Sidor som bilder

and a house of prayer erected, there the name of answered, Yes—I have succeeded in uniting them to a God is recorded, and his promise is sure. He will man against me! In introducing men into the mincome and bless the people who assemble there for

istry, any evidence of habitual imprudence in a can. ,

didate should be as serious a bar as want of intellihis word. No greater blessing has God given to men

gence and want of piety. than the glorious gospel of his grace. Wherever it comes, it sheds light on all around. It holds forth Christ, who is the Sun of Righteousness, the light of

BREAD UPON THE WATERS. the world. The beams of divine truth, when they

A Swiss boy of remarkable promise was refused by shine into any place, disperse the mists of ignorance,

his father the necessary aid for prosecuting studies error, and prejudice; and if the natural light is

for which he had a strong predilection. The good sweet and pleasant to our eyes, how much more the

pastor of the parish in this emergency came forward light of divine truth? How happy are they who

and furnished the necessary means; the boy was know the Lord, and are illumined with the rays of

sent to the university, and in the course of time rose spiritual light?

to the highest eminence among scientific men. His “ The gospel is, moreover, a healing medicine for

name has no superior in his department. the diseased souls of men. It is an effectual remedy

Many years had passed away, and the Swiss boy for maladies incurable by any other means. It is the

thus be friended was now, with place and pay equal balm of Gilead, and Christ is the great Physician,

to the distinction which his studies had won, & resi. who has procured the remedy, and knows how to

dent of the American continent. He lived solitarily, apply it. Suppose your families were down with

amid plenty. But reverses had come upon his ansome fatal disease, which baffled all the skill of phy

cient friend, the benefactor of his youth. Religious sicians, and one should come among you who pos

persecution had visited his native Canton de Vaud, and sessed a sovereign remedy, which no other knew or

the Swiss pastor, now an old man, had been driven could administer-how would the dwelling of such a

from his flock, without home or the means to procure physician be surrounded? and from morning to even

one. The scholar lost no time in transmitting to the ing applications would throng around him. Well,

venerable man an invitation to share with him his spiritual health is more important than bodily; and

purse and table; the invitation was accepted, and, men are all deeply diseased with the mortal leprosy

added to the pleasure of having given to the world a of sin, though many are insensible of their miserable

man of science, the Swiss pastor had the happiness condition. How desirable to have a dispensary in

of proving in his own experience the truth of that your midst, where all may come and be gratuitously

Divine promise, “ Cast thy bread upon the waters, supplied with medicine, which will heal their souls!

and after many days thou shalt find it."
Such a dispensary will be a gospel Church in the
midst of you."


1. Let him have his own way.

2. Allow him free use of money. In former years, we knew a minister of the gospel,

3. Suffer him to roam where he pleases on the 2ow entered upon his rest, who was amiable, devout,

Sabbath. and eminently prudent. He received a call by a bare majority to a congregation that had been split into

4. Give him full access to wicked companions. parties by a previous feud, and contrary to the ad 5. Call him to no account of his evenings. vice of some, who predicted an unhappy result, he 6. Furnish him with no stated employment. accepted it, and directed his steps to his future field Pursue either of these ways, and you will experiof labour. He proceeded in his appropriate work as

ence a most marvellous deliverance, or will have to if all were his friends; he visited all; bore all the rebuffs he met with in the truest Christian spirit, and

mourn over a debased and ruined child. Thousands by persevering in this course, and letting his light

have realized the sad result, and have gone sorrowing shine, he won the hearts of his bitterest opponents, to the grave. healed all difficulties, and eventually had the pleasure of seeing himself surrounded by a people who had but one heart and mind, who loved him while he

Fragments. lived, and made great lamentations over his premature death.

Man without religion is the creature of circumstan.' We have heard of another who accepted a call un

ces; Religion is above all circumstances, and will der very similar circumstances, but not with similar

lift him up above them. qualifications. He listened to all the idle gossip that

A mother should desire to give her children & suwas afloat, thus permitting the people to keep alire

perabundance of enthusiasm, to the end that, after the exacerbation of existings feeling by perpetually

they have lost all they are sure to lose in mixing with talking of their mutual wrongs; his partisanship was

the world, enough may still remain to prompt and sought by both parties, and by imprudent concessions

support them through great actions. A cloak should he gave to each ground for believing that he had spe

pe be of three pile, to keep its gloss in wear. cial sympathy for them, until at length he was trusted by neither. He had tried the plan of worldly

The ancients dreaded death : the Christian can policy, instead of that of the watchful, devout, dili

only fear dying. gent, and prudent minister of the gospel; and when To those whose god is honour, disgrace alone is sin. asked by a friend, some time after his settlement, if The intellect of the wise is like glass : it adunits he had succeeded in uniting his people, he promptly the light of heaven, and reflects it.

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(WE commend the following Paper, proposing | new wounds are inflicted. The ministry has

union in prayer among all Churches from the little power. Saints are not built up, and sin 23d to the 31st December inclusive, to the at- ners are not converted. Sabbaths are unretention of our readers. It has been already lished, sanctuaries are upprized, the communion extensively circulated, and the season will of saints is not enjoyed, the worship of God hadoubtless be very generally observed.]

become vapid, the lives of saints are barren “What meanest chou, o sleeper? Arise, call upon thy ...... Sectarianism, politics, worldliness, sel God."-JONAH i. 6. .

fishness, censoriousness, are too visible among It is proposed that the saints of God in all us. “Be watchful, and strengthen the thing: lands and Churches should unite in prayer.* which remain that are ready to die ; for I have The Lord has affixed a special promise to agree not found thy works perfect before God." inent in prayer, even among two of his children, 3. The state of the World. It is ripening for and it is on this sure promise that the present the fire of judgment. Ungodliness is written agreement is founded.

over it all. Its kingdoms overflow with crime. The proposers connect no virtue with this Antediluvian wickedness is rife amongst us. agreement beyond what that promise gives ; | Vileness, worse than Sodom's, is familiar over but they think that such a promise does war- Europe. Atheism defies the God of heaven rant their agreement during a specific period, Blasphemy utters its scoffs. Philosophic pride and that such an agreement is one of the best pours out its great swelling words of vanity. methods of calling attention to that promise, as Cruel despotism on the one hand, that hates well as of acting upon it.

liberty and light, and would turn every kingMany things call for such an ayreement or dom into à dungeon ; and on the other, wild union among the people of God. Chiefly the lawlessness, that mocks authority and speaks following :

evil of dignities, and proclaims the sovereignty 1. The state of our own Nation. It is casting of the people-are the two sad extremes that off the fear of God, and disowning the name of meet our eye in glancing over the stormy Christ. It is blotting out the difference between breadth of the continental sea. It is in the truth and error, light and darkness. It is placing midst of this rude turbulence of evil and Antichrist on a level with Christ. It is cherish. wretchedvess that the voice comes forth- the ing Popery. It is rushing headlonginto infidelity. voice of untiring love-“ Fear God and give It is despising the Divine laws. It is spurning Him glory, for the hour of his judgment is come.” God's Sabbaths. It is rushing into crime of Let us arise, then, and call upon our God, for every name-lust, murder, perjury, sedition, the time is short. hatred, strife, and all shapes of evil. It laughs Church of God! To thy knees! Cry aloud at God's judgments. It refuses to humble it--rest not-sleep not. Up and plead—“ How self under his heavy rod. . ....

| long, O Lord !” Awake from thy long sleep2. The state of the Churches. Life is low in all | be in earnest. of them. The pulse beats feebly, as if vitality Saints of the Most High ! Unite for prayer. were nearly gone. Spirituality is at ebb Let no differences or suspicions hinder such a amongst us. We pray little, we praise little. / union. In such an agreement let all divisions we confess little, we walk with God but dis- be forgotten. Do not grudge the time. It is tantly and tamely, if at all ; we are shrivelled well spent, though it were many days longer. and worn out, ready to faint, unfit to do great Meet together : stir up each other. Linger not! things for God. Love has grown cold. Unity for the night has begun to fall. is broken up. Old wounds are not healed, and * It is expected that at least an hour, morning and evening,

AINTS FOR HELPING TO SPEND TIE PROPOSED should be spent in prayer. Eight o'clock has, in former

TIME PROFITABLY, years, been the hour agreed upon. There should also be public meetings for prayer.

It would be well that we began the season

with solemn humiliation, spending the allotted | Lawlessness. Ps. xii. 4.
hours of the first day in confession of sin. Texts | Selfishness. I Cor. x. 24; Phil. ii. 4.

Luxury. Isa. iii. 16-26; Rev. xviii. 7-14. such as the following may be helpful :

Wantonness. Ezek, xiii. 17-21; James v. 5. Sins of our nature. Ps. li. 5.

Pride. Ps. X. 4-11; Jer. i, 29-32. Sins of our lives. Ps. xiv.; Eph. ii.

Covetousness. Micah vi. 10-13; Amos ii. 6Sins of our thoughts. Gen. vi. 5; Jer. iv. 14.

Oppression. Eccles. iv. 1; Heb. i. 2-4. Sins of our words. Isa, vi. 5 ; Matt. xii. 34-37. Sins like Sodom and Gomorrahı. Isa. i. 9, 10 Sins of our duties. Mal. i. 6–14.

Jude 7. Unbelief. Luke xxiv. 25 ; Heb. iii. 12-19.

Like Tyre, and Sidon, and Capernaum. Mati Hardness of heart. Ezek. iii. 7.

xi. 20-24. Stubbornness. Isa. xlviii. 4; Zech. vii. 12. Like Israel. Lev, xxvi. 14–39; Isa. v, 1-24. Rebellion. Deut. xxxi. 27 ; Ezek. ii. 3–7.

Sins of rulers. Micah ii. 1-4; Zeph. iii, 1-3. Hypocrisy. Isa. xxix. 13; 1 Peter ii. 1.

Sius of ministers. Micah iii. 5-7; Zeph. iii. s Self-pleasing. Rom. xiv. 7; xv. 3.

Of parents. 1 Sam. iii. 13; Eph. vi. 4. Ambition. Jer. xlv. 5; Dan, v, 20.

Of masters. Job xxxi. 13-15; Jer, xxii, 13-17 Self-seeking. I Cor. x. 33 ; Phil. ii. 29. Of servants. Titus ii. 9, 10; 1 Peter ii. 18, 1: Flesh-pleasing. Rom. xiii. 14; Col. ij. 5.

Of the rich. Amos viii. 4-10; James v. 1-6. Worldliness. James iv. 4; 1 John ii. 15-17. Of the poor. Prov. xxx. 9; Jer. v. 3, 4. Prayerlessness. Job. xv. 4; Hosea vii. 14.

Prayer for a blessing on the land. Zeph. iij. Instability. Hosea vi. 4; Matt. xii. 5-20. 14-20. Formality. 2 Tim. iii. 5 ; Rev. iii, 1.

On its rulers. Num. xi. 16-25; 1 Kings iii, 5-15 Ignorance. Hosea ii. 6–8; John xiv. 9. Its ministers. Exod. iv. 10-17; Deut. xxxiv. S. Self-righteousness. Job, xii. 2; Jer. vii, 4. On the faithful. Jer. xv. 19-21; 2 Peter i. 16 Double-mindedness. Luke xi. 34-36; James i.8. On the unfaithful. Ezek. xii. 2-16; Mic. iii. 11. Slight views of sin. Jer. xxx. 12–15.

On God's people. Phil. i. 9-11; Heb. xiii, 20, 21 Indifference to the evil of sin. Jer. xliv. 4. On the unconverted. Zech. xii, 10-14; 1 Tim To the state of God's Church, Esther iii. 15; ii. 1-4. iv. 14; Amos vi. 6.

Schools. Exod. xii. 8–16; Deut. xxxi. 12, 13. Unwatchfulness. Luke xxi. 36 ; 1 Pet. iv. 7. Sabbath schools. Deut. vi. 6, 7; Ps. lxxviii. 2-S. Anxiety about the things of earth. Luke xii. Revivals in every part. 2 Chron. xv. 1-15, 22-34 ; Phil, iv. 6.

Ps. lxxxv. 1-9. Unconcern for souls. Jer, viii. 21 ; xiii. 17.

In our large towns. 2 Chron. xxx. 13-27; Acts | Unthankfulness. 1 Thess. v. 18; Heb. xiii. 15. viii. 8. Sloth. Prov. xxvi. 13-16 ; IIeb. vi. 12. Deliverance from covetousness. Eccles. v. Pride. Prov. xvi. 5 ; Zeph. iii. 11; Phil. ii. 3. L 10-16; Heb. xiii. 5, 6. Neglect of God's praises. Ps. cxlvi. 2. From Sabbath-breaking. Exod. xvi. 23-30; Inconsistencies. Exod. xxii. 13; Deut. iv.9, 10. Isa. lviii, 13, 14. Backslidings, 2 Chron. xxx. 6-9; Jer. ii. 5-31. From its ungodliness. Josh. xxiv. 14-27; Judg Slighting Christ. John v. 40; Heb. x, 29. x. 10-16. Grieving the Spirit. Isa. Ixiii. 10 ; Eph. iv. 30. | Its merchandise sanctified. Isa. xxiii. 18 Lying to the Spirit. Ps. lxxviii. 36; Acts v. Zech. xiv. 20, 21. 3-9.

Overthrow of Popery. Col. ii. 18-23; Rev. Resisting Him. Acts vii. 51; 1 Thess. v. 19. xviii. 1-24. Undervaluing his gifts. Acts viii. 19-22. Of Socialism and Infidelity. 2 Pet. ii. 10-22 Remissness in duties. Rom. xii. 1-12.

Jude 8-19. Under these sins seek humbling. Ezek. xvi. 63. Prayer for a spirit of repentance. Lev, xxvi (leansing. Ezek. xxxvi. 25–32; 1 John ii. 1, 2. 40-45; Ezek. xviii. 30–32; Jonah ii. 1-10. Complete forgiveness. Ps. xxxii.; Jer 1. 20. Of reformation. Judges x. 10-16; 2 Chiron. Restoration to favour, Micah viii. 18-20; xxxiv. 3-33. Zeph. iii. 14-20.

The fourth and fifth days might be given to the The second and third days might be spent in consideration of the condition of the Churches laying the state of the nation before God, in the state of religion in them, and in all our some such way as the following :

congregations, as well as in our own persons. Our sins as a nation. Jer. iii. 25; Dan. ix. 8; Confession and humiliation. Ps. lxxix.; Ezek. Amos ix, 5-10.

xx. 43. Ungodliness. Ps. xxxvi. 1-4; Mal. i. 6-10. Unthankfulness for privileges. Ps. cvi. 6, 7; Unthankfulness. Dan. v. 22, 23; Rom. i. 21. | Jer. ii. 5-7. Not giving heed to God's dealings. 1 Sam. xii. | Not broken for sin. Jer. vi. 15; Hos, vii. 14, 6-25; Jer. xi. 7–10.

Not heedful of God's dealings. Ps. lxxviii. Contempt of Christ and his Gospel. Matt. xxiii. 17–32. 37; Luke x. 13.

Not improving chastisements. Amos iv. 6–12; Licentiousness. Jer. v. 7–9; Hos. iv. 1, 2. Rev. ix. 20, 21.

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Nor mercies. Ezra ix. 8–11; Jer. ii. 31. Life and warmth. Hosea xiv. 5–7; Rev. iii. 2, 3.
Slighting Christ. Isa. liii. 1-3; Matt. xxii, 1-5. Zeal and self-denial. Eccles, ix. 10; 2 Cor.
Vexing the Spirit. Isa. Ixiii. 10; Acts vii. 51. xi, 23-28.
Neglecting the great salvation. Hos. viii. 12; Unity, love, and peace. Rom. xv. 5, 6; Phil.
Acts xiii. 46.

ii. 1-5. Our unbelief. Ps. lxxviii. 22; Matt. xiii. 58. Humility. Isa. lvii. 15; Luke xxii. 24-27. Coldness. Matt. xxiv. 12; Rev. ii. 4.

Heavenly-mindedness. Ps. cxxxi.; Col. iii. 1, 2. Lukewarmness. 2 Tim. iii. 5; Rev. iii. 15, 16. Prayerfulness. Luke vi. 12; Col. iv, 2. Slow progress. 2 Tim. iii. 7; Heb. v. 12–14. Repentance. Judges x, 10-16; 2 Cor, vii. 9-11.' Unteachableness. Ps. lxxviii. 8; Heb, v. 11. Circumspection. Eph. v 15; Col. iv. 5. Rebelliousness. Deut. xxxi. 27; Dan. ix. 5, 6. Preservation from backsliding. 1 Kings viii. 58; Hardness of heart. Mark xvi. 14-16; Acts Jer, xxxi. 40. 1 xix. 9.

Liberality. Matt. x. 8; 2 Cor viii. 1-15; Disobedience. Judges ii. 1-5; Dan, ix, 10, ix. 5-15. Pride. Neh, ix, 16; Hos. v. 5, vii. 10.

Brotherly kindness. John xiii. 34, 35; 1 Cor. Irreverence. Mal. i. 6, iii. 13.

xiii. Worldliness. Amos vi. 3-5; 2 Tim. iv. 10. Counsel and guidance. Ps. xxv. 4-9; Jer. Incousistencies. Rom. ii. 24; James iii. 8–13. xlii. 2, 3. Disunion. I Cor. i. 10-13; James iii. 14-18. God's presence. Lev. xxvi. 11-13; xxix. 42-45. Conformity to the world. Luke xxi. 34; Heb. A revival. Ps. xc. 13-17; Zech. x. I. xi. 24-26.

Christ in the niidst of us. Song v. 1 ; Rev. Indifference to sin. Jer. ii. 35; 1 John i. 8-10. i. 13. Want of love to the saints. Phil. ii, 20; 1 John Removal of hindrances. Joshua vii. 1-26 ; iii. 16, 17.

1 Sam. vii. 3. Want of pity for souls. Jer. ix. 1; Luke xix. Kept from foxes and wolves. Song ii. 15; 41, 42.

Acts xx. 29. Selfishness. Matt. xvi. 24, 25; Rom. xv. 1-3. For the minister. Jer. xxxi. 14 ; Rom. xv. 30. Indolence. Ezek, xvi. 49; Heb. vi. 12. God's people. Isa. Ixvi. 5; Heb. xiii. 20, 21. Want of zeal. Judges v. 23; Neh. iii. 5. The unconverted. Isa. Iviii. 1 ; Acts xvii, 30; Unfruitfulness. Isa. v. 1-7; lios. x. I.

Rom. ii. 3-9. Forgetfulness of God. Deut. xxxii. 18; Jer. Parents, teachers, children. Isa. liv. 13; Jer. ii. 31, 32.

xxxii. 39. Backsliding. Judges ii. 19; Ezek. xx. 7–13. Enlargement of our borders. i Chron. iv. 10; Following strange doctrines. Deut. xii. 30; Ps. Ixxi. 21.

2 Tim. iii. 6, iv. 3. Unconcern about God's glory. Amos vi. 6; The sixth day might be occupied with prayer, Phil. ii. 21.

in reference to the state of the world-its sin, Indifference to the coming of the kingdom.

its wretchedness, its ungodliness, its infidelity, 2 Sam. vii. 1, 2; Hag. i. 4. Grudging our substance to Christ. 2 Cor. ix. |

its superstition, its idolatry, its misgovernment, 6,7; Hag. i. 3-9.

its disorder, and its need of deliverance. Disobedience. Deut. ix. 6-27; Isa. xxx. 15. | Prayer also should be made for its kings and Indecision. 1 Kings xviii, 21 ; Matt. vi. 24. kingdoms ; for all its nations, for the rulers and Wearying God. Isa.vii. 13; xliii. 24; Mal. ii. 17.

| the ruled; for the speedy fulfilment of God's Thanksgiving for mercies. Exod. xv. 1-21;

purposes concerning it. 1 Sam. ii. 1-10. For souls saved. Matt. xi. 25; 1 Thess. ii, 13; | Confession of the world's sins. Gen. iv, 9: iii. 9.

Hag. i. 2-11. For God's presence in the sanctuary. Ps. Prayer for the Spirit. Isa. xxxi. 15; lii. 10. Txiii. 1-3 ; lxv. 1-4.

For the preaching of the Gospel. Isa. lv. 10, For spiritual gifts. Rom. xv. 14; 1 Cor. i. 4-7. 11; Matt, ix. 36, 37. For past times of reviving. Ezra ix. 8,9; Ps. Ingathering of the remnant of Israel. Jer. li. cxv. 12.

50; Rom. xi. 5. Plead for the Spirit. Song iv. 16 ; Joel ii, 21-27. The Gentile election. Acts xv. 14; Rom. xi. For pardon. Ps. Ixxix. 8, 9; Jer. xxxi. 33. 11-24. For God's return to us. Ps. lxxx. 14; Isa. | All missionaries. Acts iv, 29, 30; Eph. vi. 19. Ixiii, 15-19.

The coming of the Lord. Ps. xiv. 7; Rev. For cleansing. Ezek. xxxvi. 25-31; Zech.

xxii. 20. xiii. l.

The downfall of Antichrist. Isa. xi. 4 ; 2 Thess. The turning away of God's anger. Isa. xl. 1, 2;

ii. 8. liv, 7, 8.

Ruin of Israel's enemies. Ezek. xxxviii. 8-23 ; The light of his countenance. Num. vi. 23–27 ; Zech. xiv. 3. Isa. Ix. 19, 20.

Destruction of idolatry. Isa. ii. 18-22 ; Hab The healing of our hurt. Jer. xxx. 17; xxxiii. 6. ii. 18-20.

xxi. 5.

Full inbringing of Israel, Isa. xi. 11; Rom. the Church of God all that it ought to be op xi. 26.

earth, and adding daily unto it. Binding of Satan. Isa. xxiv. 22 ; Rev. xx. 1-3. |

Confession for having grieved Him. Eph. iv. 30. Conversion of the world. Isa. xlix. 6 ; Ezek.

For having resisted Him. Acts vii. 51; 1 Thess. xxxix. 21.

I v. 19. Renovation of the earth. Isa. XXXV.; Rom. viii.

For having grieved Him away from our land, 19-23.

our church, our congregation, our prayerRestitution of all things. Acts iii. 21; Rev.

meetings, church-courts, classes, Sabbath

schools, families, our own souls. Neh. ix. Reign of the Saints. Rev. v. 10 ; xx. 4.

20-26; Ps. lxxviii. 40–42; Is. Ixii. 10-14.

Prayer for His outpouring on the Church. Acts The seventh day might be given to prayer for all ministers and missionaries throughout the On the land. Ps. lxxxv.; Isa. xxxii. 15. world, that they may be men such as were in | On ministers. Num. xi. 17, 25, 29; Isa. Ixi. I. apostolic times, and that their labours may be

On missionaries. John xx. 21, 22; Acts i. 8. blest as in these early days.

On all classes of men. Joel ii. 28; Acts ii.

17, 18. Confession of their sins. Jer. xxiii. ; Ezek. On the unconverted. Prov. i. 23; Ezek. xxxiv.

xxxvi. 26, 27. Prayer for them. Rom. xv. 30; Col. iv. 3.

| Ou the young. Ps. cxliv, 12 ; Isa. xliv. 3. That they may be filled with the Spirit. Acts On the old. "Acts ii. 17; Titus ii. 2, 3. ii. 1-4; iv. 31.

As the Spirit of conviction. John xvi. 8–11; Taught by God. Exod. iv. 10-15 ; 1 Cor. ii. 13.

Acts ii. 37. Men of prayer. Jer. x. 21 ; Acts vi. 4.

Of life. John vii. 37–39. Love. 2 Cor. xii, 14, 15; Gal. iv, 19.

Of conversion. John iii. 5-7 ; Titus iii. 5, 6. Knowledge. Jer. iii. 15; Ezra viii. 18.

Of humiliation. Zech. xii. 10 ; Acts v. 31. Boldness. Ezek. ii. 8, 9; Matt. x. 26–33.

Of prayer. Rom. viii, 26 ; Jude 20. Utterance. Ezek. xxix. 21 ; Eph. vi. 19.

Of liberty. 2 Cor. iii. 17; Gal. v. 18. Self-denial. 2 Cor. xi. 23-28; Phil, ii. 20, 21. Of love. 2 Tim. i. 7; 1 Peter i. 22. Holiness. Mal. ii. 6; 1 Tim. vi. 11.

Of wisdom. 1 Cor. ii. 12, 13; 1 John ii. 20_27.' Steadfastness. Jer. xxvi. 12–15; 2 Tim. iv. 1-5. ( Of holiness. 2 Thess. ii. 13 : 1 Peter i. 2_12. Devotedness. Neh. vi. 3 ; 1 Tim. iv, 15, 16.

Of understanding in the Scriptures. John Watchfulness. Ezek. iii. 17-21; Acts xx. 31;

xiv, 26. 2 Tim. iv. 5.

Of understanding of the preached word. Faithfulness. Prov. xiii. 17; I Cor. iv. 2.

1 Thess. i. 5. Diligence. 2 Chron. xxix. 11; Acts v. 42.

Of joy and peace. Rom. xiv. 17 ; xv. 13. Gifts. Micah iii. 8; 1 Cor. xii, 28-31.

Of comfort. John xiv. 16; Acts ix. 31. Not men-pleasers. Ezek. ii. 6,7; 1 Thess. ii. 4,5.

| Of adoption. Rom. viii. 14-17; Gal. iv. 6, 7, 31. Not covetous. Isa. Ivi. 11 ; Jer. vi. 13.

As the author of spiritual gifts. Ps. lxviii, 18; Not discouraged. Acts xx. 24; 2 Cor. iv, 1-16. | 1 Cor. xii. 4. 13. Conscientious. Acts xxiv. 16; 2 Thess. iii. Of all graces. Isa. xi. 2; Gal. v. 22-25.

7-12. That they may have love to Christ. John xxi.

The ninth day might be spent in thanksgiving 15-17; Acts. xxi. 13.

as well as prayer-thanksgiving for past mer. Love to souls. 2 Cor. ii. 4; Gal. iv. 19.

cies, thanksgiving for all the love wherewith we That their preaching may be blessed. Jer.

have been loved. xxiii. 22 ; 1 Thess. i. 5.

Thanks for the Father's love. Eph. i. 3; Their walk and conversation. Mal. ii. 6;

1 Jobn iii. 1. 1 Thess, ï. 10.

For the gift of his Son. 2 Cor. ix. 15. Their visiting. 2 Chron, xvii. 9, 10; Acts xx. 20.

For the Holy Spirit. Neh. ix. 19, 20 ; Acts Their discipline. i Cor, v. 3-7; 2 Cor. ü. 1-7.

xi, 16-18. For the raising up of faithful ones. 1 Sam.,

For saving us. Ps. lxxxvi. 12, 13; 1 Tim. ii. 35 ; Ps. lxviii. 11.

i. 12-14. The conversion of unconverted ones. Jer. vi. 13-16 ; Rev. iii. 1-3.

For pardon and acceptance. Eph. i. 6; Rev.

v. 9, 10. That God may not visit the land for their sins.

For eternal life. 2 Thess. ii. 13. Lam. iv. 13-19.

For holiness. Rom. vi. 17; Jude 24. That they may fulfil their ministry. Acts xx. 24.

For peace and comfort. 2 Cor. i. 3-6; 2 Thess. That God would stand by them. Jer, xx. 11. To beware of false teachers. Jer, xxiii. 16, 17.

ii. 16, 17. For hearing prayer. Ps. xxxiv, 1-6; cxvi. 1-7.

For the bope of the inheritance. Col. i. 12-14; The eighth day might be given to prayer for 1 Peter i. 3-5. the Holy Spirit, that He would not be grieved For his goodness to our land. Ps. cxxxv. ; away, but would put forth his power, making | cxlvii. 1-7.

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