way of the Lord,” and open the mind and body to the higher ideas and life currents.

It is a fact of experience that in the regenerative process there is a change of not only mind but

organism as well. The cells making the body are little centres expressing intelligence and energy. Under the pressure of the Christ Spirit, the thoughts are changed, purified and accelerated. These thoughts in turn move the little cells and a new organism is made out of the substance of the old.

and under the Divine Law of Harmony take their places in the new body. Thus the crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of the physical body is constantly going on in those who are following in the steps of Jesus. Paul truly said, “I die daily.

Lesson 6. Aug. 5. desus and the Children. Matt. 18:1-14. GOLDEN TEXT- Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God. Mark 10:14.

Jesus was continually talking about the kingdom of heaven, or heavens as it it written in the original. The disciples, in material consciousness, looked upon this kingdom as a new government which Jesus was to establish in Judea. This is typical of the illuminated intellect, which is most desirous of having a high position in that kingdom. Many perceive the Truth but do not enter into tangible consciousness of its presence. Why? Because they do not make a place in their minds for the new and higher ideas.

This realm of the heavens lies all about us, within us, and without us. Its matrix is mind, and in that Mind are all the ideas that make for harmony in existence. This realm of the heavens may be projected into existence in just one way, and that is through the mind of man; hence the kingdom, or ruling power, of heaven is within you.

Then, how shall the mind of man enter into this kingdom? By letting it enter into him. To do this the mind must become receptive. It must take that attitude that will let the Divine Ideas flow in. This is what Jesus illustrated in this lesson by setting the little child in the midst of them.

The mind of man must be taught anew by the Spirit of Truth and led into the kingdom step by step. To open the mind to this instruction one must become as a little child just entering school, ready and willing to accept as truth what the teacher tells it. It is this meek, humble and teachable mind that makes one great in this kingdom of the heavens of Spirit. • There are teachers who assume to guide the

children into this kingdom of God, yet who themselves are not true to its pure spiritual character. They teach many doctrines but leave out the living Christ as the one and only guide. It is these who are so responsible in making “one of these little ones which believe in me" to stumble. In the mixed thought of the world this sort of “offense” will enevitably come, but “woe to that man by whom the offense cometh.” The law of cause and effect cannot be set aside, and whoever takes the responsibility of teacher for another soul, and even through his own ignorance leads that one away from the Christ Spirit within will suffer the consequences.

Hence, if your hand, or your foot, or your eye, cause you to stumble, cut it off and cast it from thee. The “hand” represents the doing of things, and the “ foot " going into ways which may cause one to stumble. The eye is the symbol of that searching out quality of mind which would see every thing and choose that which best suits. This all represents that eager reaching out for truth, running after truth, and looking out for truth, which is so

prevalent in the world. It is better to enter the kingdom "maimed” in these various fields of occult knowledge than to have them cause you to stumble as to the Truth itself.

Lesson 7. August 12.

The forgiving Spirit. Matt, 18:21-35.
GOLDEN TEXT- Forgive us our debts as we forgive

The measure of forgiveness in God is unlimited, according to this teaching of Jesus, and right here, if not in many other places, he puts a negative upon everlasting punishment.

God is here illustrated as the King, whose servant owed him ten thousand talents (about $20,000,000.), which, when he could not pay, he was fully forgiven the whole debt. Yet that same servant had an account of a hundred pence ($16.00) against a fellowservant, whom he took by the throat when he could not pay, and finally had him cast into prison. When this was reported to the Lord he had the unjust servant brought to him, and called down upon him the law until he should pay the fabulous sum which he owed.

Thus is shown the relation of man to his fellowman and the Principle of Being. We live in and think through a universal ether that is more sensitive to our thought vibrations than the most finely-keyed musical instrument to the vibrations of sound. This is the translucent substance of the “kingdom of the heavens," and it records every emotion, every thought, every word sent out by us. A feeling or thought of anger, or revenge, or injury of any kind toward another, sets awhirl with violent discord this Mother Substance, this White Shekinah, and the beautiful forms which it is constantly pushing out from the

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