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Connecticut quarterly, 1896-98. v. 2-5. Hartford 1896-99. General

974.6 9C76
After v. 4, called Connecticut magazine.
Extracts of letters to Rev. Thomas Prince, containing historical notices

of sundry towns. (see Connecticut historical society. Collections.
1895. 3: 271–320)

974.6 C76 Fowler, W: C. Local law in Connecticut historically considered,

(see New England historical and genealogical register, Jan. 1870.
24 : 33-42, Ap. 1870, 24 : 137-46)

929.1 N422 Historical notes on the probate districts of Connecticut with List of

probate districts, 1897, and List of towns showing districts in which
they are or have been included. (see Connecticut historical society.
Annual report. 1897. p. 40-62)

N. Y. state lib. Johnston, Alexander. Connecticut; a study of a commonwealthdemocracy. 409p. Bost. 1887.

974.6 J64 List of postoffices in Connecticut corrected to Feb. 1, 1899; and, Towns,

villages and districts not containing postoffices of the same name.

(see Connecticut register. 1899. p. 487-505) 328.7468 A Orcutt, Samuel. The Indians of the Housatonic and Naugatuck valleys. 2200. Hartford 1882.

970.3 Ori Pease, J: C. & Niles, J. M. Gazetteer of the states of Connecticut

and Rhode Island. 389p. Hartford 1819. 917.46 P32 Peters, S; A. anon. General history of Connecticut from the first settle

ment under George Fenwick, esq. to its latest period of amity
with Great Britain by a gentleman of the province. 436p.
Lond. 1781.

974.6 P442 - - ed. by S: J. McCormick 285p. N. Y. 1877. 974.6 P44 Russell, G. W. Early medicine and early medical men in Connecticut. 158p. n. p. 1892.

- 610.9 P2
From Proceedings of Connecticut medical society, 1892.
Trumbull, Benjamin. Complete history of Connecticut, civil and

ecclesiastical from the emigration of its first planters from England
in the year 1630 to the year 1764 and to the close of the Indian
wars. 2 V. New Haven 1818.

974.6 177
- 2v. New London 1898.

974.6 T772

[blocks in formation]

Trumbull, J. H. Indian names of places, etc. in and on the borders

of Connecticut with interpretations of some of them. 93p. Hartford 1881.

929.4 T77 U. S.-Geological survey. Topographical atlas of Connecticut by

the United States geological survey in cooperation with the state. 1893. 33 maps. Hartford 1893.

912.746 xU MILITARY Adams, S. W. Revolutionary naval officers from Connecticut. (see

New London county historical society. Records and papers. 1890. V. I, pt 2, p. 45-51)

974.65 N423 Collier, T. S. The revolutionary privateers of Connecticut with an

account of the state cruisers and a short history of the continental naval vessels built in the state, with lists of officers and crews. (see New London county historical society. Records and papers. 1893. V. I, pt 4, p. 1–74)

974.65 N423 - -- Catalogue of the names of the ist puritan settlers of the

colony of Connecticut. 256p. Hartford 1846. 929.1 H591 Connecticut-Adjutant-general. Record of service of Connecticut

men in the army and navy of the United States during the war of the rebellion. 1071p. Hartford 1889. 973.7446 9A2 -- Record of service of Connecticut men in the war of the revolution; war of 1812 and Mexican war. 777 +180p. Hartford 1886.

353.97466 JA Fowler, W: C. The ministers of Connecticut in the revolution.

144p. Hartford 1877. (see Congregational church in Connecticut-General conference. Centennial papers. 1877. p.1-144)

285.8746 C764 Hinman, R. R. A historical collection from official records, files, etc.

of the part sustained by Connecticut during the war of the revolution. 643p. Hartford 1842.

973.3446 H58 Shepard, James. The tories of Connecticut. (see Connecticut

quarterly, Ap.-July 1898, 4: 139-51, 257–63) 974.6 9C76

RELIGIOUS Address to the congregational churches in Connecticut on the present state of their religious concerns. 58p. Hartford 1833.

285.8746 Ad2 Beardsley, E. E. History of the episcopal church in Connecticut

from the settlement of the colony to the death of Bishop Seabury. 2v. N. Y. 1866.

973.746 B38 Congregational church in Connecticut-General association. Genealogic

Contributions to the ecclesiastical history of Connecticut prepared under the direction of the general association to commemorate the completion of 150 years since its ist annual assembly. 562p. New Haven 1861.

285.8746 C766 Hawks, F. L. & Perry, W: S. ed. Documentary history of the

protestant episcopal church in the United States of America containing hitherto unpublished documents concerning the church in Connecticut. 2v. N. Y. 1863–64.

283.746 H31 Moravian historical society. Memorial of the dedication of monu

ments erected to mark the site of ancient missionary stations in New

York and Connecticut 184p. N. Y. 1860. 284.674 M79 Pitkin, Mrs A. H. Our neighborhood churches during the American revolution. (see Connecticut quarterly, Oct. 1897, 3:430-40)

974.6 9C76 Hartford, Windsor, Wethersfield, East and West Hartford, Glastonbury, Farmington, Simsbury and Middletown.

GENEALOGIC Bailey, F: W: Early Connecticut marriages as found on ancient church records prior to 1800. V.1-4 New Haven 1896-99.

929.3 C76 The last volume contains a revised list of congregational churches reporting the loss of their records prior to 1800.

Bates, A. C. Family genealogies in library of Connecticut historical

society. (see Connecticut historical society. Annual report. 1894. p. 29-44)

N. Y. state lib. -- Supplementary list. (see Connecticut historical society. Annual report. 1896. p. 30-33; 1899. p. 26-31) N. Y.state lib.

Goodwin, Nathaniel. Genealogical notes; or, Contributions to the

family history of some of the first settlers of Connecticut and

Massachusetts. 362p. Hartford 1856. 929.1 G631 Hinman, R. R. Catalogue of the names of the early puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut. 884p. Hartford 1852-56.

929.1 H59 Contents : Abbe-Danielson, and Hinman families. No more published.

Litchfield co. Nash, F: H. Ye names and ages of all ye old folks in every hamlet,

city and town in ye state of Connecticut now living, with ye sketches of 20 living centenarians. 52p. New Haven 1884. 920.0746 N17

LITCHFIELD COUNTY. Organized 1751 Bartlett, M. H. Farmington river and its tributaries. (see Connecticut quarterly, July 1897, 3:325-44)

974.6 9C76 Beers, F: W. County atlas of Litchfield, Ct. 76p. N. Y. 1874.

912.7461 fB39 Biographical sketch of the Rev. Thomas Davies, A.M. missionary of

the Society for propagating the gospel in foreign parts, in several of the towns of Litchfield county, Ct. from the year 1761 to the year 1766. 552. New Haven 1843.

922.37 D28 Gives notices of the religious history of the towns. Congregational church in Litchfield county-North and south

consociations. Proceedings of the convention at Litchfield, July 7 and 8, 1852, to commemorate the centennial anniversary of their

primitive organization. 154p. Hartford 1852. 285.8746 L71 Deane, Edgar. Among the Litchfield hills. (see Connecticut quarterly, Jan. 1897, 4:87-99)

974.6 qC76 History of Litchfield county, Ct. with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers. 730p. Phil. 1881.

974.61 qH62 Hollister, G. H. Introductory address delivered at the court house in

Litchfield, Ct. Ap. 9th, 1856, before the Litchfield county historical and antiquarian society on the occasion of completing its organization. 24p. Hartford 1856.

040 P V. 2320 Kilbourne, P. K. Biographical history of the county of Litchfield, Ct. 413p. N. Y. 1851.

920.07461 K55 Knapp, William. Litchfield county. (see Howard, R. H. & Crocker,

H: E. History of New England. 1881, 1:330-42) 974 qH83 Leete, W: W. Away from the railroad in Connecticut. (see Connecticut magazine, July 1899, 5:351-61)

974.6 9C76 Litchfield county celebration. (see New Englander, Feb. 1852, 10:76-89)

051 N421


Litchfield county centennial celebration, held at Litchfield, Ct. 13th and Litchfield co.

14th of Aug. 1851. 212p. Hartford 1851. 974.61 L72

Ineluding the centennial address by Samuel Church, p. 21-69, poem, addresses, etc. Morris, James. Statistical account of several towns in the county of

Litchfield. p. 85-124. New Haven 1815. 917.461 M83

Published by the Connecticut academy of arts and sciences.
Naugatuck valley directory and business advertiser, containing the

names of citizens of Winchester, Torrington, Litchfield, Plymouth,
Thomaston, Waterbury, Naugatuck, Beacon Falls, Seymour, Derby
and Stratford. Hartford 1875.

917.461 N22 Published by A. Brainerd.

Barkhamsted. Incorporated 1779 Jones, H: R. Barkhamsted. (see History of Litchfield county. 1881. p. 237-51)

974.61 qH62 Lee, W: W. anon. Barkhamsted, Ct. and its centennial, 1879; to

which is added a historical appendix prepared by H: R. Jones. 178p. Meriden 1881.

974.61 B24 -- Catalogue of Barkhamsted men who served in the various wars 1775 to 1865. 100p. Meriden 1897. 923.57 L519 - Historical address at the dedication of the soldiers' monument in Barkhamsted, Sep. 10, 1897. 8p. Meriden 1897. 974.61 B241

Bethlehem. Incorporated 1787 from Woodbury
Cothren, William. Births, marriages and deaths in Bethlehem. (see his

History of ancient Woodbury. 1854–79. 3:536–81) 974.61 W85

Bridgewater. Incorporated 1856 from New Milford Orcutt, Samuel. History of the towns of New Milford and Bridgewater. 909p. Hartford 1882.

974.63 N42 Genealogies, p. 637-813; inscriptions from burying places, p. 810-79.

Canaan. incorporated 1739 Adam, Mrs M.. G. Canaan. (see Connecticut quarterly, Ap. 1896, 2:105-18)

974.6 qC76 Stevens, Nathaniel. Reminiscences of Canaan, Litchfield county,

Ct. (see New England historical and genealogical register, Ap.
1858, 12:12 2-26)

929.1 N422

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