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University of the State of New York


With years of election 1874 ANSON JUDD UPSON L.H.D. D.D. LL.D.

Chancellor, Glens Falls 1892 WILLIAM Croswell DOANE D.D. LL.D.

Vice-Chancellor, Albany 1873 MARTIN I. TOWNSEND M.A. LL.D. - - Troy 1877 CHAUNCEY M. Depew LL.D. - - - - New York 1877 CHARLES E. Fitch LL.B. M.A. L.H.D. - - Rochester 1877 Orris H. WARREN D.D. - - - - Syracuse 1878 WHITELAW Reid M.A. LL.D. - - - - New York 1881 William H. WATSON M.A. M.D. - - - Utica 1881 Henry E. TURNER - - - - - - Lowville 1883 St Clair MCKELWAY M.A. L.H.D. LL.D. D.C.L. Brooklyn 1885 Daniel Beach Ph.D. LL.D. - - - Watkins 1888 Carroll E. SMITH LL.D. - - - - Syracuse 1890 Pliny T. SEXTON LL.D. - - - - Palmyra 1890 T. GUILFORD Smith M.A. C.E. LL.D. - - Buffalo 1893 LEWIS A. STIMSON B.A. LL.D. M.D. - - New York 1895 ALBERT VANDER VEER Ph.D. M.D. - - - Albany 1895 CHARLES R. SKINNER M.A. LL.D.

Superintendent of Public Instruction, ex officio 1897 CHESTER S. LORD M.A. LL.D. - - - Brooklyn 1897 TIMOTHY L. WOODRUFF M.A. Lieutenant-Governor, ex onico 1899 JOHN T. McDonough LL.B. LL.D. Secretary of State, ex onico 1900 THOMAS A. HENDRICK M.A. LL.D. 1901 BENJAMIN B. ODELL JR LL.D. Governor, ex officio 1901 Robert C. Pruyn M.A. - - - - - Albany

- Rochester

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DIRECTORS OF DEPARTMENTS 1888 Melvil DEWEY M.A. State library and Home education 1890 JAMES RUSSELL PARSONS JR M.A.

Administrative, College and High school 1890 Frederick J. H. MERRILL Ph.D. State museum

DIRECTOR'S NOTE This list provides books to the amount of $500, assuming that an average discount of one third will be secured, except in case of a few books marked net and specially allowed for. Wherever there is opportunity for choice, editions have been carefully selected. Considerations of economy have debarred mention of many excellent editions, but have not induced the recommendation of poor print, paper or editing. An occasional note gives information about more expensive editions or fuller treatises which would be desirable could they be afforded, but which can not be substituted without exceeding the $500 limit or excluding something else. Where alternatives are suggested in the main list, as in case of cyclopedias, translations of Homer, etc. provision has been made for buying the more expensive work, but not both. When more than one edition is mentioned, the first is the one reckoned. Amounts in headings represent list prices and do not include alternatives.

Certain series of miscellaneous standard literature, which appear frequently on the list and are sometimes brought into comparison, perhaps need brief description. The volumes of the Riverside literature series (Houghton) are 12mos printed in clear, medium size type on good opaque paper and bound in brown linen. They are also bound in paper and boards, but only the cloth binding is quoted on this list. The Riverside school library (Houghton) volumes are generally printed from the same plates as the Riverside literature series, on somewhat finer paper and bound in red half leather. The World's classics (Putnam) are less expensive reissues of the well known Knickerbocker nuggets. The type, though not large, is clear, the page well spaced, and the paper good. They are neatly bound small 16mos. The Elia series (Putnam) are larger 16mos, admirable in type and paper, with gilt top and rough edges. These series, with Longmans' English classics, Sibley & Ducker's Students series of English classics, Macmillan's School editions, and others of recognized value, may be depended on as evenly good. To know one is to be assured of the quality of all. Unfortunately this is not always true of special editions and series, the uniformity sometimes consisting only in binding and price. Of the Stratford edition of Irving certain volumes are good while others are poor. Crowell's Waldorf library, uncommonly satisfactory for the price in many instances, is very unequal and sometimes decidedly inferior. It has been recommended in this list only after examination of the individual volume.

Books marked a aggregate $200. If to these the books marked bare added, the amount will reach $300. This selection merely suggests probable first needs in case it is impracticable to buy all on the list, but it does not imply that these books are superior in quality. It is of course impossible to make a limited list which shall perfectly meet diverse conditions and needs. A German dictionary or an advanced chemistry may be almost useless in one school and absolutely necessary in another. Variations must be made to suit requirements of special courses and interests of the community. The resources of a school must also be considered. It is hoped that these briefer selections will meet average requirements fairly well and that the full list will furnish suggestions for special wants.

Melvil DEWEY




Allyn & Bacon 172 Tremont st. Boston Altemus

Henry Altemus & Co. 507-13 Cherry st. Philadelphia Alvarez

Francisco Alvarez y Ca., Seville Amer. bk co.

American book co., Washington square, New York Amer. tech. bk co.

American technical book co, 83 Chambers st. New

York Angulo

A. C. de Antonio de Angulo, Salamanca Antonio de Sancha

Madrid Appleton

D. Appleton & Co. 72 5th av. New York Baker

Baker & Taylor Co. 53 E 16th st. New York Bardeen

C. W. Bardeen 406 S Franklin st. Syracuse N. Y. Barnes

A. S. Barnes & Co. 156 5th av. New York Bell

George Bell & Sons 4-6 York st. Covent Garden

Loudon, W. C. Black

A. & C. Black 4-6 Soho square, London W. Brentano

Brentauo's 31 Union square, New York Bryan

Bryan, Taylor & Co. New York Camb. univ.

Cambridge university press Ave Maria lane, Lon

don, E, C. Cassell

Cassell & Co. 7-9 W 18th st. New York Century

Century Co. Union square, New York Chapman

Chapman & Hall 11 Henrietta st. London, W. C. Chatto

Chatto & Windus 110-11 St Martin's lane Charing

Cross, London, W. C. Chic. kindergarten college Chicago kindergarten college 10 Van Buren st.

Chicago Coates

Henry T. Coates & Co. 1222 Chestnut st. Phil.

adelphia Colin

Armand Colin et Cie Paris

Comstock publishing co. Ithaca N. Y.
Correspondencia de España Madrid

J. G. Cotta, Stuttgart

T. Y. Crowell 426-28 W Broadway, New York Davidson

H. A. Davidson, 1 Sprague place, Albany N. Y.

Dawson Bros. Montreal
Direccion y administracion Madrid

Dodd, Mead & Co. 372 5th av. New York

Doubleday, Page & Co. 34 Union square, New York Dutton

E. P. Dutton & Co. 31 W 230 st. New York Educ. pub. co.

Educational publishing co. 50 Bromfield st. Boston Estes

Dana Estes & Co. 208–18 Summer st. Boston Fernando F6

Libería de Fernando Fé, Madrid Flammarion

Ernest Flammarion, Paris Fords

Fords, Howard & Hulbert 47 E 10th st. New York Fou raut

A. Fouraut Paris

Globe pub, co.
Globe sch. bk co.
Milton Bradley Co.'
Obras de Pérez Galdós
Otto Holtze's nachfolger
Oxford univ.

Funk & Wagpalls 30 Lafayette place, New York
Ginn & Co. 9–13 Tremont place
Globe publishing co. 5th av. & 18th st. New York
Globe school book co. 103 5th av. New York
Harper & Brothers Franklin square, New York
D. C. Heath & Co. 110-12 Boylston st. Boston
Librería de la viuda de Hernando y ca. Madrid
Henry Holt & Co. 29 W 230 st. New York
Houghton, Mifflin & Co. 4 Park st. Boston
Litografía de los Huérfanos Madrid
William R. Jenkins 851-53 6th av.
Orange Judd Co. 52-54 Lafayette place, New York
G. Juste Madrid
Lamson, Wolffe & Co. 6 Beacon st. Boston
Lee & Shepard 202 Devonshire st. Boston
Lemcke & Buechper 812 Broadway, New York
J. B. Lippincott & Co. 624 Chestnut st. Philadelphia
Little, Brown & Co. 254 Washingtou st. Boston
Longmans, Green & Co. 91-93 5th av. New York
Lothrop publishing co. 530 Atlantic av. Boston
A. C. McClurg & Co. 221 Wabash av. Chicago
James Maclehose & Sons 61 St Vincent st. Glasgow
Macmillan Co. 66 5th av. New York
Maynard, Merrill & Co. 29 E 19th st. New York
G. & C. Merriam Co. 499 Main st. Springtield Mass.
49 Willow st. Springfield Mass
John Murray 50a Albemarle st. London, W.
Thomas Nelson & Sons 37-41 E 18tb st. New York
David Nutt 57-59 Long Acre, London, W.C.
Madrid :
Oxford university press 91-93 5th av. New York
Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. Paternoster

House, Cbaring Cross road, London, W. C.
James Pott & Co. 119-21 W 230 st. New York
G. P. Putnam's Sons 27-29 W 23d st. New York
Rand, McNally & Co. 160-74 Adams st. Chicago
George Redway 9 Hart st. Bloomsbury, London,

W. C.
Sucesores de Rivadeneyra, Madrid
José Rodríguez, Madrid
George Routledge & Sons 119-21 W 23d st. New York
Benjamin H. Sanborn 110-20 Boylston st. Boston
Walter Scott, limited 1 Paternoster buildings, Lon-

don, E. C.
Scott, Foresman & Co. 378-88 Wabash av. Chicago



Scott, Foregman

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