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This volume contains the most important of the remains of the venerable Bishop and Martyr, John HOOPER. They are now first collected together. The Editors are in possession of two other of his works; the one, a Treatise on The Sacrament of

" the Altar," against Bishop Gardiner; the other, , An Oversight and Deliberation upon the holy Prophet Jonah:” but as the Selections already published contain a full declaration of the same arguments, doctrines, and illustrations which would be found in any extracts from those Treatises, it is thought unnecessary to increase the volume dedicated to the writings of Bishop Hooper beyond its

present size.

The extreme scarcity and manifest value of the Confession of Faith by that eminent Reformer, as contained in this volume, have induced the Conductors also to publish it as a separate pamphlet, in the hope that so valuable a document of the age of the Reformation may obtain a more extended circulation.

The following Address is reprinted from the original copy of Bishop Hooper's Exposition of some of the Psalms, to which it is prefixed. Although it was in the first instance appropriated only to one of his writings, it has been thought proper to make it a general introduction to the whole volume.


To all the faithful Flock of Christ, Grace and Peace from God the Creator, Christ the Redeemer, and the Holy Ghost the Comforter.

Many are the monuments.(beloved in the bowels of Christ Jesus) and volumes of the faithful left as legacies to the church of Christ, which, as they are the true riches (for they are spiritual), so ought they to be reverenced, not only with outward service of body, but also with inward submission of soul : among which monuments, being the treasure of the church, and such jewels indeed as the price of them is invaluable, this excellent work (though wanting bigness, yet full of brightness) of that most learned, godly, faithful, zealous, constant, and in all points praise worthy Protestant, Master John Flooper, Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester, challengeth no small title of dignity. For, if the words of our Saviour be true (which to improve what incestuous mouth, without horrible blaspheiny, a trespass unpardonable, dare presume, seeing he is the very substance of truth itself), that he is a true disciple of Christ, which continueth to the end, then is it the duty of us all, except we hide our profession under the hive of hypocrisy, not only by looking at the life of such a lodesman, to reform our deformities, but also, by tracing over and through the testimonies of the truth (such godly books I mean as are left in writing to the world as undoubted assurances of an unspotted conscience), to thank God fur so singular an instrument of his Gospel, and to beseech him to work in us the like love to his law, that we may be partakers of such glory as (no doubt) this notable martyr of God doth immortally enjoy : of whom briefly' to insert and say somewhat (because the brightness of such a glittering star cannot be overcast with the clouds of obscurity and darkness) shall be a means to make


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