Characters Of Shakespeare's Plays

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The collection of essays, Characters of Shakespeare"s Plays, by William Hazlitt discusses exactly what you might think from reading the title. This book from about 1817 tells us what someone who was not just anyone thought of Shakespeare's plays and, most significantly for Hazlitt, those incredibly drawn characters. Hazlitt praised Shakespeare and, in his view, never enough. If the remedial reading of Shakespeare in high school tainted your perceptions of the plays with rote study of lines and characters supplemented with relentless quizing and testing, consider reading this author who, although he may never change your mind about Shakespeare, might delight you anyhow. Hazlitt's enthusiasm is infectious. Hazlitt rates prominently among the great essayists from Montaigne to Bacon. Others quote him and emulate him. Read him and you will know who he has influenced. Try to understand his theories but enjoy his style. His politics may be ancient but everyone's will be one day.

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