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University of the State of New York


With yoars of election 1874 ANSON JUDD UPSON L.H.D. D.D. LL.D.

Chancellor, Glens Falls 1892 WILLIAM CROSWELL DOANE D.D. LLD.

Vice-Chancellor, Albany 1892 MARTIN I. TOWNSEND M.A. LL.D. - - - Troy 1877 CHAUNCEY M. DEPEW LL.D.

New York 1877 CHARLES E. Fitch LL.B. M.A. L.H.

- Rochester 1875 ORRIS H. WARREN D.D. - - - - Syracuse 1878 WHITELAW REID LL.D.

- New York 1881 WILLIAM H. WATSON M.A. M.D.

Utica 1881 HENRY E. TURNER

- Lowville 1883 ST CLAIR MCKELWAY L.H.D. LL.D.

Brooklyn 1885 HAMILTON HARRIS Ph.D. LL.D.

- Albany 1885 DANIEL BEACH Ph.D. LL.D.

Watkins 1888 CARROLL E. SMITH LL.D. - - - - - Syracuse 1890 PLINY T. SEXTON LL.D.

Palmyra 1890 T. GUILFORD SMITH M.A. LL.D. C.E. - - Buffalo 1893 LEWIS A. STIMSON B.A. M.D. -

New York 1895 ALBERT VANDER VEER Ph.D. M.D. - - - Albany 1895 CHARLES R. SKINNER M.A. LL.D.

Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio 1897 CHESTER S. LORD M.A. LL.D. - -. - Brooklyn 1897 TIMOTHY L. WOODRUFF M.A. Lieutenant-Governor, ex officio 1899 THEODORE ROOSEVELT B.A. LL.D. Governor, ex officio 1899 JOHN T. McDONOUGH LL.B. LL.D. Secretary of State, ex officio 1900 THOMAS A. HENDRICK M.A. - - - - Rochester

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This series is mostly selected from original bibliographies presented by the library school students as a condition of graduation. Those not printed (see cover pages 3-4) are available in manuscript at the library or may be borrowed by permission.

The school is glad to receive suggestions from librarians, teachers, leaders of clubs, or specialists, as to subjects for which bibliographies or reading lists are specially needed, and contributions of available material are invited. I Guide to the study of James Abbott McNeill Whistler. 16p. May

1895. Out of print. 2-4 Colonial New England; Travel in North America; History of the

17th century. Sop. July 1897. Price 10 cents. 5 Selection of reference books for use of cataloguers in finding full

names. 23p. Jan. 1898. Out of print. 6-8 Japan; Venice; Out-of-door books. 647. Feb. 1898. Price

10 cents. 9-11 Netherlands; Renaissance art of 15th and 6th centuries;

History of latter half of 15th century. 128p. Ap. 1898. Price

15 cents. 12 Best books of 1897. 28p. June 1898. Price 5 cents. 13 Fairy tales for children. 3op. June 1898. Price 5 cents. 14. Index to subject bibliographies in library bulletins to Dec. 31, 1897.

62p. Aug. 1898. Price 10 cents. 15-17 Russia; Nature study in primary schools; Biography of musi

cians. 150p. Jan. 1899. Price 15 cents. 18 Best books of 1898. 28p May 1899. Price 5 cents. 19 College libraries in the United States. 52p. Dec. 1899. Price

10 cexts. 20 House decoration and furnishing. sop. Dec. 1899. Price 5 cents. 21 Best books of 1899. 28p. May 1900. Price 5 cents,

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PREFATORY NOTE This is an annotated list of 225 books published in the United States in 1899, selected by the book board of the New York state library and recommended to the public libraries of the state. To aid in the choice of small collections of new books three classes are marked. Books marked a, of which there are 20, are suggested to libraries which must confine their additions within narrow limits. 30 others marked b are also proposed to libraries prepared to buy 50 books, and 50 more marked c may be added to a and b to make up 100 books.

The remaining 125, including reference books and a few more costly publications, are worthy of careful consideration by libraries prepared to buy more than 100 books and by those wishing to enlarge their resources in special subjects. Many of the unmarked books are of the highest merit. Decimal classification numbers are prefixed as a guide to libraries using this system.

All books under the heading “ Juvenile” may be used for academic libraries. The general list will also be of much service to schools, but not everything included here is recommended for school use. Such a book as Whiteing's, No. 5 John st., a well written and carefully studied story of the London slums, may be commended to the public library because of its sociologic interest and as a praiseworthy sample of its type, but it is hardly desirable to circulate even the best of slum fiction among school children. The school is better off without much of the current adult fiction which serves a legitimate purpose for the very different constituency of the public library.

Copies of this list may be obtained from the Public libraries division, Albany N. Y. Albany, 28 May 1900

Melvil DEWEY


REFERENCE BOOKS 016.331 Marot, Helen, comp. Handbook of labor literature.

Free library of economics and political science $1 Classified and annotated list of more important books and pamphlets in English. Articles in periodicals not included. Notes descriptive rather than critical. Lists of labor song books and labor and general

sociologic periodicals, publishers’ addresses, author index. 020.2 Dana, J: C. Library primer.

Library Bureau $1 Manual for small libraries. Advice on preliminary work, trustees, librarian, building, tools, book selection, buying, care, classification, cataloguing, charging, the reading room, reference books, reference work,

etc. 920.07 6 Leonard, J: W. ed. Who's who in America.

Marquis $2.75 Compact annual biographic dictionary of prominent men and women now living in the United States, with some Canadians. Contains over 8000 entries.

PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS 150 b James, William. Talks to teachers on psychology and to students on some of life's ideals.

Holt $1.50 Popular in treatment, practical in tone, distivguished by clearness and charm of style and common sense in application. Of interest to

general reader. 170 Lecky, W:E: H. Map of life: conduct and character.

Longmans $2 On conduct as related to happiness and character. Discusses man's nature with reference to practical life-money, success, marriage, time, death-the moral compromises in law, politics, the church, etc.

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c Mabie, H. W. Life of the spirit.

Dodd $1.25
44 brief papers on Sacrifices; The way of work; Love of country ;
Character and faith; Religion out of doors; Sunday morning, eto.
a Fiske, John. Through nature to God. Houghton $1

The mystery of evil; The cosmic roots of love and self-sacrifice; The everlasting reality of religion. An argument for theism from the naturalistic standpoint. b Hyde, W: DeW. God's education of man.

Houghton $1.25 Attempts to show the radical changes taking place in theological con. ceptions, and restates in modern terms the vital points of orthodox Christianity.


274.2 Gasquet, F. A. Eve of the reformation. Putnam $3.50

Interesting study, from Roman catholic standpoint, of the religious life and thought of the English people in the period precoding the separa

tion from Rome. 290 Barrows, J: H: Christian conquest of Asia. (Morse lectures of 1898)

Scribner $1.50 Lectures given at Union theological seminary. Reviews Judaism, Mohammedanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism. Open-minded

and fair, yet confidently Christian. 299.7 Curtin, Jeremiah. Creation myths of primitive America,

Little $2.50 Legends gathered by a scientific folk-lorist among California Indians and popularly told.


See also Juvenile, p. 23 302 cWright, C. D. Outline of practical sociology: with special reference to American conditions. (Amer. citizens ser.)

Longmans $2 Brings together a mass of valuable information on population, social and political organizations, immigration, urban and rural conditions, questions of family, education, labor, wealth and poverty, crime, tomper

ance, etc. 321.8 Bradford, Gamaliel. Lessons of popular government. zv.

Macmillan $4 Reviews workings of democratic ideas in England, France and America. Recognizes evils and urges strengthening of executive and participa

tion of cabinet members in legislative debates. 325.26 6 Washington, B. T. Future of the American negro.

Small $1.50 Discussion of immediate practical problems by principal of Tuskegee institute. Urges industrial education. Hopeful, though fully recogniz.

ing difficulties. 325.3 6 Ireland, Alleyne. Tropical colonization. Macmillan $2

An Englishman's study of colonial government, labor problems and commercial profit, made from personal observation and historical study

with special reference to American questions. 331 Gilman, N:P. A dividend to labor. Houghton $1.50

Brings together information about the various enterprises undertaken by European and American firms for the benefit of employees, and discusses principles. Concluding chapters on protit sharing.

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