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UNITY is always welcome. It brings the spirit of your gatherings, and is delightfully free from abstractions and mere personalities. -- H. W. DRESSER.

Mrs. Annie Rix Militz has been spending a couple of months in California supervising the work in the various Homes of Truth She returns to Chicago about the middle of August.

Mrs. T. B. H. Brown has relinquished the position of associate editor of The Light, St. Louis, Mo., and is now giving her entire time to instruction and healing, at 3040 Washington Ave.

We should not overlook the very important fact that the most opportune time and place to sow the good seeds of Truth is now in the unfolding minds of childhood. Don't neglect the spiritual development of the children. Wee WISDOM is the only paper published devoted to metaphysical instruction of children. The subscription price is but 50 cents per year.

Under date of July 17th, R. C. Douglass wrote from Waterloo, Iowa: “The Spirit has clearly sent me here to be instrumental in reviving the drooping forces, and to instruct new seekers after truth in the path of the Spirit. I have a delightful class to whom I would rather break the bread of Life' than eat my necessary food. I am beautifully situated in the Hotel of Brother L. Libby, whose house has a very sweet atmosphere by reason of the harmonious and consistent lives of both Brother and Sister Libby, who stamp their own impress upon all within its walls. All honor to those who are not afraid to let their light shine before men.' Our Sunday services are held in Libby's Hall, which is a room consecrated to the Spirit."

The subscribers and friends will rejoice with the workers who Temain at Unity Headquarters upon the receipt of this pleasing information from the editors of UNITY, who are teaching in Paeblo, Colo. The following is quoted from a private letter: "There are several excellent workers here, and they have all demonstrated in such a way that the doctrine has a standing among all classes. We have so far been teaching classes two days. Mrs. Fillmore has a morning class attended by ladies exclusively. There are about sixty in this class. She also gave a lesson at a private house in another part of the city this afternoon (Aug. 8th) to thirty-five people. I have given two evening lessons and the church, which holds about one hundred and sixty, was comfortably full each time." - C.F.


By Hannah.More Kohaus. There is hardly any disease or condition against which Mrs. Kohaus has not provided by giving different combinations of words of Truth to be used as remedial agents. The book is written in a high spiritual vein and will prove most helpful, practical and encouraging. These treatments cannot be too highly recommended. The article “ What does it mean to give a treatment?" is alone worth the price of the book, which contains over fifty treatments. Leatherette, price 40 cents. Send for a copy to

R. Kohaus, 344 Belden Ave., Chicago, Ill.,

Dealer in Metaphysical and Occult Literature.

GOOD WORDS FROM SCOTLAND. Dear UNITY Friends : -We are staying in Edinburgh for awhile, and are having good meetings twice a week. Many good people in the States wonder if England is ready for “the Truth." The fact of the matter is, the "old man," in "John Bull" very closely resembles the “old man" in “Uncle Sam," and when either one puts off the old man with his deeds" he is beautiful. There are thousands of people in Great Britain ready for the word of freedom, such as your little paper gives to all its readers, and I hope you have many subscribers here. The Christian Scientists in Edinburgh have a membership of twenty. They have centrally located rooms, library, and all the regular C. S. meetings. Their first reader is an American lady. Their work began here six years ago. As far as I can judge there are very few, if any, regular healers outside the Christian Scientists' fence over here, and by the applications that come to me for treatments it would seem that there is plenty of work to be done.

I will mail a little pamphlet, “The Power of Stillness," which might almost have come from your office. Perhaps you can use it. [We publish it in another column.- Ed.]

We are staying with Miss Margaret Wilson, who has had meetings in her home for the last twelve months, conducted by Miss Christine Fraser. Both of these ladies have worked in the Pacific Coast Homes of Truth.

Very sincerely yours,


I have long since desired to have you publish something of the good that has been done through Mrs. B. R. Davis, of Waco, Texas, as a teacher and healer. Mrs. Davis was my teacher several years ago, and has been my counselor and helped me to find the Christ within me. She has healed several of my family as well as myself. -- Marion Hopson, Foreman, Ark.


(Books in the metaphysical line are reviewed in UNITY as promptly and thoroughly as time and space will permit.)

"The Battle of Love," by Levi D. Ratiff, Marion, Indiana, 103 pages, paper cover, 35 cents. This book is full of interesting truths told in a charming manner. While the leading characters are fictitious, they play the parts of very real conditions. The story centers around a young lady, an ardent advocate of Christian Science, and a young man who is an investigator. The teachings are discussed as lesson after lesson is given, and the batter of love rages in the two souls between liberality and freedom in the search after truth on the one hand, and the strictest sectarianism on the other. “Darwinism means one things, evolution means quite another. So of Christian Science. Its principle was given to the world thirty years ago. The higher christian thought is coming up to it; but the conception will not be that of Mrs. Eddy. Eddyism will (does) mean one thing, while Christian Science will (does) mean quite another.” The differences are cleverly explained, and the story ends harmoniously in the triumph of freedom.

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“The Heart of Job - A Message to the World," is one of the best metaphysical books of the year.

It is from the gifted pen of Dr. W.C. Gibbons, whose portrait appears as the frontispiece. The forty-two chapters the Book of Job are analyzed and spiritually interpreted, being considered not as mere history but as an allegory. Thus Job's companions, his riches, poverty, physical sufferings, etc., exemplify the qualities of the human soul in its unfoldment. There are no theological perplexities in the Book of Job when its occult meanings as rendered by Dr. Gibbons are understood. Universal Truth Co., Chicago, Ill. 167 pp.; bound in cloth with emblematic design; price, $1.00.



Philo-Sophia," is a collection of poems by Anita Trueman. "Aceon: A Tale of the Soul's Experience," is followed by three short poems under each of the following classes: Romance, Allegory, Meditation, Progress, Exhortation, Personal Poems, and nine shorter poems. These poems by Miss Trueman are from a. a scientific and spiritual basis. Alliance Publishing Co., 19 West 31st Street, New York City. 95 pp.; bound in blue cloth, $1.00.

The Universal Truth Co., of Chicago, has recently published a new metaphysical novel, by Sarah Wilder Pratt, entitled, “Thy Brother Leonidas." It is full of tender sentiment, and is productive of much good thought in the reader as he follows the life-like: characters around Lake Geneva, where Zella first learns through psychic influences that she is heir to large estates in Australia. 253 pp.; bound in cloth, $1.00.

T. J. Shelton, editor of Christian, has published twelve of his “I Am Sermons" in a neat cloth-bound book. The author is a little too radical in his expressions for us, but there is a vast amount of good, wholesome truth contained in these sermons. A fine engraving of Mr. Shelton is given as the frontispiece. Published by the author, 1566 Marion St., Denver, Colo. 50 cents.

F. E. Titus, barrister, of Toronto, Canada, is an investigator, a deep thinker, and good writer. There has recently been published in booklet form “a summary of his recent investigations into Life, Force, and Substance, and the opinions based by scientists thereon, leading up to the conclusion that there is in nature a Universal Mind controlling and permeating nature's manifestations." This booklet of 56 pages is entitled, “The Pantheism of Modern Science," and is worthy a careful reading. 10 cents. Theosophical Book Concern, 26 Van Buren Street, Chicago, Ill.

The latest product of Henry Wood in booklet form is “The Living Universe," written in the same interesting and comprehensive manner which have made his writings so popular. This booklet of twenty-three pages is a "synthetic generalization of the significance of recent scientific discoveries regarding the ether, matter, evolution, and the oneness of life." Lee and Shepard publishers, Boston. 10 cents per copy.

The series of pamphlets known as the Universal Harmony Library comprise some excellent subjects. No. 2 is “Love and Wisdom," and No. 3, "Heart and Brain," both good articles from the pen of S. Lincoln Bishop, Daytonia, Fla. 25 cents per copy.

In another column we make notice of a new song book, “Glad Songs of Praise,” by Prof. W. H. Watson and Bertha M. Snow. The music is inspiring and worshipful, and the songs give expression to the highest sentiment of Christian life.

"The Half was Never Told” is a little booklet containing fourteen short chapters on various subjects designed to spiritually enlighten the truth seeker. Written and published by T. C. Williams, of Beloit, Kan. 30 cents per copy.

Dialogue Between Reason and Ignorance on the Interpretation of the Bible,” by A. C. Doan, Summerville, Cal. 10 cents.

- C. E. P.

Change of Address.- In changing address the exact postoffice address where you have been receiving UNITY must always be given as well as the new address.

REMITTANCES. - Personal checks should include at least 10 cents for bank collection, as also Canadian bills, which are discounted in Kansas City.

UNITY SUBSCRIPTIONS. For $1.25 we will send UNITY one year and " Wee Wisdom's Way," a booklet of fifty-nine pages, by Myrtle Fillmore.

For $1.50 we will send UNITY one year and WEE WISDOM, a. monthly paper especially designed for teaching Practical Christianity to children.

For $1.50 we will send UNITY one year and “Twelve Lessons in Truth” (three booklets), by H. Emilie Cady.

For $2.50 we will send UNITY one year and a Morocco bound Bible which sells regularly for $3.00. Indexed, 250 extra.

THE “HIGHER THOUGHT” CENTRE. 147 High Street, Kensington, W., London, England.

This Centre has been established as a meeting ground for all seekers after Truth. It comprises a Reading and Lecture Room, a Lending Library, a Depot for the sale of Metaphysical Literature, an Interview Room, and a Silence Room. Notices of Lectures, Classes and Sunday Meetings posted to members and all information given in relation to "Higher Thought." The Centre is open daily 11 to 6, also on some evenings. Annual subscription, one guniea; country members, ios, 6d; foreign, 5s.

ALICE M. Callow, Secretary.

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NOTICE - We desire to notify our friends in the British Dominion that International copyright has been secured for the Hymn Book of the New Thought, and that Messrs. Charles Sheard & Co., music publishers, 196 Shaftesbury Ave., London, England, are the publishers of “GLAD SONGS OF PRAISE for England and the Colonies.


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