The friendly instructor; or, A companion for young ladies and young gentlemen, in dialogues. Vol.1, 6th ed.; vol.2, 3rd ed


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Sida 53 - ... house for me to play, While Christians meet to hear and pray Is to profane his holy place, And tempt the Almighty to his face. 2 When angels bow before the Lord, And devils tremble at his word, Shall I, a feeble mortal, dare To mock, and sport, and trifle there...
Sida 81 - Give a portion to feven, and alfo to eight : for thou knoweft not what evil fhall be upon the'e'aTth. 3 If the...
Sida 31 - But replied (he, don't you know that God is rich in mercy to all that call upon him...
Sida 8 - Well, and what made it fo wicked in them to fay fo ? For 'tis to be thought, 'twas true that the prophet was bald.
Sida 9 - ... reflecting on God himself, who made us all, and for wise reasons permitted those defects in nature, or suffered those accidents to befall us by which they came. And the dreadful lot of those children, methinks, should be enough to check us, whenever we find any inclination so much as to entertain a thought of this nature ; much rather ought we to turn our minds to thankfulness and praise to our gracious God, who has formed us so perfect, and preserved us from being maimed or deformed by such...
Sida 8 - That is a very remarkable story indeed. What did you think when you read it ? C. — I thought they were very wicked children* and- God showed how angry he was with them by letting the bears kill them. . ,.- .-.-'• 7* ' J. — You remember what they said, don't you ? • I :: C. — Yes, " Go up, thou baldhead; go up, thou baldhead.
Sida 48 - I did. 1 think myfelt much obliged to you for. the pains you have taken with me to make (ne fenble of my fault.

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