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Birds, and by the Power of the perpe- . tual Fire, where God was, as before observed, a consuming Fire upon that typical Altar; the Alhes were to be esteemed sacred, having undergone the Vengeance and Purification of Fire, and were to be deposited in a clean Place. Now in the Antitype, when Christ who is a consuming and purifying Fire, as real as that was which burned on the Altar, though hidden, and of a blessed Power; when he has consumed the Flesh of the outer Man, the Root and Cause of all Sins and Trefpasses, and made it to perish daily, he renews the inner Man, and the immortal Body Day by Day, that is, continually : He restores and quickens all that was dead; what he killeth in the Flesh, he makes alive in the Spirit, the spiritual Body; for there is no Spirit (b) naked and unclothed, but clothed, that is, married and made one with his (i) proper Body, heavenly Flesh, and his incorruptible (k) Bride and Wife.---Now, in the continual Mi



(8) Cudworth’s intell. System, Vol. II. 505. (i) I Cor. xv. 38. (k) Eph. v. 28-xxxii.

nistry of Christ under the Gospel, the figurative Rite of cleansing the Altar has its full Sense. For he is always destroying the (1) Body of Death by a secret Operation of his Water and Fire, the Powers of the new Creation or Regeneration from him ; into this (m) Body of Sin; meaning what Adam's first Sin brought forth, he enters with his almighty Rays; for these are the Sword and Fire of God in the true Sense of the (n) Prophets, with which the Lord pleadeth with all Flesh; into our earthen Vessels is the Spirit, or new Seed of the incorruptible Word fown, and is the carnest of the Measure of the Stature of Christ, because he will ripen it by his own Beams, and feed it with the Water of Life, till it grow up to the Fulness of his heavenly Form and Image. Of this we have the Figure in the secret Spirit of Fire and Water in our present Generation, which carry us through an hidden Process of Changes beyond all human Knowledge to find out, into the form of a living Soul,


(1) Rom. vii. (m) Rom. vi. 6. (n.) Ifai. Ixvi. 16. Jerein. xxv. 31.

or earthly Man. The great- Priest, who has an higher Water and Fire, another Laver of Regeneration and another Altar of perpetual Fire, in the End of his Power and Victory over all Things, will break to, Pieces all Nations, slay the Flesh of all, Peoples and grind it to Puwder by, that all-powerful Fire, which is ever active and working upon all the Elements of our corruptible Creation, and will work, till they shall be burned and purified, and till the (0) new Heavens and new Earth of bis creating shall appear, wherein dwelleth Righteousness. For, Christ will at last (P) melt the Rocks, and Hills as Wax, thresh the Mountains and make the Heathen * Alhes under his Feet; and when Cc 2


(0) II. Pet. iii. G.-vii. 13. Ifai. Ixv. 17. Rev. xxi. I.

Amos. (0) Pf. lxcvii. 5.

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Heb. jii. 12

ix. 13.

In + the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. Heaven has three Principles, Lives and Powers in one Effence or Root, Fire, Light and Air, which co-operate as the active Cause of all Life and Motion :

Earth + Gen. i. 1.

all Things are destroyed from their present Form and Power, he will again, in the Fulness of Times and Ages, make all Things new, as they were before the Fall of Satan and Adam. Now, as the Chriftian Church stands near to the Time of the Feast of Trumpets to be fulfilled in the Gospel-Dispensation, which, as it was in the seventh Trumpet of the Law from the first Month, Abib, must be the seventh Trumpet under the Gospel, answering to the sounding of the (9) feventh Angel in St. John's Revelation ; for the Law and the Gospel are only to be confidered as Counterparts and Correlatives. And as the prophetical Numbers of Daniel

and (9) Rev. x. 7. ---xi. 15. Earth also contains thrce Principles, Spirit, Water and Blood from one Root; and these are the passive Matter or Ground for all Bodies and Forms, the Mother of all external Manifestation. They exist in all Creations, as the Images and Representatives of that God in his three fold Elence, who cannot be known but by limited and bounded Manifestations. In his absolute Infinity, he remains an unknown Abyss; and is only revealed by creaturely Images, and out-births, which have their Centre and Circumference circumscribed.

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and John appear to be near their End,
by the elaborate and ingenious Calcula-
tions of a (r) Work lately published on
this Subject; fo every Year will thew
some extraordinary Workings in the Course
of Nature, to bring the Kingdom of
Christ, and his new Heaven and new Earth
more forward, that the evangelical Feast
of Trumpets may be fulfilled in its Time
and Season now drawing near. Amen.

(r) See the Rev. Mr. Burton on the Numbers of
Daniel and John

The E N D.



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