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PREFACE This reading list has been compiled with special reference to the needs of librarians who undertake without the benefit of pedagogic training the responsible task of influencing young readers at the most impressionable time of their lives. It is constantly becoming more generally acknowledged that their profession requires an acquaintance, not only with the most approved methods of library administration, but also with the elementary principles of psychology, ethics, sociology and education. Most of the books selected are popular in style, though a few more scholarly works are given under each head. Arrangement leads from the simpler to the more profound, where such a distinction can be profitably made, and a star singles out a few works as of particular value. Critical notes show the fitness of the books for the special purpose of this list, rather than their interest to the general reader. Unsigned notes are by the compilers; sources of other notes are given whether condensed or quoted exactly. Exact citation is made whenever possible. References following the notes are to more extended reviews and notices.

Mary Floyd Williams


ABBREVIATIONS Abbreviations following maiu entries refer to the libraries in which books were consulted. Call numbers are given for all books in the New York state library, even though the edition differs from that described in tbe list; the class number only is given for books in extension libraries, while books in the travel. ing libraries are marked “Trav. lib.' followed by the number of the library and the book. Books marked e have been personally examined ; e shows that the edition examined differs from that entered in the list. Volume and page num. bers are separated by a colon ; e. g. 5 : 143 means vol. 5, p. 143. Abbreviations not selfexplanatory are as follows: A. L. A.

American library association Amer. j. psych. American Journal of psychology Amer. j. soc. American journal of sociology Bost.

Boston public library Educ. rev.

Educational review

Lawrence. Classified reading. 1898

Leypoldt & Iles. List of books for girls and women.

1895 Lib. j.

Library journal

Monroe. Bibliography of education. 1897
N. Amer. rev. North American review
N. E. A.

National educational association

New Eng. j. educ.
New Eng, mag.
Ped. sem.
Phil. rev.
Psych. rev.
School rev.

New England journal of education
New England magazine
Pedagogical seminary
Philosophical review
Psychological review
School review
Wilson. Bibliography of child study. 1898

PRINCIPAL BIBLIOGRAPHIC AIDS CONSULTED American catalogue. 1880-93 Annual American catalogue. 1895-99 Annual literary index, 1893-99 Boston public library. Card catalogne Brown, E. E. History of secondary education in the U. S. 1897 California university. Card catalogie California university-Pedagogy, Department of. Catalogue of books in the

pedagogical section of the library. 1895 Columbian reading union. List of books for teachers. n. d. Cumulative index. Jan.-May 1900 Dickinson, Marion & Medlicott, Mary. References to articles upon children,

schools and libraries. 1899 English catalogue. 1861-99 Fletcher, W:I: “A. L. A.” index. 1893 Gloversville free library. Child study. Special reading list. 1899 ? Hall, G. S. & Mavsfield, J: M. Hints toward a select and descriptive bibli

ograpby of education. 1886 Lawrence, Isabel. Classified reading. 1898. Leland Stanford jr university

Consulted books in the pedagogic al department Leypoldt, Mrs A. H. & Iles, George. List of books for girls and women and

their clubs. 1895 MacAlister, James. Catalogue of the pedagogical library. Board of education,

Philadelphia. 1887 - - Supplement. 1890 Maimonides (N. Y.) library. Bulletin, April 1886. Education Manchester (Eng.)-Public free libraries. Rough list of some books on educa

tion. 1889 Monroe, W. S. Bibliography of education, 1897 National congress of mothers. List of books for mothers. (see its Report of

proceedings. 1897. p. 275-80) N. Y. (state)-Library. Card catalogue - Bulletin; bibliography no. 12, 18, 21. Best books of 1897, 1898, 1899 N. Y. (state)-Home education department. Study club lists N. Y. (state)- Traveling libraries and pictures division. Traveling library

lists. 1892-1900 Poole, W: F: & Fletcher, W: I: Index to periodical literature. 1882 - - Supplement. 1888-99

Pratt institute free library. Books on education. 1895! (ms)
Publishers' weekly. Jan.-May 1900
Rein, William. Outlines of pedagogy. 1893
St Louis-Public library. Children, their faculties and management. Reference

list 5. n. d. Sonnenschein, W: S. Cyclopedia of education. 1889 - Best books. 1891 - Reader's guide. 1895 U.S.-Education, Bureau of. Publications. (see its Report. 1894-95. 2: 1821-28) Wilson, L. N. Bibliography of child study. 1898

- - Supplement. 1899
Wyer, J. I. jr. List of recent educational bibliography. 1897-98

Selected bibliography of some phases of education. 1899 (ms) - & Lord, I. E. Bibliography of education for 1899. (see Educ. rev. Ap. 1900, 19 : 331-93)

Works analyzed


Works analyzed

The following works have been either wholly or partly analyzed and are
not elsewhere entered in full.
American journal of psychology, 1888-Ap. 1900. V.1-11,Q.
Worcester 1888–1900. Wilson $5.

105 Am3
Education ; a monthly magazine devoted to the science, art, phi-

losophy and literature of education, 1880- May 1900. v.1-20,

illus. O. Bost. 1881-1900. Kasson & Palmer $3. 370.5 Ed8 Educational review, 1891-May 1900. V.1-19,0. N.Y.18911900. Holt $3.

370.5 Ed82 Monthly. Journal of education; a monthly record and review, 1892-May 1900. new ser. V. 14-22,Q. Lond. 1892-1900. Rice 7s.

370.5 9J824 Library journal; official organ of the American library association,

1876-May 1900. V.1-25, illus. Q.&0. V.8.1876-1900. Pub-
lishers' weekly office $5.

020.5 qL61
Mind ; a quarterly review of psychology and philosophy, 1876-Ap. 1900.

ser.1,16v. ser.2,V,1-9,0. Lond. 1876-1900. Williams & Norgate 6s.

105 M66 National congress of mothers. Report of the proceedings, 1897-99. V.1-3,0. N.Y. and Phil. 1897-99.

649 P7 v.1 published by Appleton, N. Y. 750 ?

v.2-3 published by Lasher, Phil. 750.
National educational association. Addresses and proceedings,

1890-99. V.30-39,0. v.p.1890-99. Pub. by association
$2 a vol.

370.6 N21 Pedagogical seminary ; a quarterly international record of educa

tional literature, institutions and progress, 1891-Ap 1900. V.1-7,0. Worcester 1891-1900. Orpha $4.

370.5 P34 1891-96 issued irregularly.

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