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Cook books

Terhune, Mrs Mary Virginia (Hawes). Cottage kitchen; practical and inexpensive receipts. 276p. D. N.Y. 1883. Scribner $1.

Sal. e & Herrick, Mrs Christine (Terhune). National cook book. 550p. D. N. Y. 1896. Scribner $1.50.

Sal. e Published by Unwin, London, 7s 6d. * Tinned foods and how to use them; adapted for small households and

excursions. 275p. illus. D. Lond. 1893. Ward 2s 6d. 641 Pub e Tinned meats, fish and fruits. 5op. O. Ipswich Eng. 1887. Todd, Mary. Easy lessons on cookery. 618. O. Dublin 1890.

Gill & Son. Trall, Russell Thacher. Hygeian home cook book; or, Healthful food without condiments. New ed. 72p. D. N.Y. 1874. Wells 5oc.

New hydropathic cook book; with recipes for cooking on hygienic principles. 226p. illus. D. N. Y. 1854. Fowler $1.25.

Bost. e Tried and true. ob.. New Bedford Mass. 1883. Dews goc. Trowbridge, Mrs Laura. Excelsior cook book and housekeeper's

aid. 1). N. Y. 187-? Mason $1.25.
Tschirky, Oscar. Cook book by “Oscar” of the Waldorf. 907p.
illus. Q. Lond. 1898. Gay & Bird 125.

Wor. e
Also pub. by Werner, Chicago.
Waggoner, J. Fred, ed. Home cook book; recipes contributed by

the ladies of Chicago. 394p. D. Chic. 1876. Waggoner

Sal. e Walker, Agnes. Mrs Walker's economical cookery book; recipes

from English, French, German and American authorities. 198p.O.

Lond. 1897. Simpkin is.
Warren, Mrs Eliza. Cookery for an income of £200 a year.

175p. O. Lond. 1887. Bemrose is.
New ed. 1891.
- Cookery for maids of all work. 0. Lond. 1856.

Economical cookery book; with additional pages on Australian meats. New ed. 124p. illus. D, Lond, 1881. Ward js. Washington, Mrs, pseud. Unrivaled cook book and housekeeper's

guide. 624p. D. N. Y. 1886. Harper $2. Sal, e Webster, Mrs A. L. Improved housewife; or, Book of receipts.

S. Hartford 1850.

Wenman, Agnes. Elementary schools cookery book. 647. O. Cook books

Southampton 1894. Church book depot is.
Whitcombe, Mrs Henry Pennel. Cheap and choice. 4op. O.

Lond. 1891.
Whitehead, Jessup. Cooking for profit; for all who serve meals at

a price. 356p. 0. Chic. 1886. Jessup $3. Sal. e

Includes Eight weeks at a summer resort; our daily bill of fare and what it cost.

- Oven and range cook books. rov. 0. Chic. 1878–84.
Whitehead $1.50-$2 each.

Contents: v.1, American pastry cook; v.2, Chicago herald cooking school (e); v.3, Hotel book of soups and entrees; v.4, Hotel fish and oyster cook (e); v.5, Professional cook's own receipt book; v.6, Hotel book of salads and cold dishes ; v.7, Hotel book of puddings; 1.8, Hotel book of

fine pastries; v.9, Hotel book of breads and cakes ; v.10, Hotel meat cooking. Widdifield, H. New cook book. D. Phil. 187-? Peterson $1.75. Wigley, Mrs S. S. Cookery and home comforts. 140p.D.

N. Y. 1878. Nelson 5oc.
Wilkinson, Mrs. Mrs Wilkinson's cookery book. Ed.4.

162p. O. Lond. 1897. Simpkin is.
Williamson, D. Practice of cookery and pastry; adapted to the

business of every day life. Ed. 18 enl. 370p. O. Lond.
1889. Simpkin 4s.

Ed. 21, 1895.
Woodman, M. S. Choice receipts. 1875.
Wren, Jenny. Art of preparing dainty dishes; also other tid-bits.

82p. O. Lond. 1891. Gardner 6d.
- Modern domestic cookery; including plans for dinners, with

bills of fare 356p. sq. S. Lond. 1880. Simpkın 4s.
Wright, C. E. Guthrie. School cookery book. 156p. S. N. Y.

1879. Macmillan 45c. (Macmillan's primer ser.)

Sold in London for 1s.
Wright, Margaret. Recipes for plain and high class dishes. Ed. 2.

88p.O. Lond. 1899. Simpkin 6d.
Yankee cook book. 126p. il. S. N. Y.187-? Dick 500; 30C.
Young, H. M. Choice cookery. Ed. 2. 138p. O. Lond.

1890. Heywood 2s. Young cook's assistant. Lond. 1856. Groombridge is.

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Young wife's cook book. 7oop. D. Phil. 1870. Peterson $1.75.
A younger son's cookery book; by a younger son's daughter. 412p.

0. Lond. 1896. Bentley 6s.


Grouped according to Decimal classification

Curtiss, Frederick H. Berkshire news comic cook book and dyspep-

tic's guide to the trade. 7op. D. Great Barrington Mass. 1890.

Douglas 25c.
Gillett, Lucy F. & Squire, E. E. Culinary gems: a collection of

choice recipes. 117p. D. Westfield Mass. 1880. Clark & S. Bost. e

Cover title reads Woronoco women's wisdom.
Nantucket receipts. 40p. S. Bost. 1875. A. Williams 25c.
Newton (Mass.) young ladies McAll club. Club cook book.
192p. sq.D. Newton 1891.

Sal. e Wellesley cook book; prepared by ladies of the congregational society. 184p. D. Bost. 1890. Peters.

Sal. e Women's auxiliary to the Charlestown branch of the Y. M. C. A.

Boston. Collection of tried receipts by various Charlestown house-
keepers. 8op. D. Bost. 189-?

Orr, Mrs N. De Witt's Connecticut cook book and housekeeper's

assistant. 192p. D. N. Y. 1871. De Witt 750; 50c.
Pomfret cookery. 68p. ob.Q. Pomfret Ct. 1887.

New York
Cook, Mrs Kate. Chautauqua cook-book; 1000 recipes. New ed.

enl. 127p. O. Jamestown N. Y. 1889. White 50c. W641 02 e Fitch, Mrs Julia L. Dorcas book of recipes. 748. illus. D. Peekskill N. Y. 1887. “Idea" office.

W641 Once Le Roy (N. Y.) ladies' library association. Le Roy receipt book. 16p. S. Le Roy 1889. Le Roy library association. 641 09 e

Gettysburg cook book; by the ladies of the presbyterian congregation

of Gettysburg. 1952. O. Gettysburg Pa. 1880. Wille

Sal. e

U. S. Southern

Rorer, Mrs Sarah Tyson. Philadelphia cook book; manual of Cook books

home economics. 581p. illus. D. Phil. 1886. Buchanan $1.75.

Sal. e
Published by Gay & Bird, London, 1892, 78 6d.

Gibson, Mrs Marietta Powell, ed. Maryland and Virginia cook-

book. 323p. O. Balt. 1894. Murphy $2. Sal. e Howard, Mrs Benjamin C. Fifty years in a Maryland kitchen.

New ed. 378p. D. Phil. 1881. Lippincott $1.50. Sal. e

An earlier ed. 1873.
Tyson, M. L. Queen of the kitchen ; “old Maryland” family receipts

for cooking. 412p. D. Phil. 1886. Peterson $1.75.


McPhail, Mrs Clement Carrington. FF V receipt book. 274p.

D. Richmond Va. 1894. West, J. & Co. $1.50,
Randolph, Mrs Mary. Virginia housewife; or, Methodical cook

book. Ed.3 enl. 240p. D. Washington 1828. Thompson. 64.1 8 e

Also pub. by Claxton Philadelpbia, 1873, $1.
Smith, Mrs Mary Stuart. Virginia cookery book. 352p. D.

N. Y. 1885. Harper $1.50.
Tyree, Marion Cabell, ed. Housekeeping in old Virginia; recipes

furnished by nearly 300 housewives of the old state. 528p. D.
N. Y. 1878. Randolph $1.75.

Sal. e
Barringer, Mrs Maria Massey. Dixie cookery; or, How I managed

my table for 12 years; for southern housekeepers. 1218. D.
Bost. 1867. Loring.

Sal. e
Hill, Mrs A. P. New southern cookery book and domestic receipts.

D. N. Y. 187–? Carleton $2.
Housekeeping in the sunny south; best cook-book. Atlanta.

Harrison $2.
Porter, Mrs M. E. Mrs Porter's new southern cook book. 416p. D.
Phil. 1871. J. E. Potter $1.75.

Sal. e
Verstilee, Mrs W. W. Southern cookery. Macon Ga. 1876.

Burke $1.25


Kirtland, Mrs. New cook book.

Montgomery Ala. n.d.

Hunt $1.


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La cuisine créole: recipes from clubs and creole housewives.
268p. D. N. 0. 1885. Eyrich $1.50.

Sal. e
Also pub. by Coleman, New York.
New Orleans, Christian woman's exchange. Creole cookery

book. 216p. D. N. 0. 1886. Eyrich $1.25.


Carlisle, Mrs John G. & others. Kentucky cook book. 249p. D.
N. Y. 1894. Neely $2.50.

Sal. e
Housekeeping in the Blue Grass; by ladies of the presbyterian church.

Paris Ky. New ed. enl. 190p. D. Cin. 1879. Clarke $1.50.

Sal. e Louisville cook book. D. Louisville Ky. 1890. Guide 500. White, Mrs Peter A. Kentucky housewife; a collection of recipes

for cooking. 316p. D. Chic. 1885. Belford $1. Sal. e Also pub. under title Kentucky cookery book, 1889.


Altrurian cook book; favorite recipes by the wives and daughters of

Troy. 223p. O. Troy 0. 1897. Kessler's printery. Domestic echoes: recipes by the Ladies' auxiliary and King's

daughters of the W. F. M. S. of 3d st M. E. church, Columbus, O.

99p. D. Columbus 1897. Home cook book; recipes of ladies of Toledo and other cities

toop. D. Toledo 0. 1877. Browne $1.50. Housekeeper's friend: a cook book compiled by a lady of Zanesville

0. 118p. O. Zanesville 0. 1877. Wiley $1.25. Practical receipts of experienced housekeepers; compiled by the ladies

of the Seventh presbyterian church of Cincinnati. Ed. 2. 210p. D.

Cin. 1878. Clarke $1.25.
Presbyterian cook book; by the ladies of the ist presbyterian church

of Dayton O. Ed. 3. Phil. 1874. Lippincott $1.50.

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