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6 Munroe, Kirk. Shine Terrill: a sea island ranger.

Lothrop $1.25 A Georgia boy's adventures on a river raft, among “moonshiners” aud op the coast. Ogden, Ruth. Loyal hearts and true. Stokes $1.50 Story of Spanish war. Scenes, Brooklyn darp yard and Cuba. Parker, F. W. & Helm, N. L. Uncle Robert's geography,

V.1. Playtime and seedtime. (Appleton's home reading books)

Appleton net 32C Country children's daily life in a rery simple story which opens many interesting doors. A beginner's reader. Peattie, Mrs E. W. 'Ickery Ann and other girls and boys.

Stone $1.25 15 stories of young people in various parts of the world. Plympton, A. G. A flower of the wilderness. Little $1.25 A little girl amovg the puritans in Dorebester Mass, about 1610. Richards, Mrs L. E. Quicksilver Sue.

Century $1 Summer's experiences of several country children and a badly brought up cits girl. First publiebed in St Nicholas. c Seawell, M. E. Lively adventures of Gavin Hamilton.

Harper $1.50 English boy's adventures in the seven years war between Frederick the Great and Maria Theresa. c True, J: P. The iron star and what it saw on its journey through the ages from myth to history.

Little $1.50 Two children of cave dwellers see a meteor fall. The story of its vicissitudes outlines the progress of civilization to the present. Wesselhoeft, L. F. Madam Mary of the zoo. Little $1.25

Characters, animals in the zoo and children who visit them. Madam Mary is a parrot. Wright, M. O. Wabeno the magician. Macmillan $1.50

The little girl heroine can talk with beasts, birds, trees, flowers, winds and moon, and this learns Mother nature's ways. Continuation of Tommy-Anne and the three hearts.



SUBJECTS OF THEIR OWN CHOICE, AS A CONDITION OF GRADUATION In the following list all bibliographies not designated as select or as reading lists aim at completeness. Those printed as bibliography bulletins of the New York state library are designated by the name of the series and number. The subject number according to the Decimal classification precedes each title. OI2

Phillips Brooks. : W. C. Stockwell, '95 OI2

Hawthorne. N. E. Browne, '89 012

Ben Jonson. Mrs Mary (Wellman) Loomis, 'go OI2

Charles Kingsley. E. E.. Burdick, '90 012

Poems on Lincoln, Grant, Sherman and Sheridan. M.. L..

Sutliff, '93 OI2

John Lothrop Motley. M.. E. Robbins, '92 012

Robert Louis Stevenson. E. S. Wilson, '98 012

Charles Sumner. H. W. Denio, '94 OI2

Bayard Taylor. W: S. Burns, '91 012

jihn Wesley. E. L.. Foote, '92

Members of the A. L. A. H.. C. Silliman, '95 016.01 Index to subject bibliographies in library bulletins to

Dec. 31, 1897. Mrs Alice (Newman) Nachtmann, '95

(Bibliography 14) 016.027773 College libraries in the United States. Hugh Williams, '98

(Bibliography 19) 016.0285 Lists of books for children. J. Y. Middleton, '91 016.2217 Higher criticism of the Old testament. (Select) Rev.

W: R. Eastman, '92 016.246 Christian art. (Select) M. L. Davis, '92 016.27 Church history. (Reading list) Elizabeth Harvey, '90 016.28 Religious denominations of the United States. (Select)

G: F. Bowerman, '95

N. Y. 1896. Cathedral library association 750. 016.33185 Clubs for boys and working girls. J. D. Fellows, '97 016.33622 Single tax. Ethel Garvin, '98

To be printed as a New York státe library bibliography bulletin. 016.339 Tramps and vagrants. L. D. Waterman, '97 036.352073 Municipal government. M.. L. Jones, '92; J. A, Rath

bone, '93; E. D. Biscoe, '96 016.36 Scientific study of philanthropy. I. E. Lord, '97

Printed in American journal of sociology, Jan. 1898, 3:566-76. Separate re

print 250. 016.361 New philanthropy. (Reading list) H.. G. Sheldon, '93 016.3722 Fröbel and the kindergarten. Aimée Guggenheimer, '99

To be printed as a New York state library bibliography bulletin. 016.3723 Illustrative material for nature study in primary schools.

(Select) C. W. Hunt, '98 (Bibliography 16) 016.376 Education of women. M.. E.. Hawley, '93 016.37813 Consolidated index to university extension periodicals.

Myrtilla Avery, '95 016.3982 English works on King Arthur and the Round Table.

F. R. Curtis, '96 016.3982 Fairy tales for children. (Reading list) F. J. Olcott, '96

(Bibliography 13) 016.508 Out-of-door books. (Reading list) H. H. Stanley, '95

(Bibliography 8) 016.7 Renaissance art of 15th and 16th centuries. (Reading

list) A. S. Ames & E. P. Andrews,'97 (Bibliography 10) 016.7 Art of the 17th century. (Reading list) N.. M. Pond, '96 016.7266 Some famous cathedrals. (Reading list) Mrs L. M.

(Sutermeister) Delap, '90 016.74 House decoration and furnishing. (Reading list) E, E

Miersch, '99 (Bibliography 20)

Bibliographies and reading lists (continued) 016.75 Ten popular paintings. (Reading list) Ada Bunnell, '91 016.77 Photography, 1880-98. E. A. Brown, '98 016.792 Greek and Latin plays produced by schools, colleges and

universities in the United States. G: G. Champlin, '95 016.796 Cycling. Mrs Louise (Langworthy) Gage, '97 016.799 Angling, 1883-93. Henrietta Church, '93 016.811 Minor American poetry, 1860-97. (Select) B. S.

Smith, '97 016.82 English literature of later 18th century. (Select) M.. C.

Swayze, '89 016.823 Fiction for girls. (Select) A. B. Kroeger, '91 016.907

Study and teaching of history. J.I. Wyer jr, '98

To be printed by the American historical association. 016.91 Graded list of history and travel prepared in the Lincoln

(Neb.) public library for the use of the Lincoln public

schools. E. D. Bullock, '94 016.914 Books to read before going to Europe. (Reading list)

S.. W. Cattell, '90

Printed in Book news, July 1890, 8: 393-95. 016.916 English and American explorations in Africa since 1824.

(Reading list) H.. W. Rice, '93 016.917 Travel in North America. (Reading list) C: W: Plympton,

'91 (Bibliography 3) 016.91747 Literature relating to the Hudson river. M.T.Wheeler,'91 016.9174753 Adirondack mountains. C. A. Sherrill, '98

To be printed by the New York state forestry commission. 016.9178 Travels west of the Mississippi prior to 1855; a partial

bibliography of printed personal narratives. K. L.

Sharp, '92 016.92 200 books in biography for popular library. (Select)

Mabel Temple, '90 016.9207 Josephine and the women of her time. Mary Ellis, '92 016.9278 Biography of musicians; in English. A. L. Bailey, '98

(Bibliography 17) 016.9406 History of latter half of 15th century. (Reading

list) Etheldred Abbot, '97 (Bibliography 11) 016.9407 History of the 17th century. (Reading list) G.. F.

Leonard, '95 (Bibliography 4) 016.94144 Edinburgh. (Reading list) W. G. Forsyth, '93 016.9453 Venice. (Reading list) Helen Sperry, '94 (Bibliog

raphy 7) 016.947 Russia. (Reading list) A.. L. Morse, '97 (Bibliog

raphy 15) 016.9492 Netherlands. (Reading list) E.. G. Thorne, '97 (Bib

liography 9) 016.952 Japan. (Reading list) H.. K. Gay, '95 (Bibliography 6) 016.9737478 Missouri in the civil war. B. E. Rombauer, '99 016.974 Colonial New England. (Reading list) Mrs M. C. (Wilson)

Cragin, '95 (Bibliography 2) 016.9752 Maryland; colonial and revolutionary history. W. I.

Bullock, '92
Consolidated classified index to the Library journal, v.1-12.

B. R. Macky,'92; J. L. Christman, '93; C. S. Hawes, '94;
J. G. Cone, '95


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PAGE Preface ..

Domestic economy (continued) Decimal classification outline. ...... 32 644 Heat, light, ventilation .... 123 Tentative classification of home econo

645 Furniture, carpets, upholmics .........

stery............ ......... 124 Principal bibliographic aids consulted

646 Clothing, toilet, etc........ 125 339 Economics of consumption.....

647 Administration, household 640 Domestic economy ............

management ............... 135 641 Food, cooking, kitchen ....

648 Sanitary precautions, ciean642 Gastronomy, eating, dining

ing, etc ................... room..........

........ 117 649 Nursery, sick room ....... 139 643 Shelter, house, home ...... 122 | Index ........

..... 149


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University of the State of New York


With years of election


Chancellor, Glens Falls 1892 William CROSWELL DOANE D.D. LL.D.

Vice-chancellor, Albany 1873 Martin I. TOWNSEND M.A. LL.D. - - - Troy 1877 CHAUNCEY M. DEPEW LL.D. - - - - New York 1877 Charles E. Fitch LL.B. M.A. L.H.D.

- Rochester 1877 Orris H. WARREN D.D. - - - - Syracuse 1878 WhiteLaw Reid LL.D. - - - - - New York 1881 William H. WATSON M.A. M.D. - - - Utica 1881 HENRY E. TURNER - - - - - - Lowville 1883 St Clair McKelwAy M.A. L.H.D. LL.D. D.C.L. Brooklyn 1885 DANIEL BEACH Ph.D. LL.D. - - - - Watkins 1888 CARROLL E. Smith LL.D. - - - - - Syracuse 1890 Pliny T. Sexton LL.D. - - - - - Palmyra 1890 T. GUILFORD Smith M.A. C.E. LL.D. - - - Buffalo 1893 LEWIS A. STIMSON B.A. M.D. - - - New York 1895 ALBERT VANDERVEER Ph.D. M.D. - - - Albany 1895 CHARLES R. Skinner M.A. LL.D.

Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio 1897 CHESTER S. LORD M.A. LL.D. - - - Brooklyn 1897 Timothy L. Woodruff M.A. Lieutenant-Governor, ex officio 1899 John T. McDonough LL.B. LL.D. Secretary of State, ex officio 1900 THOMAS A. HENDRICK M.A. LL.D. - - - Rochester 1901 BENJAMIN B. ODELL JR Governor, ex officio

One vacancy


Elected by regents

DIRECTORS OF DEPARTMENTS 1888 Melvil Dewey M.A. State library and Home education 1890 JAMES RUSSELL Parsons Jr M.A.

Administrative, College and High school dep'ts 1890 FREDERICK J. H. Merrill Ph.D. State museum

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