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Newly Translated out of the Original Tongues:
And with the former


Diligently Co MPARED and REvis ED.

By hir Majestier Special Command.

Appointed to be Read in CHURCHES.

| ~~~ Printed in the Year

The OLD and NEW

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the most High and Mighty Prince, j4MES, by the Grace of GOD, King of Great Britain, France, and Irelind, Defender of the Faith, &c. * .

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be Expedited in so decent a Manner, as a Matter of such Importance might justly Require. ‘. now at last, by the Mercy of God, and the 4. of off. É'. Brought unto such a Conclusion, as that we have great Hope, that the Church of England fhall reap good Fruit thereby; we hold it our Duty to offer it to Tour Majesty, no; only as to our King and Sovereign, but as to the Principal Mover and Author of the Work: Humbly craving of Tour most Sacred Majesty, that since Things of this Quality have ever &een subject to the Censures of ill-meaning and discontented Persons, it may receive Approbation and Patronage from so Learned and judicious a Prince as Tour Highness is, whose Allowance and Acceptance of our Labours, shall more Honour and £ncourage us, zhan all the Calumniations and hard Interpretations of other Men shall dismay us. So £hat, if on the one Side we shall be Traduced by Popish Persons at Home or Abroad, who zherefore will o: as, because we are poor Instruments to make Gods Holy Truth to be yet more and more known unto the People, whom they desire still to keep in Ignorance and ‘Darkness: or if on the other Side, we shall be Maligned by self-conceited Brethren, who run their own Ways, and give Liking unto Nothing but what is Framed by themselves, and Hammered on their Anvil 3, we may rest secure, Supported within by the Truth and Innocency of a good Conscience, having walked the Ways of Simplicity and Integrity, as &efore the Lord; and Sustained without by the powerful Protećtion of Tour Majesty's Grace and Favour, which will ever give Countenance to Honest and Christian Endeavours, against bitter Censures, and uncharitable Imputations. The Lord of Heaven and Earth bles; your Majesty with many and happy Tays, that as his Heavenly Hand hath enriched Tour Highness with many singular and extraordinary Graces ; so you may be the Joonder of the J/orld in this latter Age, for Happines; and true Felicity, to the Honour of that Great God, and the Good of his Church, through jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour.

* The Names and Order of all the Books of the Old and New Testament, with the Number of their Chapters.

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