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Philosophy and religion

Welby, Montague Sinclair. Through unknown Tibet.
illus.maps, O. Phil. 1898. Lippincott $6.

Astor e
A book of unflagging interest. Also issued by Unwin 21s.
White, Trumbull. Glimpses of the orient; or, The manners, cus-

toms, life and history of the people of China, Japan and Corea.
437p. illus.0. Phil. 1898. Franklin book co. $1.50.

The war in the East: Japan, China and Corea, causes and
results with account of customs, habits and history of the three
peoples involved; their cities, arts, sciences, amusements and litera-
ture, with introd. by J. K. Matumoto. 673p. illus.O. Phil.€1895.

Wilson, Herbert Wrigley. Ironclads in action; a sketch of naval

warfare from 1855 to 1895, with some account of the development
of the battleship in England; introd. by Capt. A. T. Mahan. Ed.5.
2v.illus.maps, O. Bost. 1898. Little $8. 359 W691 e

Also issued by Low 30s.
Wylie, Rev. Alexander Chinese researches. 150+101+271p.O.

Shanghai 1897.

Arnold, Thomas W. Preaching of islam: a history of the propa-

gation of the muslim faith. 388p. 0. Westminster 1896.
Constable 12s.

B.P.L. e
of considerable value. Spread of islam in China, p. 242-57.

Sold by New Amsterdam book co. $3.50. Beal, Rev. Samuel. Buddhism in China. (see South Place institute, London. Religious systems of the world. 1892. p. 166-79)

290 So8 e
In the first ed. pub. 1890, the title of the address reads, Origin of the
spiritual activity developed in Buddhism as it exists in China.
Bettany, G:T: Chinese sacred books; and, Chinese modern

state religion and Confucianism. (see his Primitive religions. 1891.
p. 170-212 )

B.P.L. e
Chinese sacred books; and, Chinese modern state religion and
Confucianism. (see his World's religions. 1891. P. 115-43)

.Phil. free e Burdon, J.C. Colloquial versions of the Chinese scriptures. 17p. O,

Hongkong 1890.


Philosophy, Carus, Paul. On Chinese philosophy. 64p. 0. Chic. 1898

Open court pub. co. 250. (Religion of science lib. 30)

Curzon of Kedleston, G: N. Curzon, ist baron. Monasticism in China. (see his Problems of the Far East. 1894. p. 372-90)

Cap. 915.1 C94 e Edkins, Joseph, D.D. Early spread of religious ideas, especially in

the Far East. 144p.D. Lond. 1893. Religious tract soc. 35. (Bypaths of Bible knowledge ser. 19)

Astor e Also issued by Revell $1.20.

Contents: Joral ideas of the Chinese ; Primeval monotheism in China
and Persia.
Grant, George Monro, D.D. Religions of the world in relation to

Christianity. 137p. T. Lond. 1895. Black is 6d. (Guild
text books)
Chiva, chapter 3.

Gundry, R. S. Religious and social. (see his China, present and past. 1895. p. 201-347)

Columb. e

Harlez, Karl Joseph de, D.D. Tchu-hi, his doctrines and influence.

24p. roy.8vo. Lond. 1896. 25.

Headland, Rev. Isaac T. Religion in Peking. (see Chicago,
World's parliament of religions. Papers. 1893. 2: 1019-23)

206 C43 e John, Rep. Griffith. Ethics of the Chinese with special reference to

the doctrine of human nature and sin. Hankow 1889.

Lyall, Sir A. C. On the relation between the state and religion in

China. (see his Asiatic studies. 1899. 2: 142–75) 290 L98 e

Martin, William Alexander Parsons, D.D. Hamlin papers; or,

Essays on the intellectual life of the Chinese, second series.
Shanghai 1894. Kelly.

Matheson, George, D.D. Distinctive messages of the old religions. 338p. D. Edin, 1892. Blackwood 55.

- Ed. 2. 342p.D. Edin. 1893. Blackwood 5s. B.P.L. e Message of China, p. 61-92. Also issued by Dodd $1.75.

Philosophy and religion


Moore, Aubrey L. Essays scientific and philosophical. 268p.D. Philosophy

Lond. 1890. Paul.

Some curious parallels between Greek and Chinese thonght, p. 162–96. Nevius, John Livingston, D.D. Demon possession and allied

themes; being an inductive study of phenomena of our own times; with an introd. by F. F. Ellinwood, D.1). with an index bibliographical, bibical, pathological and general. 482p.0 Chic. €1894. Revell $1.50.

1334 N41 e Demon possession as seen in China, p. 9-91; Experiences of Chinese Christians in Pingtu and Chu-Mao, p. 395–126.

Ed. 2 with supplement, issued in Lond. 1897. Redway 7s 6d.
Ridpath, J: C. Chinese: religion and religious institutions. (see

his Great races of mankind. 1894. 4:110-24) 572 qP3 e Sparham, Rev. Charles G. Christianity and the religions of China;

a brief study in comparative religions. Lond. 1897. Religious

tract soc. Terrien de Lacouperie, Albert Etienne Jean Baptiste, anon.

How in 219 B.C, Buddhism entered China, 9p. 1891. Wylie, Rev. Alexander. The Nestorian tablet in Si-ngan Foo. (see

his Chinese researches, 1897)

Kung Kew (Confucius), 551-478 B. C. Alexander, Gen. George G. Confucius, the great teacher; a study, 311p.O. Lond. 1890. Paul 6s.

Astor e Barrows, J: H: D.D. Confucianism and the awakening of China.

(see his Christian conquest of Asia. 1899. p.182-221) 290 B27 e Bettany, G:T: Lise of Confucius, (see Bettany, G:T: Primitive religions. 1891. p.150-63)

B.P'.L. e - Life of Confucius. (sce Bettany, G: T: World's religions. 1891. p.102-14)

Phil, free e Clare, I.S. Confucius and his religion. (see Clare, I, S. Library of universal history. 1897. 2: 534-39)

909 qC54 e Deshumbert, Marius. Confucius, his life and doctrine. 32p.

cr. 8vo. Lond. 1895. Williams 6d. Faber, Rev. Ernst. Confucianism. (see China mission handbook,


[blocks in formation]

Forlong, Gen. J. G:R. Confucius and Confucianism. (see his Short studies in the science of comparative religions. 1897. p.301-32)

Astor e Hoare, Rev. J.C. God and man in the Chinese classics : a short

study of Confucian theology. 52p. 8vo. Ningpo 1896.

Sold by Luzac 3s.
Jennings, Foster H. comp. Proverbial philosophy of Confucius :

quotations from the Chinese classics for each day in the year; with
preface by Pom Kwang Soh. 120p. S. N. Y. 1895. Putnam $1.

English price 3s 6d.
Jennings, Rev. William, tr. Confucian analects. 224p. O. Lond.

1895. Routledge 25. (Sir John Lubbock's hundred books) Kung Hsien Ho. Confucianism. (see Chicago, World's parliament of religions. Papers. 1893. 1:596-604)

206 C43 e Legge, James, D.D.. Confucius the sage, and the religion of China.

(see South Place institute, London. Religious systems of the world. 1892. p61-75)

290 Sos e Leonowens, Mrs A., H. (Crawford). T'sing T'song T'sue (see her Our Asiatic cousins. 1889. p.178-231)

Phil. free e Morris, Charles. Confucius, the Chinese sage. (see Morris, Charles.

Historical tales; Japan and China. 1898. p,150-55) j952 M831 e Mtada, J. S. Confucianism; a thesis presented to the faculty of the

department of philosophy, University of Pennsylvania, by Mtada, candidate for the degree of doctor of philosophy, Jan. 31, 1895. 66p. obl. D. Phil. 1895.

Univ. Penn, e Parker, Edward H. Life, labors and doctrines of Confucius. 25p,

map, O. Woking 1897. Oriental university institute 2s 6d.

Reprinted fr. Asiatic quarterly review, Ap. 1897, 23:387-412, 950 As4 e. Pung Kwang Yu. Confucianism. (see Chicago, World's parliament

of religions. Papers. 1893, 1:374-439) 206 C43 e Smith, Rev. A. H. Confucianism. (see Message of the world's religions. 1898. p.41-64)

Columb, e

Kwang-Zse Giles, H. A. tr. Chuang Tzu, mystic, moralist and social reformer;, the Chinese. 467p.obl.O. Lond. 1898. Quaritch Legge, James, D.D. fr. Writing of Kwang-zse. (see Legge, Literature James. Sacred books of China. 1891. 1:164-392 ; 2:1-323)

Astor e


290 M91 v.39-40 e Lao-Tsze, 6.604 ? B. C. Alexander, Gen. George G. Lao-Tsze the great thinker with a

translation of his thoughts on the nature and manifestations of God.

131p.D. Lond. 1895. Paul 55. Balfour, Frederick Henry. Taoism. (see South Place institute, London. Religious systems of the world. 1892. p. 76-91)

290 So8 e Baynes, Herbert. The metaphysical ideal; the Tao of Lao-zö. (see

Baynes, Herbert. Ideals of the East. 1898)
Bettany, G: T: Lao-tze: development and present condition of
Taoism. (see Bettany, G: T: Primitive religions. 1891. p. 213-46)

B.P.L. e
- Lao-tze : development and present condition of Taoism. (see

Bettany, G:T: World's religions. 1891. p. 144-166) Phil. free e Carus, Paul, tr. Lao-tze's Tao-teh-king; Chinese-English with

introd. transliteration and notes. 345p, illus. O. Chic. 1899.
Open court pub. co. $3.

Sold by Paul 58.
Faber, Rev. Ernst, & Martin, W:A. P. D.D. Taoism. (see

China mission handbook. 1896)
Forlong, Gen. J. G:R. Short studies in the science of comparative
religions. 1897. p. 275-300.

Astor e
Legge, James, D. D. tr. The Tào Teh King; or, The Tao and its

characteristics. (see his Sacred books of China: the texts of
Taoism. 1891. 1:45-124)

290 M9I v.39 e

Ball, Rev. Charles James. On the accadian affinities of Chinese.

51p.O. Lond. 1894. 25.

Read before the ninth congress of orientalists, 1891.
Cambridge university-Library. Catalogue of the Wade collection

of Chinese and Manchu books in the library, by H. A. Giles.
169p. Q. Camb. Eng. 1898. University press 12s 6d. Astor e

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