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the fourth century there was a great are going to be lost, for the life that is meeting of the followers of Jesus Christ within you, the life that is within me, is in Africa, over which the celebrated part and parcel of the Infinite Life, and divine, St. Augustine, was what might the life that animates your being, drives be termed moderator. They had their the blood through your veins and makes sessions for four years, and the object your heart beat, is the same life that does of the convocation was the collation of the same to me, and everything that lives, the writings of the earlier Apostles. whether it be animal, vegetable or

In the writings as we have them we mineral, anything and everything that have found the perfect rule of living, has life in it, is part and parcel of this how to practice the proper science of Infinite Life.

Infinite Life. Therefore, there is no life and how to obtain perfect happiness death. We live, move and have our and harmony—that is, by following the beings in God Almighty Life, and as we rules laid down in the Bible, notably the come more and more into this perfect teachings of Jesus Christ. He lays down Realization we have the more perfect as the general, as the great proposition, understanding of the true rules of living. that if you love God with all your mind, Sincerity is one of the greatest essenmight and strength, and your brother as tials to making your life perfect. It is yourself, you have done all that is an easy matter for a person to make a requisite to solve the problem of life profession, but he has to deliver the and the Science of Being. Therefore, we goods. If you love your brother, you

, place that rule as the dogma of this must show that you love him not only church, “Love God and love your because it is your duty, but because God brother." That is all the dogma we Almighty life is in him and in you, and have; that is all we seek to propagate he is part and parcel of you and he is throughout the world. We believe in your brother. Jesus Christ carries this the ordinances of the New Testament as sule so far that He tells us to prefer the laid down by the earlier Disciples. We condition of our brother to that of ourbelieve in baptism, if anybody wants to

selves, and I say unto you that in your be baptized. We believe in the com- tradings and in your business transmemoration of the Lord's supper. We actions if anybody is to be wronged, believe in the ordinance of marriage. always be sure it is not you that does

. We believe in the sacredness of the the wronging. home, and we believe in perfect loyalty I had a fine illustration of that once in of the people to the government under my practice as a lawyer. There was a which they live.


Presbyterian whose wife None of these are essential to what owned part of a large estate of which I we term Salvation, in the old thought had charge. He was an excellent man, that you are either saved or you are and two of his tenants talked religion to damned. But in the old thought you did him and he came to me and told me not know where you were until


had when those people's mortgage ran out had a trial, as the lawyers would term it, not to renew it-let it run and let them but I suppose it was but a looking over pay when they pleased. I did not care; of the records.

of course, I did care, for it was much to Now, none of God Almighty's children him and nothing to me. Their mortgage had not run out forty-eight hours when Gideon made the sun stand still, but the they had six great corn-shellers at work, idea that the world stood still! That shelling out five or six hundred bushels always stood still they said, and the sun of corn

a day, and my friend's rent went around the earth. went to Chicago. I went to St. Louis An old negro preacher was preaching when I found it out, and saw the owner in Richmond about the world's being of the land about it. When I told him flat. One of the congregation asked him he said he would rather lose the rent what the world stood on if it was flat. than be in the place of him who wronged He said: “It stands on a turtle.” “What him out of it.

does that turtle stand on?” he was asked. That is the thought. If anybody is to “Well, he stands on a turtle, too.” “Well, be wronged, let not you do the wronging what does that turtle stand on?" He got If anyone must suffer, let it be you who kind of warm and said: “I tell you there does the suffering. Carry your prin- are turtles all the way down.” That is ciples into your everyday transactions. one way you can harmonize their old Let your work show what your faith is ideas of the laws of gravitation and rather than your words.

attraction. Once a man came to buy stock from Nevertheless, ignorance could not hold my father to the amount of several back this steady grind of advancing thousand dollars. He offered my father truth. Now we understand the laws a mortgage on a section of land, but told through which all these things are him that he always kept his word if it accomplished. It is so with this Science took his leg off up above the knee. My of Living. Live righteously, trust God father took the mortgage, anyhow, and in everything you do, and if you are at that had the hardest time getting the going into any kind of enterprise, commit .money out of the fellow. It is the fellow your ways unto the Lord and trust. Let who talks profusely and does nothing God Almighty lead you and you will that is a disgrace to all kinds of so-called never make a mistake, you will never Christianity.

have a failure, you will always be a Let your actions prove what you are. winner, and there is no possibility of a That is the law in this Science. If the failure. Science does not prove what we claim it Let that be your rule of life, take with to be, one of two things is sure: First, it a broad love for God Almighty and the operator, that is the healer, does not your brother, put it into practice and God understand his business; or, second, the will bless you all through your life and thing is a fake and is not true. But you forever.

Now, this is my idea of must always understand, you must have how to live: Do right and do good, let an operator that understands. If the Love be the dominating power that rule is once proven true, it is as true as pushes you along. I knew of a young if proven by ten thousand. The trouble boy once that was raised in one of these with the world is it has been severely quasi-eleemosynary institutions where judging proper knowledge. When Gallileo they take the children and raise them sought to put into practice, or general up in the way they should go. They gave understanding, the theory that the world these young fellows the religion that circled, why, it was against the Bible. lasted them, through the clapboard

Class Teaching

route," and never one of those boys was NEW THOUGHT IN OLD LITERAever known to enter a church after they

TURE left that institution, except under pro- Adelaide Jones in “Practical Ideals” test. That has been the world's religion

What His Satanic Majesty's sentiheretofore, but we are tearing down all

ments are now on the subject of New such nonsensical ideas. We are throw

, ing open the gate. Give the glad hand of Thought nobody knows, Satan having

become a mythological character. But, love to your fellow, and where you see

according to Milton's Paradise Lost, one struggling along, do not be afraid

when Satan fell from Heaven to Hell to acknowledge him as your brother, aud

he remarked to his friend Beelzebub: give him the grasp of fellowship, give him a helping hand, and I tell you you “The mind is its own place, and in itself will be able to move the mountain, you can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of will be omnipotent, for God Almighty's Heaven." power will be yours.

Having expressed this first class New Thought sentiment, he felt himself equal to rallying his forces and beginning to

make the best of things in spite of the Commencing Monday night, Novem- debilitating climate of his new domain.

Still further back in English literature, ber 4, next, I will give the first of a

Edmund Spencer gives us this beautiful series of twenty lectures teaching how New Thought idea: to heal the sick, how to teach the science

“So every spirit, as it is most pure of metaphysics and how to demonstrate And hath in it the more of heavenly light, along all methods of metaphysical work. So it the fairer body doth procure

To habit in, and it more fairly dight These lectures will be given five each

With cheerful grace and amiable sight; week during the month of November.

For of the soul the body form doth take; The object of this teaching is to fit

For soul is form and doth the body

make.” teachers for the field, public lecturers, public teachers and public healers.

In the Adventure of Una and the

Lion-when the hungry lion came rampThe price of tuition is $100 per scholar

ing to devour Una, Spencer tells us that for the twenty lectures. Those who her lovely expression--the “heavenly wish to enter this class should write at

look" that "made sunshine in a shady as early date as possible and make their place”-caused the lion to pause, and

then to prefer following her like a lamb arrangements, as I have no desire to

rather than to eat her. It would be a make the class large. Address

triumph equal to gentle Una's if we OLIVER C. SABIN, Bishop,

could always meet our lions fearlessly;

and greet the daily worries with a smile Lock Box 324,

sweet enough to make sunshine in a Washington, D. C. shady place!

Improper Thinking Forges the Fetters of Slavery Upon the Human Race


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HINKING is that which dis- days they sowed seeds of avarice and

tinguishes man and gives him their decline is a record of greed, the mastery of the world. As bigotry and rapine.

far back as we have any record What was true of Greece and Rome we find man occupying the position of was no less true of the Persian Empires the thinker among the creatures, and as and of ancient Egypt. Sad to say that far back as we find any record we have

in most instances an assumption of the results upon the of man's

altruism, under the name of religion, has thinking

been the fertile soil out of which have Wherever, in history, we find a community or a nation peaceable and pros

grown greed and bigotry. Sadder still to perous, we find its peace and prosperity say that the priests of those nations, with

the "thus saith the gods or God”—as a centering in, and radiating from, a great altruistic thought that some one, either slogan-have led in the destruction while of that or a former generation, had posing as teachers of the truth. thrown his whole soul into the vibra

Whatever has been the history of tion. This altruistic thought became the

man's conduct has been the result of master wheel, as it were, in that nation's

man's thinking Each national career or community's conduct. However ad- has been the result of the thinking few verse may be operations in certain quar

of that nation. It has ever been so, it ters and at certain times, nevertheless, is so today, and it will ever be so. the trend of affairs follows the lead of is universal, unchangeable law. that master thought.

It is, therefore, obvious that the thinkLet that nation or people lose regarding that produces best results in the for the real spirit of that altruism, it aggregate is the thinking that pays. This matters not how gilded and glossed may is true in the wield of great world be the substitute, from that hour begins powers; it is true in adjusting social the decline of that people, and there is condition, and no less true in developing no power that can stay its decline or individual character. Whenever a nation prevent its downfall save retreat and becomes selfish, bigoted and greedy in return to the old paths of perfect its relation to other nations, it then altruism.

creates conditions favorable for national We have but to refer to the history decline. Whenever a social order beof the nations of the earth that have comes avaricious, sordid and discrimiflourished and failed to prove this asser- nating in its conduct towards other such tion. Take for example the Roman orders, it matters not whether it be from empire and its neighbor, the Grecian. the standpoint of religious sentiment, Their rise to glory was marked by racial differences or social advantages, national altruism, but in their palmy from that time it ceases to be altruistic;


and the absence of altruism favors dis- the square deal.” And then He said: ruption and revolution.

"Upon these two commandments hang This is no less true of the individual; all the law and the prophets.” In other yes, of every individual, than of the words, this is the main shaft in the nation.

machinery of law. It is the universal, What I am today, what you are today, unchangeable law for the race. is what our thinking hitherto and our Following this law the individual is present thoughts make us.

redeemed from selfishness; social orders The thinking of the human race has are brought to a sense of the common always been progressive and will ever be, good, and the nations learn that the rights but the wheels of progress, of necessity, of one become the rights of al Nothave turned slowly, for the creators of withstanding nearly two thousand years altruistic thoughts are few.

have passed since this lesson was given I have said elsewhere that thinking is the race, still we find much of the same the process of creating and constructing conditions that existed in the time of the new thoughts, or entertaining those

or entertaining those Master. Yet a deeper consideration realready formed. From this statement veals a very great change. Mankind is it will be observed that there are two very much better today, very much more classes of thinkers, the creators of humane. The race, as a whole, is very thought and entertainers of thought. It much better educated and thus much must be clear to even the casual observer more prepared to receive and compare that the latter class includes the great the thought vibrations as they come. The mass of the race. The masses are un- past century was a period of worldconsciously followers of the few. The wide intellectual development. The thinking of the few, if lacking in present century bids fair to transcend all altruism, becomes the curse of the its predecessors in all that is purely masses. If the thinking few have no intellectual. It is the dawn of the sense of altruism and no regard for the Spiritual Age. rights of their fellows, are not willing This Spiritual Dawn quickens the to give the square deal, they become intellect of the educated as well as the blind leaders of the blind and all fall intuition of the ignorant, and this quicktogether in the ditch of social corruption.ening makes the wheels of mental pro

Jesus, after studying for years the gress move with alarming speed, so that conditions of the human race in its almost every great nation is at present various aspects, noting the absence of face to face with what seems to be a the altruistic spirit, the want of which social crisis. brought so much unhappiness, gave a A sense of right and justice is springrule by which the race might be redeemed ing up in every quarter, and while there from its self-imposed bondage. To make are a number of individuals prompted it plain and easily in the reach of all, He by this same sense, but because of their said: “Love God with all your heart and limited grasp of the law of love are your fellow-man as yourself.” In sub- moving along lines that lead astray, yet stance, He said: "Love the All-Embrac- the great mass is gradually, nay, rapidly, ing Good without reservation, and love moving toward the goal of Right and man, your brother, as yourself; give him Justice, Peace and Good Will.

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