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641.7 Confectionery, ices, beverages

See 663 Manufacture of beverages 071 Ices .72 Beverages .8 Special cookery, dietetics

Invalid, army, hospital

See also Personal hygiene, food, dietetics 613.2 .83 Camp

Hot weather
Lent, maigre, fast day

Cooking for different religions and sects .9 Kitchen

Stove, range, etc.
Kitchen utensils

Labor saving devices
642 Gastronomy: Serving; Eating; Diningroom

Lunch counters, picnic
I Bills of fare, menus

.2 Table furnishings

Table cloth, napkins, china, glass, plate .3 Table decorations

Center pieces, flowers, etc. .4 Carving and serving

Waiters, waitresses, etc. .5 Meals

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, five o'clock tea, afternoon refresh-
Social duties : entertaining, public dinners, picnics

Etiquet See 395
For historical customs see 394.1 Eating, banquets


643 Shelter: house, home

See also 728 Residences
I Location, site

Soil and grounds; City, village or country
Neighborhood of churches, schools, markets, railroads, electric

lines, eto.

See also Hygiene of air and ground 614.7 '.2 Plan

Size of house; arrangement of rooms 3. Construction, architecture .4 Sanitary arrangements

Plumbing, drainage, water supply

See also 628 Sanitary engineering; 696 Plumbing .6 Parlor, sitting room, library

Sofas, bookcases, etc. .5 Labor savers

Speaking tubes, electric bells, dumb) waiters, dinner lifts .6 Decoration and ornament .7 Repair and care of house .8 Special residences

Summer homes, winter homes, tropical residences .9 Outbuildings

Stables, conservatories, etc. 644 Heat, light, ventilation .I Methods of heating

Furnace, steam, etc. See 697 1.2 Fuels


Naphtha, oil, petroleum products, etc.
.25 Electricity
:3 Methods of lighting

Chandeliers, table lamps, bracket lamps, etc. .4 Lighting materials

See also Chemical technology 665

.44 Electricity
.5 Ventilation. See 628.8

See also Personal hygiene, air and light 613,1



645 Furniture, carpets, upholstery

See also Hygiene 613.59 ; Design 745 ; Artistic furniture 749; Manu

factures of cotton, wool, etc. 677 I General furniture

Chairs, tables, foot stools .2 Carpets, rugs

3 Curtains, draperies, wall paper
.4 Ornaments, clocks, vases, pictures, statuary, etc.
Special rooms

For Kitchen, see 641.9
Dining room

For Table furnishing, see 642.2

Dining tables, side boards, etc. .7 Hall and stairs

Hatracks, umbrella stands, etc. .8 Bedroom and nursery

Beds and bedding, linen, etc. .9 Other rooms

Music room, billiard room, ball room, picture gallery, servants rooms,

cellar, attic, business office, bathroom. See also Bathing 646.7 646 Clothing, toilet, etc.

See also Ethics of dress, display 177.4; Clothing as related to economics of laboring class 331.8; Bleaching and dyeing 667.1-3 .1 Necessary clothing

See also Hygiene of clothing 613.48 .2 Requirements of fashion ; fashion magazines

For Historical costume, see 391 :3 Sewing, mending, knitting, crochet


See also 746, Art needlework .4 Clothesmaking, dressmaking

As a business see 687

Sweat shops, consumers league, see 331.82 .5 Millinery

As a business see 687
.6 Cleaning
.7 Toilet, cosmetics, bathing, etc.

For historical customs see 391.5 and .6
For hygienic cleanliness see 613.4

647 Administration, household management

See also 333.15 I Manager, superintendent, housekeeper, steward .2 Household accounts, finance, cost

See also Bookkeeping 657
3 Regular employees or assistants

For Ethical considerations, see 173.8
As part of Political economy, see 331
Livery. Intelligence office, employment bureau
Indoor help
Cook, bntler, waitress, parlor maid, chambermaid, nurse, laundress,

lady's maid, eto. 5 Outdoor help

Coachman, gardener, furnaceman, etc. .6 Wages, hours, duties .7 Occasional employees

Emergency help, bousehold registers
048 Sanitary precautions, cleaning, etc.
I Laundry

Tubs, wringers, washing machines
Soap, starches, blues, washing powder, reagents
Ironing: flats, mangles, etc.
Cooperative or public laundries

Steam laundries
Sweeping and dusting, care of house

See also Disease germs, bacteriology of dust 616.01
Housecleaning, pests

See also Public health, disinfection 614.48
049 Nursery, sick room
I Care of children

Sce also Child study 150; Duties of parents 173.5; Education 372
Food. See also Food for infants 613.22
Clothing. See also Hygiene 613.48 and 646
Exercise. See also Hygiene 613.7
Amusements. See also General amusements 790
Habits. See also Duties of children 173.6

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