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is a vernacular tongue. Such a task of literary puri- The present moment shortens the period allotted fication for many a book, would be a greater miracle me for preparation to stand before the great white and a greater mercy, than the sweetening of the bit

throne of God and the Lamb, and brings me so much ter waters of Marah in the desert for the famishing Hebrews. The poisonous influences of moral impu

nearer my eternal home; for rity and error go from a book into the soul; they are

Every beating pulse I tell not exhausted, like arsenic, on the outward frame, nor

Leaves but the number less." confined to a limited period of time. They burn in

This moment, I am liable to be summoned before the mind through eternity. They outlast the fame of the author. Some men's sing are open before-1"

| the judgment seat of the Searcher of hearts, and hand, going before to judgment, and some they follow | give an exact account of my past life and present after. The accursed evils of a licentious book, or of character; for a profane and intidel publication, especially if there

“Dangers stand thick through all the ground be enough of the semblance or reality of genius in it

To push me to the tomb." to make it immortal through a lifetime, follow the author into the eternal world as his inost damning This moment, if I am still an impenitent sinner, I sins, having thrust other souls into perdition by en. am growing more hardened in sin and rebellion gendering in them a brood of other iniquities as their l against God, and my future prospects are becoming sins. But in such a case, theirs an l his own are alike more deeply and fearfully enshrouded in gloom. the author's; and we can conceive no doom more) horrible than that to which those miserable beings

This moment, if an unconverted soul, I am turning must be reserved. that into which they must be my back upon the bleeding, dying Saviour of sinners.

ushered on dying, who have expended the powers of , and deafening my ear to all the touching accents and 1 genius God has lavished upon them, in providing pe- affectionate invitations of mercy, uttered by the | rennial and perpetual fountains of sin in its most spotless Lamb of C: | alluring forms for all who come after. Dreadful

This moment, doubtless, some soul is by neglect, or'] in the eternal world must be the meeting of the author of an infamous, evil, lying book, with the souls

sinful act, dropping the last drop into its cup of inithat have been helped onward to ruin by the words quity, previous to its being given over to hardness of he left behind him.

heart and blindness of mind for ever; and I know And next to the responsibility and guilt of the au

not, if I am still unreconciled to God, but that even thor is that of the publisher. All hail, we say, to

now I may be passing that critical point beyond every good book. It is not only so much space in the world of mind and heart well occupied, but it is

which there can be no possibility of my salvation. | an aggressive movement against the kingdom of Sa

This moment, O my soul! awake to action in refertan; it is a counter influence and effort against the ence to thine eternal interests; for upon the decisions 1 legions of immoral publications of various hues and of THIS MOMENT, thy future and unalterable destiny | banners perpetually issuing from the press.-Dr | may depend ! “GOD BE MERCIFUL TO ME A SINNER.”



MOANING DEATH-BEDS. How important and solemn are many of the consi. What an impressive proof of God's intolerance of derations connected with the present moment of time! sin is the awfulness of death. If he indeed felt our

This moment, I who read these words am either guilt as little as we feel our danger--if his displeasure a regenerated soul, pardoned or saved by grace, or were a thing as slight and as gentle as our alarman unrenewed sinner, exposed to the wrath of God why so dreadful a visitation upon our species as -a son of the Lord Most High, or a willing servant death? A thing unknown to angels, and from which of Satan-an heir of heaven and eternal glory, or a the whole of sentient nature shrinks, as at the aptraveller in the broad road to hopeless perdition. proach of most unnatural violence. If God be as

This moment, whatever be my character, I am in much at peace with the world as the world is at the presence and under the immediate notice of a peaceful complacency with itself-why keep up so holy God, whose all-searching eye reads my inmost hard and so hostile a dispensation against it? Or if thoughts.

sin be of as trivial account in the estimation of heaven This moment, the power of that God, prompted by as it is in the estimation of human society-how his mercy, upholds me in conscious existence, pro should it have brought down such a vengeance upon tects and preserves me from death, while some one | earth as to have smitten it with a plague of mortality or more of my fellow-beings is compelled to obey the throughout all its borders; and swept off to the hidesummons of the “ King of Terrors," and hasten to be ousness of the grave, all the life, and beauty, and innumbered with the dead.

telligence of its successive generations? That surely This moment, a record is made in that book out of is no trifle, which has turned this bright and bloomwhich I am to be judged--a record of my presenting world into a vast sepulchral abode for men of all act-a record of what I am intending to do the next ages. Its moaning death-beds, and its weeping moment, and at some future hour-a record of the families, and its marred and broken companionships motives which now actuate me and prompt me to - these are all emphatic testimonies of God's hatred the performance of these contemplated acts.

of moral evil; for that sin brought all this calamity The passing moment is just now going into eternity, upon the world, is a principle announced to us in to witness in a case soon to be tried--a case, upon | Scripture-and it is the only principle which resolves the decision of which my eternal happiness or misery to us the mystery of death. And when the Scripture depends.

announces that after death cometh the judgment

let us not give in to the treacherous imagination, / is despatched in a very few words, while the burden that he who hath made such fell exhibition of severity of the petitions is, the disproportionately magnified

wants of the small parish where the meeting is held. in the one, will but in the other manifest and indulge

Now it seems to me, we can never produce any great his tenderness. But let us be very sure, that, as

results until a change is produced in this respect in, death is to every unrepentant sinner but the beginning

the Churches at home. Conversions of individuals of his sorrows, so judgment will be to him a second will occur wherever the gospel is faithfully preached: death.-Chalmers.

but we can never expect to see “nations born in a day,” until Christians generally get the heathea world upon their hearts, and plead for their salvation

as a man would plead for his life. God seems to be DUTY OF VISITING THE AGED.

saying to his Church, “ Be it unto thee according to "I SOLEMNLY charge you," said a venerable teacher thy faith.” The faith of his people at present is "' of theology to his class, “ to remember the aged small, and therefore results are small.- Rev. H. G. l' members of the Church. The duty of visiting the 10. Duight.

aged and infirm members of the Church of Christ is not peculiar to ministers. The members of Christ's body sympathize one with another, and it is pecu

WHAT NEWS? liarly fitting and imperative, that the young and ac

| This question is very frequently asked, and the tive should contribute to the happiness of the aged and infirm.

answer is commonly listened to with attention. If The aged love to receive attention at the hands of it have some connection with one's personal interest, the young. They rejoice to know they are not for it is remembered; if not, it soon passes from the gotten. They rejoice to know there are those who mind. With regard to most persons, the news serre are active in that cause which they love so well-to

as an amusement for the passing hour, or as furnish. which their best energies have been given, and for

ing available topics of conversation. which their prayers still ascend. Unless we are especially watchful, we shall ne

It was not so with President Edwards. He inglect this duty. Its objects do not meet us in the forms us, that he was careful to avail himself of every course of business. They are not seen in the streets. source of information respecting what was taking Perhaps they are not seen in the house of God. In place in all parts of the world, that he might per: their retirement, they are easily forgotten.

ceive the bearings of the same on the cause of Christ. We must make an effort to bear them in mind. We must remember they are our elder brethren and

He looked upon this world as belonging to Christ. sisters in the Lord. The friends of their youth have He regarded the history of the world as the history gone, and left them “ lone pilgrims in this vale of of redemption. Every event furnished him with an tears.” They are cut off from the sources of enjoy occasion of thanksgiving or of prayer. ment which are open to us. Sickness, solitude, de The same was true of the apostolic Elliot. When caying vigour of mind as well as of body, commend

incidents had been related in his hearing, and bad them to our sympathy. Let us remember the aged. Let us cheer their

formed the subject of conversation, he used to say, lonely hours by friendly visits. Let us tell them “Now let us turn all this into prayer." what is doing for Christ in his Church. Let us talk The example of these holy men suggest the light with them about that better world which they are in which the news of the day are to be regarded, as soon to enter.

furnishing occasions for thanksgiving and prayer. We shall find the performance of this duty profit. able to ourselves. The most impressive comments

The religious, and even the secular newspaper, may upon divine truth I have ever heard, have been those

| thus become an assistant to devotion. He who takes uttered by aged saints upon passages of Scripture re- up his newspaper for the purpose of finding occasions peated for their especial comfort. We also secure for lifting up his heart to God in thanksgiving the prayers of those saints, and who can tell how

supplication, will find it more and more interesting great will be the effect upon our usefulness? The performance of this duty is most acceptable to

and valuable. He will render a more perfect obedi. the Saviour. He regards all the kindness shown to

ence to the injunction to pray without ceasing, and his children as shown to himself. We know how he will see more clearly the hand of God in the governfeels towards his aged suffering followers. What ment of the world.-Puritan. can be more pleasing to him than that we should entertain similar feelings towards them, and express those feelings by appropriate actions ? What actions will receive a surer reward ?

fragments. CARIST the divine, partook of the human nature

that He might make us the human partakers of the PRAYER FOR THE HEATHEN.

divine nature.

“FOLLOW ME.”_To follow Christ's example is like How few Christians in our Churches seem really to walking in a path which the Saviour's previous foothave the case of the heathen upon their hearts, so as steps have trodden into smoothness, and lighted with to be impelled by their own irrepressible emotions to the lamp of his own Spirit.-Caroline Fry. linger at the throne of grace and wrestle in prayer, “HE SHALL NOT BE AFRAID OF EVIL TIDINGS." as those who cannot be denied! How rarely do they What we term casualty, is really Providence accomplead for the outpouring of the Divine Spirit upon plishing deliberate designs, but concealing its own the six or eight hundred millions of Pagans and interposition. How comforting this reflection Mohammedans, as they do sometimes for sinners of Herrey. their own household or community! And how often OPPOSITE EFFECTS OF CHRIST'S LOVE.-The love of does it happen even at the monthly concert of prayer Christ is both uniting and separating. It unites to for missions, that the whole missionary field abroad his people, while it separates from the world.-Anon.

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SOME among you may perhaps tell me, that you can- | them to share in your prayers. It is such a burden not well manage to gather your families together of for a man to have command, to have to be waited on a morning. Be it so. It would not take up much | by another. Let there at least be one moment in time. After a few days' trial, you would probably the day when this burden is cast off, when the find that you met together for prayer, just as easily difference is lost sight of, and you all kneel down and naturally as for meals, and when you had spent together as brethren in sin, and brethren in grace, a few minutes in prayer, and had called down God's praying each one for the other, and that each may blessing on your labour, how differently, with how discharge his duty to the other. Surely, if we will much lighter heart, would you go forth to your not do this much, we can never have said in our labour, instead of going forth as you do now, with no hearts : “ As for me and my house, we will serve the other thought than that of the wearisome burden of Lord.” Surely if we will not do this much, we canthe day!

not be clusters of the true Vine; we cannot hope that | Or, if the father of the family goes out too early, our families will be among those clusters, with which the mother may gather her children together, and the Vine will adorn itself when it spreads out its offer up a prayer in the midst of them, before she branches through the firmament, and the stars shall sends them to school. Of an evening, too, at any drop from their spheres to crown the heads of rate, you have plenty of time on your hands. Every Christ's saints. Alas! our families are more likely evening, before you lie down to take your rest to be among the clusters of the vine of the earth, beneath the shelter of the same roof, before you spoken of in the Revelation (xiv. 18), which the close your eyes, and fold up your thoughts in sleep, angel shall gather with his sharp sickle, and shall you may kneel down together, and pray to God to cast into the great wine-press of the wrath of God. shelter you and yours with the overshadowing wings of his love, and to watch over you with his all-seeing eye, while you are unable to watch over yourselves. Every evening you may pray, that God will forgive

MAXIMS ON PRAYER. whatever he has seen amiss in you and yours during l. So far as we know, prayer forms a part of every the past day, and that he will give you understanding system of religion on earth. to know his will, and grace to keep it, and that he 2. In proportion as a form of religion is unscripwill bless you with refreshing and comfortable sleep,

tural, it corrupts and perverts this duty. and be with you in your down-lying, and in your up

3. Hypocrites never really love prayer, and thererising.

fore never, for a long time together, practise secret Surely this is little to ask of you. This, however, prayer. is the very least that can be asked—a mere grain of 4. He who declines prayer in the day of produst, in comparison with the pearl above all price sperity, will not find it easy in the day of adversity. which you are seeking thereby-namely, that once a 5. Prayer not offered in the name of Christ is day, at the least, you gather your family together

unavailing. The reason is that he alone is worthy. they who can do so twice a day are without excuse

6. No time, nor place, nor form, nor posture, is if they do not--and that you offer up some simple displeasing to God, if the heart is right. If the heart prayer, with one voice and one heart, to God. You who are married, and have nothing but infant chil- 7. He who prays at stated times only, will make dren, should do so along with your wives; for remem but poor progress heavenwards. He who prays not ber, so gracious is our Lord, his promise is, to be at all at stated times, will soon omit all prayer. with those who are gathered together in his name, ' 8. The greatest benefit of public prayer is secured, even if there are but two of them. You should pray when it makes us love secret prayer more and more. to God along with your wives, to sanctify and bless! 9. A family that never prays covets misery, and your marriage, and to enable you to bring up your courts wrath. Better no bread than no prayer. children in his faith, and in his glory. You who 10. Those who would pray aright must come to have children old enough to understand what you Christ and say, “ Lord, teach us to pray." say, should make them kneel down along with you, 11. A prayer that has no faith in it, is like a that they may be trained from their childhood to human body without a soul in it. It is dead and behold parents daily kneeling in the presence of the | loathsome.

thome. living God, and seeking the communion of his Son. 12. Elijah's prayer brought down fire from heaven, Then may you truly hope, that they will be like olive because, being fervent, it carried fire up to heaven. branches round about your table, emblems of peace, | -Thomas Watson. like olive branches, and flowing with the oil of glad 13. All repetitions in prayer are not forbidden, but ness. You, again, who have servants, should call only“ vain repetitions."


a na viso ondan hoort to God


is wrong. all is wrong.

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14. Though God will not hear us for our much speaking, nor for our loud speaking, yet he loves to

RECONCILIATION. hear us whenever penitence, and love, and pious fear, Two celebrated ministers had quarrelled; they re-! carry us to the mercy-seat, though like Jacob we fused to speak to each other; when another eminent wrestle all night.

minister adopted the following plan to reconcile ! 16. To pray frequently is to pray fervently.--Dr

them, after several others had been tried in vain. !

He wrote and left at the house of each these lines :Thomas Scott. 17. He who said that, in prayer, “every thing

“ How rare that task a prosp'rous issue finds

Which seeks to reconcile discordant minds! ought to be expressed in phrases that are painting,

How many scri ples rise at passion's touch! and with true eloquence," forgot that a corpse was

This yields too little, that too much,

Each wishes each with other's eyes to see ; often more beautifully dressed than the living around

And many sinners can't make two agree. it. It is not eloquence, but the heart that God

What mediation, then, the Saviour show'd,

Who singly reconciled us all to God!" wants. Antithesis and wit may take men by the ears, but they move not God.

It is said that upon receiving the lines each minis. 11 18. I never heard of a dying man complaining, ter left his residence to seek the other, and that they that he had wasted any part of his life in hearty met in the street, where a perfect reconciliation took

place. prayer.

19. There wants nothing but a believing prayer to turn every promise into a performance.- Mason.

GOD IN THE FORM OF A SERVANT. 20. Never was faithful prayer lost at sea. No merchant trades with such certainty as the praying

What is more glorious than to see him in human saint. Some prayers, indeed, have a longer voyage

form who is the Creator of man? In the mother's than others, but they return with the richer lading

womb he is conceived, who is for ever seated in the at last.–Gurnall.

Father's bosom. Born from eternity from the 21. Heartless, lifeless, wordy prayer, the fruit of

Father without a mother, he is born in time of a convictions and gifts, or of custom and outward oc

mother without a father. In swathing-bands lies casions, however multiplied, and whatever devotion

wrapped He who clothes the earth with shrubs and they seem to be accompanied withal, will never en.

trees, bas adorned the heaven with stars, and filled gage spiritual affections to them.-Oren.

the sea with fish. He, whom the heaven of heavens 22. Prayer is as much needed in this, as in any cannot contain, is shut in by a narrow crib, and former age of the world.

nourished on the mother's breast. He grows in wis23. The richest saint must be, and is, an humbledom, whose eternity is neither augmentable nor dibeggar at grace's door all his days; and Christ is the

Christ is the minishable. He grows in grace, who is the original Lord of the house, and the dispenser of the alms.

author of all grace. He whom the whole creation Trail.

worships, before whom every knee shall bow, is sub24. The gift of prayer may have praise with men;

ject to parents. The Lord is baptized by the servant, but it is the grace of prayer that has power with

the God by the man, the King by the subject. He God.Dyer.

whom the angels serve, is tempted by the devil. He 25. Thou wilt never have any comfort of his who is bread, hungers; He who is the fountain, friendship for whom thou dost not pray.-Parr.

thirsts; He who is the way, is weary. Glory allows 26. “ The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous itself to be put to shame, Majesty to be brought low. man availeth much."-James.

Life gives itself up to death.-Schaff. 27. “ He [Jesus) spake a parable to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint."- Luke. 28. If there was more prayer, there would be more

fragments. converts and fewer critics, more penitents and It won't do to pore too long orer our blunders. It fewer sleepers in all our churches.

is by beholding the beauty of the Lord that we are 29. As some devils are cast out by prayer and changed into the same image. fasting only, so fit men are brought into the ministry

When we find God ministering to, and attending

upon each of his children, as if he had but one to by prayer only.

attend to, how should we endeavour individually to 30. I must pray more. The great error of my life

lay out ourselves for Him, as if he had no other has been in not praying as often and as fervently as child to serve Him! I should. I would pray always with all prayer. God often crosses the thoughts of our hearts, that Revive me, O Lord! Open thou my mouth. Put a He may perform the thoughts of His heart. live coal on my lips.

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