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selection of children's books.

Principles of Green, Samuel Swett, comp. Libraries and schools. 126 p. S.

N. Y. 1882. Leypoldt 50c.
Contents: Adams, C: F. jr. The public library and the public school.

Green, S: S. The relation of the public library to the schools.

(also in Lib. j. Sep.-Oct. 1880, 5 : 235–43) - Libraries as educational institutions. Metcalf, R. C. The public library as an auxiliary to the public

schools. Foster, W: E. The relation of libraries to the school system.

(also in Lib. j. Ap. 1880, 5:99-104)

- A plan of systematic training in reading at school. For sale by tbe office of the Publishers' weekly, New York. Adams, Emma Louise. Library work with schools. (see Lib.j. Ap. 1898, 23:137-41)

020.5 qL6i e Many practical suggestions. Druar, Margaret. The public library as an aid in the school room. (see Lib. j. Ap. 1899, 24 : 143-44)

020.5 qL61 e *Eastman, Linda A. The child, the school and the library. (see Lib.j. Ap. 1896, 21:134-39)

020.5 qL61 e Reprinted as panıphlet, 22r. T. N. Y. 1896. Foster, William Eaton. The school and the library. (see Educ. rev. Mar. 1900, 19:279-89)

370.5 Ed82e Reprinted as pampblet by N. E. A., 1899. 150, Green, Samuel Swett. Libraries and schools. (see Lib. j. Dec. 1891, 16: C22-26)

020.5 qL61 e A paper read at San Francisco conference of the A. L. A. *Hewins, Caroline Maria. Relation of Hartford public library to the

public schools. (see Lib.j. Sep. 1894, 19:292-95) 020.5 qL6 e Sargent, Abby L. Reference work among school children. (see Lib. j. Ap. 1895, 20:121-22)

020.5 qL61 e *Young, Clement C. Use of the library. (see N. E. A. Addresses and proceedings. 1899, 30:1150-55)

370.6 N21 e - The public library and public school. (see Lib. j. Ap. 1896, 21:140-44)

020.5 qL6i e

Burt, Mary Elizabeth. Literary landmarks. •173p.illus. D.
Bost, 1899. Houghton 750.

028.5 В95 e Uncommonly useful and suggestive book on children's reading. Discusses theory, instances books practically tested, gives recommended list. N. Y. state trav, lib. Subject no. 372, p. 4.

selection of


*Field, Mrs E. M. (Story). The child and his book: some account Principles of

of the history and progress of children's literature in England. children's 356p.illus. O. Lond. pref. 1891. Gardner 6s. 028.5 F45 e

A brief history of children's literature in England, illustrated by a few wood cuts and many extracts... The historical survey is wide, the studies from original sources, and the book should be in every pedagogic library.

Ped. sem. June 1892, 2; 147. *Foster, William Eaton. Developing a taste for good literature. (see Lib.j. May 1897, 22: 245-57)

020.5 qL61 e Reprinted in pamphlet form, N. Y. 1897, 028 F811. - What our pupils read outside of school. (see Journal of education, Nov. 30, 1893, 38 : 347–48)

370.5 9J824 e *Hartland, Edwin Sidney. Science of fairy tales, an inquiry into

fairy mythology. 372p. D. N. Y. 1891. Scribner & W. $1.25. (Contemporary science ser.)

398.4 1125 e Best presentation of the subject extant. Wilson, p. 17.

Tbe intluence of this book will unite librarian and children in a common love for fairy tales. Hawthorne, Julian. Literature for children. (see his Confessions and criticisms. 1887. p.100-27)

814.49 H31 e A plea for the cultivation of the imagination. Also in N. Amer. rer. Ap. 1881, 138: 383-96.

Published by Ticknor, $1.25. Repplier, Agnes. What children read. (see her Books and men. 1890. p. 64-93)

814 49 R29 e Also in Atlantic monthly, Jan. 1887, 59 : 23-32.

Published by Houghton, $1.25.
Richardson, Charles Francis. Choice of books. 208p. D.

N. Y. 1891. United States book co. $1. 028.1 R39 e

Inspirational. *Salmon, Edward. Juvenile literature as it is. 243p. D. Lond. 1888. Drane 6s.

028.5 e A critical survey. Tuer, Andrew White, comp. Pages and pictures from forgotten

children's books. stop. illus. D. N. Y. 1898-99. Scribner $2.50.

028.5 T81 e Originally published in London, Simpkin 6s. — Stories from old fashioned children's books. 439p. illus. D. N. Y. 1899-1900. Scribner $2.50.

028.5 T8u e Two delightful books illustrated by many quaint reproductions. Originally published in London, Simpkin 6s.

selection of children's books

Principles of *Wiltse, Sara E. Place of the story in early education, and other

essays. 132p. D. Bost. 1892. Ginn 6oc. 370.4 W71 e

Interesting and practical essays on child training. Shows with special force the ethical value of well directed story telling. Binney, Mrs Herman H. Reading for children. (see National congress for mothers. Report of the proceedings. 1899. p.280-93)

649 P7 e Interesting and suggestive. *Cone, Mrs Kate (Morris). Children and literature. (see Education, Jan.-Feb. 1898, 18:290-98, 365-69)

370.5 Edge Bright and suggestive comments on some old favorites in poetry and story. Gayley, Julia G. Classics for children. (see Ped. sem. Oct. 1895, 3:342-46)

370.5 P34 e Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Address. (see Lib.j. Sep.-Oct. 1879, 4: C357–59)

020,5 qL6 e Sensational literature to be supplied moderately and wisely.

Paper read at A. L. A. conference at Boston, 1879. Hunt, Clara Whitehill. Some means by which children may be led to read better books. (see Lib. j. Ap. 1899, 24: 147–49)

020.5 qL61 e Lawrence, Isabel. Children's interests in literature. (sce N. E. A.

Addresses and proceedings. 1899. p. 1044-51) 370.6 N21 e Lowe, May. Evolution applied to children's reading. (see Education, Ap. 1899, 19:486-94)

370.5 Ed8 e Possibilities of gradually influencing for good children's literary taste. Pawtucket free public library. The free public library and the dinne novel. (see Lib. j. May 1885, 10:105)

020.5 qL61 e A scrapbook showing misfortunes of boys who imitated sensational heroes, was the ivgenious device which the Pawtucket librarian used as a warning

against dime novel reading. * Slater, Gertrude. Concerning children's books. (see Journal of edu

cation (London) Jan. 1897, new ser. 19:21-22) 370.5 71824 e

Thoughtful discussion of principles underlying the influence of children's books and their ethical value. Welsh, Charles. Early history of children's books in New England

(see New Eng. mag. Ap. 1899, ser. 3, 20:147-60) 051 N422 e


The superior figures tell the exact place on the page in ninths; e.g. 7613 means p. 761, beginning in the third ninth of the page, i. e. about one third of the way down.

Children's room, administration, 7612

622. Clarke, J. F. Self-culture, 7568. Cleveland library league, 7628. Compayré, Gabriel. History of peda

gogy, 7594 Cone, Mrs Kate (Morris). Children

and literature, 7663.

Davidson, Thomas. Rousseau and

education according to nature, 7601. De Garmo, Charles. Herbart and the

Herbartians, 7607. Druar, Margaret. Public library as an

aid in the schoolroom, 7614.

Adams, C: F. jr. Public library and

public school, 7641. Adams, E. L. Library work with schools, 7613.

— Methods of children's library work, 7615. Addams, Jane & others. Philanthropy

and social progress, 7578. Addis, Wilford. Legal rights of chil

dren, 7564, Adler, Felix. Moral instruction of

children, 7572. American Journal of psychology, 7532. Baldwin, J. M. Mental development

in the child, 7561 - Social and ethical interpreta

tions in mental development, 7552. - Story of the mind, 7545. Baldwin, Joseph. Psychology applied

to art of teaching, 7584. Binney, Mrs H. H. Reading for chil

dren, 7662. Birtwell, C: W. Home libraries, 7622. Blow, S. E.. Symbolic education, 7605. Bosanquet, Bernard & others. Phil

anthropy and social progress, 7578. Brett, W: H: Relations of public li

brary to public schools, 7635. Browning, Oscar. Short history of

education, 7593. Burt, M., E., Literary landmarks, 7618. Butler, N. M. Meaning of education,


Eastman, L. A. The child, the school and the library, 7614.

The library and the children, 7629.

- Methods of work for children, 7628. Education, see Pedagogy. Education (periodical), 75:33. Educational review, 7534. Ethics, 7563-573.

Carnegie library of Pittsburgh (Pa.) |

Report for 1899, 7618. Carter, H. J. Traveling libraries of

illustrations, 7627. Child and the library, 7612-649. Child study, 7557-562. Children's books, principles of selec.

tion, 7648-669. Children's library league, 7628.

Fairchild, E. M. Methods of children's library work, 7614.

- Society's need of effective ethical instruction in school, 7565. Fairchild, Mrs Salome (Cutler). Homo

libraries, 7623. Field, Mrs E. M. (Story). The child

and his book, 7651. Foster, W: E. Developing a taste for good literature, 7652.

- Plan of systematic training in reading at school, 7613.

- Relation of libraries to school system, 7613 - School and the library, 7615.

What our pupils read outside of school, 7653,

Fröbel, F; A; W; Education of man,

Kindergarten, 7611, 7613.


Gayley, J. G. Classics for children,

Lange, Karl. Apperception, 7554.

Lawrence, Isabel. Children's interests 7663.

in literature, 7665. Giddings, F. H. & others. Philan

Libraries, see Home and traveling thropy and social progress, 7578.

libraries. Great Britain-Education department.

Library journal, 7535. Special reports on educational sub

Library league, 7628. jects, 7637..

Lowe, May. Evolution applied to Green, S: S. Libraries and schools,

children's reading, 7606. 7641, 7616. - Libraries as educational insti.

Marsh, H. A. New aspect of child tutions, 7612.

study, 7624. - Relation of public library to

Metcalf, R. C. Public library as an schools, 7611

auxiliary to public schools, 761. - Use of pictures in libraries, 7621.

Mind, 7536. - & others. Public school and

Moore, A. C. Special training for

children's librarian, 7613. public library, 7638.

Morgan, C. L. Psychology for teachGreenwood, J. M. How to judge a school, 7634.

ers, 7549.

Muirhead, J: H: Elements of ethics, Guyau, J.M. Education and heredity,

7571 7576,

Munroe, J.P. Educational ideal, 7597. Hall, G. S. Contents of children's minds on entering school, 7557.

National congress of mothers. Report Hamerton, P. G. Intellectual life,

of proceedings, 7537.

National educational association. Ad7567 Harris, W: T. Herbart and Pestalozzi

dresses and proceedings, 7538.

National educational association compared, 7608.

Committee on the relations of public Harrison, Elizabeth. Study of child

libraries to public schools. Report nature, 7608. Hartland, E.S. Science of fairy tales,

1899, 7636. 7653.

Ogle, J: J. Report on connection be Hawthorne, Julian. Confessions and tween public library and public criticisms, 7655.

elementary school, 7637, - Literature for children, 7655. O'Shea, M. V. Psychology for norHerbart, J; F; 7607.

mal schools, 7551. Hewins, C. M. Relation of Hartford public library to public scliools, 7616.

Pawtucket free public library. Free Iligginson, T: W. Address, 7664.

public library and the dime novel, Holman, Henry. Education, 7587.

7666, Ilome and traveling libraries, 7622. Pedagogical seminary, 7539. Hunt, C. W. Some means by which Pedagogy, history, theory, 7584–192;

children may be led to read better systems, 7601-612. books, 7605.

Pestalozzi, J; H; 760%. Huntington, J. 0. S. & others. Phil. - How Gertrude teaches her anthropy and social progress, 7579.

children, 7603.

Philanthropy and social progress, 7578. James, William. Psychology, 7517. Philosophical review, 7511. - Talks to teachers, 7516.

Pictures, use of, 7621, 7627. Journal of education, 7533,

| Playgrounds, 7631,

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