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With years of election 1874 Ansox JUDD UPsox L.H.D. D.D. LL.D.

Chancellor, Glens Falls 1892 WILLIAM CROSWELL DOANE D.D. LL.D.

Vice-Chancellor, Albany 1873 MARTIN I. TOWNSEND M.A. LL.D. - - Troy 1877 CHAUNCEY M. DEPEW LL.D. - - - - New York 1877 CHARLES E. FITCH LL.B. M.A. L.H.D. - Rochester 1877 ORRIS H. WARREN D.D. - -

- Syracuse 1878 WHITELAW Reid M.A. LL.D. - - - New York 1881 William H. WATSON M.A. M.D. - - - Utica 1881 HENRY E. TURNER - - - - - Lowville 1883 ST CLAIR MCKELWAY M. A, L.H.D. LL. 6. Brooklyn 1885 DANIEL BEACH Ph.D. LL.D. -

- Watkins 1888 CARROLL E. SMITH LL.D. -

Syracuse 1890 Pliny T. SEXTON LL.D. - - - - - Palmyra 1890 T. GUILFORD SMITH M.A. C.E. LL.D.

Buffalo 1893 LEWIS A. STIMSON B.A. LL.D. M.D.


Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio 1897 CHESTER S. LORD M.A. LL.D. - - - - Brooklyn 1897 TIMOTHY L. WOODRUFF M.A. Lieutenant-Governor, ex officio 1899 John T. McDONOUGH LL.B. LL.D. Secretary of State, ex officio 1900 THOMAS A. HENDRICK M.A. LL.D. - - - Rochester 1901 BENJAMIN B. ODELL JR LL.D. Governor, ex officio 1901 ROBERT C. PRUYN M.A.

- Albany


Elected by regents

DIRECTORS OF DEPARTMENTS 1888 Melvil DEWEY M.A. State library and Home education 1890 JAMES RUSSELL PARSONS JR M.A.

Administrative, College and High school dep'ls 1890 FREDERICK J. H. MERRILL Ph.D, State museum

New York State Library

Bulletin 63 June 1901



PREFACE This list aims to show the resources of both New York state and Bowdoin college libraries in Maine local history, excluding education, geology, Indians, special manufactures, family genealogy, individual biography, and similar allied topics; but including manuals of churches and lodges of freemasons when containing lists of members covering several years.

Several general works are grouped at the beginning for ready reference. Works with distinct chapters on localities and historical periodicals have been analyzed. Bangor historical magazine is entered in full under Bangor but analyzed for other localities, and Old times in North Yarmouth is entered under each of the half dozen closely related towns concerned but not analyzed for single authors. Articles in general magazines are also included, Williamson's Bibliography of Maine having been used for those before 1890, As a rule notes and queries of less than a page have not been indexed.

The arrangement is the same as that of bibliography 23 in this series, C: A. Flagg's Connecticut local history, after which this list is modeled: counties according to the Decimal classification and under them their towns in alphabetic order. Dates of incorporation and the many changes in territory of towns and counties are given so fully and conveniently in Maine register that these items are omitted from the headings of this list.

Acknowledgment of suggestions and aid is specially due to the librarian of Bowdoin college and to the senior librarian of New York state.

Drew B. HALL


Works analysed

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Volume and page numbers are separated by a colon : e. g. 3:145 means v. 3, p. 145. Call numbers for both libraries are given, those for New York state in black face type.

A class number, if without book number or other abbreviation indicates a work in the New York traveling libraries; if followed by pam, an unbound pamphlet. A few works not regularly catalogued are marked N. Y. and, Bowdoin.


WORKS ANALYZED Appalachia ; the journal of the Appalachian mountain club, 1876–98. v.1-8. Bost. 1879-98.

917.4 Ap4 Bangor historical magazine (monthly), July 1885-Jan. 1895; J. W.

Porter editor. 9v. Bangor 1885-95. M106:21-26 974.1 B22

Ceased publication with number for Oct.-Dec. 1894: Maine historical magazine is title of v.8-9, also of separate numbers of v.7.

Eutered under, not analyzed for, Bangor.
Maine genealogist and biographer, a quarterly journal published

under the direction of the Maine genealogical and biographical
society; W: B. Lapham editor, Sep. 1875-June 1878. V.1-3.
Augusta n.d.

M106:3 929.1 M281 Maine historical and genealogical recorder [quarterly). gv. Portland 1884-98.

M106:4-8 929.1 M28 v.9 is monthly. Maine historical society. Collections. ser. 1. 1ov. Portland 1831-91.

M60 974.1 M28 v.1 was reprinted with corrections and additions in 1885: v.10 is a careful analytic index to v.1-9. v.9 wanting in N. Y. state library.

Collections: documentary history of the state of Maine, called ser. 2, is not analyzed but entered under head of General works.

· Collections and proceedings. ser. 2. v.1-10. Portland 1890-99.

M62:1-10 New England historical and genealogical register, 1847-1900. V.1-54. Bost. 1847-1900.

974 N44 929.1 N422 New England magazine, 1886–1900. v.1-27. Bost, 1886-1900.

051 N46 051 B34 • v.1-3 title reads Bay state monthly. Putnam's monthly historical magazine, 1890-99. V.1-9. Salem Mass, 1890-99.

974.45 S16–22 929.1 qSa31 v.1-2 have title Salem pre88 historical and genealogical record.

BIBLIOGRAPHY Bibliography of eastern Maine. (see Bangor historical magazine, Bibliography June 1890, 5 : 221-25)

M106:24 974.1 B22 Griffin, A. P.C. comp. Bibliography of American historical societies;

the United States and the dominion of Canada. p. 6771236. Wash. 1896.

973 Am33 016.973 G871
Revised with additions from his Bibliography, 1891-93.
-- (see American historical association. Annual report. 1896.

906 A10 973 Am33
Also in House doc. 291, 54th congress, 1st sess, v.62.
— Bibliography of the historical publications issued by the New
England states. 47p. Camb. 1895.

016.974 G87
Reprinted from publications of the Colonial society of Massachusetts, v.3.

- Bibliography of the historical societies of the United States and
British America. (see American historical association. Annual re-
port. 1891-93. 2:161-267; 4: 305-619) 906 A5 973 Am33

Also in Senate misc. doc. 51st cong. 2d sess. v. 5, no. 83; and, 52d covg. 2d sess. v. 4, no. 57.

- Index of articles upon American local history in historical collections in the Boston public library. 225p. Bost. 1889. (Boston-Public library. Bibliographies of special subjects 3)

H016.973 qG87 - (see Boston-Public library. Bulletins. Ap. 1883, v. 5, no. 65-May 1889, v. 8, no. 79)

027.47446 B 018.1 qB65 — Index of the literature of American local history in collections published in 1890-95, with some others. 1510. Bost. 1896.

016.97 G87 H016.973 G87 Griffin, Joseph, ed. History of the press of Maine, 1872. 284p. Brunswick 1872.

M164:1 N.Y.
Bibliography of Maine, p. 214–72.
Little, G: T: comp. One hundred books on Maine. (see Bow-
doin college-Library. Bulletin. June 1891. 1: 10-14)

378.741 AJI 027.7741 B67 Norton's literary letter; the bibliography of state of Maine and

other papers of interest together with a catalogue of a large col-
lection of works upon bibliography and America, 1859, no. 4.
52p. N. Y. 1859.

M760:3 016.97 N82
Bibliography of Maine, William Willis, p. 11-30.

General Perkins, F. B. Check list for American local history; reprinted with

additions from the bulletins of the Boston public library. 198p. Bost. 1876. .

C016.973 P41 - — (see Boston-Public library. Bulletins. Jan. 1876, v. 3, no. 36– Jan. 1879, V. 4, no. 59)

027.47446 B 018.1 qB65 Williamson, Joseph. Bibliography of the state of Maine from the earliest period to 1891. 2v. Portland 1896.

015.741 W67-68 016.9741 W67 “The work aims to include the full title of every book, pamphlet and magazine article ever written or published in, or concerning Maine, or of which her citizens were the authors."

GENERAL Abbott, J: S.C. History of Maine. 556p. Bost. 1875. 974.1 Ab2 - History of Maine, revised; five chapters of new material added

by E: H: Elwell. 608p. Augusta 1892. 974.I A13 Bradford, William. Of Plimoth plantation. (see Mass. historical society. Collections. 1856. ser. 4, 3:1-462)

974.4 H62 v.33 974.4 M38 v.33
References in this edition to localities of Maine in Williamson, Bibli-
ography of Maine, 1:189.
Carter, Robert. A summer cruise on the coast of New England. 261p.
Lond. 1889.

Largely off Maine.
Chamberlain, J. L. Maine, her place in history; address delivered at

the centennial exhibition, Philadelphia, Nov. 4, 1876, and in con-
vention of the legislature of Maine, Feb. 6, 1877, with the report of
the centennial commission. 129p. Augusta 1877.

974.1 C35 974.1 C35
Special map.
Charlevoix, P: F. X. de. History and general description of new
France; tr. with notes by J: G. Shea. 6v. 1866–72.

971 C38 971 qC38 Contents relating to Maine in Williamson, Bibliography of Maine, 1: 255-58. Colby, G: N. & Co. pub. Atlas of the state of Maine including sta

tistics and descriptions. 115p. Houlton 1884. 912.741 C6 - - Ed, 2. 109p. N. Y. C1890.

912.741 593 Cover title Stuart's atlas of Maine. Varies from 1884 edition in maps of summer resorts.

Brief history of Maine, W: B. Lapham, p. 9–12.

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