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No. 9.

Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through the Country (continued from

p. 233.)-An Essay on the Persecution of Philosophers by the Clergy.--

Substance of a Speech delivered Jan. 22, 1827, the Society of “ Free Dig-

cussion and Mutual Improvement," on the Question—"Are there any rational

grounds to believe Man has an Immortal Soul ?" by T.R. Bayley Potts.-

Letter from Scrutator ; with Note by R. C.-The Challenge, by I. W. Imray,

-Letter 29. from the Rev. Robert Taylor ; subject, the Quakers.-Letter

from Robert Affleck, of Edinburgh.-Letter from a Child of Nature.

No. 10.

Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through the Country, continued from page
201. Correspondence with the Mayor of Nottingham and with Mr. Gilbert,
The Schoolmaster Abroad.” Proposed opening of Mr. Carlile's School
in Nottingham.--Note from the Proprietor of the Silver-street Coffee-house,
Falcon-square, to say that The Lion is taken and read there.-Mr. Imray's
Poetical Challenge, continued from page 272.-Letter 30. from the Reverend
Robert Taylor : On Principles.—Substance of a Speech by T. R. Bayley
Potis.-The Gospel of the Wild Man in the Woods.

No. 11.

An Address to the People of Nottingham of the various Sects, &c.

Mr. Gilbert's Letter copied from the Nottingham Mercury, with two Papers

circulated in Nottingham by Homo and a Layman. Letter to Mr. Gilbert, on

the defamatory part of his Letter. A Ballad in honour of Mr. Carlile's visit

to Nottingham.-- Extract from a Journal of a Tour through France, on the

Pagan character of the Church of Sainte Croix at Bordeaux.- Postscript to

the Address to the People of Nottingham.-Letter 31. from the Rev. Robert

Taylor: On Christian Sophistication.-The Gospel of our Lord and Saviour

Jesus Christ.--Extract from “ Not Paul but Jesus," communicated by

E. K. D. of Bristol.

No. 12.

An Address to the Inhabitants of Nottingham, reviewing Mr. Gilbert's

Letter.-Letter to Mr. Gilbert, from a Child of Nature at Bristol.-Dialogue

between a Bookseller and his Customer.-Stanzas on Burial, &c. by R.

Hickling of Dudley:-An Anonymous Communication with regard to the

Death of Thomas Woolston, B.D.-Mr. Imray's Poetical Challenge, con-

tinued from page 300.-Letter 32. from the Reverend Robert Taylor : On the

Moral of Debt.-The Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, continued

from page 350.

No. 13.

Letter to Miss Clay, of Houndsgate, Nottingham, on the subject of
Muggletonianism.—Letter from Candid of Bristol, to the Reverend Robert
Taylor, on the subject of Wright, the Bristol Banker and Quaker.—Stanzas :
Communing with my own Heart, during Sickness.-Letter 33. from the Rev.
Robert Taylor : The Diegesis.-Conclusion of the Gospel of our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ.-The Insanity of Religion displayed and in action,
where the Mind is sane on all other subjects, in a Correspondence between a
Mr. John Hiller and the Rev. Robert Taylor.

No. 14.

A Letter to Miss Brown, of Castlegate, Nottingham, in Defence of the

Publication entitled “ Every Woman's Book."-The Poetical Challenge,

concluded, by I. W. Imray-Monarchy and Priestcraft-Don Miguel and the

Christian Religion, by E. Smith-Communication from the Society of Free

Enquirers at New York-.-Phrenological Hints—Letter 34. from the Rev.

Robert Taylor; Character of Dr. Nathaniel Lardner : the Quakers : Chal-

lenge to Haythorne and Wright--- Intelligence has no analogy---Notice of a

Nottingham Anonymous Letter--- To Mr. Gilbert, and all others whom it may

---Letter, with Subscription from James Henry Simson, of Glasgow,

to the Rev, Robert Taylor.

No. 15.

Letter 2. to Miss Brown--- Social Vice of Oath-making ; Cases of Mr.
Brookes and Mr. Carlile---Letter from Mr. Thomas Bailey, of Nottingham---
Notice of DiegESIS---Serious Thoughts in Solitary Hours, by W. V, H.---
Letter to the Rev. Robert Taylor by Candid, of Bristol---An Ode to the
Memory of Lord Byron, by I. W. Imray--- Letter 35. from the Rev. Robert
Taylor: Life and Character of Dr. Lardner, continued--- On Providence, by
Juvenis---Lines on the Atheneum in Grub-street--- Communication from the
Society of Free Enquirers at New York to the Rev. Robert Taylor---The
Profits of Religion the real Evidences of Christianity, as exemplified in the
Will of the Archbishop of Canterbury--- On the Discretionary Power of
Magistrates, by Humanitas.

No. 16.

Letter 3. to the Inhabitants of Nottingham, with sundry extracts and
comments from the Nottingham Papers-Letter 36. from the Rev. Robert
Taylor; Origines Christianæ-Letter to Mr. John Renals of Westend,
Wellingborough, by Thomas Riley Perry --A Christian Apologue : the
Plauter and his Son—Memorial of Robert Owen, to the Mexican Republic.

No. 17.

Letter to the King on the Church, and on his begging Letter for the

Church—The Request, to a female friend, by I. W. Imray-Fiction, a

Parsonic communication, by Anti-Parson-Brunswick Clubs-Letter 37.

from the Rev. Robert Taylor ; Mischievous Doctrine of Providence-Com-
munication concerning the Rev. Mr. Clayton's sermon at the Spa Fields
Chapel-Conclusion of Mr. Owen's Memorial-Life's Pleasures and Evils
considered, by a Correspondent.

No. 18.

Quarterly Review reviewed; Monopoly of the Land Letter from Isaac
Thomasson, with a Note on the subject of the Monopoly of the Land-Com-
munication from E. Smith of Bristol---Letter 38. from the Rev. Robert Tay-
lor; Character of the Clergy.--Paper on the non-existence of Jesus Christs
and the moral defects of the New Testament, by a Gentleman of Literary
Note in America, signed Truth---Lines to an old Tea Board, by I. W. Imray
---Notice of DieGesis, and of Strictures on Personal Cleanliness, &c.

No. 19.

Political Dinners---Prose Communication by I. W. Imray.--Communica-
tion, with an Extract from the Manchester Gazettes --Letter from a Sub-
scriber.--Ditto from W. G. of Aberdeen, on the Atheistic Controversy.-.
Letter 39, froin the Rev. Robert Taylor, on Bishop Dehou's Sermon--Letter,
from Ditto to the Editor of the Stamford News, on the Spiritual Cruelty
exercised in Oakham Gaol...Journal of a Tour through France and Italy.

No. 20.

Literature and the Fine Arts considered---A piece of a Letter taken from
the Morning Herald--- A Discourse on the Utility of Natural Philosophy,
delivered at the Athenæum in Grub-street--- List of important Questions---
History and Human Sacrifices of the Jews---Apologue on 'Truth and Fiction,
by Anti-Parson--- Letter 40, from the Rev. Robert Taylor-.-Journey through
France and Italy (continued from page 608).

No. 21.

Love, with an introductory Essay on the subject of the preference of
Maternity to Paternity, in Inheritances, Parentage, &c.---Communication,
prose and poetical, from I. W. Imray--Letter 41, from the Rev. Robert
Taylor.--Letter, with a Subscription, to the Rev, Robert Taylor, by Charles
Walker, of Ashton-under-Line.

No. 22.

Hanging of the Holy Ghost, with a poetical definition of the mystery
of the Trinity--- A Lesson for either Morning or Evening Service, by Alpha,
of Nottingham---Communication from Juvenis, on Truth and Fiction---
From D. D. on Music--- From a Free-thinker, on Jesus Christ.--Letter 42,
from the Rev. Robert Taylor---Moral Mathematics, from the Stamford News
---Journey through France and Italy (continued from page 640).

No. 23.
Letter 4, to the Inhabitants of Nottingham, including a Correspondence
with the “ Catholic Journal.”.-- School of Free Discussion : Notice of the
trial of Judaism---Note to a Correspondent on Every Woman's Book-
Lines on Love, by Thomas Paine-Letter from a Correspondent, with a
Note, on the essentialities to make a Bishop--- Letters from the Author of
the Empire of the Nairs, from Wieland the German Poet, and from Percy
Bysshe Shelley, on that publication---I. W. Imray, on Materialism and
Spiritualism.--R. Blair on Marriage---Letter 43, from the Rev. R. Taylor,
addressed to the Staley bridgians, in defence of his use of the title of Reve-
read --Lord Bexley to the Rev. Robert Taylor---Journal of a Tour, &c.
(continued from p. 704).

Letter 45, from the Rev. Robert Taylor ; to the Secretary of State, on
his required recognizances --School of Free Discussion, Infidel Library,
&C.---Christian Epigram on Love to the Jews---Notice of Diegesis--- To
my Nottingham Friends-Letter from a Child of Nature, on the Nair system,
with a Note by R. C.-Notice of the Candidates for the London Common
Council-Letter from John Heys of Bolton, with a Subscription for the
Rev. Robert Taylor-Journal of a Tour, &c. (continued from p. 768).

Letter 46, from the Rev. Robert Taylor; on the Moral Mischief of

Oath-taking—Mr. Carlile to his Readers-Conclusion of Journal of a Tour,

&c. from p. 800.

[graphic][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]


That animal nature various in its degrees and qualities, phre-

nologically or organically and chemically* constituted and
physiognomically indicaled.

In my cogitations, the above proposition is as clear as any principle
of nature can be felt to be by self, or be made to appear to be to
others. As sure as there is a variety of figure in the human head
and face, and as great a variety of human disposition, so sure is
that variety founded on the varied figure aud composition of the
various individuals and exhibited to demonstration in that variety.
This exhibition of variety has, in its demonstrations, been classed
under the heads physiognomical and phrenological. We place
the word physiognomical first; because, it is the first in order of
principle. Phrenology, though the basis of physiognomy, is a
principle of later discovery, just as superficial objects are seen
before those more hidden or covered; and Phrenology is the first
in order of principle, just as all visible properties have a hidden
root or principle of life, from which they spring into visibility.

I am again, I confess pleasantly, drawn to this subject, in
consequence of a paper from a correspondent impugning my article
in the twenty-fifth number of the first volume. My correspondent
has a pertness in his style of writing; but I doubt his competency
so to meet the subject in controversy as to make it useful. Without
taking a single exception to my paper in detail, he calls upon me
to strike more blows, that he may parry them and return.
Enough is stated in that paper, as a new view of the metaphysic
of moral Philosophy, to induce a competent opponent to maintain

* I could find no better word than chemical to express the colour and
quality of the animal matter,

Printed and Published by R. CARLILE, 62, Fleet Street.
No. 1,- VOL. 2.


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