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The conditions that confront the nations at the present time give rise to grave fears of social upheavals as well as national discomfort, but there is no real ground for such fears. The moulders of the thought of the present age are altruistic in spirit and effort.

The great awakening-under whatever name, whether Divine Science, Christian Science or New Thought-is wielding a mighty influence, and the might of that influence centers in the underlying principles of every cult, viz, Altruism. Love of God and of the fellow-man is the natural ground upon which they all meet.

Man is beginning to understand that he cannot be happy while his fellow is in misery, especially if his own attitude or conduct is in any sense responsible for that misery. When men awaken to this understanding they try to soothe their consciences by sharing their accumulations among their less fortunate brothers in the way of gifts, donations to charity, and so forth, but the offerings sooner or later become as "pearls before swine," much to the chagrin of the donors and more to the detriment of the recipients. If man would be happy he must be free. It is improper thinking, either carelessness or selfishness or both, that forges the fetters of slavery; that brings misery and inharmony of every kind.

We live in an age when altruism is calling a halt. Men are beginning to look below the surface of things, are seeking the underlying truth.

What improper thinking has done, proper thinking will undo. But no thinking is proper, or can be, which is not based upon the principle of universal Love, the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. And the principle must demonstrate not in theory, but in actual practice. It must be lived.

This doctrine of love and the square deal is appealing to men as never before since the time of the Master and His disciples. All classes and conditions of men are being touched and affected by it. It is being heralded through literature and proclaimed from the rostrum and the pulpit as never before.

Of course, those who are still bigoted and selfish see all others, as bigoted and narrow. For they must see with their own eyes and perceive with their own senses. As is the source so is the stream. But to those who have acquired some degree of the Spirit of the Great Master and have gotten a spiritual taste of the law of love—and they are not so few as some are wont to think-to such the sun of peace has already risen, the clouds of discord are rapidly passing away.

These thoughts are to many visionary -a mere Utopian dream, but there are thousands who know the meaning of the vision and understand the interpretation of the dream.

Men and women are asking as never before for light, and the light is being given. They are studiously seeking for knowledge and wisdom, and the seekers are finding the source of wisdom. Men are learning to knock at the door of their inner life, and they are finding the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am aware of the great number of poorly-informed and grossly ignorant who must depend for their mental food and growth upon the more fortunate. Such must grow mentally and spiritually as well as physically "by what they feed on." And what they feed on depends upon their personal choice or selection of the environing thoughts and thought products. This is not the thoughtcreating class, but the thought-entertaining and thought-assimilating class. This

class, as a social factor, determines very largely the national wield. For the creation of thought gradually emerges from this class. It is, therefore, paraIt is, therefore, paramount that this class shall have mental food so simple and natural as to avoid indigestion. But thanks to the great Spirit of Truth, such food is no longer wanting. It is abundantly available. The Teachers of Divine Healing, Christian Science and New Thought in general are striving to put it in such combination as will be palatable to the most eccentric taste and still be fraught with the required nourishment for the soul.

The mental attitude that will cure all ills-whether it be a nation's cramp, a clan's congestion or an individual's headache is that attitude of Love as taught by Jesus Christ: "Love God without reserve and love your fellowman yourself."


To love God is to know God. Now, to acquire a working knowledge of God means application along a definite line. It means that you must think of, and strive to fill your life with, all the good that you thus far have knowledge of, and at the same time keep your mind open and receptive to whatever good may be in store for you.

The mind open and receptive to good attracts good, and good again in turn attracts good. Birds of a feather flock together no less in the thought world than in the feathered. Therefore, to love God is to be as near like God as your knowledge of Him permits you to be.

Your knowledge of God has only such bounds as you fix. The natural bounds of your knowledge extend as the rays of your altruism extend. Then to love God is to extend your altruism and in turn

that extension brings more knowledge of God.

These suggestions are primarily to individuals, but as individuals make up social orders they are to social orders, and as social orders make up the nations they are to the nations.

What part you are to play, what part I am to play in this new order of things

in establishing the kingdom of Peace and Good Will-depends upon our thinking, depends upon the kind of thoughts we create and send out and those we entertain and endorse.

This calls for discretion, and in the exercise of that discretion confusion may arise. As an antidote to such confusion I quote Phil. 4:8:

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things."

Faith in a divine plan does not mean that we are slavishly to accept our present condition and make no effort to improve it. It should have exactly the opposite effect. It is God's purpose that we shall develop to the utmost every talent we possess. We must work to this end as earnestly and vigorously as if improvement and progress depended entirely upon ourselves.

A man's life may be happy or miserable as he wills; he can think himself into a fever or dwell upon a headache until he is all head and all ache. He can by companionship with nature in its beauty, fill the soul with gladness and the heart with devotion.-From the Christian Herald.

You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make

You Free

Lecture Delivered by Bishop Oliver C. Sabin Before the Evangelical Christian Science Church, Washington, D. C.

'HE text I have chosen this morning is, "You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free."

When we talk about freedom we associate with it its opposite, slavery, and with that word we usually associate physical slavery. That is true where physical slavery exists, but mental slavery is much more universal and much more pernicious in its results. You can take, for instance, the Africans who were brought to this country a years ago, ignorant, almost, as the beasts of the fields, if not quite; and from that beginning in a few hundred years, a very few, there is evolving a broad, bright, intelligent race that in a few centuries will take its

sickness, few hundred

place among the family.


ing to themselves that they were the ruling class for their mentality, created themselves priests, and made the natives of India what they have ever since been, subjects to a system of mental servitude that is more debasing and more destructive, more pernicious and injurious to the people of India than every kind of physical slavery that the world has ever known.

The majority of the people of
this enlightened world of ours
are bowing down to fear. They
have the fear of some kind of
catastrophe, or they have fear of
or they have fear of
poverty, or they have fear of sor-
The world at large is but a
scramble from the cradle to the
grave for the possession of the
almighty dollar. The desire is
engendered through fear, fear
that they will come to want.
is "laying up for a rainy day."
As the Savior told in one of His
parables about the rich man that
filled his barns: "Soul, your barns
are full; now enjoy yourself."
They want to get into that condi-

of nations, evolving its proper existence and standard in the civilized world. Its slavery was that of physical


Take the people of India,. which country was overrun, as the best authorities say, something like four thousand years ago by the Aryans, from the steppes of what we now term Russia. They were placed under a system of mental slavery. These Aryans, assum

The castes established by the original Brahmins and the priests established by these Aryans exist today. The people are classified

The shoemakers and other artisans and the farmers and those of other trades are classified together. There is no intermarriage between these classes. The shoemaker's son never marries a tailor's daughter. There

is no intermarriage mingling classes. They must stay in their own classes, and the weapon that has kept them down is the weapon of fear.

Our Savior came into contact with this same kind of doctrine, which was very prevalent throughout Judea during his life and ministry. The age was anything but enlightened; the people were bowed down with superstitions and traditions, and He enunciated the broad principle.

that you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. The world then was as it is now; they were under the enslavement of fear. A majority of the people of this enlightened country of ours are bowing down to fear. They have fear of some kind of catastrophe; or they have fear of sickness; or they have fear of poverty; or they have fear of sorrow. The world at large is but a scramble from the cradle to the grave for the possession of the almighty dollar. The desire is engendered through fear, fear that they will come to want. It is "laying up for a rainy day." As the Savior told in one of His parables about the rich man that filled his barns, "Soul, your barns are full, now enjoy yourself." They want to get into that condition. Old people as a rule, almost universally not universally, but almost so-are, what we might term in a legal phrase, hedging against their children. In other words, they are laying up so that they never can become dependent on their children.

Now all of these systems of fear are more or less systems of slavery. The proper position for the Christian, who is emancipated from this world fear, to be in is to have no more fear about sickness, about sorrow, about catastrophe, or about want, than he does about having air enough to fill his lungs.

The rapacity of mankind has gotten pretty well all of the earth; they have the earth plastered over. The child that is born today is born with a mortgage over his part of the earth. There is some other fellow living on it. Naturally he has as much right to this mother earth that was given to the whole family of mankind as has the fellow that came out here and established his squatter's rights; but does he get it? All people are created by God Almighty with cer

tain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the possession of the natural gifts that God Almighty has given to His children.

I remember an instance in reading the history of the Scythians, in which they sent a demand upon their enemy for certain things, among which was earth and water, and they sent a bird, a mouse and a fish, which being interpreted is, Unless you can fly through the air like a bird, or burrow through the earth like a mouse, or swim through the water like a fish, our armies will capture you, unless you give us earth and water. That was their ultimatum.

Earth and air and water should be free to all the world, and it is free from God Almighty; but without advancing along these lines of political economy, I will come back upon our subject, You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.

It is a blessed thought to know that God Almighty Life is your life; that God Almighty Health is your health; and that God Almighty Good is your good; and that you live, move and have your beings in infinite Good, infinite Wisdom, infinite Power, infinite Love, and when you come to the great thought, realization and understanding that it belongs to you and belongs to you now, you are free.

When I get up in the morning-and I am but a babe; we are all babes yetand look out upon the skies there is no terror there for me. I have no fear of these winds breeding malaria. I have no fear of the clouds bringing disaster and the storms destruction. fear of the wolf, so-called, coming to the door and destroying the family. Why? Because infinite Power controls all, infinite Good supplies all, and all you

I have no

have to do is to come to this infinite realization, and you have all and all belongs to you and you do not have to wait. If I owed a thousand dollars in the morning and did not have a cent, there is not a man on earth that I would ever ask for a cent of it, or borrow it. My supply comes form God Almighty. It is from Him that I expect, and it is from Him that I get, and it is to Him that I go.

Now, I am not talking against those who make largely by loaning money from their banks. That is all right; it is entirely right, and it is thoroughly honest and upright, and such lenders are a beneficence to society. But there is a time coming when we can step upon the platform higher and look to God Almighty alone as our supply, and the supply will be to us manifested. I have known this to be demonstrated along many lines hundreds of times in my own experience. I have never known a failure. Sometimes we do not have much surplus. I am not working for surpluses. The children of Israel, as they were going through the wilderness, received their manna every night for six nights in the week. They went out and gathered it, and occasionally some saving one would find a good bunch of manna, and she would make up her mind that she would take enough to last the next day, and she would be ahead of the hounds, and the surplus manna that she took would spoil on her hands.

Our Savior said, Lay not up where moth nor rust doth corrupt and where thieves break through and steal. Sufficient unto the day are your wants and your supply. Now, that is my theology of political economy. I ask myself the question, "Have you got clothes to wear today? Yes. Well, I thank God for

the clothes. Have you food to eat today? Yes. Well, I thank God for the food. Are you, then, in the enjoyment of good health? Certainly. Then I thank God for good health."

Now, in our prayers-you understand them, who have read my books-we do not ask in the sense of petitioning. We affirm certain fundamental principles, and those principles are manifested in our surroundings and in our bodies. I realize that I am the image and likeness of infinite Love, and that that life goes through me; that I live, move and have my being in this life. When we talk of God being Life it annihilates this idea of a great personal God, but God Life is omnipresent.

You can't imagine, nor can I, nor any person else in the world imagine the infinity of space. If you take the enumeration table and multiply it by itself, and square the result, and count each mile a million miles in length, and try to measure infinity from there to the eastward, when you quit you would be no nearer the end than you are now. And so with the West and with the South and with the North. Infinite Life is everywhere, God Almighty principle, Life. It is the same life that animates the minutiae that are in the lower strata of so-called physical existence, and as we come up through the plants, through the animals, through the birds, through the fishes, and through man, this same infinite Life goes through all, is in all, animates all, and controls all.

Therefore, when you realize that that is your condition you know you have infinite Life, you are its image and likeness, and this hobgoblin that the sons of men have created by their so-called sinswe call it death-is a falsehood.

There never was time appointed for

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