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Archéologie de l'Empire de Russie, 7 vols. atlas folio, and 6 vols. 4to. half red morocco extra

(EXTREMELY RARE), Moscow, 1849–53. Archæologia of the Society of Antiquaries of London, complete, 73 vols, 4to. 1770-1892.

£31 10s, Ballads and Jacobite Verses, a Collection of 63 Pieces, from Corser's and Gaisford's Collections, 1660-1757.

£25. Bewick (T.), Works, Largest Paper, 5 vols., very fine set, in russia extra, Newcastle, 1797–1821.

£35. Bible (Holy), Matthew's Edition, folio, new brown morocco, by Pratt (VERY RARE), Day and Seres, 1549.

£25. Coryat's Crudities, First Edition, 4to., very fine copy, in smooth dark green morocco (VERY RARE), 1611.

£25. Dibdin's Typographical Antiquities, Large Paper, 4 vols. folio, Mr. J. W. K. Eyton's copy, in red morocco extra (very cheap), 1809–19.

£28 10s. Dickens's Works, Édition de Luxe, 30 vols. imperial 8vo. crimson morocco (cheap), 1881–82.

£25. Documents Inédits de l'Histoire de France, 144 vols. 4to. and folio, half-morocco antique, contents lettered, 1839-71.

£52 10s. D'Urfey (Thomas), Works, First Editions, 14 vols. 8vo. and 12mo, red morocco super.extra, VERY RARE, 1682-1729.

£22 10s. Gazette des Beaux-Arts, 37 vols. imperial 8vo., fine set, in half-morocco extra, VERY SCARCE, 1859-73.

£38 10s. Graevii, Gronovii aliorumque Thesaurus Antiquitatum, 70 vols, folio, vellum, very CHEAP, 1694-1725.

£38 10s. India. -Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, fine and unusually complete set, 81 vols. Svo. half-calf gilt, EXTREMELY RARE, Calcutta, 1832–82.

£50. Microscopical Society's Journal, complete, 48 vols. 8vo. in 40, fine set, in half-calf gilt, 1853– 1892.

£27 10s. Besides a number of Works illustrated by George Cruikshank, many First Editions of the Rarest Works

in Early English Poetry, a Collection of German Literature, &c., &c., &c.

A Copy of the above CATALOGUE will be sent post free on application to
MESSRS. H. SOTHERAN & CO., Booksellers,

140, Strand, W.C.; or 37, Piccadilly, W.: London.



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HISTORY.-Mr. GERALD MARSHALL undertakes to make Lists and Abstracts of all Documents referring to any one Surname now to be found in the Indexes of these Records : Wills, Chancery Proceedings, and Close Rolls. Fixed charges can be had for this work, and so clients are enabled to know the exact cost of any inquiry beforehand. Advice

free.-124, High Road, Kilburn, N.W. NOW READY, No. 1, JUNE, 1893, price 28. 6d.


Including the Works of the late John Gould, F.R.S.
General Agents for Libraries and other Bookbuyers at

Home and Abroad.
Edited by

Monthly Catalogue of Second-hand Books.


Telegraphic address, Bookmer, London.

140, STRAND, W.O.; and 37, PICCADILLY, W. A VERY ANCIENT INDUSTRY. By Edward Lovett.

With a Portrait from Gerard Honthorst's Painting of the MarWith Thirteen Illustrations. The CUP of BALLAFLETCHER. By E. Sidney Hartland,

quis (1649), Plans of his Last Campaign, &c., 4to. 36s. net, Esq., F.8.A, With Three Illustrations.


an HOUR in the GROSVENOR MUSEUM, CHESTER. By G. W. Shrubsole, F.G.S. With Seven Illustrations The Memoirs of James, Marquis of Montrose, 1639-1650, SCULPTURED NORMAN CAPITALS at SOUTHWELL

By the Rev. GEORGE WISHART, D.D. MINSTER. By J. Romilly Allen, F.S.A. Scot. With Seven Illustrations,

(Bishop of Edinburgh, 1662–1671). PORTABLE ANVILS FOUND at SILCHESTER. With

Translated, with Introduction, Notes, and Appendices, and Five Illustrations. SAXON DOORWAY at SOMERFORD-KEYNES, WILTS.

the Original Latin (Part II. now first published), With Three Illustrations.


Canon of St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, Editor and The Prince of Wales at the Public Record Office.-Roman Sculpture at Tockenham Church, Wilts. By Rev. E. H. Goddard. - Trepanning

Translator of the Grameid MS.; and in Prehistoric Times.--The Agram Mummy.--An Ancient Welsh Book-Satchel. By Prof. John Rhys.-A Boundary Stone with a

H. F. MORLAND SIMPSON, M.A. (Cantab.), F.S.A. Scot., Good Record. By Edward Owen and Rev. W. H. Davey.--Marsh

Fettes College.
Village, in Somerset. By Arthur Bulleid. With Four Illustrations.
NOTES on MUSEUMS:--The British Museum.-The Edin-

London : LONGMANS, GREEN & CO. burgh Museum.-The Cambridge Museum.-The Bristol Museum.

ESTABLISHED 1851. By Ålfred E. Hudd. With Four Illustrations.

BIRK BECK Β Α Ν Κ. NOTES on BOOKS. With Nine Illustrations.

Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, London.



monthly balances, when not drawn below £100. The JOURNAL of the BRITISH STOCKS, SHAKES, and ANNUITIES Purchased and sold. ARCHÆOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION for March, 1893.

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For the encouragement of Thrift the Bank receives small sums on

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FRANCIS RÁVENSCROFT, Manager. Genealogical Magazine. Part I. March, 1893. Price 1s. 6d. Annual Subscription, post free, 58. 6d. BRAND & CO.'S A1 SAUCE, NEW BOOKS.


F.R.G.S., sometime A.C. to H.M. Troops, York Garrison.
With 60 Illustrations. Super-royal 8vo. price 15s. ES


of CHARTERS, in the Possession of the Right Hon.
Viscount Cobham, preserved at Hagley Hall. By I. H.
Cf the British Museum. A limited number SPECIALITIES for INVALIDS.

Caution.-Beware of Imitations. Sole Address
only printed. A few copies remain unsubscribed.
Royal 8vo. price 158.


Dangerous Chest Complaints.-The enumeration of these dis

eases is scarcely necessary, as, unfortunately, most Englishmen know CIRCULAR,' containing Lists of the Publications of the them to their cost Coughs, common colds, influenza, bronchitis, Hakluyt Society, the British Archæological Association, asthma, pleurisy, imflammation of the lungs, and even consumption in the Cambrian Archæological Association, the British Its early stages, are best treated by rubbing Holloway's Ointmeat upon Record Society, the Index Society, the Oriental Transla

the chest and upon the back between the shoulders. It penetrates tions Fund, and of other Works of a similar character, gradually remover the oppression from the chest, and restores the

internally, checks the cold shiverings, relieves the overgorged lungs, will be forwarded post free on application,

obstructed respiration, hitherto 80 distressingly disagreeable and highly

dangerous. In treating this class of diseases, Holloway's Pills should 4, Lincoln's Inn-fields, London, W.C.

always be taken while using his Ointment; they purity the blood, promote perspiration, and allay dangerous irritations.


Sir Walter Rawleigh dated the first of August

1603.” The contents of this letter are so utterly CONTENT 8.-N° 78.

inconsistent with Sir Walter's tone in relation to NOTES :- Letters of Ralegh, 481 – Beaconsfield Bibliography in his alleged complicity with the plots of 1603, that 482—Royal House of Oldenburg, 483—Twice Knighted, 484 -"Eavesdropper”-“ Forth” and “

one is forced to conclude either that it is a forgery,

Ford"-Archbishop's Crosier-Roman Bell, 485—Herring Pie—“ Inkhornize"- or more likely that it is a genuine appeal from one Solomon C. Eveske-Family of Sir T. More, 486.

of the real conspirators. I hope to be allowed to QUERIES:-Sir Basil Brooke Armeria – H.M.S. Fou- print it on some future occasion. droyant, 487–Pocock-Murder of a Sheriff of Middlesex

With regard to the evidently genuine letters F. Whistler-Aldgate or Aldersgate—“Let us walk down Fleet Street ”—Pepys–Wootton, Surrey-Lodgings under which follow—their proper date, as the internal the Commonwealth-Rumbold Family, 488–'Chronicles of evidence of the second proves, is 1611. They must

Eri' – Garden of the Soul'—Black for Evening Wear, 489. be read in close connexion with the letter to Queen REPLIES :-Sugar-plums, 489–Chesney Family, 490—Duel Anne of Denmark, printed by Mr. Edwards as

Slopseller-Archer Family, 491. German Notes and cxlvii. (vol. ii. p. 334). It appears likely that the Queries'

Massacre of Scio - Enfield and EdmontonHeraldry-Chester called Westchester-Col. Charteris, 492 true date of the letter to the Lord Treasurer on

“The Leash - Luce - "Hospitale Conversorum et Guiana, printed out of its right order (Edwards, Puerorum"-"Fray-bug">Waterloo, 493.-Cogers' Hallo. ii. 389), should be 1607, not, as conjectured, 1608 Telepathic Obsession" - Vole-“ Ale-dagger"

“Commenced M.A.," 494-Carlo Albacini—“Practical Politics or 1609. Constantius II. – Samuel Evans — Novel Notions of

The poor prisoner seems to bave made formal Heraldry - "To rush” — Unlucky Houses - Epiphany Offering–The Poets Laureate, 495–"Yearn"-Member of applications with respect to Guiana in 1607, Parliament-Old

English Spinning-Kingsley's Last Lines before Carr had acquired the Sherborne estate, --- Second Sight, 496 — Hawisia de Ferrers - Duologue, and in 1611. Delay only diminished the chances ** Dumble"-Charles II., the Fish, and the Royal Societies of success, and when he was allowed to sail in 497—Highland Light Infantry-Mandragora-Inscription -Saller mony," ° 498—Rev. H. Adams-R. M. Martin | 1617, through the dominant influence of GondoRelics, 499.

mar in the English Court, failure was a foregone NOTES ON BOOKS :-Ward's 'St. Edmund's College Old conclusion. Hall'-Frere's 'Stepney.'

In transcribing these letters I have faithfully Notices to Correspondents.

followed my copy. On the question whether they are to be viewed as accurate verbatim transcrip

tions of the originals I wish to say a few words Notes.


A L're wrytten by Sir Walter Rawleigh to his Matie

Anuo 1607 [1611] Conscerninge Guyana:

I hope that yof most excellent Matie will pardon this Mr. Edwards ('Life and Letters of Ralegb,' presumption of myne, I have besought the Queene, that vol. ii. p. liii, sqq.) laments that the collection out of hir wonted Charritye towardes mee, shee woulde of letters, in spite of his persevering efforts to for whereas I have been tould, that it pleased yor Matle

bee pleased to offerr unto yo® matle theis ffewe Lynes, recover missing portions of Sir Walter's corre

to reade over a L're of myne, wrytten to my Lord spondence, was still far from complete, and antici. Treasuror : ffor a voyage to Guyana, I most humblye pates that other letters, which he was unable to beseech yor Ma'le to beleive that I never had other recover, would come to light as the result of future respect to my selfe in that proiecte then to make it research. I cannot find, however, that anything apparante, that I have ever been, and ever will remayne

yor Matles ffaithffull servante, That ever I sought my written by Sir Walter of material interest has been Lib'tye thereby, for the Love of Lib'tye or that I had printed since this date (1868).

any Tricke therein, as it pleaseth some men to Tearme it, The two letters, now, it is believed, for the first The lyveinge god doth wyttnes the contrarye, ffor to him time offered to the public, are copied from a MS. that hath not been Bredd a slavishe Marryner: The imvolume of historical and legal letters and treatises then the Tower of London, into wch, as I was never cast,

prysonmte of a longe Navigac'on is ffurr more greivous of the early seventeenth century. It is of folio for any knaverye, or villanye, soe will I never seeke to size, contains 220 leaves, and bears at each end the bee delivered thereby : siguature “Ric. Tichbo’ne.' Included in this col. Butt: maye it please yok most excellent matle it is true, lection are seven of Ralegh's published letters, that I did Lament the reffusall made ; Because yor Matlé numbered in Edwards's collection cxviii. (to the hath thereby reffused a most easye waye of being In

riched, Both in dispight of yor Malitious enemyes Lords Commissioners), cxxi. (to the King), cxxix. Abroade ; and of yo gruntinge [sic] Subts att home. (ditto), cxliii. (to Sir Robert Carr), cxxiii. (to his And whereas it hath been infforced against mee that it wife), cxlvi. (to Queen Anne), cliv. (to Sir Ralph bad been a greate Leuitye* of State, to have Trusted a Winwood, though here superscribed To my Lord Man in my estate, it had been indeed well said, yf I had Treʼr"). Following these is a copy of "Sir Walter desired the Truste of any greate so'me of Monye, of any

greate Armye, or any greate fileete, or of any thinge els, Rawleighs Conffession," 1.6., his speech upon the whereby yo Matie might have Receyved preiudyce. Butt scaffold (Edwards, i. 699), and, earlier in the series, “ A letter [to the king] supposed to be written by

* Query whether Lenity or Levity ?

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where noethinge had been putt in hazard wth mee, Butt Nigel Penruddock

Cardinal Manning myne owne shame and inftamye, where I was to bee Mr. Ferrars (the grandtrusted in noethinge, Butt to make my selfe a Ridiculous father)

Rt. Hon. George Rose Lyer, and a Beggar, and to leave that marcke uppon my George Waldershare George Smythe Children, and posteritye, I should have thought it (under Job Thornberry

Richard Cobden pardon) when I lyved in the world, a greate Leuitye* of Mr. Vigo

Mr. Poole State, to have Reffused such an Adventure, seeinge what Mr. Jorrocks

Mr. Milner Gibson Boever proffitt had been made, the same had been yor Hortensius

Sir W. Vernon Harcourt Maties, and there was noetbinge els where of yo? Matle Sidney Wilton

Sidney Herbert had been in daunger, Butt of the yll Bestoweinge of Mr. Sainte Barbe

Thackeray yor Mercye; ffor, alas, whatt a'me I, in respect of that Mr. Gushy

Dickens wth hath been offerred, To make wch good, whie was I not Topsy-Turvy

Vanity Fair rayther infforced, then forbidden, yf it had been butt a Scaramouch ...

Punch promyse of myne, wbie was it not tryed, seeing the pro- This key was reprinted in ' N. & Q.' for Jan. 8, mise was soe greate, and I soe little, or whie should soe Feb. 19, and May 21, 1881. See 1881 (including noteable a servyco ffor yor Matie bee Ballanced wth the Lib'tye of one man, whose ffortune, when it was att a German translation) and 1891. greatest never over-shadowed any thinge butt it selfe.

Endymion. "Quicquid agunt homines." By the Butt: seeinge it is in the Providence of god, (tbat Right Honorable the Earl of Beaconsfield, K.G., author yor Matle reffuseinge it) so'me other Kinge, or Kingdom'e of “Lothair," etc., etc. New York: D. Appleton and shalbee inriched thereby, ffor it cannot lye bidden longe, Company, 1, 3, and 5 Bond Street. 1880.-8vo. Pp. ii, yett I most bumblye Beseech yor Matle to doe mee that 477. B.Ñ. 12619 i. 14, grace, as to Beleive, that I, whoe have spent my sorrow. ifull tymes of ymprisonmte in the studdye of yor Maties

1881. Bervyce, and caffetye, of wch I hope one daye to make Endymion. By the author of " Lothair.” Quicquid good prooffe would in the rest never have proved ffalse, agunt homines.". London: Longmans, Green & Co.

1881. nor never have been ffounde ungrateffull to such a Kinge,

All rights reserved.—8vo. pp. iv, 474, B.M. as tooke mee out of the bandes of death, when noe man 12618 dd. 11. els that had power in the worlde, bad compassion of See 1880. meo:

Yor Maties humble vassall,

Endymion. Von Earl of Beaconsfield. (Benjamin

D'Israeli.) Aus dem Englischen von Professor Dr. C.

O. DEEDES. Böttger. Autorisirte deutsche Ausgabe. Quicquid Brighton.

agunt homines."...... Leipzig : F. A. Brockhaus. 1881. (To be continued.)

- 8vo.

B.M, 12604 ccc. 9.
Vol. i. has pp. iv, 344 ; vol. ii., pp. iv, 353 ;

vol. iii., pp. iv, 366. See 1880. CONTRIBUTIONS TO A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF

Novels and tales by the Earl of Beaconsfield. With BENJAMIN DISRAELI, EARL OF BEACONSFIELD.

portrait and sketch of his life. [General title-page.] (Continued from p. 445.)

Hughenden Edition...... London: Longmans, Green, and

Co. 1881. [Volume title-page.]-11 vols. 8vo. B.M. The works showing the exact date of publication 2350 e. are placed in this list before those bearing the

Vol. i., pp. vi, 487, and portrait, contains year-date only.

• Vivian Grey'; vol. ii., pp. vi, 451, 'The Young 1880.

Duke' and Count Alarcos'; vol. iii., pp. viii, 461, Endymion. By the author of " Lothair.”

“Quicquids agunt homines.'' In three volumes...... London: Long. Contarini Fleming' and 'The Rise of Iskander”; mans, Green, and Co. 1880. All rights reserved. 8vo. vol. iv., pp. viii, 463, ' Alroy,'

, 'Ixion in Heaven,' B.M. 12640 bb. 3.

• The Infernal Marriage,' and Popanilla'; vol. V., Vol. i. has pp. iv, 331; vol. ii., pp. iv, 337 ; pp. viii, 464, Henrietta Temple '; vol. vi., pp. viii, vol

. iii., pp. iv, 346.' Messrs. Longman sold pine 482, “Venetia'; vol. vii., pp. vi, 477, 'Coningsby' thousand copies of the three-volume edition. In vol. viii., pp. viii, 489, Sybil'; vol. ix., pp. viii, *N. & Q.,' git S. ii. 484, appeared the following 487, Tancred: (the Preface to the Fifth Edition Key to 'Endymion.'

has the pagination vii-ix, but it should apparently Zenobia ...

Lady Jersey

be v-vii); vol. ., pp. xx, 485, 'Lothair'; vol. xi., Berengaria (Lady Moutfort) Hon. Mrs. Norton pp. ii, 474, 30, and portrait, 'Endymion. The Agrippina

Queen Hortenso

novel ends on p. 474; & memoir, entitled “The Adriana Neufchatel Lady Burdett Coutts

Earl of Beaconsfield,' separately paged, concludes The Neufchatels... The Rothschilds

the volume. Col. Albert (Prince Florestan). Napoleon III.

Wit and wisdom of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of BeaconsLord Roehampton Lord Palmerston

field. Collected from his writings and speeches. LonLord Montfort

The late Lord Hertford don : Longmans, Green, and Co. 1881. All rights Lord Rawchester

Earl Granville

reserved.-8vo. pp. xiv, 382. B.M, 2344 a. Earl of Beaumaris

The late Earl of Derby The extracts are classified alphabetically. Under Mr. Bertie Tremaine

Lord Houghton Count of Ferroll ...

Poetry" are printed several of the poems menPrince Bismarck Endymion The Author

tioned previously in this list under the year of their

first publication as well as some verses from the * See note, ante.


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Calamities and quarrels of authors. By Isaac Disraeli. tion of his great example.” Tenth edition. London: A new edition edited by his son the Earl of Beaconsfield. Longmars, Green, and Co. 1882.-8v0. pp. xiv, 422. London: Frederick Warne and Co., Bedford Street, See 1852. Strand.—1881. 8vo. pp. viii, 552. B.M. 11840 dd. 12.

1883. See 1859.

The wondrous tale of Alroy. 2 parte. Warsaw.-8vo. Amenities of literature, consisting of sketches and B.M. 01980 b. 5. (Not seen.] characters of English literature. By Isaac Disraeli. A

This is a translation into Hebrew. See 1833. New Edition, edited by his son, the Earl of Beaconsfield.

Tancred. Translated from the English by L. Levin. London: Frederick Warne and Co., Bedford Street, 3 vols. Warsaw, 1883-4.-8vo. B.M. 1980 d. (Not Strand.-1881, 8vo. pp. vi, 762, and frontispiece. B.M. seen.) 11851 de, 5.

This is also a translation into Hebrew. See See 1859.

1847. Literary character of men of genius. Drawn from

1884. their own feelings and confessions, By Isaac Disraeli. Lord Beaconsfield on the Constitution.

“ What is A new edition edited by his son the Earl of Beaconsfield. he?" and "A Vindication of the English Constitution." London: Frederick Warno and Co., Bedford Street, By “ Disraeli the Younger.” (the Earl of Beaconsfield, Strand.-1881. 850. pp. xvi, 462. B.M. 11851 de. 4. K.G.) edited with an anecdotal preface by Francis HitchSee 1859.

man, author of "The Public Life of the Earl of Beacong

field,” &c. London: Field & Tuer, Y• Leadenhalle Presse, Curiosities of literature. By Isaac Disraeli. A New E.C. Simpkin, Marshall & Co.; Hamilton, Adams & Co. Edition, edited, with memoir and notes, by his son, the -1884. Obl. 8vo. pp. 1x, 210. B.M. 8139 a. 8. Earl of Beaconsfield. In three volumes......London : Frederick Warne and Co., Bedford Street, Strand.—1881. The title-pages of the two tracts are reprinted.

The preface, illustrated, occupies pp. vii-Ix. Svo, B.M, 11851 de. 6. Vol. i. has pp. xlviii, 471, and portrait ; vol. ii.,

There is an Appendix, pp. 207–10. The tracts pp. viii, 546, and portrait ; vol. iii., pp. iv, 540.

were originally printed in 1833 and 1835 respecThe prefatory matter of vol. i. contains the memoir tively. printed in the 1849 edition and also the preface

On the principles of the Conservative party; delivered dated “Bradenbam House, March, 1839.” See Orations," edited by Charles Kendall Adams (New York

at Manchester, April 3, 1872.—Representative British 1849.

and London, G. P. Putnam's Sons), 1884, 16mo. pp. 2161882.

276. B.M. 12301 cc. 3. Selected speeches of the late Right Honourable the

The speech is preceded by a biographical sketch, Earl of Beaconsfield. Arranged and edited with introduction and explanatory notes by T. E. Kebbel, M.A. pp. 204–15, the opening sentence of which states With a Portrait. In two volumes...... London: Long-that Vivian Grey' was published in 1825, thus mans, Green, and Co. 1882. All rights reserved. 8vo. antedating its appearance by a year. B.M. 12301 d. 37.

The Beaconsfield birthday book. The secret of sucVol. i. has pp. xx, 634; vol. ii., pp. viii, 647. cess is constancy to purpose' (Speech June 24, 1872). The first speech reprinted was delivered at High He had a purpose, and they say that a man with a Wycombe, June 9, 1832; the latest, on the purpose generally sees it realised' (Endymion). London: evacuation of Candabar, March 4, 1881. Besides Longmans, Green, and Co. 1884. All rights reserved.

16mo, B.M, 12274 a. 11. political speeches, there are included the address at the Manchester Atheneum, Oct. 3, 1844, on

Unpaged. Sigs. A to R, 16 pp. each, and 9 pp. the value of literature ; the speech at the dinner of in s. The date of Disraeli's birth is given as the Royal Literary Fund on May 8, 1872; that on

Dec. 21, 1805, instead of 1804. the seventh anniversary of the Hospital for Con

(To be continued.) sumption, Brompton, May 2, 1849; and the tribute in the House of Commons to the memory of the THE ROYAL HOUSE OF OLDENBURG. Prince Consort, Feb. 6, 1862. The date of the

(Continued from p. 443.) Manchester Athenæum speech is wrongly given as

We now return to John, Duke of Holstein, the Oct. 23; and the line

third and youngest son of Christian III. This Fields that cool Ilyasus laves

prince, as we have said, by his first wife had eight is misprinted

sons. Only three of them left issue, viz., Alexander Fields that cool Ulyssus loves.

(whose descendants we have considered), Frederick, Wellington.—' Sonnets of Three Centuries,' edited by and Philip. The male issue of Frederick (the sixth T. Hall Caine, 1882, p. 115. B.M. 11601 ff. 6.

son) expired with his grandson Ernest Leopold, in For the history of this sonnet see 1848.

1722, and Philip's male issue became extinct in On the Portrait of the Lady Mahon, 1839.- Sonnets 1779, upon the death of his great-great-grandson, of Three Centaries,' 1882, pp. 308-9.

Duke Frederick Henry William, in 1779. The See 1839.

eighth and youngest son of Duke John by his Lord George Bentinck : a political biography. By the first wife, Alfred, died s.p. in 1613. By his second Right Honorable B. Disraeli." He left us the legacy of wife, Agnes Hedwig, Electress of Saxony, daughter heroes; the memory of his great name and the inspira. of Joachim Ernest, Prince of Anhalt, and widow of

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