Sidor som bilder

Horace and Virgil, but “that mixture of red, entries affecting Roman Catholics, Jews, Disbrown, grey, and yellow, which should answer to senters, and Quakers, which would not be entered flavus.')

How far this mixture may correspond by a clergyman of the Church of England in his with the modern colour, umber, I cannot vouch. registers ?

J. WILKINS, B.C.L. The Tiber, it may be noted, was in part the CLASSIC CHURCHES (4" S. ii. 130.)—SIR THOMAS boundary between Umbria and Etruria.

WINNINGTON must not accuse Telford of having I believe that the effigy of Locrine or Locrious, rebuilt the collegiate church of St. Mary Magdalen the antagonist of Humber, King of the Huns, at Bridgnorth in a Grecian style, about 1742,* as appears with those of equally veritable monarchs the great engineer was not born until August 9, of ancient Britain, on the roof of the chancel of 1757.

G. F. D. St. Mary's church, Beverley.

BIOGRAPHY OF THE CHEVALIER D'Eon (4th S. ii. In The Most Ancient and Famovs History of the Renowned Prince Arthur (part II. ch. cxlvii.), we

131.) – It is worth while to record for the inforread that “Sir Palomides sailed even along Hum- mation of E. X. that about the years 1824-8, I ber unto the coast of the sea, where was a fair remember seeing a large quantity of MSS. relating castle.” Can E. S. W. say if the locality of this to the Chevalier d'Eon, and I believe it was an eastle is as easily to be identified as that of autobiography. The papers had belonged to Père Camelot?

W. C. B. Elysée. They were then in the possession of Mr.

Nicholas de Chenart, of 2, Frith Street, Soho. I Hull.

have no doubt they were subsequently neglected AIMÉ ARGAND (4th S. ii. 98.)–A short notice of and destroyed. I took up a document, which was Argand is given in the Biographical Dictionary of an affidavit made at Marlborough Street, that a the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Know- post-mortem examination had been made of the ledge. The writer (Mr. J. T. Stanesby) refers to | Chevalier, and he was certified to be a male. This the Biographie Universelle, and to the Penny paper was then given to me by a son of M. De Magazine, as his authorities. The specification of Chenart; and at the intercession of M. Donadieu, Argand's' patent (along with all other specifica- who found a large collection of autographs (which tions extant) has been printed by order of the were afterwards disposed of by public auction), Honourable the Commissioners of Patents, and may I gave it to him in an exchange. be obtained, price threepence, at the Great Seal , I think M. De Chenart, who was a refugee from Patent Office, Southampton Buildings, Holborn. the first French revolution, made D'Eon a set of

It is dated July 3, 1784 (1425, Old Law), and artificial teeth. He obtained a patent in England the patentee is described as “ Amé Argand, of for his teeth, which were very celebrated, and he Great Marlborough Street, Soho, Gentleman.” received very extensive patronage. Frith Street

According to Schuborth's Repertorium (p. 501), at the time he resided there was one of the most the Argand lamp has also been the subject of a fashionable localities.

F. S. A. French patent. The reference he gives is

Twickenham. " Description des Machines et procédés consignés dans les brevets d'invention . . . dont la durée est expirée .

Miscellaneous. publiée par les ordres de M. le Ministre de l'Intérieur, de

NOTES ON BOOKS, ETC. l'Agriculture, et du Commerce. Paris, 1811-1853." Lib. vi.

Memoirs of the Earls of Granard. By Adiniral the Hon. WILLIAM E. A. Axon. John Forbes. Edited by George Arthur Hastings, Earl Joynson Street, Strangeways.

of Granard, K.P. (Longmans.)

The author of these interesting Memoirs, the Hon. John LETTERS OF NATURALISATION (4th S. ii. 131), Forbes, who having at an early age entered the navy, having been duly completed, require to be lodged attained in 1743 to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet and at the Inrolment Office before they are operative. General of the Fleet, is honourably remembered for the After about a fortnight has elapsed, they can be tested against the cruel execution of Admiral Byng. The obtained by the naturalised subject (paying all whole tone of the Memoirs before us is indeed distinfees, of course). Your querist might, therefore, guished by the same chivalrous spirit. Indeed the book obtain some information at the Inrolment Office, itself springs from the feeling avowed by him, that being 2, Chancery Lane, between eleven and one o'clock. descended from progenitors ("parents " is the phrase


used by him) " distinguished for their valour and probity,

and who were ennobled for their loyalty and good actions 1, Powis Place, W.C.

to their king and country, and indebted to them for the PARISH ISTERS (4th S. ii. 164.)— Is not DR.

credit of their good reputation, it was only a debt of gra

titude to collect, in the best manner he was able, some ROGER' suggestion superfluous? Have not the particulars relating to them.” Admiral Forbes seems to country registrars forwarded during the last thirty have been the worthy son of a mother whom he describes years à copy of their register, every quarter, to Somerset House ? Are not these returns more

[* Sir Thomas, no doubt, intended his figures to repre

sent 1792; but unfortunately both compositor and reader valuable than the parochial registers, as containing thought they resembled 1742.-ED.]

P. 351.

as “pious, charitable, generous, social, who delighted in BOOKS AND ODD VOLUMES pleasing and doing good;" and of a father, the third

WANTED TO PURCHASE. Earl of Granard," whose character, if justly drawn, would

Particulars of price, &c., of the following Book to be sent direct to the add lustre to any family, and dignify the noblest blood." gentleman by whom it is required, whose name and address are given

for that purpose: – Making every allowance for natural prejudice, it must be admitted that the Earls of Granard appear to have fairly

Knox's HISTORY OF THE REFORMATION. A good edition. deserved the eulogies passed upon them by their faithful

Wanted by John Rae, Esq. 4. New Cavendish Street,

Portland Place, W. chronicler : and the readers of the work will, we are sure, not only share the interest which we have felt in its perusal, but agree with us that much credit is due to the

Patices to Correspondents. present head of the family for giving to the press a record of his progenitors, which does so much credit to the high- UNIVERSAL CATALOGUE OF BOOKS ON ART.-AN Additions and Cor. spirited men whose active lives are recorded in it; and at rections should be addressed to the Editor, South Kensington Museum,

London, W. the same time throws a good deal of occasional light on

WHEN DID TIE NINETEENTH CENTURY BEOIX? With a vivid recollecthe busy scenes of national and continental politics in

tion of the fierce controversy which was waged upon this question about which it was their fate to be engaged.

the year 1850, we decline the responsibility of giving judgment upon it,

but rofer our correspondents at Liverpool to an ahle pamphlet upon the A Memoir of the Rev. Nathaniel Ward, 4.M., Author of subject, The Century Question examined, published by Bell & Daldy, at

about the period to which we have referred. The Simple Cobbler of_Agawam, in America.With

R. F. W. S. The Baron's Little Daughter, and other Tales, is by Notices of his family. By John Ward Dean. (Munsell,

Cecil Frances Humphreys, second daughter of John Humphreys, Esq., Albany.)

of Miltown House, Tyrone, afterwards the wife of the Rev. Wm. Alex.

ander, Dean of Emly. It cannot be laid to the charge of our literary brethren E. W. Without casts of the medals (not counters) the queries cannot

well be answered. on the other side of the Atlantic, that when they undertake

J. A. G. On the pronunciation of Artemus see "X, & Q." 3rd S. an investigation they spare either time, labour, or ex- viii. 499. pense in working it out. Nathaniel Ward was a brother W. H. C. Notices of Dr. Richard Rawlinson may be found in most of Samuel Ward of Ipswich, the celebrated preacher- biographical dictionaries, Nichols's Literary Anecdotes, and "N. & Q." and we should perhaps add, caricaturist-and seems to

OSPHAL. For information respecting Tarot Cards, consult “N. & Q." have shared his brother's gift as a pulpit orator. He was 2nd S. X. 399, and xii. 291-296. originally intended for the law, and indeed followed that W. H. L. The common acceptation of the remark of Lord Brougham,

that The Schoolmaster is abroad, armed with his primer," must be oba" profession for some years before he entered the ministry. vious to any one. His first church preferment was at Stondon Massey, G. L. J. The origin of the saying, "4 nine days' wonder," has been Essex ; but his strong Puritanism having brought him

discussed in "N&Q." Ist S. iv. 192; 2nd S. xi. 297, 478. under the censure of Laud, he removed to New England - N. & G." ist s. 1. 43,75; vii. 596; 3rd S. ii. 113, 148, 178.

K. M. H. The ellipsis in a petition formula is explained in in 1634; and being invited to settle at Agawam (after

*Cases for binding the volumes of "N. & Q." may be had of the wards called Ipswich, in acknowledgment of the kindness Publisher, and of all Booksellers and Newsmen. shown at Ipswich to the emigrants who took shipping reak.eando do Shadores Bookmellers and Newsmen, price 18.6d.; from that place), he commenced officiating there in the

or, free by post, direct from the publisher, for ls. 8d. same year. He returned to London about January,

“Notes & QUERIES" is registered for transmission abroad. 1646–7, in which month it is believed the first edition of his best-known work, The Simple Cobbler of Agawam, was published Before leaving America, he had the chief hand-for which his legal education especially fitted


HE PUBLIC of Liberties; which was the first code of laws established in New England. Mr. Dean being anxious to know

exceeding 208.

Good Cream-laid Note, 25., 38., and 48. per ream. more than had yet appeared of the history of this learned

Super Thick Cream Note, Bs. 6. and 78. per ream. divine-not only one of the earliest American authors, Super Thick Blue Note, 48., 58., and 68. per ream.

Outsides Hand-made Foolscap, 88. 6d. per ream. but also one whose services in compiling the laws of

Patent Straw Note, 28. 6d. per ream, Massachusetts have made his name familiar to the readers Manuscript Paper (letter size), ruled or plain, 48. 6d. per ream. of New England history-began many years ago to col

Sermon Paper various sizes), ruled or plain, 43., 58., and 68. per ream.

Cream or Blue Envelopes, 48. 6d., 6s. 6d., and 78. 6d. per 1000. lect materials for a fuller account of him. This self

The Temple" Envelope, new shape, high inner flap, 1s. per 100. imposed task Mr. Dean has worked at with great per

Polished Steel Crest Dies, engraved by the first Artists, from 58.:

Monogram, two letters, from 68. 6d. Ditto, three letters, from 8s. 6d.; severance and success; and in the handsome volume

Address Dies, from 18. 6d. Preliminary Pencil Sketch, 18. each. which he has published, the reader will find not only a Colour Stamping (Relief), reduced to 1s. per 100. very full account of Nathaniel Ward and his family, but

PARTRIDGE & COOPER incidentally much curious illustration of the social and

Manufacturing Stationers. political history of his time.

192, Fleet Street, Corner of Chancery Lane.-Price List Post Free. Historical and Architectural Notes on the Parish Churches

R. in and round Peterborough. By the Rev. W. D. Sweet- has introduced an entirely new description of ARTIFICIAL ing. Photographs by William Ball, Peterborough.

TEETH, fixed without springs, wires, or ligatures; they so perfectly

resemble the natural teeth as not to be distinguished from the originals (Whittaker & Co.)

by the closest observer: they will never change colour or decay, and

will be found superior to any teeth ever before used. This method Between thirty and forty neat little photographs of does not require the extraction of roots or any painful operation, and ecclesiastical buildings in the neighbourhood of Peter

will support and preserve teeth that are loose, and is guaranteed to

restore articulation and mastication. Decayed teeth stopped and renborough, from the stately grandeur of Thorney and Crow- dered sound and useful in mastication.-52, Fleet Street. land Abbeys to the barn-like plainness of Longthorpe Church, accompanied by illustrative notes, make a volume of considerable local interest; and not without interest, delightfully cooling, refreshing, invigorating. “I am not surprised

to learn (says Humboldt) that oratore, clergymen, lecturers, authors, in its curious extracts from parochial and church

and poets give it the preference, for it refreshes the memory. Em. wardens' accounts, for the general reader, for the light Phatically the scent for warm weather, for hot and depressive climates.

A case of six bottles, 108. 6d. ; single samples, 28. - 2, New Bond thereby thrown on old-time customs and observances.

Street, W.

him—in drawing up the code of laws known as the Body TABRICES

AND CARRIAGE PAID to the Country on all orders

MR.IO CARD, Surgeon: Dentist, 52, Fleet Street,

P de kosten and in. U BOLNIS, HUNGARY WATER, ORTONS CAMOMILE PILLS are confidently TEETHODE MUIR WARD: S.M.D.,188, Oxford

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The best remedy FOR ACIDITY OF TUE STOMACH, HEARTBURN, HEADACHE, GOUT, AND INDIGESTION: and the best mild aperient for delicate constitutions, especially adapted for LADIES, CHILDREN, and INFANTS. DINNEFORD & CO., 172, New Bond Street, London, and of all Chemists.

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THE CLARENDON PRESS SERIES. A New Series of Educational Works published under the Sanction of the

University of Oxford.



By SIR W. THOMSON, LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., Professor of JOUN BALL, Co-Examiners in Book-keeping to the Society of
Natural Philosophy in the University of Glasgow, and P.G. TAIT, Arts. Extra fcap. 8vo, 18. 6d.
M.A., Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edin.

XV. burgh. Vol. I., demy 8vo, 258.


coloured Illustrations and Photographs. By the REV. R. ST.J. AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON

TYRWHITI, M.A. With a Chapter on Perspective by A. MAC

DONALD. 8vo, half-morocco, 158.
QUATERNIONS. By P.G. TAIT, M.A., Professor of Natural
Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. Demy 8vo, cloth,

12s. 60.


SIR F. A. GORE-OUSELEY, Professor of Music in the Univer

sity of Oxford. 4to, 108. F. CHAMBERS, F.R.A.S., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at

XVII. Law. 8vo, cloth, 218.



Extra fcap. 8vo, 18. 6d.

XVIII. With numerous Woodcuts and Diagrams. By BALFOUR STEWART, LL.D., F.R.S., Director of the Observatory at Kew. Extra THE ELEMENTS OF DEDUCTIVE LOGIC. fcap. Svo, 78. 6d.

Designed mainly for the l'se of Junior Students in the UniverV.

sities. By T. FOWLER, M.A. Second Edition. Extra fcap. CHEMISTRY FOR STUDENTS. By A. W.

8vo, 38. 6d.

XIX. WILLIAMSON, Phil. Doc., F.R.S , Professor of Chemistry, Uni.

SPECIMENS OF EARLY ENGLISH: a Series versity College, London. Extra fcap. 8vo, cloth, 78. 6:1. Second Edition in the Press.-SOLUTIONS, 60.

of Extracts from English authors, A.D. 1250.-A.D. 1400. With

Grammatical Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. By R. MORRIS. VI.

Extra fcap. 8vo, 78. 6d.

FECTIVE: their Forms, Meaning, and Quantity. By, W.

SPENSER'S FAERY QUEENE. Books I. VEITCH. New and Revised Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo, cloth, and II. Edited with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary, by G. W. 88. 6d.

KITCHIN, M.A. Extra fcap. 8vo, 2s, 6d. each.

THE GOLDEN TREASURY OF ANCIENT CHAUCER: the Prologue, the Knightes Tale,
GREEK POETRY. By R. S. WRIGHT, M.A. Extra fcap. 8vo,

the Nonne Prestes Tale, from the "Canterbury Tales." Edited by cloth, 88. 61.

R. MORRIS. Extra fcap. 8vo, 28. 60.


ATION. (Abridged from his larger Work.) By II. W. CHANDLER, M.A., Waynflete Professor of Philosophy, Oxford. Extra Book I. With Notes, Glossary, Table of Historical Events, &c. fcap. 8vo, 28. 6d.

Edited by the REV. R. W.CHURCH, M.A. Extra fcap. 8vo, 28. IX.

XXIII. SOPHOCLES—The Edipus Rex, from the Text


Containing of w. Dindorf. With English Notes by WILLIAM BASIL JONES. Extra fcap. 8vo, 18. 60.

Corneille's "Cinna" and Molière's “ Femmes Savantes." Edited,

with Introductions and Notes, by GUSTAVE MASSON, B.A. X.

Exra fcap. 8vo, 28. 6d.

XXIV. OVID: Selections for the Use of Schools. By

PROFESSOR RAMSAY, M.A. New Edition. Edited by G. G. FRENCH CLASSICS. Vol. IV. Containing a RAMSAY, M.A. Extra fcap. 8vo, 5s.6d.

Selection of the Letters of Madame Sevigné, Louis IV., Pascal,

Mdme. de Maintenon, &c. Edited by GUSTAVE MASSON. XI.

Extra fcap. 8vo, 38.


FRENCH CLASSICS. Vol. V. Containing a English Notes by J. R. KING. 8vo, 108. 61.

Selection of Tales by Modern Writers. Edited, with English Notes, XII.

and a Chronological Table, illustrating the History of French


XXVI. LATIN. For the Use of Passmen and Others... Selected cely THE PRINCIPLES OF GRAMMAR. By the J. Y. SARGENT, M.A. Second Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo, 28. 6d.

REV. E. THRING, M.A., Head Master of Uppingham. Extra XIII.

fcap. 8vo, 18. 6d. CORNELIUS NEPOS.

For Schools. With
English Notes, by OSCAR BROWNING, M.A., Assistant-Master

EXERCISES IN ANALYSIS. By the Rev. at Eton. Extra icap., 24. 6d.

E. THRING, M.A. Extra fcap. 8vo, 38, 6d.

Oxford : Printed at the CLARENDON PRESS, and published by

MACMILLAN & CO. London, Publishers to the University.

Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, at 5 New-street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the County of Middlesex;

and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITH, of 43 Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County.-Saturday, August 29, 1868.

[blocks in formation]



ONDON LIBRARY. 12, St. James's Square,

London. Founded in 1811.

PRESIDENT- The EARL of CLARENDON. The following are the terms of admi-sion to this Library, which contains 85,000 volumnes of Ancient and Modern Literature, in various languages :

Subscription, 31. a year; or 21. with entrance-fee of 61. ; Life Membership, 22.

Fitteen volumes are allowed to country and ten to town members. Reading-room open from ten to six. Prospectus on application. Catalogue (New Edition), price 158.; to members, 10s. 6d.

ROBERT HARRISON, Secretary and Librarian.

R. LANE, October 1st, 1868, at 2-30 p.m.

MEDICAL OFFICERS AND LECTURERS.- Consulting Officers : Dr. Alderson, F.R.S., Dr. Chambers, Mr. Coulson, Mr. White Cooper. Physicians : Dr. Sibson, F.R.S., Dr. H. Jones, F.R.S., Dr. Sieveking. Assistant Physicians : Dr. Broadbent, Dr. Cheadle, Dr. Lawson. Surgeons : Mr. Lane, Mr. Spencer Smith, Mr. Haynes Walton, Mr. J. Lane. Assistant-Surgeons : Mr. Gascoyen and Mr. Norton. Physician-Accoucheur : Dr. Tyler Smith. Ophthalmic Surveon : Mr. Ernest Hart. Surgeon Dentist : Mr. Sercombe. Other Lecturers : Dr. Matthiessen, F.RS., Dr. Rendall, Mr. Mivart, Dr, Trimen.

The course of teaching at this School includes adequate preparation for all the Examining Boards and the Public Services, and the higher University Examinations. Special instruction is provided (by separate courses) in Minor Surgery and Bandaging, Ophthalmic, Aural, and Dental Surgery. Comparative Anatomy, Histology and Pathological Anatomy, and Mental Diseases. The CLINICAL System is so or ranised that the training of every individual student is supervised : there are also departments for Diseases of Women and Children, of the Eye and Ear, of the skin and of the Throat. The scientific teaching is mainly demonstrative. All the resident medical appointments (including the House-Surgeoncies) are open to the Pupils without expense of any kind, and are equivalent to Five Scholarships of the annual value of Fifty Pounds. The Resident Registrarship is of the value of 1001. a year, with board and lodging. Two Scholarships of 251. and 201. each, and prizes in each group of classes, are awarded annually. The Prospectus. with addresses, of Professors Owen and Huxley, The ARCABISHOP of YORK, the PRESIDENT of the College of Physicians, and the Rt Hon. R. Lows, M.P., may be obtained on application to

ERNEST HART, Dean of the School.

IMPORTANT NEW BIBLICAL WORK. Paragraph Bible (Authorised Version) with Emendations.

THEO PUTBIBLE.maccording to the Authorised

Version, in Paragraphs and Sections, with Emendations of the Text; also, with Maps, Chronological Tables, and Murginal References to Parallel and Illustrative Texts. Royal 4to.

Part I. GENESIS to DEUTERONOMY. 68., neat cover.
Part V. TIIE GOSPELS. 48., neat cover.

To be completed in Six Parts. The two leading points in which this work differs from ordinary editions of the Eaglish Bible a-e-91)An improved form and arrangement of the Text; und (2) Emerdatious of the Authorised Version. The aim has been to give to English reuders the benefi: of all such emendations as have the sanction of the best authorities, and at the same time to avoid ercumbering the work with any which are either doubtful or trivial. Explanations of obsolete words and translations of Hebrew and Greek proper names and phrases have also been added. RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY. 56, Paternoster Row, and

164, Piccadilly,

THE ART-JOURNAL, For SEPTEMBER, 1868, price 2s. 6d.

Fifth Edition, wiih Photographic Frontispiece, price 18. HE SEARCH for a PUBLISHER; or, Counsels



LITERARY CONTRIBUTIONS. The Picture Gallery of the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, by James Dafforne, illustrated; The Proposed Minister for the Fine Arts : Doré's Fables of La Fontaine, illustrated ; Influence of certain Physical Conditions on the Origin and Development of Art, by Professor Ansted ; The Royal Armory of England, by Rev. C. Boutell, M.A., illustrated ; The Knights of the Middle Ages, by Rev. E. L. Cutts, illustrated ; William Billingsley and the China Works founded by him, by L. Jewitt, F.S.A Picturesque Cottage, Garden, and Villa

Architecture, by C. J. Richardson, illustrated : Ait-Gossip and Notabilia, &c. &c.

London and New York : VIRTUE & CO.

position, Printing, and Advertising; also, Specimens of Type, Illustrations, and sizes of Paper. It is a complete Literary Guide for a Novice, and full of exact and trustworthy information.

“ We wish we had seen such a book fifteen years ago, that's all. It is full of necessary information ; and, if thoroughly digested, it will save some headaches, heartaches, and, perhaps, despicable as the consideration must be to the child of gerius, quaffing nectar above the clouds.-- a few yolden sovereigns, bearing the image and superscription of Victoria the First."-Christian Weekly News. London : PROVOST & CO. (Successors to A. W. BENNETT),

5, Bishopsgate Without, E.C.


Published this day, the Seventeenth Thousand. Square 8vo, printed on toned paper, elegant binding, 123. 6c.;

morocco, ll. ls. ANY THOUGHTS OF MANY MINDS. Being


a Treasury of R ference. consisting of Selections from the Writings of the most Celebrated Authors. Compiled and analytically arranged by HENRY SOUTHGATE.

“The produce of years of research."--Examiner.
" Destined to take a high place among books of this class."

Notes and Queries.
" A treasure to every render who may be fortunate enough to possess
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London : CHARLES GRIFFIN & CO., 10, Stationers' Hall Court.
4TH S. No. 36.

1 CHURCH, previous to the Arrival of St. Augustine, A. D. 596. Second Edition. Post 8vo. Price bs, cloth.

“The study of our early ecclesiastical history has by some been considered one of great labour ; but a little work, entitled Chronicles of the Ancient British Church,' has so collected the material from the many and various sources, and has so judiciously classified and condensed the records, that there is no longer this plea. We recommend the work not only to every student, but to every churchman who feels an interest in the early history of his church." - Literary Churchman, June 16, 18.55.

"An excellent manual, containing a large amount of information on a subject little known, and still less understood. We recommend the volume to those who wish to know what were the religious insti. tutions and advantages of our remote ancestors." - Clerical Journal, August 22, 1855. London : W. MACINTOSA & Co., 24, Paternoster Row, E.C., and

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