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Works analyzed

China mission handbook. 436p. maps. Shanghai 1896. Amer.

ican presbyterian mission press ros. Clare, Israel Smith. Library of universal history containing a rec

ord of the human race fr. the earliest historical period to the pres-
ent time with an introd. by M. C. Tyler. 85.3444p. illus. maps, Q.
N.Y.1897, c'89-97.

Peal & Hill $40. 909, qC54 e
Paged continuously.
Clark, James Hyde. Story of China and Japan; geographical posi-

tion, resources, wealth, emperors and courts, governments and peo-
ple with a sketch of Corea and the Coreans and the causes leading
to the conflict of 1894. 416p. illus. map, 0. N. Y. 1894.
Oriental pub. co. $2.50.

E. P. e Colquhoun, Archibald Ross. China in transformation. 396p. illus. maps, O. N. Y. 1898. Harper $3.

915.1 C71 e An important work based upon experience and personal observation.

English price 16s.
Creegan, Charles C. D. D. & Goodnow, Mrs J. A. B. Great

missionaries of the church, with an introd. by Francis E. Clark, D.D.
404p. D. N. Y. 1895. Crowell.

E. P. e
Also pub. by Hodder 3s 6d.
Curzon of Kedleston, George Nathaniel Curzon, ist baron, Prob-

lems of the Far East; Japan-Korea-China. 441p. illus. maps, 0.
Lond. 1894. Longmans 2 is.

915.1 C94 e American price $6. An indispensable book.

- New ed. Lond. 1896. Constable 7s 6d.

Also issued by Longmans $2,50.
Diosy, Arthur. New Far East, with 12 illustrations by Kubota

Beisen; a reproduction of a cartoon designed by H. M. the Ger-
man emperor. 374p. illus, map, 0. N. Y. 1899. Putnam

915.2 D63 e Also issued by Cassell 16s. Dodsworth, William, ed. anon, History in banking in all leading

nations, comp. by 13 authors. 4v. 0. N. Y. 1896. New York journal of commerce & commercial bulletin $24. B, P. L, e

A most important reference book. BOWDOIN COLLEGE LIBRARY. Bibliog. raphical contributions

Also issued by Effingham Wilson.
Douglas, Robert Kennaway. Society in China. 415p.illus. O.
Lond. 1894. Innes 6s.

Cap. 915.1 D74 e
Also issued by Lippincott $4.50.


Ford, John D. An American cruiser in the East: travels and studies Works

in the Far East, the Aleutian islands, Behring's sea, eastern Siberia,
Japan, Korea, China, Formosa, Hong Kong and the Philippine
islands. 468p. illus. maps, O. N. Y. 1898. Barnes $2.50.

915.2 F75 Forlong, Gen. James George Roche. Short studies in the science

of comparative religions, embracing all the religions of Asia. 662p.

illus, maps, O. Lond. 1897. Quaritch 28s. Astor e Frederickson, A. D. Ad orientem : travels in India, Ceylon, Straits

settlements, China. 390p. illus. maps, O. Lond. 1889. Allen 21s. Gracey, Mrs Annie Ryder. Eminent missionary women; introd.

notes by Mrs Joseph Cook and Mrs S. L. Keen. 215p. illus. D.

N. Y. 1898. Eaton 85c.
Gt. Br.-Opium, Royal commission on. Final report of the com-

mission : historical appendices together with a list of witnesses and
subjects, and a glossary of Indian terms used in the evidence and
appendices. v. 7,pt 2, 32 4p.F. Lond. 1895. Eyre 2s 6d.

N. Y. state law lib. e Gundry, R. S. China, present and past; foreign intercourse, progress

and resources, the missionary question, etc. 414p. map, O. Lond.
1895. Chapman ios 6d.

Columb. e
Sold by Scribner $4.20.
Harrison, Carter Henry. Race with the sun; or, A 16 months tour

from Chicago through Manitoba and British Columbia, Japan,

China, Straits Settlements. 568p. illus. O. N. Y. 1889. Putnam. India, Ceylon, Straits settlements, British north Borneo, Hongkong.

536p. maps, O. N. Y. 1899. Funk $3.50. (British empire ser.)

Also issued by Paul 6s.
International commercial congress. Official proceedings of the

International commercial congress of all nations held under the
auspices of the Philadelphia commercial museum, Oct. 12 to Nov,
1, 1899. 442p. illus. SQ. F. Phil. 1899. Philadelphia com-
mercial museum $2.

380 qIn8 Keane, Augustus Henry. Asia. 2v. illus. maps, 0. Lond.

1896. Stanford 155. (Stanford's compendium of geography and travel)

915 K19 e Also issued by Lippincott $4.50 a vol.

Works analyzed

Keane, Augustus Henry. Eastern geography; Indo-China, the Malay

peninsula, the Eastern archipelago, Philippines and New Guinea.
Ed. 2. 190p.D. Lond. 1892. Stanford 55. Astor e

Statistics brought to date; first ed. pub. in 1887.
Legge, James, D.D. tr. The sacred books of China: the texts of

Tâoism. 2v.O. Oxford 1891. Clarendon press 21s. (in
Müller, Max, eit. Sacred books of the East. 1891. v. 39-40)

290 Mgi e
Sold by Macmillan $5.25 vet.
Leonowens, Mrs Anna Harriette (Crawford). Our Asiatic cousins.

367p. illus. D. Bost. 1889. Lothrop $1.25. Phil. free e

Popular in style.
Lyall, Sir Alfred Comyns. Asiatic studies, religious and social.
V.2.0. Lond. 1899. Murray gs.

290 L98 e
Sold by Scribner $3.60.
Mabie, Henry C. D.D. In brightest Asia. Ed. 6. 1655p.

illus.sq.o. Bost, 1895. Corthell $1.25. Phil. free e McDowell, W. F. & others. Picket line of missions ; sketches of the

advanced guard; introd. by Bishop W. X. Ninde, 32 10. D. N. Y. 1897. Eaton goc.

Cong. e McLean, A. D.D. A circuit of the globe ; letters of travel across the

American continent, through the Hawaiian republic, Japan, China, the Straits settlements with an introd. by J. H. Garrison. 384p.

illus, D. St L.1898. Christian pub. co. $2. · Martin, William Alexander Parsons, D.D. A cycle of Catlay; or,

China south and north, with personal reminiscences. d. 2.
464p. illus. map, 0. N.Y. 1897. Revell $2. 915.1 M 51 e

Conveys much information in a popular form. Also issued by Oli-
phant 7s 6d.
Message of the world's religions: reprinted from the Outlook. 123P.
S. N.Y. 1898. Longmans 50c.

Columi e
Mill, Hugh Robert, ed. International geography by 70 auth('s.

1088p. illus. O. Lond. 1899. Newnes 155. 910 M59€

A useful work of reference. Also issued by Appleton $3.50. Miln, Mrs Louise Jordan. Little folk of many lands. 383p. illis. 0. N. Y, 1899. Scribner $4.

910 M60 Also issued by Murray 12s.

[blocks in formation]

Morris, Charles. Historical tales, the romance of reality; Japan and China. 353p. illus. D. Phil. 1898. Lippincott $1.25.

j952 M831 e Norman, Henry. Peoples and politics of the Far East: travels and

studies in the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese colonies,
Siberia, China, Japan, Corea, Siam and Malaya. 608p. illus. maps,
0. N. Y. 1895. Scribner $4.

Cap.915 N78 e
Vividly and faithfully presents political conditions and affairs.

Also issued by Unwin 21s.
Northrop, Henry Davenport. Flowery kingdom and land of the

mikado; or, China, Japan and Corea, their history, manners, super-
stitions, industries, with an account of the war between China and
Japan; introd. by J. R. Young. illus. Q. Phil. 1895. Na-

tional pub. co. $3.50.
Orleans, Henri Philippe Marie, prince d'. Around Tonkin and

Siam; tr. by C. B. Pitman. 426p. illus. map, 0. Lond. 1894.
Chapman 14s.

B.P.L. e
- From Tonkin to India by the sources of the Irawadi, Jan. '95-
Jan. '96; tr. by Hamley Bent, illus. by G. Vuillier. 467p. illus. map,
0. Lond. 1898. Methuen 255.

Sold by Dodd, Mead $5.
Pierson, Arthur Tappan, D.D. Miracles of missions; or, The

modern marvels in the history of missionary enterprise. 2v. illus.
D. N. Y. 1891-95. Funk 70c.

266 P61 e Ratzell, Friedrich. History of mankind; tr. fr. the 2d German ed. by

A. J. Butler, with introd. by E. B. Tylor. 3v. illus, maps, Q.
Lond. 1896-98. Macmillan 12s. a vol.

572 qP6
American price $12.
Reclus, Onesime. Bird's-eye view of the world; a popular scientific

description of the great natural divisions of the globe and of the
peoples that inhabit them ; tr. by M. A. Howe. 920p. illus, maps,
Q. Bost. "1892. Ticknor.

910 qR242 Reid, John Morrison, D. D. Missions and missionary society of the

methodist episcopal church: revised and extended by J. T, Gracey, D. D. 3v. illus. maps, 1), N. Y. 1895. Hunt $4.

266.7 R27 e Ridpath, John Clark. Great races of mankind; an account of the

ethnic origin, primitive estate, early migrations, social evolution and

Works angalyzed

present conditions and promise of the principal families of men. 4v. illus. maps, Q. Cin. *1893. Jones brothers pub, co. $21.

572 qP3 e Shanghai, General conference of the protestant missionaries of

China. Records of the conference held at Shanghai, May 7-20,
1890, 744p. illus, map. Shanghai 1890. American presby-
terian mission press.

Sold by Nisbet 178 6d.
Simcox, Edith J. Primitive civilization ; or, Outlines of the history

of ownership in archaic communities. 2v.0. Lond. 1894.
Sonnenschein 325.

901 S14 Also issued by Macmillan $10. Smith, Mary Cate. Life in Asia. 328p.illus.D. Bost. 1897.

Silver 85c. (in Dunton, Larkin, ed. World and its people. 1897. v.6)

B.P.L. e South Place institute, London. Religious systems of the world, a

contribution to the study of comparative religion; addresses delivered at South Place institute, revised ; together with some others specially written for this volume. Ed. 2 enl. 824p.O. Lond. 1892. Sonnenschein. Tos 6d.

290 Sc8 e Also issued by Macmillan $1.50. Speer, Rev. Robert E. Missions and politics in Asia ; studies of the

spirit of the eastern peoples, the present making of history in Asia, and the part therein of Christian missions. 271p.D. N. Y. 1898. Revell $1. (Princeton theological seminary students lectures on missions)

Phil. free e
Thoburn, James Mills, bp. India and Malaysia. 562p. illus.O.
Cin. 1892. Cranston $2.

Cong. e
Also issued by Blackwood 10s 611.
Tiffany, Rev. Francis. This goodly frame the earth; stray impres-

sions of scenes, incidents and persons in a journey touching Japan,
China, Egypt, Palestine and Greece. 364p.O. Bost. 1895.
Houghton $1.50.

Cap.915 T44 e U. S.-Consuls. Reports on commerce, manufactures, 98-219, Jan.

1889-Aug. 1898. V.29-59, illus.maps, O. Wash. 1889-98. 382Un36 - - Special consular reports. v.1-12, illus.O. Wash. 1890-95.

382 Un3

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