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And no one has ascended into the heaven, save he who out of the heaven descended - the Son of Man.-John 3:13, according to Rotherham.

Jesus said, “Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit," and, “That which is born of flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit.” Who and what is this that is subject to so many births?

This important invisibility that takes on these protean forms is man according to Jesus. But what is man? Plato told his students that a good description of

"a biped without feathers. Diogenes learned of this definition, procured a chicken, and after plucking its feathers, turned it loose before Plato's class with the words, “Behold Plato's man!” This is a peculiarly fitting illustration of the ignoble end of all definitions that circumscribe man to form.

Jesus evidently referred to an invisible something that was born of flesh, then again was born of Spirit; and the inference is, was capable of an infinite number of experiences in birth and rebirth. What isi.this invisible something that says, “Before Abraham was I am” ?

Who are you that was born into this round of experiences that you are now passing through, and where did you come from? What is it that says, "I am"?

When your voice says “I am" does it do so on its own responsibility or is it moved by an invisible one? Who is this invisible one, and what is his relation to the voice through which he speaks?

These are the most important questions that were ever put to any school on earth. When we begin consider them, in even the most primary way, we

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are entering the realm of the gods. Over the entrance to the Delphic temple was written, “Know thyself,” and it is always written over every door that opens from ignorance to wisdom.

" Know thyself”_ know who and what you are, where you came from, what you are doing here, and where you are going.

If you want to know all this, meditate upon the "1 AM."

Your mind reverts to Moses and Jehovah - you think of a mighty "I am" away back in history. You do not connect that far-way "I am" that inspired Moses with your own little every-day “I am ” that struggles in the “brawl for bread.” Yet there is but one I AM. It cannot be cut up into parts; it is Principle. That which says “I am" in all men, women and children is identical. It is like the mathematical one. All the combinations of figures that were ever conceived are but repetitions of this digit. It is the son of the principle, mathematics. It is inspired by its principle and all the possibilities of that principle are open to it.

Your I am is the Son of the God Idea, and all the possibilities of the Principle through that idea are open to you.

To know thyself” is to know that you are I am, and not flesh and blood.

It is this I am that is born of flesh, and born of Spirit. It is not flesh, neither is it Spirit if by Spirit is meant a state of consciousness. It is just I am, the centre from which all states of consciousness are generated. Speaking definitely it is never born into any state of consciousness because it always transcends all conditions. It is the Supreme Dictator that determines the state of consciousness in and through which it will function. "I will be what I will to be" is its motto.

It may choose to be born into the flesh, and it may choose to be born into the Spirit. Through its decision it sets in motion the machinery of the universe to carry out its will. "Legions of angels" hasten to obey its call when it knows who and what it is.

It is evident that we have sometime chosen to be born into the flesh or we would not be here,

If we have had enough of the flesh, it is our privilege to drop it out of our minds and be born into the Spirit,

The “flesh" is a state of consciousness, the "Spirit" is a state of consciousness,

The ego, or I am, functions in these states of consciousness according to its desire. The moving factor of the I Am is desire, It desires a certain experience --- on the wings of that desire it carries itself where it can be fulfilled,

In the process of fulfillment the ego may forget that it has ever so desired, but the law never forgets,

If you are functioning in the flesh, you may be sure that you somewhere sometime desired an experience to which this answers,

There are no accidents in the laws of Being, "As a man sows so shall he reap" is another way of saying that for every cause there is an adequate

the universe, Like all laws that inhere in Being, it is good.

The ego can have any experience that it wills to have. If it wills to revel in sensation, a state where sensation holds high carnival is provided,

If its appetite for sensation is satiated, other states are open to it - it may be " born of the Spirit."

But before journeying hence the tangled ends of this experience must be straightened out. "Let all things be done in decency and order" is written over

the door of all of God's play-houses.

If you choose to function in the realm of sensation, and through any cause have brought about disorder, you cannot leave until harmony is restored.

If you lack wisdom, there is a way provided to get it. “The Spirit of Truth he will lead you into all Truth.”

Your real self is that which says I Am. It cannot be described, because description is limitation, and it is unlimited in its capacity to be. It is the All Possibility, yet it is ignorant of the states of consciousness into which it is ushered until it has experienced them. In the flesh consciousness it is Will. In the spiritual consciousness it is Love. Both are blind unless married to Intelligence in the one, and Wisdom in the other.

There are people who have had enough fleshly experience and desire to be born into the Spirit. That desire will open the door into the Spirit. You have only to desire to be and you will surely find the way to be that which you desire. There is no exception to this inherent principle of Being. You have sometime polarized your desire in the direction of the flesh or you would not be having the experience of the flesh.

Don't condemn the flesh nor bewail your lot. The flesh is an obedient servant, and now expresses your idea of what form should be.

In its virgin purity it is the immaculate substance of Being. If it appears corrupt, or subject to corruption, humanity has made it so through ignorance, and humanity must again purify it by restoring it to the heaven of its consciousness, when it will cease to be flesh.

That which the world conceives to be flesh has no existence in Being whatever. It is a malformation of the substance of Being, and must be trans

formed by right conception of the Divine Harmony before the mortal can put on the immortal.

Thus all things are right here ready for our using, to function through in the fulfillment of our desire to experience sensation. If we have failed to get satisfaction, it is not the fault of the substance but our use of the substance. Now that we wish to transfer our experiences to the realm of the Spirit, to vibration instead of sensation, we have but to comply with the conditions of that realm to do so.

There is a Primal Substance and all states of consciousness are based upon it. We do not have to go anywhere to find it. It is here. We are basing our present experiences upon it and calling it flesh. If we would see it as Spirit, we must so call it, and seek to know the mental attitude on our part necessary to make it show forth the harmony of Spirit.

The kingdom of heaven is within you." It is not afar off, nor is it hard to find if your desire has headed you in its direction.

The question is, Do you really want to be born into the Spirit?

The majority of people would answer this query in the affirmative without a moment's thought. But this is mere impulse, and not a careful consideration of the most important matter that was ever presented to the I am.

To be born into the Spirit is to come into an entirely new and different state of consciousness. This has a mighty meaning back of it. What makes up your present consciousness? Is it not the things of sense?

Analyze your surroundings and see if they are not all based upon the perception of the five senses. You swing in your little orbit of family ties. You believe that you were born into the world through a chain of fleshly ancestors to which you are bound by

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