American Chess-nuts: A Collection of Problems

Eugene Beauharnais Cook, W. R. Henry, Charles Alexander Gilberg
A. W. King, 1868 - 627 sidor

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Sida ii - This case comes to this court under a certificate of division of opinion from the Circuit Court of the United States for the southern district of the State of New York.
Sida v - Provided a subscription list can be obtained sufficient to pay the expense of publication, it is in contemplation to issue, during the present year, a large collection of Chess Problems by American Composers. The book will be under the Editorship of Eugene B. Cook and WR Henry; it will contain one thousand positions upon diagrams two and a half inches square, and the price will not exceed two dollars.
Sida v - Composers who wish their productions to appear to the best advantage are requested to forward the latest versions to the same address. The Editors would like, also, to publish the real name of the composer in every case, and to give the proper credit to the periodical in which each problem originally appeared.
Sida 624 - В on R 8, mating, instead of taking a B on Kt 8, and becoming a B.
Sida 439 - В 5. (A) 1. 2. Kt to В 6, ch. 3. В to К 7, mate.
Sida 420 - В 5, ch. 2. В to В 3, dis. ch. К moves. 3. Q to Q 5, mate.
Sida 624 - К moves. 4. .R mates. Third Stipulation. 1. R to Q Kt 7.

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