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Plagics threatened DEUTERONOMY.

for disobedience. flec seven ways before them; and 39 Thou shalt carry much sced wul siialt be reinored into all the king into the field, and shall gather in doms of the earth.

little in: for the locust shall coil 26 And thy carcase sliall be meat sume it. unto al fowls of llie air, and unto the 39 Thou shalt plant vineyards, amit beasts of the earih, and no man shall dress them, bul shalt neither drink aj Tray them away.

the wine, nor gather the grapes; lor 27 Tlie LORD will smite thee witli the the woring alall eat them. bolch or Egypt, and with the enerods,

Thou shall have olive-trece and with the scab, and withi llie itch, throughout all thy coasts, but thou whereoftliou caust not be lieuled. shält not anoint thyself with the oil;

28 The LORD shall smite thee with for thine olive shall cast his fiuit. madness, and blindness,and astonislı 41 Thou shalt begel sons and daugh. ment of heart:

ters, but thou shalt not enjoy them; 29 And thou shall grope at noon-clay, for they shall go into captivity: as the blind gropeth in darkness; and 42 All ly trees and fruit of thy land lliou shalt not prosper in thy ways : shall the locust cousume, and thou shalt be only oppressed and 43 The stranger that is within thee spoiled evcrinore, and no mun shall slall get up above thee very high; and Save thee,

thou shall come down very low. 30 Tlou slalt betroth a wise, and 4: He shall lend to thice, aud tholi another inan shall lie with hier: thou shalt not lend to bim: lie shall be lben slialt build a house, and thou shalt not licad, and thou shalt be the tail. dwell therein : Ulou shalt plantavine-45 Moreover, all these curses sliau yard, and shalt not gather the grapes come upon thee,and shall pursue thee, chereof.

and overtake thee,ull thou be destroy. 31 Tbine ox shall be slain before ed; because thou licarkevedst not thine eyes, and thou shalt 1100 eat unto the voice of the LORD thy God, thereor: thine us shall be violently to keep his commandinents and lux taken away froin before thy face, and statutes which he commanded tec; shall not be rostored to thice: thy 46 And they shall be upon thee fora sleep shall be given to thine ene sign and for a wonder, and upon thy mies, and thou shalt hare nonc to secil for ever. rescue them.

47 Because thou scrvedst not the 32 Thy sons and thy daughters shall Lord thy God with joyfulness, ant be given unto another people, and with gladness of heart, for the abun thinc eyes shall look, and Cail avith dance of all things; longing for them all the day long: aol 43 Therefore slult thou serve thino there shall be no might in thy hand. enemies which the LORD shall send

33 The fruit of thy land, and ulthy against thee, in hunger, and in thirst, labours, shall a nation which thou and in nakedness, and in want of all knowest not eat up: and thou shalt be things: zuud lie sball pil a yoke or ovly oppressed and crushed always: iron upon thy neck, until he bare

34 So that thou shall be inad, for the destroyed thec. sight of thine eyes which thou shalt sec. 49 The LORD shall bring a nation

35 The LORD shall sinite thee in the agninst thee from far, from ihe end of knees, and in the legs, with a sore the earth, as sivili as the eagle fieth: botcb that cannot be healed, froin the Ja nation whose iongie tliou shalt nou sole of thy foot unto the lop of thy understand: head.

50 A nation of ficrce countenance 36 The Lond shall bring tbec,and thy' which shall not regard the personi o! king which thou shalt sel over thee, un- the old, nor show lavour to the young to a nation which neither thou nor thy 51 And lie shall eat the fruit of this faliers have known; and there shalt calile, and the fruit of thy land, until thou serve ouer gods,wood and stone. thou be destroyed: which also sball

37 And thou shalt become an aston, not leave thee either corn, wine, ou islıment, a proverb, and a by-word, oil, or the increase of thy kinc, ou among all natious whither the Lonn Blocks n! thy sheep, until he have de ahal pad tlcc

Islanyeu tliep,

Plagues threutened


For disobchouce. 612 And lie shall besiege thee in alls 62 And ye shall be lelt low in nun. ty gates, until thy liigli and fenced ber; whereas ye were as the slary or waulis come down, whereia thou beaven for multitude ; because thou trustedst, throughout all thy land wouldest not obey the voice of the and he shall besirge thee in all thy LORD thy God. gales throughout all thy laud, which 63 And it shall come to pass, that as flie Loito tlıy God liath giveu tliee. the Luru rejoiced over you to do you

113 And thou shall eat the fruit or good, and to multiply you; so the China wit body, the flesh of lliy sons Lord will rrjoice over you to destroy and of thy daughters, which the LORD you, and to bring you to nought; and thy God hat given thee, in the siege, ye shall be plucked from off the land und in the straitness, werewith whitler ihou goest to possess it. Shine enemies shall distress thee: 64 And the LORD shall scatter tlice

54 So that the man that is tender among all people, liom the one end among you, and very delicate,liis eyes of the earth eren unto :le other; and shall be evil loward his brother, and there thou shalt serve other gods, toward the wife of bis boson, and which neither thou nor thy father's loward the remnant of his children have known, even wood and stone. which lie shall icare:

65 and arnong these nations shall 55 So that he will not gire to any of thou lind no case, neither shall the sole them of the Nest of his children of thy foot have rest: but the Lond wliom be shall eat: because he bath shall give thee there a trembling licart, nothing lelt bin in the sirge, and in and Mailing of eyes, and sorroir of the straitness wherewiti: Liirie ene iniud : inies shall distress thee in all thg 66 And thy life shall bang in doubt gates.

before thee; and thou shalt fear day 56 The tender and delicate woman and night, and shalt have none assuramong you, which would not adven- auce of thy life: ture to set the sole of ber loot upon 57 In the morning thou shalt say, llie ground for delicateness and len. Would God it were even ! and at even derness, her eye shall be evil toward thou shall say, Would God it were the husband of ber bosom, and toward morning! for the rear of thy bear iser son, and loward her daug liter, wherewith thou shalt fear, and for the

7 And toward ber young one that sight of thine eyes which thou shalt cometh out from between lier leet,aud see. toward her children which she shall 6S And the LORD shall bring thee hcar: for she shall eat them for want into Egypt again will ships, by the of all things secretly in the siege and way wereof I spake unto thee, Thou

iraitress, wlicrewitli liine enemy shalt see it no niore aguin: and there wall distress thee in thiy galeg. ye shall be sold into your enemies

58 II' thou wilt. not observe to do all for bond men and bond-women, and Ile words of this law that are written no man shall buy you in this book, that thou mayest scar this

CHAP. XXIX. klorions and scarful name, THE THESE arc the words of the cove 1.ORD THY GOD;


narit, which the LORDconimand59 Then the Lord will make thyed Moses to make with the children plagues wonderful, and the plagues olor Israel in the land of Moab, besides illy seed, even great playues, and of the covenant which he made with long contingiance,and sore sicknesses, them in Horeb. ind of long continuance,

2 Tau Nioscs called into all Is. 60 Moreover lie will bring upon thecrael,and said unto them, Ye have seen sell the diseases of Egypt, which thou all that the LORD did before your eyes vast afraid of; and they shall cle:ive in the land of Egypt unto Puaroli, anto thee,

and unto all his servants, and unto all 61 Also every sickness, and every his land; plugue, which is not written in the 3 The great temptations which thine book of this law, trein will the LORD eyes have seen, the signs, and those bring upon thee, until thou be de-greni, miracles; stroyed.

+ Yetinc LOHD lalo not given you

Gul's covenant

with his people. a heart to perceive, and eyes to sec, there should be among you a l'oot that and cars to lear, unto this day. beareth gull and wormwood;

6 Aud i lave led you forty years in 19 And it come to pass, when be tie wilderness your clothes are not hearrth the words of this


that Waxen old upon you, and thy shoe is he bless himself in his leart, saying, [ nol Wixen old upon thy foot. shall have peace, though I walk in the

6 Ye have nol eten breitel, neither imagination of my heart, to add have se drunk wine or strong driug: mikenness to thirst: that ye miyle know that I im the 20 Tue Loid will not spare liim,but LORD your God.

then tlie wyer of the Lord and bis 7 And when ye came unto this place, jealousy shallsmoke agitinst that mani, Sibon the kng of leghbon,ili Ug the and ill the curses that are wrillen in king or Bilsliili, came out against us this book shall lie upon him, and the ploto bitllle, and we smole thiem; LORD shall blot out his nanefroin un

8 And we took tbeir land, and give der heaven. it for an inheritance unto the Reuben. 21 dad tlie Lond shall separate bin iles, and to the Galites, and to the unto evil out of ill the tribes of lanel, lali-tribe of Manassel.

according to all the curses of the cops 9 Krep therefore the words of this enant that are wrillen in this book us covenant, and do thein, that ye may the law: prosper in all that yelo.

22 So that the generation to coinc of 10 | Ye stand this day all of you your children that shall rise up after before the LORD your God; your cap. you, and the stranger that shall come tuns of your tribes, your ellers, and from a far land, still say, when they vour ollicers, with all the inen of ly- see the plagues of that land, and the rael,

sickness which the Lord hath laid up11 Your little ones, your wives, and on it; thy atranger that is in they cainp, from 2:3 And that tlie whole land inereot llie liewer of thy wood unto the is brimstone, and salt, and burning, drawer of thy water:

that it is not soiva, nor bearelli, nor 12 That thiou sliouldest enter into any grass growell therein, like the covenant with the Lord thy God,and overthrow of Sodom, and Gomorriin; into his oath, which the LORD thy God Almal, and Zeboim, which the Load maketl will thee this day :

overtbrew in liis anger, And in liis 13 Tbilihe inay eslalolish thee wrath: for a people unto himself, and that be 24 Even all nations slali say, Where may be into thee a God, as he hilll rorelath the Lorld done thus unto this salill unto thee, and as lie ball sworn land? whal mcancel the heat of this into thy fathers, to Abraham,to Isaac, great anger? and to Jilcob.

25 Theo men shall say, Because lley 14 Neither with you only do I make have forsaken the covenant of the Lhis covenant and this oath;

LORD God of their fathers, which lie 15 But will him that slandetb here made with them when he broug!it with us this day before the LORD our them forth out ol the land of Egypt: God, and also with him that is not 26 For they went and served other here with us this day:

gods, and worshipped them, gods 16 (For ye know how we have dwell whom they knew noi., and whom lie in the land of Egypt; and how we had not given upto them : came through the nations which ye 27 And the anger of the LORD wag passed by;

kinuled against this land, to bring 17 And ye have seen their abomina- upon it all the curses that are written tions, and their idols, wood and stone, in this book: silver and gold, which were among

28 And the LOAD rooted them out thein :)

of their land in anger, and in wrathi, 19 Lest there should be among you and in great indignation,andcast thein inan, or woman, or family, or tribe, into another land, as it is this day. whose heart turneth away this day 29 The secret things belong unto the from the LORD our God, to go and LORD ourGod: but those things which scire the gods of these nations ; lest larerercalcu belong unto us and lo vur


Dorcy promised CHAP XXX, XXXI.

19 the penilent. children for ever, that we may do all command thee clus day, it is not lid the words of this law,

den from thee, neiller is it lar 011. CHAP. XXX.

12 It is not in heaven, that thou A

ND it shall come to pass, when all shouldest say, Who shall go up for 119

these things are corne upon thee, lo heaven, and bring it unlo us, that the blesome and the curse, wbic! i we may bcar it, and do it? have set before thee, and thou shalt 13 Neiber is it beyond the sea, that call them to mind among all the na. hou shouldest say, Who shall go over Lions, whither the LORD thy Gud bath the sea lor us, and bring it unto us, that driven thee,

we may bearit, and do it? 2 Aud slali return unto the LORD thy 14 But the word is very nigh unto Gur, and shalt obey bis voice, accord. thee, in thy muulli, and in lliy lieurt, ing to all that I command the this that thou mayest do it. day, thou and thy children, with all 15 | See, I bare set before thee this lby heart, and with all thy soul; day life and good, and death and evil:

3 That thien the Loro thy God will 16 In that I comniand thee ibig day luru thy captivity, and have compas. to love the LORD thy God, to walk in gion upon thee, and will return and his ways, and to keep lis conumand gather thee from all the nations, ments, and liis statutes, and his judge wlulber the LORD thy God bath scal. nienis, that thou mayest live and mul. tered thee.

Lipis : and the LORD thy God shall 4 lluny of thine be driven out unto bless thee in the land whither thou the vutmost parts of heaven, from goest to possessit. lhence will the LORD thy God gather 17 Bul is thy heart turn awas, thee, uid from thence will die leich that thou wilt not bear, but shall be thee:

drawn away, and worship other gods, 5 and the LORD thy God will bring and serve them; lliee into the land wbich thy fathers 18 I denounce unto you this day, l'at possessed, and thou shalt possess it; ye shall surely perish, and thai ye xund he will do thee good, and multiply shall not prolong your days upon tine thee above thy fathers.

land, wlither thou passestorer Jordan 5 and the LORD thy God will circum- to go in possess it. cise thy beart, and the heart of thy !9 I call be:jven and eartb to record seed, to love the LORD thy God with tliis day against you, that I have srl all thy heart, and with all thy soul before you lile and death, blessing and that thou mayest live.

cursing: therefore choose life, that 7 And the LORD thy God will put all both thou and they seed may live: these curses upou thine enemies, and 20 That thou mayest love wie LORD on them that hate thee, which perse thy God, and that thou mayest obey cuted thec.

his voice, and that thou mayest clcarc 8 And thou shalt return and obey the unto him; (sor he is thy life, and the voice of the Lord, and do all bis com-length of tby days;) that thou mayest mandments which I command thee well in the land which die LORT this day.

sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham. 9 And the LORD thy God will make to lsaac, and to Jacob, to give tbein. thep pleniteous in every work of thy


Andra som to rent and spake these the fruit of ihy cattle, and in the fruit worils unto all Israel. of thy land for good: for the LORD 2 And he said unto them, I am, will again rejoice over thee for good, huudred and twenty years oli this day, as he rrjoiced over thy fathers: I can no more go out and come in: aise

10 ir thou shalt hearken unto the the LORD lach said unto me, Thou ) voice of the Lord thy God, o keep shalt not go over this Jordan, bis commandments and his statutes! 3 The LORD tby God, lie will go over which are written in this book of the, before thee, and he will destroy these law, and if thou turn unto the Lord nations from before thee, and livi Why God with all thy heart, and with sbalt possess thein: and Joshua, bo all thy soul.

shall go over before thee, as the LORI 11 11 For this commandinent which I l bath said.

Tijesto girl

DEUTERONOMY. Joshua a charge And the LORD shall do unto thein tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud; and as he did io Silon and to Og, kings of the pillar of the cloud stood over the the Anorites, and unto the land of door of the labernacle. wem, wborn le destroyed,

16 1 And the Lord sad unto Moses, And the LORD shall give them up Behold, thou shall sleep with thy la before your lice, lat jenay do unto hers; und this people will rise


and them according unico all the a whoring alter the gods of the tients which I have commanded you- strangers ul lhe liund, whither they go o Be strong, and of a good courage, Love among them, and will forsake lunr 10t, norbeidized or chem; for the vie, and break my covenant which i LORD thy God, be it is that doth yollave made with them. with thee; he will nol lail thee, nor 17 Tlier iny anger shall be kindled forsake thee.

ingitinst them in that day, and I will i 11 And Muses called unto Joshua, tursiike them, and I will hide my face and sud uutu bin in the sight of all liom them, and they shall be devoured, Israel, Be strong, and of in yood cour and many evils and troubles shall be Age: furthou must go with this people lill them; so that they will sily iu that Milo lhe liud wlucii the LORD linth day, Are not these evils come upon us, Sivorn unto their fathers to give them; because our God is uol anong us? and thou shalt cause usein toinderit it. 18 dud I will surely hide my face in

Sand the Lord, le it is that doil yolla dis, lor all the evils which they belure thee; lie will be with thee, he shall have wrouylit, in that they are will not fail ibee, neither lorsitke thee: curveil unto vllier vous. lear not, neither be dismayed.

Ty 1 Now therelore write ye this 91 Aud Moses wrule this law, and song for you, illid leach il Vie children delivered it untu lie priesly tbe s011s 01 of Israel: pul it in their mouths, that levi, which bare the uk of the cort1119 sons may be a witress for me enant of the LORD, and unto all the against the children of Israel. cllers of Israel.

20 l'or when I shall have brouglit 10 And Musce commanded them, them into the land which I sware unto saying, Atlhe end of every seven years their father's, that thoweth with milk in tlie solemnity us the year ol' release, and honey, and they shall have eaten, in the least of tabernacles,

and tilled themselves, and waxen lat; 11 When all Israel is come lo appear they will they turn unto other gods, before the Lord thy God, in the place and serve them, and provoke me, and which he shall choose, thou shalt read break iny covenant. lliis law before all Israel in their hear: 21 Auel it strall come to pass, when ing.

many evils and troubles are befallen 12 Gather the people together, men, them, that this song alalt testily and women, and children, and thy ayalist them as a wiless; for it shall alianger that is within this gates, that not be forgotlun out of the mouths of they may bear, and that Ibey inay their secil: for I know their mag,lvarı, and fear the LORD your God, nation which they go about, even now, and observe to do all the words of this before I have brought them into the

and which I sware. 13 And that tbeir children, which 22 Moses therefore wrote this song have not known any thing, may hear, the sine day, and taught tie chil and learn to fear the LORD your God, dren of Israel. iw long as ye live in the land wliituer 23 1 And he give Josliua the son of yogo over Jordan to possessi

sit. Nun a charge, and said, Br strong, and 11 And the LORD said unto Moses, of a goud courage: for thou shalt brug Beliold, thy ditys approach that thou the children of Israel into the land inust die: call Joshua, and present which I sware unto tiein; and I will yourselves in the tabernacle of the be willi tbce. congregation, that I may give him a 2-1 11 Aud it came to pass, when Mocharge. And Moses and Joshua went, ses bad made an end of writing tlıc and presented themselves in the tab-words of this law in a booli, crnacle of the congregation. were finished, 15 And the LORD appeared in the 25 That Moscs commanded the Le.

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