Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, Volym 21

Baily Bros., 1872

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Sida 100 - The expectancy and rose of the fair state, The glass of fashion and the mould of form, The observ'd of all observers, quite, quite down! And I, of ladies most deject and wretched, That suck'd the honey of his music vows, Now see that noble and most sovereign reason, Like sweet bells jangled, out of tune and harsh; That unmatch'd form and feature of blown youth Blasted with ecstasy: O!
Sida 334 - Full fathom five thy father lies ; Of his bones are coral made : Those are pearls that were his eyes : Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea- change Into something rich and strange.
Sida 92 - BAWDIN. *HE feathered songster chanticleer Had wound his bugle horn, And told the early villager The coming of the morn. King Edward saw the ruddy streaks Of light eclipse the gray ; And heard the raven's croaking throat Proclaim the fated day. "Thou'rt right," quoth he, "for, by the God That sits enthroned on high ! Charles Bawdin, and his fellows twain, To-day shall surely die.
Sida 24 - If thou hast much, give plenteously: if thou hast little, do thy diligence gladly to give of that little : for so gatherest thou thyself a good reward in the day of necessity. Tobit iv. He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord : and look, what he layeth out, it shall be paid him again.
Sida 65 - On the straightest of legs and the roundest of feet, With ribs like a frigate his timbers to meet, With a fashion and fling and a form so complete, That to see him dance over the flags is a treat.
Sida 6 - I have lived my life — I am nearly done, — I have played the game all round ; But I freely admit that the best of my fun I owe it to horse and hound. With a hopeful heart and a conscience clear, I can laugh in your face, Black Care ; Though you're hovering near, there's no room for you here, On the back of my good grey mare.
Sida 173 - He saith among the trumpets, Ha, ha ; and he smelleth the battle afar off, the thunder of the captains and the shouting.
Sida 5 - The free, wide plain to meet, With the lark and his carol high over my head, And the bustling pack at my feet, I feel no fetter, I know no bounds, I am free as a bird in the air, While the covert resounds in a chorus of hounds Right under the nose of the mare. We are in for a gallop ! Away ! away ! I told them my beauty could fly, And we'll lead them a dance ere they catch us to-day, For we mean it — my lass and I ! She skims the fences, she scours the plain, Like a creature winged, I swear, With...
Sida 334 - Can such things be, And overcome us like a summer cloud, Without our special wonder...
Sida 66 - Catch ye who can. From the find to the finish, the whole blessed day, How he cut out the work, how he showed us the way. When our fox doubled back where the fallow-deer lay, How he stuck to the line, and turned short with his prey.

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