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Crockett, S: R. Joan of the sword hand. Dodd $1.50
Romance of feudal Germany in 15th century.
Daskam, J. D. Smith college stories. Scribner $1.50

Animated and trne in portrayal of the girl undergraduate's interests and excitements.

Davis, Mrs M. E. M. Queen's garden. Houghton $1.25

Dreamlike love story of a young girl isolated in an old house in the French quarter of New Orleans. Davis, W; S. Friend of Caesar. Macmillan $1.50

Love story embodying painstaking study of Roman life and pagan point of view about 50 B. C. Dix, E. A. Deacon Bradbury.

. Century $1.50 Vermont village life. A farmer's religious faith becomes unsettled through a cloud on liis son's integrity. Duncan, Norman. Soul of the street; correlated stories of the New York Syrian quarter.

McClure $1.25 A noteworthy document on a little known phase of our city history. Nation Dunn, Mrs M. B. Memory street.

Page $1.25 An elderly woman's reminiscences of the amusements, pranks, perplexities and triumphs of her girlhood in a New England town. Earle, M.. T. Through old rose glasses and other stories.

Houghton $1.50 Mainly southern stories.

She seems to have a gift for collecting little unusual events and putting them together with an art that conceals art. Nation b Fox, John, jr. Crittenden; a Kentucky story. Scribner $1.25

Emphasizes that happiest incident of the Cuban war-the welding together of confederate and federal feeling by the common upholding of the American flag. Nation B Glasgow, E. A. G. Voice of the people. Doubleday $1.50

Virginia social avd political conditions during period following reconstruction. Fortunes of a man of sturdy lovesty who rises to high political position. Grant, Robert. Unleavened bread. Scribner $1.50

Disagreeable but keen study of a bandsome woman controlled by ambition of power and love of publicity. c Harben, W:N. Northern Georgia sketches. McClurg $1

Stories of slaves and poor whites under homely conditions, bringing out, often with bumor, some of human nature's better qualities. b Harland, Henry. “Sidney Luska,” pseud. Cardinal's snuffbox,

Lane $1.50 Graceful, dainty love story. Italian in scene.

6 Harris, J. C. “Uncle Remus,” pseud. On the wing of occasions.

Doubleday $1.50 Why the confederacy failed ; The kidnapping of President Lincolo and other stories of southern secret service during civil war. Haskins, C. D. For the queen in South Africa. Little $1

Five stories of Zulu war and one of Boer war. Spirited studies of young manhood under fire. c Hawkins, A. H. “Anthony Hope,” pseud. Quisanté.

Stokes $1.50 English story of a selfmade man, a clever unscrupulous politician, in whom certain admirable qualities attract even those who perceive bis obliqnities. Hewlett, M. H: Life and death of Richard Yea-and-Nay.

Macmillan $1.50 Richard Coeur de Lion and crusades. Medieval romance of glowing style. c Janvier, T: A. Passing of Thomas. Harper $1.25

Five lighthearted stories. Scenes, Pbiladelphia and France. a Johnston, Mary. To have and to hold. Houghton $1.50

Adventure and love in colonial Virginia. Shows careful historical study, skilful characterization, freshness and fine feeling in portrayal of nature. c Macdonald, Ronald. Sword of the king. Century $1.50

English love story, 1685-88, in which Monmouth's rebellion, Kirke's Lambs and William of Orange figare. Mason, C. A. A woman of yesterday. Doubleday $1.50

Study of development in a woman of strong religious character, brought up in a narrow orthodoxy and affected by modern ideas. c Mikszáth, Kálmán. St Peter's umbrella. Harper $1.50

Ilungarian peasant life. Humorous romance of a red umbrella which became a village fetich. Mitchell, S: W. Dr North and his friends. Century $1.50

Wise and witty table talk of group of cultivated Philadelpbiaus, with mere thread of love story.

Parker, Gilbert. Lane that had no turning. Doubleday $1.50

Short stories, more or less connected, of French Canadian life. c Phillpotts, Eden. Sons of the morning. Putnam $1.50

Devon story of a charming woman's love for two men and its tragic results. Saturated with local color and feeling for nature. b Roberts, C; G: D. Heart of the ancient wood. Silver $1.50

Forest love story. Portrays animal character with unusual insight, without endowing with human attributes.

Seawell, M. E. House of Egremont. Scribner $1.50

Romance of England under William of Orange, and the Jacobite court at St Germain,

Shackleton, Robert. Toomey and others. Scribner $1.25

Stories of New York tenements and Blackwell's Island hospitals and almshouses. Generally pathetic and painful, sometimes humorous and never coarse. Smith, M. C. Mary Paget; a romance of old Bermuda.

Macmillan $1.50 Introduces scenes and allusions from Shakspero's Tempest. a Spearman, F. H. The nerve of Foley. Harper $1.25

Ten vigorous stories of excitements, dangers and beroisms of railway

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Steel, Mrs F. A. Voices in the night. Macmillan $1.50

Anglo-Indian story. Somewhat confused and sensational in plot, yet dramatic in episodes and strong in local color and portayal of conflicting civilizations. Stephens, R. N. Philip Winwood.

Page $1.50 Hero, an American revolutionary captain. Story told by a generous rival in love and enemy in war. Stockton, F. R. Afield and afloat.

Scribner $1.50 11 characteristic stories of love or fautastic adventure on stream or oceau. a Tarkington, Booth. Monsieur Beaucaire. McClure $1.25

Bath in time of Beau Nash. Clever in repartee; dramatic in de nouement.

Thompson, Maurice. Alice of old Vincennes. Bowen $1.50 Love and adventure in Indiana in 1779. a Ward, Mrs M., A. Eleanor.

Harper $1.50 Of rare intellectual and emotional interest. Somber, but not disheartening in outcome to readers mainly interested in character study. Italian scene. Warren, Charles. The girl and the governor. Scribner $1.50

Iudependent stories, centering about a politician of high moral standards, and cach involving some question of right action. Weyman, S. J. Sophia; a romance. Longmans $1.50

Love in high life, England, 1712. Interest chiefly in succession of adventures. Wharton, Mrs Edith. The touchstone. Scribner $1.25

Skilful character study of relations between a wife and her husband, who to obtain money to justify their marriage has violated a sacred coufidence.

Wilkins, M.. E. Heart's highway. Doubleday $1.50

Love story of colonial Virginia during tobacco riots following Bacon's rebellion. Wister, Owen. Jimmyjohn boss and other stories.

Harper $1.25 Eight humorous, grim and pathetic stories of western frontier life. Zangwill, Israel. Mantle of Elijah. Harper $1.50

English politics and society. Lays scene in early sixties, but reflects present movement toward imperial expansion.


c Brown, A. F. Book of saints and friendly beasts,

Hougliton $1.25
Legends of the lesser saints and the animals associated with them
retold as simple folk tales for children.
Burt, M.. E. & Ragozin, Z. A. Herakles, the hero of

Thebes. (Series of school reading) Scribner net 6oc
Excellent versions of stories of Herakles, Theseus, Jason, Orpheus,
Pelops, Perseus, Demeter, Prometheus, Deukalion, Daedalog. Phaethon.
Adapted from second book of primary schools of Athens, Gieece.




Andrews, Jane. Stories of my four friends. Ginn 450

Simple stories and sketches of nature and the four seasons, teacbing children to observe and appreciate. Charmingly illustrated. c Canton, William, ed. True annals of fairyland: Reign of King Herla.

Macmillan $2 Variants of old tales, held together by a new thread and freshly illustrated. Some versions are quoted with acknowledgements to Kingsley, Carlyle and Mr Rouse.

Lang, Andrew, ed. Grey fairy book. Longmans $2

Another selection of old fairy tales retold and newly illustrated. b Burroughs, John. Squirrels and other fur-bearers.

Houghton $1 Habits of chipmunk, woodchuck, bare, muskrat, skunk, fox, weasel, mink, raccoon, porcupine, opossum, wild mice. 15 colored illustrations after Audubon.




c Beard, D. C. Jack of all trades.

Scribner $2 Boy's handbook. Directions for treetop and underground club houses, fishponds, workshops, toboggan slides, trapping and taming animals, indoor entertainments with chalk and scissors, circuses, Christmas doings, etc.


St Nicholas book of plays and operettas. Century $1

Simple plays, acted ballads, shadow pantomimes, tableaus, a

children's sympliony, etc. reprinted from St Nicholas, 828.8 April baby's book of tunes, with the story of how they came to

be written ; by the author of Elizabeth and her German garden.

Macmillan $1.50 Doings of three little German-English girls. Appeals chiefly to grown people, but may be made entertaiving to children. Kate Greenaway colored illustrations. Tarr, R. S. & McMurry, F. M. Geographies. Macmillan 910 v.1 Home geography and the earth as a whole.

net 6oc. 917 v. 2 North 75C. Textbooks treating geography broadly. Structure of soil and physical features, influence of physical facts on colonization and industries. Children are shown how to investigate and demonstrate statements for themselves. Fully illustrated and valuable as children's reference

books in general library. 910.4 Johnson, W: H: World's discoverers. Little $1.50

Voyages by Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Magellan, Verrazzano, Frobisher, Davis, Drake, Hudson, Sir John Frauklin, Nordenskiöld and

others. Maps aud illustrations. 917.3 c Brooks, E. S. Century book of the American colonies.

• Century $1.50 Young peoples' pilgrimage from Gulf states northward, tracing colo.

nial history. Well illustrated. 917.98 6 Thompson, A. R. Gold-seeking on the Dalton trail.

Little $1.50 Two boys' summer in Alaska. Full of genuine adventure, information and interest.

Brady, C. T. Reuben James. (Young heroes of our navy)

Appleton $1 Mainly true story of a common sailor who participated in the fight between the Constellation and l’Insurgent, and once saved Decatur's life.

Barbour, R. H: For the honor of the school. Appleton $1.50

Schoolboy life and interscholastic sport.
a Eggleston, G: C. Last of the flat boats. Lothrop $1.50

Four boys' trip down Ohio and Mississippi to New Orleans during great flood. Interest sustained while much information is conveyed.

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