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274p. D.

N. Y. 1893.


Yale, Leroy M. Nursery problems.

Contemporary pub. co. $1.50.

649.2 Food Ballin, Mrs Ada S. How to feed our little ones. 54p. O

Lond. 1895. “Baby” office 6d. (Mother's guide ser. no. 1) Barker, Thomas Herbert. Right foods for infants and children. D.

Lond. 1866. Beeton is. (House and home books) Cheadle, Walter Butler. On the principles and conditions in arti

ficial feeding of infants. 256p. O. Lond. 1895. Smith js. Duncan, T. C. Feeding and management of infants. 400p. D.

Chic. 1881. Duncan $2; $2.75.

-- How to feed children. 64p. S. Chic. 1879. Duncan 40c. Dutton, T. Rearing and feeding of children; a practical mother's

guide. 196p. O. Lond. 1895. Kimpton 25.
Holt, L. Emmett. Care and feeding of children. 69p. sq.D).

N. Y. 1864. Appleton 50C.
Keating, John M. Mother's guide in the management and feeding

of infants. 68p. (). Lond. 1892. Kimpton is.
MacNaught, James. On infant feeding and infant foods. 72p. O.

Manchester Eng. 1888. Heywood.
Meigs, A. V. Feeding in early infancy. D. Phil. 1898. Saunders 25c.
Mellin, G. How to feed babies and invalids. 155p. O. Lond. 1893.
Page, Charles E. How we fed the baby; with health hints. 138p.

D. N. Y. 1881. Fowler & W.750; 50c.
Redmond, C. Stennett. Plain facts about infant feeding and manage-

ment; popular treatise. 82p. I. Lond. 1886. W. Scott is. Saunders, George Richard. Food management of infants and young : children. 108p. O. Wanganni New Zealand 1892. • Willis. Semple, A. Mother's guide to the management and feeding of infants.

68p. O. Lond. 1883. Kimpton is.

649.5 Amusements Davidson, Ellis A. Happy nursery; book for mothers, governesses

and nurses, containing employments and amusements for boys and girls. 160p. illus.(). Lond. 1870. Cassell 3s 6d.

649.8 Care of the sick room Bakewell, Robert Hall. Practical hints on the management of the Sick room

sick room. Lond. 1857. Snow is.
Benton, Samuel. Home nursing and how to help in cases of accident.

Ed. 2. 134p. 0. Lond. 1884. W. H. Allen 2s 6d.
Bibby, E. Invalids abroad ; hints on traveling, nursing and cooking.

92p. D. Lond. 1879. Hatchards 2s 6d.
*Billroth, Thomas. Care of the sick at home and in the hospital; tr.

by J. B. Endean. New ed. enl. 333p. illus. O. N. Y. 1898.
Scribner $1.50.

Two other ed., 1890 and 1894.
Caulfield, Sophia F. A. Sick nursing at home. 84p. O. Lond.

1880. “Bazar " office is.
Dobrée, Louisa Emily. Manual of home nursing. 154p. O.

Lond. 1889. Sonnenschein is 6d.
Fitzgerald, Charles E. Lectures on physiology, hygiene, etc. for

hospital and home nursing. 0. Lond. 1890. Bell 2s 6d. Grace, Sister. Home nursing; ed. by “ Isobel” of Home notes.

112p. O. Lond. 1899. Pearson is. (Isobel handbooks 10) Halliday, R. T. Hints on home nursing. 122p. D. Lond. 1893.

Simpkin is 6d.
Handbook of nursing for family and general use. 266p. D. Phil.

1878. Lippincott 75C.
Hints and helps for every day emergencies. 128p. D. Lond. 1880.

Ward is.
Homersham, E. Margery. Home nursing. 61p.O. Lond.

1888. National health society.
Hopkins, Jane Ellice. Occupation for the sick; suggestions to invalids

and those having them in charge. Ed. 3. 76p. sq.S. Lond. 1884.
Hatchards is.

Also pub. 1879.
Neuman, Rachel A. Home nursing. 120p. O. Lond. 1886.

Chambers is 6d.
Nightingale, Florence. Notes on nursing; what it is and what it is

not. 8op. O. Lond. 1876. Harrison 2s.
Sold by Appleton, New York 750. Revised ed., 1884.

Sick room

Ovington, Irene H. Helps for home nursing. 1140. sq. S.
Chic. 1891. Kur 50c.

W649 Pi e
Panton, Mrs Jane Ellen (Frith). Within 4 walls; a handbook for

invalids. 288p. (). Lond. 1893. “Gentlewoman" office 6s. Scovil, Elizabeth Robinson. In the sick room; the art of nursing.

94p. S. Springfield Mass. 1888. Montgomery 5oc. Sill, Ernest Richard. How to nurse the sick; or, Helpful hints for

home nursing. 3op. S. Lond. 1899. Mowbray 6d. Stackpole, Florence. Invalid feeding. 129p. S. Lond. 1895.

W. Scott 6d. (Every day help ser.)
– Our sick and how to take care of them. Ed 3. 150p. O.

Lond. 1895. Cassell is.
Stephen, Mrs Leslie. Notes from sick rooms. sop. D. Lond.

1883. Smith 2s.
Suggestions for the sick room; by an American woman. S. N. Y.

1875. Randolph 6oc. Tunstall, John Ogle. Household nursing. 116p. O. Lond.

1892. Unwin 2s. Wood, Catharine J. Cottage lectures on home nursing. 124p. D.

Lond. 1894. S.P.C.K. is.

The superior figures tell the exact place on the page in ninths, e. g. 139
means page 139, beginning in the third ninth of the page, i. e. about one
third of the way down.
A, Mrs J. Home receipt book, 66'. Amerian wringer co. Illustrated
A B C hotel guide, 61.

catalogue, 138'.
Abbott. Treatise on fuel, 1233. Amory. Economy in fuel, 123'.
Abel, Mrs L. G. Skilful housewife's Amusements for children, 146o.
book, 42'.

Andrews. Breakfast, dinner, 66".
Abel, Mrs M.. H. Practical sanitary Anglo-Indian cookery, 91%.
and economic cooking, 99%.

Apartments, 61'.
Acton. English bread-book, 107°. Apparel gazette, 126*.
- Modern cookery, 66'.

Apples, 75'.
Adams, Jr8 A. Hints on dress, 125". Araminta, pseud. Recipes, C6'.

- How to make a bonnet, 134o. Armour. Tested recipes, 66".

--- How to make a dress, 132?. L'art de la mode, 126'.
Adams, Mrs E.. L. S. & Steele. Art of confectionery, 111.

Beauty of form and grace of vest Art of dining, 121'.
ure, 126*.

Art of feeding the invalid, 111".
Addison. Economical cookery, 66.|| Artisan cookery, 98%.
Africa, cook books, 91%.

Atkinson. Art of cooking, 61°.
Aldrich. Children, 139".

- -- Right application of heat tu
Alexander. Housewife's friend, 122. conversion of food material, 64'.
All about everything, 56'.

-- Science of nutrition, 61?.
Allbutt. Every mother's hand-

& Rice. Every boy his own
book, 1393

(ook, 609.
Allen. Breakfast dishes, 118°. Austin. Two cookery books of the
- Five o'clock tea, 962.

15th century, 99'.
Luncheon dishes, 118°. Australia, cook books, 917-921.
- Savouries and sweets, 66'. Australian and English cookery, 91'.

Savoury dishes, 103°.

Soups, broths and purees, B, A. R. Colonial household

guide, 42.
Altrurian cook book, 90%.

B, HI. T. Soups, savouries, 101%.
American dainties, 66°.

B, S. U. Seven days after the
American dishes, 66*.

honeymoon, 1191.
American economical housekeeper, Babcock. Household hints, 12.

Babet, pseud. Utilizing boiled beef,
American home book, 423

American home cook book, 66. Babette, Aunt, pseud. Cook book, 667.
American home journal, 58.

- Home confectionery, 111°.
American homemaker, 582.

Babies, 139
American housewife, 423.

Baby, 1394
American kitchen magazine, 58'. Babyhood, 1394.
American practical cookery, 66'. Bacchus & Cordon bleu, pseud.
American queen, 126.

Hotel, bar, restaurant, butler, 61'.
American woman, 58%.

Bacon. Children, 139.

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Bailey. Chafing dish, 1035.

Beeton, JIS I.. M.. Cookery book. 60, Baker & Co. Chocolate plant, 103*.

Dictionary of cookery, 67. ---- Cocoa and chocolates, 103*.

English woman's cookery, Co'. Bakewell, Mrs M. Mother's prac

Every day cookery, 67'. tical guide, 139.

Family cookery, 67. Bakewell, R. H. Sick room, 147.

House and home books, 672. Ballin. How to feed little ones, 146*.

Household management, 135'. - Science of dress, 125°.

How to manage house, 43?. Banner. Household sewing, 1322. Beeton, S:0. All about cookery, 67*. Baring-Gould, see Gould.

Cottage management, 43°. Barker, lady, see Broome.

--- Dictionary of recipes, 56%. Barker, Samuel, J.D. Infants, 1397.

Domestic recipe book, 43*. Barker, T: H. Right foods for in - The laundry, 1384. fants, 146.

Bell, J. Servants' guide, 136”. Barnett, E. A. Common sense Bell, J. D. English-Chinese cookclothing, 126'.

ery book, 922 - Cookery instructor, 98%. Bell, Robert. Our children, 140'.

& O'Neill. Domestic econ Bengison. Gastronomist, 1178. omy, 51?.

Benton, Mrs J. R. How to cook, 675. New life, 1443.

Benton, Samuel. Home nursing, 147*. Barnett, Mrs S. A. Making of the Berdmore. Principles of cookery, 64*. home, 54".

Betsy, Aunt, pseud. Home rule Barras. Home dressmaking, 132*. “wrinkles ", 434. Barrett, Howard. Infancy, 1397. Beverages, 1139-14. Barrett, Thomas. Infancy, 1394. Bibby. Invalids abroad, 147. Barringer. Dixie cookery, 897. Billroth. Care of the sick, 147'. Barrows. Eggs, 102°.

Bills of fare, 1189-20. Bartlett & Drewry. Cup and plat Bishop. London cookery book, 67'. ter, 101.

-Wife's own cookery, 67o. Bartley. Domestic economy, 42. Bits about babies, 140'. Barwell. Infant treatment, 1399. Black. Hints to housekeepers, 434. - Nursery government, 139'.

- Household cookery, 677. Baylis. Domestic servants, 136'. - Superior cookery, 677. Bazar book of the household, 425. Blagden, Paddock, & Dodge. Bazar cooking receipts, 66'.

Household economy, 54. Beach. Girls' domestic economy, 42. Blair, Margaret. Model sewing, 1323. Becharana. Vegetarianism, 1034. Blair. M. C. & Worsnop. Nurse's Bedroom, 125".

handbook of cookery, 116'. Beecher, C.E. Domestic economy, 42.1 Blake, Mary. 26 hours a day, 43".

Domestic receipt book, 66*. Blake, S. J. Care of infants, 140%. -- Housekeeper, 428.

Blanchard. Dinners, 121. & Stowe. American wo Blanchardière, see Riego. inan's home, 42.

Bliss. Practical cook-book, 67?. - Domestic science, 42o.

Blot. Handbook of cookery, 67*. — New housekeeper's manual, - Prof. B's cookery, 67'. 42°

What to eat, 100?. Beecher, Mrs E. W. B. All around Boland. Invalid cooking, 114'. the house, 43'.

Le bon ton, 126%.
- Talks with housekeepers, 43. | Bonnes bouches, 67o.

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