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Founded in 1864.

Literary, Historical, and Artistic Correspondence tion and carries it to the door of all the learned, and Notes.

and in a following number brings him the answer Questions and Replies; Letters and Documentary for which he had so long waited. There is a bond Authorities, Discoveries and Curiosities, Literary which brings together all the readers of L'INTER

MEDIAIRE-the desire to help one another. The News and Gossip.

question and the replies are inserted without the Erudition.

drawing of any distinction of political or of religious Offers for Sale and Advertisements of Things to opinion. The independence of L’INTERMEDIAIRE be Sold; Exchanges, Lists of Sales and Accounts of is complete, and that of its correspondents is guarded, the same; Lists of Acquisitions by Public Collec- if they wish it, by the most scrupulous anonymity. tions and Museums, for the use of Literary Men, Whatever may be the excitement of politics, our Artists, Bibliophiles, Professors, Formers of Collec- Notes and Queries have always interested the press tions, Archäologists, Genealogists, Numismatists. and the world of letters, for they explain the his. L'INTERMEDIAIRE appears three times a month. torical, artistic, and literary past, and bring out It is an absolutely necessary tool to literary workers. from tbeir ordinary reserve men who are able to The system of Notes and Queries, on which it rests, answer, and who often have not previously spoken. is one of the most simple, useful, and practical pos- Many have been the indiscretions committed in the sible. The object of the paper is to lend its con- paper to the benefit of history. siderable amount of publicity to all literary workers

In addition to the Notes and Queries part, and literary inquirers who find themselves em- L'INTERMEDIAIRE publishes, in its part which barrassed in their work.

has to do with discoveries and curiosities, letters We reply to all.

and authorities which have not previously seen the Among literary men, learned men, professors, light, and this important part of the paper greatly artists, persons forming collections of pictures and adds to its attraction and variety. other art objects, bibliophiles, lovers of prints and In its news part L'INTERMEDIAIRE publishes a autographs, archæologists, collectors of coins, there supplement of eight columns with each number is not one who does not sometimes find that he has which informs the reader of all that is doing in the got beyond his own knowledge and needs that of world of letters and arts, of discoveries, researches. others. He has consulted his friends, the library of acquisitions of the libraries and archives and his town, the societies of his district, be bas written museums of the world. It also contains proposals many letters, he has not obtained the information for sale, exchange, and barter

among the subscribers that he wants. Another wishes to find whence to the paper, and those only, and lists and accounts comes a quotation which his memory does not of public sales in France and abroad. The discorrectly supply, or to find a particular book, a coveries which are due to L'INTERMEDIAIRE manuscript, an art object, heraldic bearings, a

amount to thousands, and it is impossible to close family descent, or to verify the authenticity of any literary inquiry with safety without first suba text or of an autograph, or to learn the common. mitting it to that paper. ness or scarcity and the consequent value of some

L'INTERMEDIAIRE is published on the 10th, object; to know whether the subject which occupies his mind has already been studied, whether a 20th, and 30th of the month, and each number, price particular document has already been published, 1 franc, contains 48 columns, beautifully printed, whether librarians or custodians of archives or and the paper forms at the end of every six months museums or other collectors can give him bints an elegant volume of not less than 1,000 columns, or supply documents which will help him in his with indexes. studies. He has looked at everything that he can Subscriptions for Twelve Months for France, find, and consulted all easily available works of 16 francs; Six Months, 9 francs; Three (onths, reference, and yet is at a standstill. Here comes 5 francs. For abroad, Twelve Months, 158.; Six L'INTERMEDIAIRE. That paper prints his ques- | Months, 8s. 4d.; Three Months, 45, 2d,

LUCIEN FAUCOU, 13, Rue Cujas, Paris,

Priited by JOHN C. FRANCIS, Athenæum Press, Bream's-buildings, Chancery-lane, E.C.; and Published by the said

JOHN C. FRANCIS, at Bream's-buildings, Chancery-lane, E.C. - Saturday, June 10, 1893.

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BOOKS ABOUGET: - TOO Executors, Solicitors, &c.



Just published, 8vo. price 185. *NOTES AND QUERIES.'

THE ANNUAL REGISTER: The Crown having acquired Nos. 4 and 22, Took's Court, the Printing and Publishing A REVIEW OF PUBLIC EVENTS AT HOME AND

ABROAD FOR THE YEAR 1892. Departments are now REMOVED to the New Offices at Bream's Buildings, Chancery Lane. The First Portion of this Volume is devoted to a Résumé of

the Political History of England during the Year 1892. The I IMPORTANT to those interested in FAMILY Events of Parliamentary Life are noted, and the principal HISTORY.-Mr. GERALD MARSHALL undertakes to make Lists

Speeches summarized. Foreign and Colonial History are and Abstracts of all Documents referring to any one Surname now to be

next dealt with. In the Second Part a Chronological Sumfound in the Indexes of these Records : Wills, Chancery Proceedings, and Clone Rolls. Fixed charges can be had for this work, and o clients

mary is given of the Principal Events of the Year, both are enabled to know the exact cost of any inquiry beforehand. Advice Foreign and Domestic; this is followed by a Retrospect of free.-124, High Road, Kilburn, N.W.

Literature, Science, and Art, and an Obituary of Eminent

Persons. A full Index is added, which is an important IMPLEMENTS.–To STUDENTS, feature of the Book, and adds very materially to its value as LECTURERS, &c -A Complete Serien of 30 fpecimens of the two periods of the Stone Age, 3.. 38.-G. F. LAWRENCE, 55, High-street,

a Work of Reference. Wandsworth, S.W.

Volumes of the ANNUAL REGISTER for the Years

1863–1891 can still be had, price 188. each. second-hand Booksellers, PURCHASE LIBRARIES, or Smaller

Col: London: LONGMANS, GREEN & CO.; and jections of Books, in town or country, and give the utmost value in cuah ; also value for Probate. Experienced values promptly sent.

the other Proprietors. Removals without trouble or expense to sellers. Libraries Catalogued and Arranged. Established 1816.

In imperial 8vo. Vol. I. (A–H), pp. 855, Telegraphic address, Bookmen, London. Code in use, Unicode.


FREDERIC BOASE. Containing nearly 8,000 Concile Memoirs THORPE'S NEW CATALOGUE of Standard and Interesting of Persons who have died since 1850. With an Iadex of the most interSECOND-HAND BOOKS, at Low Prices. Post free at 53, Ship-street,

esting matter. 308. net, carriage free. Brighton.

“As a work of reference the book is just what it should be."

Times, April 14th.

Β Α Ν κ.
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most interesting Facts in the History of Cometary Astronomy. How to PURCHASE A HOUSE for TWO GUINEAS per MONTH. By W. T. LYNN, B.A.F.R.A.S. BIRKBBCK FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY.

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The BIRKBECK ALMANACK, with full particulars, post free.

Never at Fault.-In all irritations of the skin, sores, ulcers,

24th, 1892. and JANUARY 7th and 21st, 1893, contains a BIBLIO barns, and scrofulous enlargements of the plands, Holloway's ointment

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: . and RESI

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LIVES of the SAINTS. By the Rev.

S. BARING-GOULD, M.A. A New Edition, with several
Hundred Illustrations,

Vol. XVI. will contain a COMPLETE INDEX,
Vol. XVII, SAINTS with their EMBLEMS.


Atheneum :-"These ballads are spirited and stirring : such are 'The
Fall of Harald Hardrada,'Old Benbow,' Marston Moor,' and Corporal
John,' the soldier's name for the famous Duke of Marlborough, which is
a specially good ballad. 'Queen Eleanor's Vengeance'is & vividly told
story. Coming to more modern times, 'The Deeds of Wellington,'
• Inkerman,' and Balaklava' are excellently well sad and sung. As a
book of ballads, interesting to all who have British blood in their vetti,
Dr. Bennett's contribution will be welcome. Dr. Bennett's Ballads wil
leave a strong impression on the memory of those who read them."

The GOLDEN LIBRARY.-Square 16mo. cloth, 28.

Crown 8vo, cloth, 58.

EMBLEMS of SAINTS. By which PROMETHEUS the FIRE-GIVER, an attempted


Restoration of the Lost they are Distinguished in Works of Art. By the late Very

CHATTO & WINDCS, Piccadilly. Rev. F. C. HUSENBETH, D.D. A New Edition, with numerous Corrections and Additions, by the Rev. AU. TOOK'S-COURT AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. GUSTUS JESSOPP, D.D. Forming the Seventeenth and Last Volume of Mr. Baring-Gould's . Lives of the Saints.'


for SATURDAY, April 2nd, 1892, The UNCANONICAL and APO- Contains an Article upon the HISTORY OL TOOK'S-COURT and its

CRYPHAL SCRIPTURES. Being the Additions to the NEIGHBOURHOOD, by Mr. GEORGE CLINCH, of the British Museum,
Old Testament Canon which were included in the Ancient with the following Illustrations by Mr. A. Bernard Sykes :-
Greek and Latin Versions; the English Text of the

Authorized Version, together with the Additional Matter
found in the Vulgate and other Ancient Versions; Intro-

THE ROLLS CHAPEL. ductions to the several Books and Fragments; Marginal

CLIFFORD'S INN. Notes and References; and a General Introduction to the

OLD SERJEANTS' INN. Apocrypha. By the Rev. W.R. CHURTON, B.D., Fellow

THE ATHENÆUM OFFICE, TOOK'S-COURT, of King's College, Cambridge, Canon of the Cathedral of St. Albans, and Examining Chaplain of the Bishop. Large

SKETCH MAP of CHANCERY LANE. post 8vo. pp. 608, cloth, 78. 6d.

John C. Francis, Notes and Queries Office, Bream's-buildings,

Chancery-lane, B.C. The NARROW WAY. A Complete

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STRONG DRESS BASKETS, Edition, cloth, Is.



mentary on the Four Holy Gospels, containing the Narra- ALLEN'S DRESSING BAGS, tive of Our Blessed Lord's Life and Ministry. By the Rev. W. MICHELL, M.A., Diocesan Inspector of Schools in the

SILVER FITTINGS, 51, 58. AND UPWARDS. Diocese of Bath and Wells. A New Edition, Revised. 2 vols

Illustrated Catalogues free. cloth, 6s.

Cash Discount, 10 per cent. THE HOLY COMMUNION.


Common Objections to Receiving it.
Part II. An EXPLANATION of what is REQUIRED of them
who come to the LORD'S SUPPER, In Plain Language.

By the Rev. W. H. RIDLEY, M.A.
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A most nutritious and invigorating beverage, made The DAILY ROUND. Meditation, by the simple addition of boiling water, at a cost

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index of Pleadings under the date, and, very

likely, obtain reference to the pleadings in that CONTENT 8.-N° 77.

suit, which appear simply under the title, “ Jones NOTES:-Our Public Records, 461—Belfry Custom, 462- v. Brown," a reference which, without the informa

Parliamentary Polls, 463–The Christian Era, 465–The tion derived from the Calendar to Depositions,
Royal Marriage-Archilochus-Hastler Land-Folk-lore-
Inventor of Lucifer Matches-Relics, 466.

would carry to the searcher's mind no indication of QUERIES :- Waverley Novels–Ola Bell-HM-Lyon, 467 he is interested. Exactly the same remark applies

the fact that the suit was about the place in which Translation of Varillas-Sussex House, Fulham-UssesThe Black Flag-The Scape Goat'-Gutta-percha—"The to the indices to the Decrees and Orders, which Arms of Lionel”—" Clicking-time,” 488—40th Regiment are arranged chronologically, and give only the Marine Animale-Teneriffe-Sir S. Kvance— The British parties' names, and, for the most part, nothing else ; Knight Errant,' 469.

but of these presently. I do not say that in any. RBPLIES :- Residence of Mrs. Siddons. 469 – Innsbruck thing like all the suits in the Exchequer we have Hofkirche, 471—"Canary Bird,” 472–Lady of the Bed. Depositions ; but I say that in collecting, the chamber-Samplers, 473—Works of King Alfred-Trouts, Heraldic Castle" The babies in the eyes," 474–Table various records in an Exchequer suit it is well, in Proverb--- Squin”- Lost Memory – Totems —"Thirty the first instance, to go to the Calendar of Deposidays hath,” &c.-Rhyme on Calvinism-Sir Thos. Hankin, tions, wbich is easy to searcb, and affords—if you 475 — Barclay's • English Dictionary'- Kilburn Wells, find your suit-information as to its date and George Eliot-May Day-The Pope's Golden Rose, 476–exact title. R. M. Martin-Varnish-The Cephisus and the IlissusVaughan and Dodwell, 477-Rev. Henry Adams—“A fly

I ought to point out here that bound up with on the corporal” — Henchman - Missing Portraits - Sir the calendar to these depositions which were taken Cornelius Vermuyden -- Serene Higbness – Evan, 478— by commission is also a list of those commissions Cobblers called “Snobs,” 479.

issued out of the Exchequer to inquire into lands NOTES ON BOOKS :-Simpson's 'St. Paul's Cathedral “concealed " from the Crown, encroachments, the

Library'-Thornely's Monumental Brasses of Lancashire possessions of traitors, &c., the returns to which and Cheshire'-Stebbing's History of Crustacea'-Wil

The son's 'Epochs of American History'- Hester's “Nevill

are often exceedingly valuable surveys. Simmons.'

calendar is arranged chronologically under counties, Notices to Correspondents.

and in each county precedes that to the Depositions. There are few of these “Special Commissions," as

they are called, of an earlier date than Elizabeth, Hotes.

and these are calepdared chronologically in a small

MS. calendar. Besides the Depositions just deOUR PUBLIC RECORDS.

scribed there are the “ Barons' Depositions, (Continued from p. 422.)

or those taken before the Barons of the Exchequer. I now come to deal with the records of the These exist from the time of Elizabeth to the year Judicial branch of the Exchequer. Taking first 1841. For those of Elizabeth there is a calendar; the Equity or Queen's Remembrancer's (Q.R.) side, the rest are arranged alphabetically under the titles we find an enormous number of documents of thé of the suits. highest value to the legal antiquary, the topo- The Decrees and Orders of the Court of Exchegrapher, and the genealogist.

quer cover a period of nearly three centuries, Suits in this division of the Exchequer were from Elizabeth to 1841, and are entered in commenced, as in Chancery, by Bill ; those Bills, volumes known as Decree Books and Order Books; with the Answers to them, Replications, and Re- the original Decrees and Orders also exist for joinders, exist from the commencement of Eliza- nearly all this time, but are seldom used. To the beth's reign to the year 1841. They are preserved entries of Decrees and Orders there are several in portfolios, arranged chronologically according to calendars, which are confusing from the fact that counties, and are referred to by a number of con- the dates to which they relate overlap. Some of temporary indices compiled upon a similar system. these bave been compiled recently, others are conBut the entries in this index are meagre; in many temporary. It should be also mentioned that cases they record only the names of the parties, numerous Decrees of the Court of Exchequer are though in a few they also give the name of the entered on what are called the “Memoranda" place about which is the suit.

Rolls (Q.R.). These are referred to Agenda To the Depositions, however, a fuller calendar Books and Repertories, and many, in a very useful exists, also arranged chronologically under counties. index-which also refers to the Decree and Order This calendar gives the date, names of all the parties books—known as “Martin's Index," arranged to the suit, and the subject of the suit; so that the ander places. This is only an index to selecinguirer who finds from depositions that the tions ; but it contains a great many references, customs of such and such a manor were the sub- and it is worthy of being referred to in most ject of the suit of Jones v. Brown, tried in the searches in Exchequer records. Exchequer in, say, 10 James I., can turn to the All the indices or calendars to the Exchequer


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legal records, with the exception of the Agenda to these there is a MS. Index. The Decrees, which Books, are kept in the “ Legal" Seach Room at the exist for the latter part of the reign of Henry VIII. Public Record Office, the Agenda Books are in the and for that of Edward VI., are contained in Aug. " Literary” Room. Amongst_the oncalendared Mis. Bks.,' vole. xci. to ov., to these there is elasses of records on this, the Equity, side of the calendar ; whilst Informations and various other Excbequer may be mentioned Affidavits (1572 to proceedings are entered in vols. clxv. of the same 1841), Informations (Eliz. to William IV.), and series. The Pleadings in the Court of General Reports and Certificatos (1648 to 1841).

Surveyors are contained in a box, the reference On the Common Law side of the Exchequer the to which is “Exchequer Treasury of Receipt, best-known, and certainly the most important class No. 111,” The Decrees and Orders (34 to 38 Henry of records is the “ Plea Rolls,” which extends over VIII.) are entered in the ‘Augmontation Office a period of nearly 600 years, from 53 Henry III. to Miscell. Books,' vol. cvi.; a calendar to this ap1855. The greatest variety of entries relating botb pears on pp. 166-196 of the Appendix to the to ecclesiastical and civil matters occur on these Thirtieth Report of the Deputy Keeper. The rolls, but there is no complete calendar to what is records of the Court of First Fruits and Tenths entered

upon them. The calendar, which exists in consist of Plea Rolls (Mary to Geo. II., to which two forms, chronological and alphabetical, is, how there is a volume of index), Process Books (29 ever, an exceedingly useful one ; it is to be found in Henry VIII. to 1817, 13 vols.), and several packthe " Literary” Search Room. On the Common ages of miscellaneous documents (Henry VIII. to Law side of the Exchequer there are forty-seven William IV.).

W. J. HARDY. rolls (3 Hen. III. to 14 Edward I.) known as the

(To be continued.) Jews' Rolls," on which are entered the Pleas held before the Justices of the Jew8 ; there are also “ Order Books” (Edward VI. to 1830) and Minute

A CURIOUS BELFRY CUSTOM. Books, 1657 to 1830.

At Treswell, Lanebam, and East Drayton, three I have not yet spoken of the records of the Lord Nottinghamshire villages situated in close proximity Treasurer's Rembrancer's (Exchequer L.T.R.) to each other, and not far from the Trent side, it branch of the Exchequer. In these we have was formerly a custom for the bell-ringers to record important material relatiog to claims of various marriages on the belfry walls of their respective kinds, such as claims to markets or fairs, wreck, parish churches. &c., and also to accounts of the sheriffs, and as to On one of my summer visits to Treswell when a fines, issues, or amerciaments due to the Es: boy, quite thirty-five years ago, Mr. Daniels, the chequer from the courts at Westminster. The then rector, pointed out to me certain red-ochre principal class of records in this division is the marks, squares and rings, on the interior walls of * Memoranda” Rolls, which exist from 1 Henry the tower, where the bells were rung from the floor III. to 5 William IV.

of the church. I have a dim recollection that my No very satisfactory calendar exists to these informant said these markings were called "cakes," rolls ; that most frequently used is known 88 because they were put there as memorials of gifts of “Jones's Index” (printed), which is a calendar cakes to the ringers on wedding days. But having to selections from entries on the rolls from Henry never met with such-like records of marriages oa III. to Geo. II., arranged alphabetically under church walls elsewhere, nor, indeed, of any printed places with an index nominum at the end. Be account of such a custom, and thinking memory side this index there are numerous repertorios might have played me false, I recently made and agenda books, which serve as a guide to those inquiries from the clergymen of those parishes, who desire to consult the rolls; a list of these who have kindly furnished me with information of is set out in Mr. Bird's · Handbook, p. 205. There a very interesting character. are also on the “ L.T.R.” side the Exchequer Dr. Stott, the present rector of Treswell, says Entry Books of Orders and Minute Books. that the old belfry records were covered over with

The Judicial Proceedings of the Court of Aug. plaster at the restoration of that church about mentations, the Court of General Surveyors, and thirty years ago, and that only a few traces of porthe Court of First Fruits and Tentbs—which were tions of circles encroacbing upon the stonework of branches of the Exchequer—also demand attention. the belfry arch are now visible. In these we have Writs, Pleadings, Informations, Strarge to say, at Rampton, less than two miles and Decrees, which, though they contain matter away, and about half way between Treswell and of much topographical and genealogical interest, Lanebam, there are no evidences of such marks on are but seldom consulted.

any part of the walls of the church, and no one In the Court of Augmentations there are five remembers such a custom to have been observed volumes of Pleadings (temp. Henry VIII., 'Aug. in that village. Mis. Bks,' vols. xix. to xxiii.), Depositions (Henry At Lanebam, however, only two miles further, VIII. to Edward IV., ibid., vols. cviii. to cxxxiii.); there are still to be seen on the belfry walls twenty

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