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REFERENCE BOOKS 015.73 United States catalog ; books in print, 1899.

H. W. Wilson $12.50 1, Author list including anonymong titles and series, giving short title, price and publisher of each edition, but no dates. 2, Directory of publishers. 3, Title index, referring to entry in author list. Of high

practical value to large buyers in spite of frequent errors and omissions. 020 Spofford, A. R. Book for all readers. Putnam $2

On choice, acquisition, binding and arrangement of books, with suggestions on memory training, making information available, library administration, rare books, etc. Primarily for librarians but of inter

est to all book lovers. 028 b American society for the extension of university teach

ing. Counsel upon the reading of books; with an introd. by Henry van Dyke,

Houghton $1.50 History, H. M. Stephens; Memoirs and biographies, Agnes Repplier; Sociology, A. T. Hadley ; Fiction, Brander Matthews; Poetry, Bliss

Perry; Essay and criticism, H. W. Mabie. 630.3 Bailey, L. H. & others. Cyclopedia of American horti

culture, 4v. v. 1-2. Macmillan net $5 per vol. Alphabetic; v. 2, to Myrtus' Range, Key West to Alaska. Mainly descriptions of species of fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants, with suggestions for cultivation and geographic sketches. Entries generally under scientific form, with reference from common name. Principal articles signed. Mayy illustrations.



PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS c Shaler, N. S. The individual ; a study of life and death.

Appleton $1.50 Naturalist's study, from scientific stand point, of the relations and possibilities of personality, with special consideration of the meaning of death.

6 Shinn, M. W. Biography of a baby. Houghton $1.50

Careful scientific observation of physical and mental development during first year; sympathetic witbout sentimentality and charmiogls

written. For mothers and psychologists. 170 . Bowker, R: R. The arts of life. Houghton $1.25

On attainment of bighest results in character, culture and human relations througb everyday life and enlightened use of education, busi

ness, politics and religion, 170 Griggs, E. H. The new humanism.

Author $1.60 10 papers applyiug scientific methods of study to personal and social matters. Stimulating and optimistic.




See also Juvenile, p. 917
6 Hillis, N. D. Influence of Christ in modern life.

Macmillan $1.50
Study of new problems of the church in American society. Points
out continued supremacy of Christian ideals under changed aspects.
McConnell, S: D. Essays practical and speculative.

Whittaker $1.50 The morals of sex; Church and clergy ; Broad churchmen and narrow; Theological seminaries ; Nature and God; God manifest; The other life, and other essays. c Bradford, A. H. Age of faith.

Houghton $1.50 Considers this an age of faith rather than doubt. Interprets theories about God, man and the universe in light of God's fatherhood. c Pierson, A.T. Forward movements of the last half century.

Funk $1.50 Oxford movement, church union, medical missions, rescue missions, city evangelization, Ramabai and women of India, and other philanthropic, missionary and spiritual movements. Peabody, F. G. Jesus Christ and the social question.

Macmillan $1.50 Shows intimate acquaintance with modern literature of question, discusses problems with fairness and writes with lucidity. Athenaeum






Chapman, J: J. Practical agitation. Scribner $1.25

Essays urging in vigorous language the value in securing better
political and social conditions of individual action made effective by
a Carnegie, Andrew. Gospel of wealth, and other timely

Century $2 Wealth, poverty, trusts, relations of capit: and labor, colonial possessions, imperialism, democracy in England, etc.

6 Gorren, Aline. Anglo-Saxons and others. Scribner $1.50

Comparative study of race tendencies and motives. Concedes superior qualities to Anglo-Saxon but recognizes defects which endanger his permanent leadership. Complements Demolin's flattering estimate of Anglo-Saxon.

b Roosevelt, Theodore. The strenuous life. Century $1.50

13 short essays urging a practical gospel of strength and action in character building and civic life.



326. I





Spears, J: R. American slave-trade. Scribner $2.50
History of origin, growth and suppression.
Adams, Brooks. America's economic supremacy.

Macmillan $1.25 Five essays discussing the commercial struggle between nations, and chiefly Englaod's losses, with one on national selection in literature. cReinsch, P.S. World politics at the end of the nineteenth

century. (Citizen's library of economics, politics and sociology)

Macmillan $1.25 Dispassionate discussion of colonization and imperialism, drawn mainly from European illustrations, but considering questions for United States. Bibliographies and map.

Conant, C: A. United States in the Orient. Houghton $1.25

Essays, reprinted from periodicals, concerned chiefly with economic rather than ethical and political aspects of subject. Favors expansion. Foster, J: W. Century of American diplomacy.

Houghton $3.50 1776-1876 Chapter on Monroe doctrine covers Venezuela dispute. Written from wide experience and careful use of firsthand sources.

Strives to be fair, but occasionally takes a too American view ... A valuable contribution to our historical literature. Annals of American academy of political and social science. McClure, A. K. Our presidents and how we make them.

Harper $2 Story of each campaign from first to that of 1896. Writer participated actively in 14 contests. Fairchild, G: T. Rural wealth and welfare. (Rural science ser.)

Macmillan $1.25 Practically a textbook of economics, dealing with productive industry, distribution of wealth and consumption, illustrated by and applied to farm life. Useful graphic charts.

cLloyd, H:D. A country without strikes. Doubleday net $1 Author visited New Zealand in 1899, studied the compulsory arbitration system and briefly describes its origin, details and results. b Riis, J. A. Ten years' war.

Houghton $1.50 Studies of tbe slum, the tepement, the tenant, the gang, the street boy, and of the battle for improved conditions in New York.

cSpahr, C: B. America's working people. Longmans $1.25

Based on personal study of conditions in New England and southern factory towns, Pennsylvania coal mines, Homestead iron mills, Chicago trades unions, farming districts of Minnesota and Dakota, and among negroes and Mormons.



331. 1





338 8


cSwift, Lindsay. Brook farm. (National studies in Ameri-
can letters)

Macmillan $1.25
The enterprise and its influences, with sketches of residents. Keen
judgments, tempered by kindly humor.
Ely, R: T. Monopolies and trusts. (Citizen's library oi

economics, politics and sociology) Macmillan $1.25
Thorough treatment, being part of an extensive work in preparation
on Distribution of wealth. Clear and valuable; less popular than
Jenk's Trust problem.
a Jenks, J. W. Trust problem.

McClure net $1 Popular presentation of facts for general readers rather than special students of theory. Author a careful investigator, employed as expert agent by United States industrial commission. cForsyth, G: A. Story of the soldier. (Story of the West ser.)

Appleton $1.50 Outline history of American regular army, with portrayal of soldier's life and characteristics. Graphic, vigorously drawn and based on wide experience. Dial cWillard, J.F. “Josiah Flynt” pseud. Notes of an itinerant policeman.

Page $1.25 Supplements his experiences as a tramp by that as railway policeman. Emphasizes public responsibility for prevailing abuses. c Candee, Mrs H. C. How women may earn a living.

Macmillan $1 Discusses boarding houses, the stage, typewriting, uursing, teaching, architecture, designiug, flowers, parlor lectures, newspaper work, trade, etc. with good sense, pleasing style and practical details.






See also Juvenile, p. 947
Dewey, John. School and society.

McClure $1
Suggestive papers on the school in relation to social progress and to
the life of the child, and on waste in education, with statement of
methods of University elementary school of Cbicago.
Butler, N: M. ed. Education in the United States. 2v.

Lyon $3.50 19 monographs prepared by educational specialists to present leading facts of our educational methods and progress at Paris exposition. c Davidson, Thomas. A history of education. Scribner net $1

Attempts to correlate each system of education with the age which formulated it, and point out the historical and philosophical evolution.

Able, but in no sense elementary; only a small minority of teachers will or can read it. Dial


371.6 Burrage, Severance & Bailey, H: T. School sanitation and decoration.

- Heath $1.50 Treats of location, construction, ventilation, beating, lighting, sanitary care, furniture, and of details of form, finish and decoration. Suggestive chapter on beauty in school work. List of suitable pictures

and casts. 371.94 b Thrasher, M. B. Tuskegee; its story and its work. Small $1

Outcome of careful investigations. Gives details of organization and workings of school and annual conferences, with reports on subsequent work of pupils.

Thwing, C: F. College administration. Century $2

Discussion of relations between faculty and governing boards, investment of funds, freedom of teaching, fraternities, inadequate equip. ment for professional education, exemption from property tax, etc. Abounds in accurate information, keen insight and kindly judgments.

Nicholas Murray Butler




See also Juvenile, p. 917
McManus, Seumas. “Mac”, pseud. Donegal fairy stories.

McClure $1 10 genuine folk-tales, somewhat barbaric and bloody-flavored, told in Irish dialect. Quaintly illustrated.





See also Juvenile, p. 947
Wallace, A. R. Studies scientific and social. Macmillan $5

52 essays, full of information and interest, on the lines of geology,
evolutionary biology, anthropology and sociology.
6 Williams, H: S. Story of nineteenth century science.

Harper $2.50 Sketches general progress of physical and natural sciences. Well illustrated and adapted to popular reading, yet scientific in spirit and method. a Iles, George. Flame, electricity and the camera.

Doubleday net $2 Man's progress from first kindling of fire to wireless telegraph and photography of color. Brings out in brilliant light achievements of last century. Doubleday, Mrs N. B. DeG. “Neltje Blanchan" pseud. Nature's garden.

Doubleday $3 Excellent popular reference book on wild flowers; too large for field use. Groups by color, and as fragrant, unpleasantly scented, conspicu. ous in fruit. Points out relations with insects. Good photographic illustrations, many in color.


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