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Centre of Being are broken and distorted. It is here that man incurs the great debt to Mother Nature of “ ten thousand talents," and which he can never pay through his own effort; yet the Wisdom and Love attributes of Being may be called into expression by man, and through their smoothing and harmonizing power all this turmoil be reduced to order. Thus the great debt which man owes is paid by God.

But this Wisdom and Love of God can never make conjunction with the Mother Substance, the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of this mortal world, until the mind of man is like unto the mind of God. Then here comes in that most vital lesson of forgiving offenses to the uttermost in order that you may be God-like and bring down this kingdom of the heavens unto the earth. The measure of the wrong or injury done you by another should not be taken

forgive seven times, but Jesus said “ seventy times seven,” which implies unlimited forgiveness.

IMAGINATION AND DISEASE. In “A Journalist's Note Book," Frank F. Moore tells an amusing and significant story of the influence of imagintion upon health. A young civil servant in India, feeling fagged from the excessive heat and from long hours of work, consulted the best doctor within reach. The doctor looked him over, sounded his heart and lungs, and then said gravely: "I will write you tomorrow."

The next day the young man received a letter telling him that his left lung was gone and his heart seriously affected, and advising him to lose no time in adjusting his business affairs. “Of course you may live for weeks,” the letter said, “but you had best not leave important matters undecided.”

Naturally the young official was dismayed by so dark a prognosis — nothing less than a death-warrant. Within twenty-four hours he was having difficulty with his respiration, and was seized with an acute pain in the region of the heart. He took to his bed with the feeling that he should never arise from it. During the night he became so much worse that his servant sent for the doctor.

- What on earth have you been doing to yourself?” demanded the doctor, "There were no indications of this sort when I saw you yesterday.”

ss It is my heart, I suppose,” weakly answered the patient.

- Your heart!" repeated the doctor. "Your heart was all right yesterday.

56 My lungs, then.”

56 What is the matter with you, man? You don't seem to have been drinking.”

"Your letter!” gasped the patient. "You said I had only a few weeks to live.”

Are you crazy?” said the doctor. "I wrote you to take a few weeks' vacation in the hills, and you would be all right.”

For reply the patient drew the letter from under the bed-clothes, and gave it to the doctor.

- Heavens!” cried that gentleman, as he glanced at it. 65 This was meant for another man. My assistant misplaced the letters.”'

The young man at once sat up in bed and made a rapid recovery.

And what of the patient for whom the direful prognosis was intended? Delighted with the report that a sojourn in the hills would set him right, he started at once, and five years later was alive and in fair health.

God is mighty and despiseth none. --Job 36: 5.




Kansas City, Mo., U. S. A.

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Jesus CHRIST, in Matt. 18:19, 20, says: "Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

We are testing this promise daily and finding it absolutely true. Jesus Christ is with us today as fully and with as great power as he ever was, and he manifests himself to all those who spiritually apprehend him.

Spirit is everywhere; ignorance of the action of mind and its laws is what shuts the power of Spirit away from man

We find that when many people hold the same thought there is a unity, though they may be separated by thousands of miles, and that all who are connected with that unity are in touch with higher spiritual states, even Jesus Christ.

So there has gradually grown up this Society of Silent Unity. in which thousands join every night at 9 o'clock in thinking for a few moments one thought, which is given each month in the magazine, UNITY. This we call the "Class Thought," and every member is expected to hold it at least five minutes at the beginning of the silence, in order to make the unity connection, after which, "Ask what ye will in my name, and it shall be done unto you,"

Certificates of membership are issued without charge to those who make personal written application for them. This work requires the time of several people at headquarters, and much free literature is distributed. To meet these expenses, we ask members to send us free will offerings, as no charge is made for any service we render,

This society has been in existence about ten years and has over 7.500 registered members. Through its ministry hundreds have been healed mentally and physically, and its power grows stronger day by day. The silent hour is 9 P, M., your local time. Geographical difference in time is not a factor in spiritual unity.

Beginners usually have a great many questions to ask, and they require a course of lessons and reading. To such we recommend the "Lessons in Truth," by H. Emilie Cady; price, 750.

UNITY is our magazine, which is published monthly and contains a large amount of instruction. It should be in the hands of every member. The price of it is $1.00 per year. Where members take UNITY and the "Cady Lessons " together, we make a rate of $1.50 for both. We do not ask payment in advance.

The simple request to be enrolled a member of the Silent Unity Society is all that is required to join with us. Do not expect an extended correspondence, nor even a written reply to your letter unless the case urgently demands it. We always respond in spirit and you are never neglected, although you do not hear from us by post. Address,

SOCIETY OF SILENT UNITY, 1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo.


(Held daily at 9 o'clock P. M.)

July 20th to August 20th. Honesty, Justice, Integrity are established in my thought, in the thoughts of those about me, and in the thoughts of the whole world.

Noon Thought.

(Held daily at 12 M.) Sobriety, Purity, Truth, are the controlling spirits from this hour.

HEALING AND HELP FOR ALL. A subscriber asks this question: "If the Good is omnipresent, why do you not teach your readers to rest in this fact, instead of to make daily affirmations of what is already true?"

Our correspondent might as well say that we should "rest” in the fact that 50 plus 50 equals 100, without the expense of conducting schools that our children may each one learn to do his own counting, or without their time being spent in attending school to learn what is, what always has been, and what always will be true as a fact in mathematics. While it is an omnipresent truth that 50 plus 50 equals 100, yet there are millions of children in the world today who do not consciously know it, neither will they attain it as a matter of personal knowledge until it is impressed upon their individual consciousness by their own personal affirmation that it is a

may be learned, or by which any knowledge may be attained. One is through perception and the flash of understanding; the other is to resolutely and per

sistently affirm a truth in obedience to the laws of instruction and to wait in patience for the light which is promised as the result of obedience. Of those who are thus faithful it can be said, “Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”

“Rest” does not mean freedom from necessity of either manual or mental work, but it is a harmonious state of consciousness consequent upon knowledge. To rest in a truth, then, is to know it and not to be ignorant of its nature. Knowledge is gained by means of a mental process. A knowing mentality is therefore an active mentality. A sluggish, inert mentality is not the possessor of conscious knowledge.

It always has been as true as it is today that knowledge of truth makes free, yet when we look out upon the world we do not see that humanity is finding much rest simply because this is true. God is Love throughout all eternity, yet humanity today does not seem to be resting very peacefully in this truth. On the other hand, we find that the unprecedented unrest of mankind is because of ignorance and a failure to practice in the consciousness that truth which is vital to the soul. All suffering, whether from sickness, sorrow, or poverty, is because of erroneous mental conceptions, which have, according to the law of the workings of thought force, outpictured in corresponding externals. Conversely, mitigation of all and every kind of suffering will be resultant upon our acquaintance with truth and in our use of thought force for the formation of correct mental images, for the promise “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” must be applicable to every error to which a consciousness can be in bondage, otherwise this statement should have been made conditionally.

- FANNY M. HARLEY, in Universal Truth.

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