Just Compensation for Requisitioned Vessels


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Sida 90 - It may be that it is the obnoxious thing in its mildest and least repulsive form ; but illegitimate and unconstitutional practices get their first footing in that way, namely, by silent approaches and slight deviations from legal modes of procedure. This can only be obviated by adhering to the rule that constitutional provisions for the security of person and property should be liberally construed.
Sida 67 - Provided, That in estimating the sum to be paid by the United States, the franchise of said corporation to collect tolls shall not be considered or estimated...
Sida 70 - Government at a later date, determine to take these other lands it must pay their market value as enhanced by this factor of proximity. If, however, the public project from the beginning included the taking of certain tracts but only one of them is taken in the first instance, the owner of the other tracts should not be allowed an increased value for his lands which are ultimately to be taken any more than the owner of the tract first condemned is entitled to be allowed an increased market value...
Sida 67 - When any such property or the use thereof is so requisitioned, the owner thereof shall be paid just compensation for the property taken or for the use of such property, but in no case shall the value of the property taken or used be deemed enhanced by the causes necessitating the taking or use.
Sida 95 - Commerce to requisition or purchase any vessel or other watercraft owned by citizens of the United States or under construction within the United States, or for any period during such emergency, to requisition or charter the use of any such property.
Sida 67 - The legislature may determine what private property is needed for public purposes — that is a question of a political and legislative character ; but when the taking has been ordered, then the question of compensation is judicial.
Sida 140 - Whenever the President shall proclaim that the security of the national defense makes it advisable or during any national emergency declared by proclamation of the President...
Sida 70 - If a distinct tract is condemned, in whole or in part, other lands in the neighborhood may increase in market value due to the proximity of the public improvement erected on the land taken. Should the Government, at a later date, determine to take these other lands, it must pay their market value as enhanced by this factor of proximity.
Sida 84 - President and shall be entitled to sue the United States to recover such further sum as added to said...
Sida 90 - ... any unjust or unreasonable rate or charge, in handling or dealing in or with any necessaries...

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