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Drafts, denomination of.

AN ACT to authorize the issuing of drafts or bills for the payment of the expenses of the present session of the Legislative Assembly,

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, as follows:

§ 1. To provide for the payment of the expenses of the present session of the Legislative Assembly, and of the appropriations thereof, the treasurer of the Territory is hereby authorized and required to issue to the several creditors, whose demands are properly chargeable to the fund annually to be appropriated by Congress for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the said Assembly, the printing of the laws, and other incidental expenses, on the Duplicate re- execution by them of duplicate receipts (in the name of the secreceipts. tary of the Territory, and in such form as shall be by him prescribed,) for the amounts due them, respectively, drafts or bills drawn upon the secretary of the Territory, in denominations of five and ten dollars, or in such amount as may be desired by the claimant, not How signed. exceeding his entire claim, nor less than five dollars, signed by the said treasurer, and countersigned by the secretary of the Territory, which drafts or bills shall be made payable to the persons to whom they may be issued, or bearer, and shall be transferable by by delivery. delivery; for the payment of which drafts or bills, the moneys. to be hereafter appropriated by Congress, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the said Assembly, shall be and are hereby irrevocably pledged.


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§ 2. It shall be the duty of the said treasurer and secretary to keep separate registries of the drafts or bills so issued, in which registries shall be set forth the number and amount of each draft, and the name of the person to whom, and for what purpose issued; and which draft or bill shall be in form as follows:

Form of draft.



Treasurer's Office, February

[BY AUTHORITY OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.] The Secretary of the Territory will pay to



bearer, on demand, out of the moneys appropriated, or to be appropriated by Congress, for the payment of the expenses of the present session of the Legislative Assembly,

dollars and





give notice.

§ 3. The secretary of the Territory is required, immediately Secretary to after the receipt by him, of the funds to be appropriated by Congress; as mentioned in the first section of this act, to give notice of the same, by publication in some paper printed at Madison, for four weeks successively; and it shall be the duty of the said secretary, immediately after the expiration of the term of notice herein required to be given, upon the presentation to him of the drafts or bills, issued in conformity to the provisions of this act, to redeem Shall redeem. the same by payment thereof in such funds as he shall have received from the treasurer of the United States; which drafts or bills, so redeemed and paid, shall be good and sufficient authority to him to demand and receive from the treasurer of the Territory a number of the duplicate receipts, mentioned in the first section of this act, corresponding in amount with the drafts or bills so redeemed and paid by him; and further, it shall be the duty of the said secretary upon the delivery of the said bills or drafts, and the receipt of the duplicate receipts, mentioned, to cancel the said bills or drafts, by Shall cancel. writing the word "canceled" across the face of each draft, and signing his name thereto; and the bills or drafts, thus canceled, shall be kept and preserved in the office of the said treasurer, subject to the order of any future Legislative Assembly.

to the Territo

§ 4. The drafts or bills drawn in pursuance of the provisions of Receivable inthis act shall be receivable into the Territorial treasury for all dues rial treasury. from the several counties of the Territory.

and treasurer.

§ 5. For the performance of the duties enjoined upon the treasu- Compensation rer and secretary, in pursuance of the provisions of this act, of secretary there shall be allowed, to be paid out of the funds appropriated by Congress to pay the expenses of the Legislative Assembly, to the treasurer the sum of one hundred and twenty-five dollars, and to the secretary the sum of seventy-five dollars.

Shall report.

Juries, how


Talesmen to

be summoned.

§ 6. It shall be the duty of the several officers charged with the execution of the provisions of this act, at the opening of the next session of the Legislature, separately, to make full reports of their doings under this act.

APPROVED, February 15, 1842.

AN ACT to amend the act of the Revised Statutes concerning the supreme and district courts.

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

§ 1. Whenever it shall be necessary to call a jury for the trial of any issue in the supreme court, in cases of bankruptcy, said court in term time, or any judge thereof, in vacation, may order a venire to issue to the marshal of the Territory, returnable at such time as may be specified in such order, commanding said marshal to summon twenty-four good and lawful men, being citizens of the Territory, to serve as a jury in said court.

§ 2. If for any cause a sufficient number of jurors shall fail to be in attendance at any term or sitting of said court, said court may order the marshall forthwith to summon a sufficient number of talesmen to make up the jury in any cause.

§ 3. The supreme court shall be held at the seat of government of the Territory, on the third Monday of July, and third Monday of January in each year.

APPROVED, February 16, 1842.

AN ACT to incorporate the Fox River Improvement Company.

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

Stock of $50, § 1. There shall be a stock of fifty thousand dollars, created 000, in shares in a manner hereinafter mentioned, divided into shares of fifty dolof $50 each. lars each, which shall be expended in improving the navigation of

the Neenah or Fox river, and in the construction of rail or Mc

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Adamized roads, on the carrying places or portages on the said river, from and to such points thereon, as may be deemed practicable.

receive sub

§2. It is hereby made the duty of the clerks of the several Duty of clerks of county comboards of commissioners, of the counties of Brown, Fond du Lac, missioners to and Portage, to open books of subscription to said stock at their open books and respective offices, and to receive subscriptions thereon from the scriptions. first Monday of April next, until the second Monday of May thereafter, upon payment to him of the amount subscribed in the manner hereinafter mentioned.

main on re

§ 3. The books of subscription, aforesaid, shall remain on re- Books to record in the offices in which they are severally to be kept open, and cord. each of said clerks, respectively, shall within ten days after the said second Monday of May, make out and transmit to the treasurer of Brown county, a correct copy of all subscriptions entered in the books by him kept as aforesaid, under his official seal, and he shall also deposite with the treasurer, all moneys received by him on account of such subscriptions.

or convey land in lieu thereof.

§ 4. Every person becoming a subscriber to said stock, shall To pay in stock pay the amount subscribed by him to the clerk at the time of subscribing, or in lieu of such payment, may convey in the manner mentioned herein, a quantity of lands, which at the minimum price of one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, will equal the amount of his subscription; he shall also deliver to said clerk a certificate from the register of deeds, and one from the clerk of the court from the county in which such lands are situated, setting forth that the same are free from encumbrance by mortgage, judgment, or otherwise, and shall also produce satisfactory evidence Shall procure that he is owner of the land; and without such evidence and certificates, no such payment in lands shall be allowed.

evidence that he is owner.

strument in

§ 5. Whenever any person shall be desirous of subscribing for To execute inany portion of stock and to pay the same in lands, he shall execute writing. and deliver to the clerk receiving such subscriptions, an instrument in writing, attested by two witnesses, in form following, to wit: I shares of the Form of. stock of the Fox river improvement company, amounting to the sum of dollars, and to convey in payment of said stock,

do hereby apply for

acres of land, situated in the county of tory of Wisconsin, and described as

in the Terri

of section

Acknowledgment to be taken and recorded.

Excess of

stock to be de-
ducted, and
by whom

When less number of

or land to be


in township

of range


acres, according to the public survey, at one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre. § 6. The person making such conveyance, shall acknowledge the same before the said clerk, who shall certify said acknowledgment thereon, and deliver said conveyance to the register of deeds of the proper county, to be recorded in the book of deeds in his office, and such conveyance shall vest the title to the premises mentioned therein, in the treasurer of Brown county, as fully and effectually as the same might be by any form of conveyance known in law, executed by the person so subscribing, and every other person or persons claiming, or to claim, by, from, or under him. § 7. If upon the receipt of the returns to be made to the said treasurer, by the third section of this act, it shall appear that an amount of stock shall have been subscribed more than ten thou

sand dollars, the excess of subscription shall by the treasurer and clerks of commissioners or a majority of them, be taken from all the subscribers who have subscribed more than one share of stock in proportion to the amount subscribed by each.

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§ 8. Should any person in the allotment of stock as prescribed shares, money in the preceding section, have a less number of shares allotted than were subscribed by him, the money paid by such excess of stock shall be immediately refunded by the said treasurer, and in like manner lands conveyed in payment of such excess, shall be reconveyed and released to the person or persons subscribing the

When shall be

come a corporation.


shall transfer all lands.


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§ 9. If the subscribers to said stock shall have taken five thousand dollars of said stock, then, and in that case, they shall be and become a corporation under the name and style of the Fox river improvement company, and by that name shall be known in law, and capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, defending and being defended, in all courts and places whatsoever, and may have a common seal and alter it at pleasure, and the said treasurer shall transfer all moneys received by him, and release and quit claim all lands deeded to him on account of subscriptions to said stocks, to said company or such officer thereof as may be appointed for that purpose. But if the sum of five thousand dol

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