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We will give club rates, upon request, with any of the following publications. UNITY. Edited by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Monthly.

$1.00 a year. 1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo. WEE WISDOM. (For children.) Edited by Myrtle Fillmore.

Monthly. 50 cents a year. 1315 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo. MIND. Edited by Chas. Brodie Patterson. Monthly. $2.00 a

year. Life Building, 19 West 31st Street, New York City. THE COMING AGE. Edited by B. O. Flower and Mrs. C.

K. Reifsnider. Monthly. $2.00 a year. Copley Square,

Boston, Mass. THE HIGHER LAW. Edited by Horatio W. Dresser. Monthly.

$1.00 a year. 272 Congress Street, Boston, Mass. UNIVERSAL TRUTH. Edited by Cassius M. Loomis and

Fanny M. Harley. Monthly. $1.00 a year. 87 Washington

Street, Chicago, Ill. THE LIFE. Edited by A. P. and C. Josephine Barton.

Weekly. $1.00 a year. 3332 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. DAS WORT. (German.) Edited by H. H. Schroeder. Monthly.

$1.00 a year. 2622 South 12th Street, St. Louis, Mo. HARMONY. Edited by C. L. and M. E. Cramer. Monthly.

$1.00 a year. 3360 17th Street, San Francisco, Cal. THE ABIDING TRUTH. Edited by E. Elizabeth Russell. . Monthly. 50 cents a year. 6 Park Street, Peabody, Mass. THE HEALER. Edited by F. E. Mason. Monthly. $1.00 a

year. 424 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. THE IDEAL REVIEW. Edited by L. E. Whipple. Monthly.

$2.50 a year. 465 Fifth Ave., New York City. EXPRESSION. Monthly. $1.75 a year. 211 Edgeware Road,

W., London, England. THE LIGHT. Edited by D. L. Sullivan. Monthly. 50 cents

a year. 3003 Locust Street, St. Louis, Mo. THE WORLD'S ADVANCE THOUGHT. Edited by Lucy

A. Mallory. Monthly. 50 cents a year. Portland, Oregon. THE PROPHET. Edited by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie. Monthly.

75 cents a year. Oaklyn, N. J. THE SPEINX. The leading astrological journal. Edited by

Catharine H. Thompson. Monthly $3.00 a year; 30 cents per copy. 721 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.

Unity Library, 1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo.

Metaphysical Library, 1813 Polk Street, San Francisco, Cal. Books loaned at 10 cents per week; $1.00 a quarter. Literature for sale. Orders filled from any part of the Pacific Coast.

Metaphysical Library, 58 San Pablo Ave., Oakland, Cal.

Metaphysical Library, Scientor House, Devonport, Devon, England

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Austin, Marion, 6238 Madison Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Burpee, H. Louise, 2431 Prairie Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Brown, Mrs. T. B. H., 3040 Washington Street, St. Louis, Mo.
College of Mental Science and Divine Healing, John T. Chase,

president, Mary A. Broom, secretary, 402 S. Patterson Park

Ave., Baltimore, Md.
Cope, Mrs. May C., 220 West 6gth Street, New York City.
Chainey, Anna Kimball, 844 22d Street, San Diego, Cal.
Douglass, R. C., 226 South 8th Street, LaCrosse, Wis.
Fillmore, Charles and Myrtle, Unity Headquarters, 1315 McGee

Street, Kansas City, Mo.
Griswold, Mrs. Sarah E., 1004 Broadway, Oakland, Cal.
Gillespie, Mrs. K. E. B., 133 West Third Ave., Denver, Colo.
Gould, Tracy, 1320 W Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. Unity

literature on sale.
Gifford, Miss Rose, 85 Prospect Street, Ashtabula, Ohio.
Griswold, Prudence L., Prospect Street, Ashtabula, Ohio.
Hobbs, Mrs. Amanda E., 277 Dixwell Ave., New Haven, Conn.
Kohaus, R., 344 Belden Ave., Chicago, Ill. Present or absent

treatments. Correspondence in English or German.
Leeman, Mrs. Vivia A., 717 Kansas Ave., Holton, Kan.
Lothrop, A. E., 192 Garden Street, Pawtucket, R. I.
Militz, Mrs. Annie Rix, 3124 Prairie Ave., Chicago, Ill.
McGowan, Mrs. Anna, Los Angeles, Cal.
McMahon, Mrs. S. A., 129 Powell Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Minard, Thaddeus M., 369 Thirteenth St,, Portland, Oregon.
Osbond, Mr. G., Scientor House, Devonport, Devon, England.

Agent for Unity Publications.
Perry, Mrs. Frances, 3124 Prairie Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Pratt, Mrs. Ellen F., 116 Tenth Street, Racine, Wis.
Pearce, Mrs. Helen, 1816 Jefferson Place, Washington. D. C.
Rogers, Mrs. Charlotte J., 762 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.
Ross, Mrs. Carra B., 613 South Jackson St., Belleville, Ill.
Shafer, C. A., Unity Headquarters, 1315 McGee St., Kansas City,

Mo. English and German Correspondence.
School of the igher Life, Dr. and Mrs. J. Gilbert Murray,

26 Kenyon Street, Brockport, N. Y.
Sullivan, D. L., 3003 Locust Street, St. Louis, Mo.
National Circle of Divine Ministry, Geo. E. Ricker, Emma Gray,

Florence Day, gth and F Streets, Washington, D. C.
Webster, E. P. C., 360 Ontario Street, Chicago, Ill.
Wooton, Lydia J., 1930 Sherman Ave., Denver, Colo.
Waite, Miss Jennie C., 243 West 135th Street, New York City.
Williams, E. Adeline, 1618 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Penn.

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Our Standard Lessons.


These lessons are by the well known author of "Finding the Christ in Our. selves," "Trusting and Resting," and other widely sought booklets.

They constitute a full course of twelve lessons, and fully cover the subject of Mental Healing and Spiritual Unfoldment in a very simple and practical manner,

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CONTENTS: Ist Lesson ---Statement of Being. 2d Lesson -- Thinking. 3d Lesson ---Denials. 4th Lesson ---- Affirmations. 5th Lesson - Faith, 6th Less in -- Definitions, 7th Lesson-Spiritual Understanding. 8th Lest n-Secret Place of the Most High gth Lesson -- Finding the Secret Place. Ioth Lesson --- Spiritual Gifts. 11th Lesson-- Unity of the Spirit. 12th Lesson - Bondage or Liberty - Which?

In three booklets, 75 cents for the full course.

Cloth-bound, $1.00


1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo.

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A POPULAR $1.50COMBINATION. Twelve Lessons in Truth ( 3 Booklets), Emilie H. Cady, $0.75 Wee Wisdom's Way, by Myrtle Fillmore.

.25 Talks on Truth, by Leo Virgo

.25 Seek Wisdom, by Leo Virgo.

.15 Christ the Emancipator, by Rev. Chas. H. Parkhurst.. .15 Faith's Fruition, by A. P. Barton...

.15 What is Truth, by Vivia A. Leeman

$1.85 A $1.00 CADY COMBINATION. Twelve Lessons in Truth (Three Booklets).

$0.75 Finding the Christ in Ourselves...

.15 Oneness with God and Neither do I Condemn Thee.. .15 God's Hand, and Loose Him and Let Him Go....




Scientific Lessons in Being, by Edith A. Martin...
Love: the Supreme Gift, by Henry Drummond..
The Bible and Eternal Punishment, by A. P. Barton.
Directons for Beginners, by Leo Virgo.
Experiences in Christian Healing, by W. T. Stead.


.15 .15 .10




Talks on Truth...
Seek Wisdom, by Leo Virgo.
The Philosophy of Denial..
The Church of Christ..
Directions for Beginners.


.50 .15 .10 .10

$0.70 A 250 TRACT COMBINATION. Overcoming the Poverty Idea, by Leo Virgo..

$0.05 About Some Fallacies, by A. P. Barton...

.05 The Unreality of Matter, by Leo Virgo.

.05 Loose Him and Let Him Go, by Emilie Cady. Jesus Christ's Atonement, by Leo Virgo..

.05 Giving and Receiving, by Leo Virgo..

.05 None of These Things Move Me, by Annie Rix Militz...

.05 Flesh Eating Metaphysically considered, by Leo Virgo... .05



Any of the above booklets or tracts may be ordered separately

at stated price.


1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo.

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