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Unchain the Truth

The church year commencing in Octo-
ber is now with us and we hope to do
even a greater work the next year than
we have in the past: During the past
year we have given out in literature
something ke 10.000 worth of books,
periodicals and other educational work
in connection with the propaganda of our
church, and the fruit of this service is
manifest throughout the entire world,
more or less. It is a source of thank-
fulness to us that God has used us, and
blessed us in this cause.

On November 4 our annual class
teaching will commence in our private.
parlors, 1329 M St., N. W., teaching
those who wish to perfect themselves as
healers more perfectly than can be given
in books. This course of teaching in-
cludes how to teach, how to lecture and
how to heal in accordance with all of
the various methods.

Those who wish to enter this class
should write me at once notifying me

of their desires, so that arrangements can be made for their reception. Board can be had in the city at as reasonable rates as anywhere, and we will offer our students every help possible in the selection of temporary homes. Good healers Lovingly yours,

can find employment always at remunerative prices.

This class instruction is only intended for those who desire to make this their life work, as it is very practicable in all of its teachings.

Olivier C. Sabin

Every Day


Every day is a new beginning,
Every morn is the world made new;
Ye who are weary of sorrow and suining,
Here is a beautiful hope for you

A hope for me and hope for you.

All the past things are past and over, The tasks are done and the tears are shed;

Yesterday's errors let yesterday cover, Yesterday's wounds which smarted and bled

Are healed with the healing which night has shed.

Yesterday now is part of forever,

Bound up in a sheaf which God holds tight,

With glad days, and with sad days, and

bad days which never

Shall visit us more with their bloom

and blight,

Their fullness of sunshine or sorrow

ful night.


Let them go, since we can not relieve

Can not undo and can not atone;
God, in His mercy, receive, forgive them;
Only the new days are our own,
To-day is ours, and to-day alone.

Here are the skies all burnished brightly,
Here is the spent earth, all reborn;
Here are the tired limbs, springing lightly
To face the sun and to share with the


In the chrism of dew and the cool of the dawn.

Every day is a fresh beginning;

Listen, my soul, to the glad refrain, And spite of old sorrow and older sinning,

And puzzles forecasted and possible pain,

Take heart with the day and begin




Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews, xi, I.

We should act with as much energy as those who expect everything from themselves; and we should pray with as much earnestness as those who expect everything from God.-Colton.

Works without faith are like a fish without water, it wants the element it should live in. A building without a basis cannot stand; faith is the foundation, and every good action is as a stone laid.-Feltham.

Faith is the subtle chain

That binds us to the Infinite; the voice
Of a deep life within, that will remain
Until we crowd it thence.

-Mrs. E. O. Smith.

Therefore, love and believe; for works will follow spontaneous,
Even as the day does the sun; the right from the good is an offspring,
Love in a bodily shape; and Christian works are no more than
Animate faith and love, as flowers are the animate spring-time.


When we use the term faith, we mean understanding of the Truth. It is by the application of the perfect understanding and affirmation of the truth that all great work is done through what is termed metaphysical lines. The understanding that God is all and that man is His image and likeness is the faith which moves the mountains and accomplishes everything.-Bishop Sabin.

Lecture Delivered by Bishop Oliver C. Sabin Before the Evangelical Christian Science Church, Washington, D. C.


HE lecture this morning is upon the subject of Science of Being. This means the Science of Living, how to live and how to live properly. If we understand how to live in the manner that produces happiness, comfort, prosperity and all of the good things of life, then we are on the right road of the perfect living, or the perfect science of being.

These rays of light, as they have been brought into the world, have been met by that ignorant, that artless throng, with jeers, unbelief, cruelty and murder so far as has been in their power to create these conditions. They were not satisfied with destroying Jesus Christ, but

In the Scriptures we have
found the perfect rule of living,
how to practice the proper Sci-
ence of Life and how to obtain
perfect happiness and harmony-
that is, by following the rules laid
down in the Bible, notably the
teachings of Jesus Christ.
lays down as the general, as the
great, proposition that if you love
God with all your mind, might
and strength and your brother as
yourself, you have done all that
is requisite to solve the problem
of Life and the Science of Being.
Therefore, we place that rule as
the dogma of this church, "Love
God and Love Your Brother."
That is all the dogma we have;
that is all we seek to propagate
thruout the world. We believe in
the ordinances of the New Testa-
ment as laid down by the earlier
Disciples. We believe in baptism.
We believe in the ordinance of
marriage. We believe in the sa-
credness of the home, and we be-
lieve in perfect loyalty of the
people to the Government under
which they live.

The world, from its earliest history, has been a mixture, mostly, of evil, growing from bad to worse, until we liken humanity to a great horde, rushing along a broad highway, hustling one another, rustling one another, each trying to grab that which belongs to the other, blind to the future, filled with fear, living in a trust that they know nothing of, a trust without foundation absolutely, and finally "rounding up," as the Western cowboy would say, in that general pound known as Oblivion, having crossed over the dam of death into a pall of blackness. That is the history of the world in a brief picture in all the past, with the exception of here and there a ray of light.

they hunted His disciples and, to make the annihilation more complete, a greater reward given to the capture and destruc-. tion of the writings of these earlier followers of Jesus than there was for destruction of their lives. The earlier disciples had what were called little property chests, which they could hide in the ground, and one man could pick one up and run off with it. In these they put the originals of the Scriptures, but so complete was the annihilation that there is not existing today anywhere. nor has been for over seventeen hundred years, one original document of the New Testament writers.

The old Jewish Bible was the history of the Jewish race, and I think that is exactly as they had it, but the writings of Christ and the writings of His Apostles were utterly destroyed. In

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