Journal of the American Oriental Society, Volym 10

American Oriental Society., 1880
"Proceedings" or "Select minutes of meetings" are included in each volume (except volumes 3, 12).

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Sidan clxxxiv - Hindu Law. Principally with reference to such portions of it as concern the Administration of Justice in the Courts in India. By SIR THOMAS STRANGE, late Chief Justice of Madras. 2 vols.
Sidan xcviii - ... and originated and developed those phases of Japanese Buddhism, which have made it a distinct product of thought and life among the manifold phases of this, the most widely-professed religion on earth. This ecclesiastical literary activity and growth culminated in the sixteenth century. Since that time Japanese thought has been led by the Samurai, or military literati, the secularly educated and armed classes. The creative era of Japanese literature was between the eighth and twelfth centuries....
Sidan xxv - Nannul, Yapparungalam, and other native authorities, with commentary, copious exercises, and examples, taken from the best authors, and an analytical index, by the Rev. GU Pope, Head Master of the Ootacamund Grammar School.
Sidan cxx - Salisbury, in the chair. After the reading of the minutes of the last meeting, the report of the Treasurer was read, referred to an auditing Committee, audited, and accepted.
Sidan 197 - In the Sinaitic MS., in which there are four columns to a page, the Gospel of Mark ends on the second, and that of Luke begins on the third. The Vatican MS. has at the end of verse 8 the usual arabesque which is placed at the end of a book, and the subscription ката yiapuav.
Sidan xcix - The primary object that united and impelled them was to restore the Mikado ; their secondary bond of union and object was to drive out the foreigners, close the ports of foreign commerce, and repudiate the treaties. Mr. Iwakura and his colleagues were the arch-haters of foreigners, their ways and works. Now, they are the leaders of the new ideas and the forward movement in Western civilization. How was this marvelous change wrought ? Why did the foreigner-haters become the leaders of progress, the...
Sidan clxxxvi - Twenty-fifth, twenty-sixth annual report to the council of the city of Manchester on the working of the Public Free Libraries.
Sidan xx - A SHORT PRACTICAL GRAMMAR OF THE TIBETAN LANGUAGE, with special Reference to the Spoken Dialects.
Sidan 116 - The ships of this season will carry home seven hundred copies of our first volume of Transactions; and the second will be ready. I hope, next year...
Sidan 195 - B, though familiar with ia, and a few other of the most ordinary abbreviations, knows nothing of these compendia : which certainly cannot have existed in the earliest copies of all. Once more it seems reasonable to suppose that their constant occurrence in Cod. « indicates for that Codex a date subsequent to Cod. B.

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