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bitterness, according to the quantity of malt heartily. In the middle of his harangue, and hops employed. I

| however, he was seized with a fit of chokAlthough these forms of beverage, result- ling, and after an effort of trying to get ing from the decomposition of sugar, have something out of his throat, drew forth a been used as articles of diet from time im- slip of bamboo, like a Lisbon toothpick, memorial, a question has been raised as to then another, and another; then he sneezed, their beneficial effects upon the human and out they came from his nostrils, then system. We cannot here enter upon this from his eyes, until he completed the numdisputed question, but we may state our ber of thirty-seven, by making one appear conviction that, dreadful as are the effects half-way out of each orifice at the same time, of taking alcohol in large quantities, there is and then threw the lot on the ground for no proof that the moderate use of fermented any one to examine. He next took three beverages is attended with any injurious glass balls, about an inch in diameter, and, result, and that they are not useful to the placing them singly between his ' lips, system. It seems natural to man to take a sucked them into his mouth, and swallowed certain quantity of stimulus with his food, first a red one, then a blue, and last of all a and it seems most agreeable in the form of white one; here was a little interlude of alcohol. At the same time it should be toothpicks and talking, after which he remembered that, in certain diseased con- walked gravely round the ring, stopping ditions of the system, alcohol may act as a | four times : each time he gave himself a poison ; and that in the form of ardent shake and a jump, when the balls were disspirits, whether taken pure or with water, tinctly heard to jingle inside him. On comit may produce conditions of the mucous pleting his round, after several efforts, he membrane of the stomach very inimical to spat the balls out upon the ground in the health. The various sorts of distilled spirits same order he had swallowed them--the should, in fact, only be taken in the form of red first, the white last. He then took two medicines, and never habitually indulged more balls, one of polished steel, about the in. Wines require to be taken with caution, size of a hen's egg, and another of glass, the and their effects watched, in order to prevent same size. These he first let fall on the the injurious action of a larger quantity ground, to show they were solid; then than the system can bear. Beer is the safest placing them between his lips, swallowed of these beverages for habitual use; but them like the smaller ones, but with diffi-* even this may be indulged in too freely, and culty, the ball swelling the throat as it disease be the result. Of the various kinds went down; here more toothpicks and talkof beer, that which is to be most commended ing, while he prepared two swords, about is the weak form of bitter ale, which is now an inch wide and twenty long, very like so generally employed in the households of polished hoop iron, clashed them together London and its neighbourhood. Beer acts to show they were real, and passed both as a tonic on account of its bitter principle, down his throat at once, until they struck as well as a stimulant, and is frequently, on the balls with an audible click; withdrawthis account, found to be a valuable addition ing these, he placed his hands behind him, to the ordinary diet.

and, after several apparently painful trials, eaeh ball arose in the throat, and fell from his mouth to the ground with a heavy

thump. Other tricks he did, only suited to A CHINESE JUGGLER.

a Chinese audience, which I cannot tell you

of; but after his exertions he appeared I CAME upon a juggler, a man whom, had quite satisfied with the trifle each threw Barnum once seen, he would have been him.--China Correspondence. bought up on the spot and carried to England or America, to astonish you at home, as he certainly did us. As soon as he had cleared a circle with the old “string and m

SMALLPOX LAW.-It cannot be too generally balls,” he spread the contents of his wallet | pox, or having the virus of smallpox about their

made known that to expose persons ill with small. on the ground, and stripped himself to the clothes or persons, in any “footpath, street, paswaist. He was a poor thin fellow, who sage, road, lane, or way," so as to endanger others seemed to suffer from the effects of the tricks taking this disease, is an offence against the law he performed. He first of all snake for which may be punished with three months' imabout five minutes with all the volubility

prisonment. To inoculate another with the

small pox is also held to be an indictable offence, of Charles Mathews, evidently saying some- for which six months' imprisonment may be thing witty, for the people round laughed l awarded.


the busy hands had resumed their employe

ment. Then, stretching forth a broad, KINDNESS to animals shows an amiable black velvet paw, it inflicted on the back of disposition, and correct principles. The in- one of them a quick stroke, and jumping ferior creation were given for our use, but down, concealed itself beneath the chair of not for our abuse or cruelty. Many of them its patron. There seemed in this simple add greatly to the comfort of domestic life, action a nice adaptation of means to ends; and also display qualities deserving of re- a prudent waiting, until the retaliation that gard. The noble properties of the dog, the was meditated could be conveniently inhorse, and the “half-reasoning elephant,” dulged, and a prompt flight from the evil have long been known and praised. But that might ensue. among the lower grades of animals, es- The race of rats is usually considered repecially if they receive kind treatment, traits markable only for voraciousness, or for of character are often discovered that sur- ingenious and mischievous inventions to prise or delight us.

obtain the gratification of appetite. A vessel Cats, so frequently the objects of neglect that had been much infested by them, was, or barbarity, are more sagacious than is when in port, fumigated with brimstone, to generally supposed. The mother of four expel them. Escaping in great numbers, young kittens missed one of her nurslings, they were despatched by people stationed and diligently searched the house to find it. for that purpose. Amid the flying victims, Then she commenced calling upon the neigh- a group was observed to approach slowly, bours, gliding from room to room, and look- upon the board placed between the vessel ing under sofas and beds, with a troubled and the shore. One of those animals held air. At length she found it in a family in in his mouth a stick, the extremities of the vicinity, where it had been given by her which were held by two others, who caremistress. Taking it in her mouth, she fully led him. It was discovered that he brought it home and bestowed on it her was blind. The executioners suffered them nursing cares, and maternal caresses for a to live! It was not in the heart of man to few weeks, then carried it back to the same scorn such an example, neighbour, and left it in the same spot where Another of our ships, while in a foreign she found it. It would seem as if she wished port, took similar measures to free itself to testify her approbation of the home selected from those troublesome inmates. Amid for her child, and desired only to nurture the throngs that fled from suffocatiug smoke it until it should be old enough to fill it to slaughtering foes, one was seen moving properly.

sly, as if over burdened. Climbing A cai who had repeatedly had her kittens over the bodies of his dead companions, he taken from her, and drowned immediately bore upon his back another, so old as to be after their birth, went to a barn belonging unable to walk. Like Eneas, escaping to the family, quite a long distance from the from the flames of Troy, perhaps it was an house. She so judiciously divided her time, aged father that he thus carried upon his as to obtain her meals at home and attend shoulders. Whether it was filial piety, or to her nursery abroad. At length she en- respect for age, his noble conduct, as in the tered the kitchen, followed by four of her previous instance, saved his life and that of offspring well-grown, all mewing in chorus. his venerable friend.

Had she foresight enough to conclude Sheep are admired for their innocence that if she could protect them until they and meekness, more than for strong demonreached a more mature age, they would es- strations of character. Yet the owner of a cape the fate of their unfortunate kindred ? flock was once surprised by seeing one of his

A little girl once sat reading with a large fleecy people rushing to and fro beneath his favourite cat in her lap. She was gently window, in great agitation and alarm. Folstroking it, while it purred loudly, to express lowing her to the pasture, where she eagerly its joy. She invited a person who was near / led the way, he found a fierce dog tearing to feel its velvet softness. Reluctant to be the sheep. Having put him to flight, he interrupted in an industrious occupation turned in search of the messenger, and that required the use of both hands, the found her in a close thicket, where she had person did not immediately comply, but at carefully hidden her own little lamb, ere length touched the head so abruptly that the she fled to apprise the master of their cat supposed itself to have been struck. danger. This strangely intelligent animal Resenting the indignity, it ceased its song, was permitted to live to the utmost limit of and continued alternately rolling and closing longevity allotted to her race. its eyes, yet secretly watching, until both! The instinct of the beaver approaches the

bounds of reason. Their dexterity in con- string that sustained it. Here was somestructing habitations, and rearing mounds what of the same boldness and perseverance to repel the watery element, surpasses that that led Hannibal across the alps, to pour of all other animals. A gentleman, who re- his soldiers down upon astonished' Italy. sided where they abound, wished to ascer- Thus the spider that sought so many times tain whether this was inherent, or the effect to fasten its frail thread, and at length sucof imitation. He took, therefore, to his ceeded, gave a profitable lesson to King house, an infant beaver, ere its eyes were Robert the Bruce, when he ruminated in opened. It was an inmate of his kitchen, discouragement and despair on his failing where one day, from a leaky pail, a small enterprises. stream of water oozed out upon the floor. Parrots are generally considered as senseOut ran the little beaver, and collected less repeaters of sounds and words, that consticks and clay, with which it built a damvey neither sentiment nor feeling. Now to stop the passage of the tiny brook. and then, there seems some variation from

An Indian, going out to shoot beavers, this rule. A parrot who had been reared saw a large one felling a lofty tree. Ere he with kindness, selected as his prime favougave the finishing strokes, he ascended a rite the youngest child in the family. By neighbouring hill, throwing his head about, every means in his power he expressed this and taking deep draughts of air. The In- preference. The little girl was seized with dian, who stedfastly regarded him, sup- a severe sickness. IIe missed her in her posed that he was taking an observation of accustomed haunts, and turning his head which way the wind blew, as when he made quickly from side to side, called loudly for his last etřort on the tree he made use of her. this knowledge to shelter himself from in- At length, the fair form, stretched in its jury at its fall. He then measured the coffin, met his view. In wild and mournful trunk into equal lengths for the height of tones, he continued to utter her name. He the house he was to build, and loading his was removed far from the room, but the broad tail with wet clay, made a mark at shrill echo of his voice was still heard amid each division. Uttering a peculiar cry, three the funereal obsequies, pronouncing with little beavers appeared at their father's call, frantic grief the name of his lost Mary. and began to gnaw asunder the wood at the Ever afterwards, when the sound of the places which he had designated.

tolling-bell met his ear, the fountains of “When I saw this," said the Indian, “I memory were troubled, and the cry of turned away. Could I harm such a crea-“ Mary! Mary!" mingled with the mournture? No. He was to me as a brother.” ful knell, till it ceased.

Among the insect tribes, the ant sustains Since so many interesting properties are a good character for foresight and industry, discovered in the inferior creation, where, having been cited by the wise monarch of perhaps, we least expected them, it is well Israel as an example and reproof to the to search for such traits of character as sluggard.

deserve our regard, and consider them as When Dr. Franklin was on is embassy humble friends, that we may better do our in France, soon after the American revolu- duty to them, and please Him who has ention, he one morning sat musing over his trusted them to our protection. solitary breakfast, and perceived a leg large black ants' taking possession of the sugar-bowl. His philosophic mind being

MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF ALL ever ready for experiments, he caused it to be suspended from the ceiling by a string.

NATIONS. They returned. The sweet food was above their reach.

HINDOO ADORATION OF THE SALAGRAM. It was worth an effort to regain it. One placed himself in a perpen Among the many forms which Vishnu is dicular position, and another mounted upon believed by his Hindoo worshippers to have his shoulders. Others ascended the same assumed is that of the Sálagram-an ammoscaffolding, each stretching to his utmost nitesstone, found in the river Gandaká and altitude. Down fell the line. Yet it was other streams flowing from the Himalayas. again, and again renewed. Then the Babel- The reason for the worship of this is stated builders disappeared. Had they given up in one of the sacred books. “Vishnu created the siege ? No. They had only changed the nine planets to preside over the fates of their mode of attack. Soon they were seen men. Sani (Saturn) proposed commencing Traversing the ceiling, and precipitating his reign by taking Brahma under his inthemselves upon the coveted spoil, by the I fluence for 'twelve years. The matter was

n of

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referred to Vishnu, who being equally averse The Sálagrám is usually placed under a to be placed under the inauspicious influencel tulasi-tree, which is planted on the top of a of this planet, requested him to call the next pillar in the vicinity of a temple of Vishnu, day. The next day Saturn could nowhere or near a house. Tulasi, a female, desired discover Vishnu, but perceived that he had to become Vishnu's wife, but was metaunited himself 'to the mountain Gandaká; morphosed by Lakshmi into a tree, a small he entered the mountain in the form of a shrub, called therefore Tulasi, or holy basil worm called Vajrakita (the thunder-bolt (Ocymum Sanctum). Vishnu, however, worm). He continued to afflict the moun- promised to assume the form of a Sálagrám, tain-formed Vishnu for twelve years, when and always continue with her. The VaishVishnu assumed his proper shape, and com- naya priests, therefore, keep one leaf of the manded that the stones of this mountain shrub under and another over the Sálagrám, should be worshipped, and become proper and thus pay their adorations to the stone representatives of himself; adding that each and the tree. In the evening a lamp is should have twenty marks in it, similar to placed near it, as appears in the engraving, those on his body, and that its name should which represents a person engaged in t'le be Sálagrám."

| worship at this singular shrine.




“Where towers are crush'd, and unforbidden

O'er mutilated arches shed their seeds;
And temples, doom'd to milder change, unfold,
A new magnificence that vies with old."

WORDSWORTH. « THE city of Judah” (a), “the perfection of beauty, the joy of the whole earth” (6), “great among the nations, and princess among the provinces” (c), has sometimes been called Salem, Jebus, Solima, and Capitolina. The Turks have called it Curumobarech and Leucost; and the Arabs speak of it as El-Kuds, which means “holiness.” The ancient Greek and Latin writers called it Hierosolyma.

Those who would learn somewhat of its | earliest history, and other interesting particulars, should consult the works of Josephus, Maundrell, Pococke, Drs. Clarke and Richardson, Châteaubriand, Ali Bey, and others; and as few of my readers will be disposed to doubt the antiquity of the site of Jerusalem, I will merely survey the arguments in favour of its age, and


"Lord! thou didst love Jerusalem

Cnce she was all thy own;
Her love thy fairest heritage,

Der power thy glory's throne.
Till evil came, and blighted
3 Thy long-loved olive-tree;
And Salem's shrines were lighted

For other gods than thee."-MOORE.

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