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Philosophical review, 1892-May 1900. v.1-9,0. N.Y.18971900. Macmillan $3.

105 P54 v.1-7 published by Ginn & Co., Boston,

Bimonthly. Pratt institute monthly, 1822-May 1900. v.1-8, illus.Q. Brooklyn 1893-1900. Pratt institute 75c.

607.747 918) Psychological review, 1894-May 1900. v.1-7,0. N.Y.1894– 1900. Macmillan $4.

150 P95 School review, a journal of secondary education, 1893-May 1900. v.1-8,0. Chic. 1893–1900. University of Chicago $1.50.

370.5 Sch62 Monthly. U. S.- Education, Bureau of. Circulars of information, 1870-1893.

no.1-105,0. Wash. 1870-93. Government; free. 379.73 Ung - Report, 1867-98. V.1-30,0. Wash. 1868-99. Government; free.

379.73 Un31 PSYCHOLOGY Baldwin, James Mark. Story of the mind. 236p.illus.S. N.Y.

1898. Appleton 400. (Library of useful stories) 150 B194 e

Busy librarians will find this concise bandbook of psychology a most helpful introduction to the subject and an incentive to farther study.

Phil. rer. Sep. 1899, 8:554 and Psych. rer. Nov. 1898, 5:671-72. * James, William. Talks to teachers on psychology and to students on some of life's ideals. 300p.O. N.Y. 1899. Holt $1.50.

370.1 J23 e Presents tbose vital principles of psychology which should underlie all teaching. Librarians will find it unusually stimulating and suggestive, not only because it puts them in touch with teachers, but also because these same principles must equally be the foundation of all successful library work. Psych. rev. Sep. 1899, 6: 536-39.

- Psychology. 478p. D. N.Y. 1893. Holt $1.60. (American science ser. briefer course)

150 J231 e Based on his Principles of psychology, omitting the polemics, history and pure speculation of the advanced work. Leypoldt, p.112.

Shows the physical basis of intellectual and emotional life, a kvowledge which is essential to workers in every department of education.

Mind, Oct. 1892, ser. 2, 1:531-39.
Morgan, C. Lloyd. Psychology for teachers; with a pref. by H. W.

Jameson. 240p. D. N.Y. 1898. Scribner $1. 150 M82 e Elementary but well written and helpful for its scientific spirit and prac. tical suggestions. Ped. sem. June 1896, 3:488.

Amer. j. psych. Jan. 1896, 7: 301; Mind, Ap. 1895, ser. 2, 4:258-39.

O'Shea, M. Vincent. Psychology for normal schools. (see Education, Child study Dec. 1895, 16: 193–201)

370.5 EdS e Full of practical suggestion. O'Shea, like James, gives to educators practical psychology for everyday life. Baldwin, James Mark. Social and ethical interpretations in mental

development; a study in social psychology. 574p. D. N. Y. 1897. Macmillan $2.60.

150 B193 e Attempts op basis of observations of psychic development of children to draw parallel between progress of society and evolution of individual, Shows specially how a child is educated by environmeut and suggestion into an appreciation of race ideas and sentiments.

Dial, Jan. 1, 1898, 24:18-19; Nation, Mar. 31, 1898, 66 : 250 ; Spectator, Aug. 20, 1898, 81:250. *Lange, Karl. Apperception, a monograph on psychology and peda

gogy; tr. by members of the Herbart club, ed. by Charles de Garmo. 279p. D. Bost, 1893. Heath $1. (Heath's pedagogical library)

150 L 26 e Makes an exhaustive examination of theory of apperception and points out its varied application to teaching and its value. B. R. Shaw.

This law, generally accepted bv educators, is applicable to library work, as it helps decide what books are appreciated and understood by the

individual child. Spencer, Herbert. Principles of psychology. 2v. 0. N. Y. 1890. Appleton $4. (Spencer's Synthetic philosophy, v. 4-5)

150 Sp32 e Included in this short list because it marked an epoch in psychologio thonght. One who reads tliis long work conscientiously will find it a thorough ground work for future study.

Child study
Hall, Granville Stanley. Contents of children's minds on entering

school. 56p. D. N. Y. 1893. Kellogg 25C. Bost. e

This study which has awakened thought and led to many changes in the sulject matter of primary education will help librarians estimate the knowledge and ignorance of children and judge of their interests.

Also in Ped. sem. June 1891, 1: 139-73.
Preyer, Wilhelm. Mental development in the child; tr. from the

German by H: W: Brown. 170p. D. N. Y. 1893. Apple-
ton $1. (International education ser. no. 24) 150 P921 e

Important and interesting results of personal observations readably presented, to encourage the psychologic study of child life.

Educ. rev. Mar. 1891, 7: 295-97; School rer. Feb. 1894, 2: 107.


*Baldwin, James Mark. Mental development in the child and the

race: methods and processes. 496p. illus. 0. N. Y. 1895. Macmillan $2.

150 B192 e Patient study of this book will result in a good idea of the theories which scientific child study is tending to establish. Chapters ou Imitation and Suggestion are the most practical in the book. Lawrence, p. 30.

Amer. j. psych. Oct. 1895, 7:142-45; Jind, Jan. 1896, ser. 2, 5:97-103 ; Phil. rev. July 1895, ser. 2, 4 : 423–27.

ETHICS Winterburn, Florence Hull. Nursery ethics. 241p. S. N. Y. 1895. Merriam $1.

173.5 W73 e On right attitude of parents, authority, obedience, conflicting authorities, emotional outbursis, prenatal influences, little faults, self-government, etc. N. Y. state trar. lib. Subject no. 372, p. 5.

Will help librarian in personal relations with children.
Addis, Welford. Legal rights of children. (see U. S.- Education,

Bureau of. Report. 1896-97, V.1, pt 1, p.615-41) 379.73 Unzi e

Knowledye of general and local laws relating to minors will be very use ful. *Fairchild, Edwin Milton. Society's need of effective ethical instruc

tion in school and church and the suggestion of an available method. p. 433-47, 0. Chic. 1899. Educational church board, Albany 250.

The suggestion of ethical instruction from photographs of social life marks a new era in educational methods. It is the result of much careful observation and scientific investigation, and will help decide what pictures to use and why, and what illustrations are desirable in children's books.

Reprinted from Amer. j. soc. Jan. 1899, 4: 433-17. Hamerton, Philip Gilbert. Intellectual life. 455p. illus. D. Bost. 1894. Roberts $2.

374 H17 e Teacbing deals so intimately with buwan nature that hooks of this char. acter are often more suggestive tban those which deal with pedagogy more directly. Laurence, p. 31.

Clarke, James Freeman. Self-culture: physical, intellectual, moral

and spiritual; a course of lectures. Ed. 17. 446p. 0. Bost. 1891. Houghton $1.50.

374 C55 e Full of the ripe experience, broad views and healthful religious spirit which make Dr Clarke one of the foremost men of his day. Boston Saturday evening gazette.

*Muirhead, John Henry. Elements of ethics, an introd. to moral phi- Sociology

losophy. 239p. D. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $1. (University
extension manuals)

171 M89 e There is vigor, brightness and Auency in Muirhead's work, and a student who takes this as his first book in the subject will not be likely to let it be his

last. Mind, Oct. 1892, ser. 2, 1: 555-56. Adler, Felix. Moral instruction of children. 278p. D. N. Y. 1898. Appleton $1.50.

. 377.2 Ad5 e Attempts practical solution of problems of nonsectarian instruction. Librarians will be particularly interested in suggestions for use of classics, fables and fairy tales.

Phil. rev. Jan. 1893, 2: 86-87.

SOCIOLOGY *Willard, Josiah Flynt. Tramping with tramps; studies and sketches

of vagabond life by Josiah Flynt, with pref. note by Andrew D. White. 398p. illus. D, N. Y. 1899. Century $1.50. 339 F67 e Specially valuable to student of child life for its revelations of dangerous influences exerted over boys by professional tramps.

Bookman, Nov. 1889, 10:279; Vation, Oct. 16, 1899, 69: 321. Riis, Jacob August. Children of the poor. 305p. illus. O. N. Y. 1892. Scribner $2.50.

331.8 R441 e Valuable study of conditions in “darkest New York"; sets forth terrible evils and measures undertaken for relief. Nation

Understanding their home life, librarians can more easily cope with the
unruly “gang" that sometimes descends on the children's room.
Guyau, Jean Marie. Education and heredity; a study in sociology ;

tr. from the 2d ed. by W. J. Greenstreet, with an introd. by G. F.
Stout. 306. D. N. Y. 1891. Scribner & W. $1.25. (Con-
temporary science ser.)

370.1 G99 e
Vind, Jan. 1890, 15:140.
Philanthropy and social progress; seven essays by Jane Addams, R. A.

Woods, J. O. S. Huntington, F. H. Giddings and Bernard Bosanquet, delivered before the school of applied ethics at Plymouth, Mass. 1892, with an introd. by H. C. Adams. 266p. D. N. Y. 1893. Crowell $1.

361 P53 e Discusses the work of the social settlement. Emphasizes the personal help that a librarian can offer children.


*Ward, Lester Frank. Outlines of sociology. 2012. D. N. Y. 1898. Macmillan $2.

302 W211 e
English price 7s 6d.
Discusses the waiu features of sociology and its relations to other sciences.

Phil, rer. July 1898, 7:415-18.
Ross, Edward Alsworth. Social control. (see Amer. j. soc.)

305 Amzi e
Mar. 1896, 1:513-35 Jan. 1897, 2: 547–66 Jan. 1898, 3 : 502-19
May “ 1:753-70 May“ 2:823–38 Mar. “ 3:649-61
July 2:96-107 July “ 3: 64-78 May" 3:809-28
Sep. “ 2:255-63 Sep. “ 3:236-47 Jan. 1900, 5: 475-87
Nov. 2: 433-45 Nov. " 3: 328–39 Mar. “ 5:604-16

Of great value as latest thought on the subject.

Rewritten, expanded and published, May 1901, by Macmillan, New York, $1.25. ED.


Theory * Baldwin, Joseph. Psychology applied to the art of teaching 381p.

illus. D. N. Y. 1892. Appleton $1.50. (International education ser, no. 19)

370.1 Bige Read this book for its sound psychology and practical pedagogy.

Educ. rev. Mar. 1893, 5 : 297–98. Butler, Nicholas Murray Meaning of education and other essays and addresses. 230p. D. N. Y. 1898. Macmillan $1.

370.4 B97 e English price 4s 6d.

By au acknowledged authority and vigorous writer. For teachers who want au outlook into educational principles and equally for pareuts and citizens. Outlook, May 21, 1898, 59 : 180.

Mind, Oct. 1898, ser. 2, 7: 562-63. Holman, Henry Education ; an introd. to its principles and their psychological foundations. 536p.D. N.Y.1896. Dodd

370.1 H73 e Intended for beginners in tbe serious study of education ; discusses many topics quite familiar to the advanced student. Educ. rer. Sep. 1896, 12:188-90.

Ped, sem. June 1896, 3 : 191. Vincent, John Heyl, bp. Study in pedagogy for people who are not professional teachers. 73p.D. N. Y. 1890. Ketchum 6oc.

370.1 V74 e Au effort to help many simple people into keener conviction and tirmer purpose as to the best education and the means of furthering it. Preface.


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