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of Dirorce. not ablor in Egyptian; because thou , unto the Lond thy God, thou shall int wast a stranger in his land.

islack (o pay it: for the LOLD thy God 8 The children that are begollen or will surely require it sf thee; and it them sleuter into the congregation would be siu isi thee. ultr: LUID in their third generation. 22 Bulil thou shall surbear to vow, 99 Wlicu the lost goeili forth against it shall be no sin in thee. thine enemies, then keep Vice from 23 Tlal which is gone out of thy lips every wicked thing.

thou sball keep and periorm; even a 10 ? If there be iunong you any man, tree will oflering, according as thou that is not cle:rn by reason of unclean. Hast vowed unto the LORD thy God, ness that chance ili nim by night, then which thou hast promised with thy oliall be go abroail out of the camp, hemolitie shiuld not come wilind the camp: 24 * When thou comest into lliy

11. But it shall be, when evening neighbour's vineyard, then thou maycomell on, bie shirl wash himself wit. est eat grapes thy fill at thive own waier: and when the sun is down, be pleisure; but thou shalt nol pul any shall come into the camp again.

in iby vessel. 12 1 Thou shalt hale a place also 25. lllien thou comest into the stanılwithout the camp, whither thou shalting corn of the neighbour, then thou co lortis abroad:

mayest pluck the ears with thy band; 13 And thou shall have a padlle upon but thou shall not move a sickle unto tly weryon; and it shall be, when thy neighbour's standing corn. thou will case lligself abroad, thou

CHAP. XXIV. shalt dig therewithi, and sisalt turn HEN a man halb taken a wife, back and cover that which comelli livom thee:

pass that sbe lind no lavourinbis eyes, 1. for the LORD thy God walketh in because he luth found some unclearlthe midst ol'thy camp, lo deliver thee, ness in her; then let him write ber a and to give up lline enemies before bill of divorcement, and give il in her thee; thereture shall thy comp be hand, iud send ber out of his house. holy: that he see 110 unclean thing in 2 And when she is deparled out of thee, and turn away from thee. bis house, she may go and be another

15 11 Thou shalt riot deliver unto his mau's icile. master the servant which is escaped! 3 Andy Wie latter husband hate her, lioni liis 1009 ter unto thee:

and write iser i bill of divorcemeni, 16 He shall dwell with thee, eren and givetli it in her hand, and sendeu among you, in that place which lie licr out oľ his house; or if the laller shall choose, in one oftly grites, where husband die, wbich took her to be liis it liketh binn best : thou shall not op- wile;

4 Her former husband, which scni 1711 There shall be no whore of the her away, niay not take her again 10 diugliters of Israel, nor a sodomite of be his wile, alter that she is deliled: the sons of Israel.

for that is abomination before the 19 Thou shalt riot bring the hire or a LORD: 1 iliou shall not cause ibe whore, or the price of a dor, into the laud to sili, which the LORD thy God bouse of the LORD thy God for any giveth thee for an inheritance. Vow: for even both these are abomi- 5 s l'on a man hath taken a new nation unto tlie LORD thy God. wile, le shall not go out to war, nei

19 11 Thou shalt oot lend upon usuryter shall he be charged with any busi10 thy brother; usury of money, lisury ness: but he sball be free at home one of victuals, lisury of any thing that is year, and shall cheer up his wife lent upon ujury:

which he liath taken. 20 Vuto il stranger thou mayest lend 6 1 No man sliall take the nether or upon usury; but unto thy brother thou the upper millstone to pledge: for le shalt not lend upon usury'; that the takech a man's life to pledge. LORD thy God inay bless tliee in all 7 9 Il'a man be found stealing any of that thou seltest thy hand to in the his brethren of the children of Israel, land whither thiou goest to possess it, and maketh merchandise of him, or I 1 Whion thou shalt row a vow selleth him; then that thier shall clie;'

Press lim,

OF I'lcīgas.

Sundry Linus. and iiou shull put evil away from 21 When thiou gatherest the grapes of mon. you.

thy vineyarl, thou shalt pot glean it S T Take heed in the plague o lepro- arterward: it shall be for the stranger, sy', that thou obserre diligently, sund for the fatherless, and for the widow. lo according to all that the priests the

22 And thou shalt remember that Levites shall teach you: as I com-thou wast a bond man in the land o: inanded them,so ye shall observe todo. Egypt: therefore I cominand thee lo

9 Remember what the LORD thy God do this thing. did unto Miriam by the way, after

CHAP. XXV. that ye were coine forth out of Egypt

107 When tliou dost loud thy brother TF there be a controversy between any thing, thou shall not go into his I men, and they come unto judgment, house to fetch lig pleilge.

that the judges inay judge them; tien 11 Thou shalt stand abroad, and the they shall justify the righteous, and man to whom thou cost lend shall condemn the wicked. bring out the pledge abroad unto lice. 2 And it shall be, if the wicked man

12 And if the man bo poor, thou shalt be worthy to be beaten, that the judge diot sleep withi luis pledge:

shall cause bini to lie down, and io br. 13 Iwany case tbou slalt deliver birn beaten before his face, according to liis the pledge again when the sun goeth Trull ly a certain number. down, that he may sleep in luis own 3 Forty stripes he may give him, and raiment, and bless thee: and it shall not exceed: lest, if he should excecil, de riglicousness unio tbee before the and beat bim above these with many LORD thy God.

stripes, then thy brother should seem 14 T Thou shalt nol oppress a hired vile unto thee. servant chatis poor and needy, whether I Thou shalt not muzzle the ox he be of lly brethren, or of thy stran- when he treadelb out the corn. gers that are in tlay' laud witliin ihy 5 | If brethren dwell together, and Sati's:

one of thein die and have no child, the JAl his day thou shalt give him his wise of the dead shall not inarry willibire, neither shall the sun go down out unto a stranger: her husband's uron il; lor lie is poor, and settech bis brower shall go it unto her, and take hart upon ili lest lie cry against tliee ber to bim to wile, and perform the unto the Lord, and it besin unto thee.luts' or a husband's broiber unto her.

16 Tlie fixtliers shall not be put 10 6 Aud it shall be, that the first-boru reath for the children, neither shall which she beareth aball succeed in the the children be put to death for the name of his broliicr rohich is deall, Albers: every man slall be put to that liis name be not put out of Israel. death for luis own sin.

7 And il' the man like not to take leis 171 Thou shalt not pervert the judg broiler's wife, then let bis brother's ment of the stranger, nor of the father wife go up to the gate unto the elders, less, nor take the widow's raiment lo and say,My husband's brother refuselli pledge:

to raise up anilo lois brother a naine in 1$ But thou shalt remember that thicu Israel, be will not perform the duly or wast a bomlinan in Egypt, and the my husband's brother. Lond thy God redeemed thee thence:) Then the elders of his city sha|| therefore I command thee to do this call him, and speak unto him: and il thing

le stiind to it, and say, I like not to 19 When thou cuttest down tliy har lake her; resi in rhyfield, and last forgot a shear 9 Thien shall bis brother's wise como in the field, thou shall not go again to unto himn in tbe presence of the clders, retch it: it shall be for the stranger, and loose bis shoe from off his foo!, for the fatherless, and for the widow; and spit in bis face, and shall answer that the Lo!lD thy Gol may bless thee anıl say, So sball it be done unto that . 9 all the work or lliy hands.

man that will not build up his broth20 \Vhien thou beatest thine olive-er's house. Irce, thou shalt not go over the bouglis 10 And his name shall be called in ngain. it shall be for the stranger, for Israel, The house of him that liath his die lallicrless, and for thic widow. 1shoe loosed.

CI:11. XXVI.

og fire fruits. 1. IT When inen strive together one 5 And tou balt speak and say before with another, and the wire or the one the LORD thy God, A Syrian really in driweth near for to deliver her lius- perish wus my father, and be went band out of the hand of him that smitilown into Egypt, ud sojourned there Flb hiin, and pulteth forth her hund, willi a few, and became there a nation, nild taketh him by the secrets; great, miglity, and populous :

12 Then thou shall cut off lier band, 6 And the Egyplians evil.entrealpii taine eye shall not pity her.

us, and afflicted us, and laid upon ut 13 Thou shalt not have in thy bag hard bondage : divers weights, a great and a small. 7 And willen we cried unto the LORD

14 Thou shalt not bave in thylouse God of our fathers, the LORD heard rivers measures, a great and a small. our voice, and looked on our alliction,

in Bree thou shalt lave a perfect and and our labour, and our oppression : just weight, a perfect and just measure 8 And the Lord brought us forth out shit thou bave; that thy days may be of Egypt with a mighty hand, and lengthened in the land whicii Wie with an out-stretched um, and will LORD thy God giveth thee.

great terribleness, and will signs, anci 16 l'orall that do sucli tliings, and all with wonders: that do unrighteously, are un abomioa. And lie batlı brought us into this tion into the LORD thy God.

place, and bath given us this land, 17 | Remember what Analek dideren a land that forvetli wiili milk anto tiee by the way, when ye were and lioney. come forth out of Egypt;

10 And now, belold, I have brought 18 How lie met thee by the way, and the first Cruits of the land which thou, anote the lindmust of thee, cren all 0 LORD, bast given me. And i1011 trat were leeble beliind thee, when shall set it before the LORD thy God, thou was faint and weary; and he and worship before the lorothy God. Teared not God.

11 And thou sbalt rejoie in every 19 Therefore it slu:ull be, when the good thing which the LORD thy God LORD thy God bath giren thee rest lath giren unto thee, an unto thy from all thine enemies round about, house, thou, and tbe Levite, auid tbe in the land which the LORD thy God stranger that isannoug you. givelli thee for an inheritance lo pos. 1211 When thou hast inade an end of Sussil, lluithou shalt blot ont there. Lithmg all the tithes of the incrense membrance of Amalek from under the third year, which is thic year of hcaren; thou slall not forget it. lithing, and hast given it wito the le.

vite, the stranger, the fatherless, and CHAP. XXVI.

the widow, that they may eat withia


come in unto the land which the 13 Then thou shalt say before the LORD thy God giveth thee for an in- LORD thy God, I have brought away beritance, and possessest it, and dwell-the hallowed things out of my house, est therein,

and also have given thein unto the Le? That thou shalt take of the first of vite, and unto the stringer, to the faall the fruit of the earth, whien thoutherless, and to the window, according sialt bring of thy land that the Lord to all thy commandments which thou wry God giveth ihce, and shalt put it hast conmanded me: I have not transin a basket, and shall go unto the place gressell thy commandments, neitlicr which the Lord thy God shall choose bave I forgotten them : To place his name there.

14 I bare nc. eaten thereof in my And thou shalt go into the priest inourning, ncitler have I taken away that shall be in those days, and say aught thereof iorany unclean use, uulo viin, I prosess this day unto the given aught thereof for the dead; but 1.orD thy God, that I am come unto llare bearkened to the voice of thc the country which the LORD sware Lord my God, and have done accord. urto our failers for to give 118. ing to all that thou hast commandell

1 And the priest shall take the basket me: out of thy liand, and set it down be- 15 Look down from thy holy habila[ure the altar of the LORD thy God tion, from beaven, and bless thy pou




Cursos pronounced DEUTERONOMY.

On Mount Ebul. ple Israel, and the land which thou 91 And Moses and the priests lic viss given us, as thou swarest unto our Levites spake unto all Israel, saying, finthers, a land that flowell with milk Take heed, and hearken, O Israel und boney.

this day thou art become the people of 16! This day the LORD thy God bath the LORD thy Godi. commandai thee to do tliese stalates 10 Thou shalt therefore obey thic and jullgments: thou shall therefore voice of the Lond thy God, and du keep and do their with all toy lieart,1118 commandments ilud his stalules, illed with all thy soul.

which I command thee this day. 17 Thou bastarouched the Londtlis 11 And Nioses charged the people day to be thy God, iud to walk in liis the same day, saying, ways, and to keep his statutes, und his 19 These shall stand upon mount commandments, and liis judgments, Gerizim to bless thic people, when yo and lo hearkel unto his voice: are come over Jordan ; Simeon, ami

19 And the Lord hath avouclied thee Levi, and Judalı, and Issachar, anni this day to be bis peculiar people, as Joseph, and Benjamin, lic liath proinised thee, and that thou 13 And these shall stand upon mount shouldest keep all his commandemeuts; Ebu to curse; Reuben, Gad, and Ash

19 And to make thee high above all er, and Zebulun, Jan, and Napitali. nations which lie hath made, in praise, 1-1 || And the Leviles shall speak, and anal in name, and in lionour; and that say unico all the men of Israel with a ihou mayest le a livly people unto the loud voice, LORD thy God, 13 lie ballı spoken. 15 Cursed be the man that maketli CHAP. XXVII.

any graven or molten image, an ND Moses, with the elders of 19-abomination unto the LORD, the work

rael, commanded the people, say of the hands of the craftsinan, and ing, licep all the commandmenis patteth it in a secret place: and all the wbich I command you ibis das. people shull answer and say, Amen.

2 And it shall be, on the day when 16 Cursed be lie thal selicth liglitlig je sluull pass over Jordan, unto the bis faller or his motlier. And all the land whith the LORD thy God giveth people shall say, Amen. thee, that thou shalt set thee up great | 17 Cursed be be that removeth his stones, and plaster them with plaster: neighbour's landmark. And all the

3 Aud thou shalt write upon the periple shall say, Amen. all the words of this law, when lliou 18 Curscd be be that maketh the blind art passell over, that thou mayest go to wauder oul of the way. And all in unto the land which the l.ond thy live prople shall say, Amen. God giveth thee, a laud that floweth 19 Cursed be be that perverteth tlie with inilk and doney; as the LORD judgment of the stranger, fatherless, God of iby fathers lialı promised thee. and willow. And all ibe people stall

of Therefore it shall be, when ye be say, Ainen. Lone over Jordan, tharje sball set up 20 Cursed be he that lieth with biz these stoncs, which I command you father's wile, because be uncoverelli Niis day', in mount Ebal, and thou his fatber's skirt. And all the people shalt plaster then with plast(1. shall say, Amen.

5 dod there shall tbou build an allar 21 Cursed be he that lieth with any unto the Lord thy God, an altar of manner of beast. And all the people sloncs: thou shalt mui lilt up any iron shall say, amen. lvol upon their.

22 Cursed be lic that lietl with his 6 Thou sbalt build the altar of the sister, the daughter of his father, ou LORD thy God of whole stones; and the daughter of liis mother. And all thou slali ofler bumt-offerings thereon the people sball say, Amen. unto the LORD thy God:

23 Cursed be be that lieth witli bis 7 And thou shall offer peace-offer- mother-in-law. And all the people m3s, and elalt cal there, and rejoice sball say, Amen. clore the LORD thy God,

21 Cursed be he that smiteth llig R And thou shalt write upon the oeighbour secretly. And all the peostones all ile words of the law very ple shall say, Amen. pliitilly

25 Cursed be he that taketli reward





Crownes. to slay an innocent peison. And all 13 And the LORD sbal} make llice ile people sball say, Amen.

the bead, and not tbe tail; and thou 26 Cursed be be that confirmeth not sbalt be above only, and thou shalt not rull the words of this law to do them. be bepeatlı; is that thou bearken volo and all the people shall say, Amen. the coinmandments of the Lond thy CHAP. XXVIII.

God, wlicblcommand thee this day, A

shalt bearken diligendy unto the 14 And thou shall not go aside froni voice of the Lord tlıy God, to obserre any of the words which I coinmand and to do all bis cumnandments thee uris day, 10 the right hand or lo which I command ibee this day, that the left, to go aller other gods to serve ile L.ond thy God will set thee on lliem. liigh above all nations of tbe earth: "15 | But it shall come to pass, if

And all these blessings shall come thou wilt not liearken unto the voice on thee, and overtake Wiee, if tbou of the LORD thy God, to observe to do shall bearken into the voice of the all biscomniandipenis and bis statutey LORD thy God.

which I command the this day; that 3 Blessed shalt thou be in the city, all these curses shall coine upon thee, and blessed shalt thou be in the field. and overtake

4 Blessed shall be the fruit of thy 16 Cursed shalt thou be in tie body, and the fruit of thy ground, and city, and cursed shalt thou be in the the fruit of thy callle, tbe increase of lield. Hy kive, and the flocks of thy sheep. 17 Cursed shall be thy basket, and 5 Blessed shall be thy basket and thy thy store.

18 Cursed shezll be tie fruit of thy 0 Blessed shalt thou be wlien thou body, and the fruit of thy land, the incomest in, and blessed shalt thou be creage of thy kine, and the flocks of when thou goest out.

tly slicep. 7 The LORD shall cause thine ene- 19 Cursed shalt thou be when thou mies Wat rise up against thee to belcomest in, and cursed shalt thou be smilten before ihy lace: they shall when thou goes: out. con:e put ageinst ilvee one way, and 20 The Lord shall send upon thee Lee before thee seven way's.

cursing, vexation, and rebuke, in all STiic LORD shall command the bless-that thou seltest thy hand unto lorto ing upon thee in thy storehouses, and do, until thou be destroyed, and until 111 all that thou sellest thy land unto; thou perislı quickly; because of the ind he shall bless thee in the land wickedness of thy doings, whicreby which the LORD thy God giveth thee. thou last forsaken me.

9 The Lord shall establish thee a 21 The LORD shall inake Uie pestiloviy people unto binisell, as lie hath lence cleave unto thee, until he have word unto thec, if thou shalt keep the consumed thee from of the land, commandments of the LORD thy God, whither thou geest to possess it. rund walk in lis waya.

22 The LORD shallsinile tree with a 10 And all people of the earth shall consumplion, and with a serer, 2011 see that thou art called by the name or with an inlammation, and with an the LORD; and they shall be afraid extreme burning, ud with tie sworii, Ol' thee.

and with blasting, and with mildew; 11 And the LORD shall make thee and they shall pursue three until thou plenteous in goods, in the fruit ofilig perish. vody, and in the fruit of iby cattle, 23 And thy heaven that is over thy ind in the fruit of thy ground, in the bead shall be brass, and the earth liat land which the Lord sware unto thy is under thice shall be iron. fathers to give thee.

24 Tlie Loro slall make Ule rain of 1:2 Tlie Lond shall open unto three his lliy land powder and dust: from good treasure, the heaven to give the heaven shall it come down upon thee, min unto thy land in liis season, and uauil tvou be destroyed. to bless all the work oflby land: and 25 The Lord shall cause thee to be Iliou shalt lend unto many nations and sitten before thine enemies: thou wou slal: 10 borror

shalt go out one way against them and

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